Jaune was interrupted from his thoughts by Coco sitting next to him at lunch, with Velvet not far behind

"You're Jane's friend, yeah?" Coco asked, sounding like she was dealing with some headache-inducing problem that involved Jaune.

"Yeah?" Jaune said, unsure

"Mind telling me what's up with her?" Coco asked

Jaune sighed and nodded at Blake who handed them part of their copy of the rules.

"What's this?" Coco demanded

"The rules." Jaune said as if he'd rather be anywhere else right now.

"Is she playing a game?" Coco asked, now confused

"I wish." Jaune said, tiredly. "The first few paragraphs will clear everything up… it's aimed at first-time owners and people they want to get up to speed."

Coco raised her eyes at the word choice and the venom he spat the word 'owners' with. Jaune's reputation was for meekness, not whatever that was.

Coco picked up the book and began reading, getting only a few pages in before looking up at Jaune with a small glare.

"This is a joke, right? Because it isn't funny."

"She arrived like that." Jaune sighed

"They're- it says they give you a vial of eternal youth." Coco said "where's that?"

"Jane says we're not her legal owners yet, so we don't get the 'First Time Owners' bundle, but possession is nine tenths of the law, so we 'own' her." Jaune said pushing his lunch aside and resting his forehead on the table, his appetite gone.

"Why?" Velvet asked "why does someone need to own her?"

Jane handed Ozpin a sheath of papers still warm from whatever printing process had occurred within the arcane inner workings of that convoluted mess she called a factory.

It was ownership papers moving her semi-officially to a new ownership until a proper deal could be made and signed- in actual blood, as a DNA thumbprint if the subtext was being read correctly.

Ozpin grimaced as he read the fine print, before finding the signature line.

"So the name on this line is..." Ozpin hesitated, letting Jane happily finish as her sales programming took over and left her with a glazed look in her eyes.

"Whoever puts their name on that line will be the specified unit's proud owner. If you wish you may put another persons name on said line, so long as they sign the signature and DNA mark personally."

Ozpin took all of two seconds before he managed to hide that one little smile- the one always behind the coffee mug- and put a name on the dotted line, in arguably much finer handwriting than the name's owner, and then put the same on the other two copies- 'because what form isn't done in triplicate?' Ozpin grumbled to himself

Jane happily took the papers back before twitching slightly at the name. "R-Regulator Arc, sir?"

Ozpin nodded "He's been in need of a helping hand recently, I'm sure you can find all manner of ways in which to assist him."

Jane saluted dutifully and marched straight out the doors, not seeing Ozpin's small smile.

She was his problem now. Ozpin sipped at his coffee and eagerly prepared for the fireworks.

Jaune merely groaned at Velvets question, setting his forehead on the table and only looking up as a pair of heavy metal boots stopped next to him and a small stack of papers was pushed towards him.

Jaune looked up at the girl with the radiant smile he could practically feel emanating from behind the intimidating mask of her heavy power armor before inwardly groaning.

Jaune looked at the papers, bracing himself for whatever shock was coming his way. He found himself unable to pierce the dense legalese of the pages and instead handed the sheath to Blake.

"Blake, you've been obsessing over those books Jane gave you. Can you translate these, please."

Blake needn't have bothered, as Jane supplied Jaune with a cheerful "Reporting for duty, Master!"

Blake quickly finished reading, handed the sign-over document back and informed Jaune "Basically that."

Jaune groaned and made everyone's plates jump as he put a dent in the table with his forehead, Weiss letting out an indignant screech as her tea effectively attempted to leap out of its cup and dumped itself directly in her lap.

"So you own her for reals now?" Coco asked, looking like she wanted to punch someone.

"It's not finalized" Blake said "But she's most of the way to being purchased. Only way it becomes more official is when HazTech actually sells her."

"W- Why?" Velvet asked

"Interplanetary trade regulations Section 44319825 section 18 article 392 mandates that Workers can only be tasked and regulated by their owners or parties working as direct representatives of the owner. As HazTech- Proprietary Limited- is unable to issue new commands and orders, I require a new owner if I am to continue my factory's expansion, thus I presented a nearby authority with papers to begin a transferral and locate an eligible new master, that authority signed Regulator Jaune's name, thus he is my new master until such a stage as the transaction is either cancelled or completed." Jane informed, smiling unnervingly as if discussing the sale of people was a regular conversation.

Jaune groaned at the steadily developing migraine.

"You are my favourite owner so far, Master." Jane added, smiling and standing up straighter as he looked at her.

Jaune just gave her a pat on the shoulder for that and returned to rubbing his temples.

"Ozpin suggested that you were in need of assistance" Jane said

There was a pause until Nora said, "Well, that explains several things."

"Did he mention what sort of assistance I needed?" Jaune asked, confused

"Nope, but I assume it has to do with architecture, engineering, optimisation and efficiency. Though if you have need of such; I am good at a little bit of everything thanks to my Type-8 heritage." Jane beamed, proudly.

Jaune racked his brains for something to occupy Jane, until eventually his eyes settled on his friends and he had to ask her "Can you put together a… I dunno, a clubhouse or something for us? JNPR and RWBY, I mean."

Jane stood straight-backed and saluted, before marching off, heavy boots producing a dull thunk with every step as she went to go scope a location and plan the design.

Jaune noticed a lot of stares at him

"A… clubhouse?" Yang asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's just something to keep Jane busy." Jaune defended, blushing slightly in embarrassment and adding "I figured it's what Ruby would do."

"I LOVE IT" Ruby and Nora declared loudly and at the same time.

They both gasped and shouted "Jinx!" at the same time.

Ignoring the two, who were currently battling to see who could out-jinx the other,

"So, what are your plans, Mr. Owns-a-slave?" Coco asked, a tone of hostility creeping into her voice.

Jaune gulped "I didn't ask for this!"

"Well, she's yours now."

"I- I guess we try and break her programming?" Jaune ventured

"Programming?" Coco asked

Blake took the book from her, flipped it to one of the pages and handed it back

Coco read the indicated passage and looked up at Jaune. "...These guys are real pieces of work."

"Don't I know it." Jaune said, rubbing at his eyes tiredly.

"So… why a clubhouse anyway?" Nora asked loudly.

Jaune groaned quietly at his teammates teasing tone.

"Are you sure this was a smart idea?" Ironwood asked

"I did show her building and zoning codes before leaving her to Jaune. It's unlikely she could do much damage." Ozpin said as serenely as ever.

As if to prove Ozpin wrong, a large number of those large cylindrical drones with the very loud jets in the middle buzzed past the tower in a vision-obscuring swarm.

Ozpin frowned and stared at the remains of his once-favourite mug, now several shards of hot ceramic on the floor.

Ironwood was just as surprised as Ozpin.

"We should probably check those out" Ironwood said, after tearing his eyes from this momentary lapse in Ozpin's composure, and back to Ozpin's face.

"Indeed" Ozpin said, brushing off the incident like it had never happened, and heading towards the elevator.

Construction of the clubhouse began in earnest as logistics drones began delivering raw materials to the construction site, and construction drones did as their name suggested and began by hauling up great clods of earth to make way for foundations and support piles. As this wasn't some slapped-together pre-fab, Jane was forced to perform her task the slow, inefficient and messy way.

Said construction attracted a lot of interested onlookers who were quite interested in the display of drone-assisted construction, constructing a large variety of industrial equipment to build, shape, mix and forge, before supplying them with a small, but steady stream of metals, stone, concrete, and tanks of various fluids.

At the centre of it all, amidst robots pouring loads of cement and welding together a large steel frame was Jane, laying on the ground with her feet in the air and watching her blueprints as they slowly came together, humming a tune with no real melody.

This peace of mind was shattered when a shadow appeared over her, and Jane saw a number of humans standing over her with large grins on their faces. Missing the subtext, Jane gave them back her own smile.

"So you're the freak that's been making waves around here, huh?" Cardin asked

"This unit is not defective." Jane said, perplexed.

"Well I think you've got a major malfunction, freak." Cardin said

"Impossible, this unit is still operational and operating at 95% capacity." Jane said, rolling up her blueprints and stashing it in the container over her shoulder before resuming her conversation

"You think you're some kind of robot, freak?" Cardin asked

"Impossible, Artificial Intelligences are outlawed under the Machine Restriction Act code 89236148, section 4, articles 1 through 18 of Galactic law following the Epsilon Eridani Incident of 2893." Jane rattled off

Cardin, ever the paragon of intelligence and good taste, didn't understand a word past 'impossible'.

"You're gonna cut it with this robot crap real soon or else you'll be eating a knuckle sandwich." Cardin said, grabbing her by the front of her collar

Jane blinked, tilting her head in confusion. "Why would I eat knuckles? They do not sound appetizing."

"Because I'm gonna punch your teeth in with 'em in a second." Cardin said

"Oh, I wouldn't recommend that. Code P-1542 states that Company Assets must be preserved."

Cardin lost his temper. Teams JNPR and RWBY arrived at the scene to witness Cardin's hand being crushed in Jane's vicelike grip before a backhand came up against his aura with absurd force. Jane frowned, and tried again, each blow rattling Cardin's brain with the absurd force until his aura gave way and he was sent to the ground, stunned but conscious.

"I will have to ask you three to disperse immediately" Jane said, turning to the rest of team _RDL "As stipulated in protocol P-9821: Violent protesting is to be dispersed by force if requests to disperse are not heeded."

A large boxy rifle appeared in Jane's hands, pulled off her back in less than a second.

Team _RDL trembled before the cold impassive face of the human-machine in front of them, now devoid of its usual radiance and seemingly actively sucking heat, joy and colour from the world as the large, bulky capacitors on the rifle audibly whined.

_RDL abandoned their team leader to his fate.

Cardin himself didn't know when to quit, and rose to his full height, before collapsing again as the laser rifle discharged into his gut.

Jane didn't let up as she blasted Cardin again and again, the rifle set to low power to inspire a supremely painful burning sensation. Cardin writhed as blast after blast was levelled at him, before the rifle was returned to its clamp and Cardin was given a rough kick in the sides for his trouble.

Jaune approached Jane and he saw Jane's face light up at seeing him. "Master."

Jaune winced at the title, but continued on. Others around him did a double-take at the sudden mood-shift.

"I have the first floor well underway, and its walls should reach completion within the hour, and the framing for the second is being put up as we speak!" Jane bubbled happily, not reacting as Cardin stood up behind her; now armed his aura-covered mace. Jane reacted to what should have been impossibly fast for a non-hunter and used her elbow to 'slap' the mace aside.

Everyone winced at the cracking sound this interaction produced, but their eyes followed the motion as Jane continued the motion and slugged Cardin in the face with every ounce of power the left arm of her armour possessed. Everyone winced at the sound of cartilage and bone giving way with an audible crunch. More onlookers winced again as her augmented steel boot drove itself directly between the bully's legs, lifting him several inches off the ground.

With Cardin dealt with, attention turned back to Jane, who was now inspecting her armoured right arm, which she had used to block and everything below the elbow was now sitting at an 'impossible' angle to the rest of her arm.

Jaune made a horrified choking noise as she grabbed at the clearly broken part of her arm and roughly jerked it into its proper position, her face tightening from the clear pain of setting the bone beneath her armor.

Alas, the armour and the arm it cradled was broken, and it failed to respond properly, the weight of the armour keeping her arm from moving.

"You need to come out of that armour to get that looked at" Jaune said, in a numb, detached way. He was not handling the look of Jane's broken arm at all well.

Jane nodded and hit the release lever, wincing as the armour that was supposed to cradle her arm now had it trapped within. Some prying pulled the stubborn plates loose from their frame and allowed Jane to stumble out of her armor.

Almost no one was expecting the wretched creature that stumbled out of that armour, covered in scars that spoke of dozens, if not hundreds of close calls with some kind of large animal, covered in scars of every size and type imaginable, the parallel jagged lines of claws, 'rings' of puckered puncture wounds from bites, the angry red crater of punctures, and even the gnarled, blobby patches of skin caused by burns, of all types; chemical, acid and fire; and she was bruised all over looking like some overripe fruit, particularly around her joints. The last thing everyone noticed was hair that looked like it had never been washed, just one lank, greasy rope of knotted-together dreadlocks that stank.

To say that it was horrifying was an understatement, enough so that it took awhile for everyone to realise that she was completely naked, and not even attempting to cover up.

Jane just simply retrieved her tools and tried to fix her armour's arm, like she wasn't arguably one of the most horrifying things these teenagers had ever seen.

Jaune stopped her and informed Jane "You're hurt"

"Company property takes precedence."

Blake groaned at what she was about to say, and pointed out "You're company property."

Jane twitched violently, likely hitting a snag in her programming thanks to Blake's words as she quickly reassessed her priorities.

Blake felt the stares directed at her "She's meant to take care of more valuable company assets before lower value ones… but Jaune doesn't own anything more expensive than she is."

Jaune blinked in surprise and asked "how much is five billion credits?"

"I helped build some houses once. They seemed to go for 500,000" Jane said as she carefully splinted her arm with the spare armor plates that had been delivered by a pair of drones as Jane chewed on some dried fish fillets, before looking distressed she couldn't get the two plates to stay still.

"Then aren't workers kinda pricey?" Jaune asked

"Standard practice is to have the worker population grow with the company branch." Jane said

Everyone in earshot stared at Jane with pity as she fought to keep her arm out of a drone's jetwash whilst it held her injured arm still so she could attempt to tie the splint in place.

"Did anyone else notice how Jane's aura never manifested when she got hit or was it just me?" Coco said, snapping out of her shock at how beat up Jane looked.

No one could remember seeing it, so they asked Jane, who responded with a simple "What's an 'aura'?"

"You didn't see the flash of colour every time you hit Cardin?"

"Oh, the energy shield! I saw that, and assumed his outfit must be equipped with a fusion core and shield generator I couldn't see" Jane said. "Do you call shield generators Aura here?"

Everyone blinked at that news "No, this is something more…" Jaune began

"Personal" Pyrrha said

Jaune nodded "yeah, that. It's to do with your soul, and it protects you without needing some kind of fancy gear"

Jane blinked, her head tilting in confusion. "I have been informed that I lack a human soul by my creators."

That was arguably the worst crime any of them had ever heard.

"That's just demonstrably false." Coco said "Only Grimm don't have souls, come here, we'll see to it you know about yours."

Jane obediently stepped forward

"Jaune, if you'd do the honours. She's your responsibility" Coco said

"Me? I've never really done it before, I don't know how" Jaune said

"It's a personal thing. It's not good to have just some stranger do it. You need to touch her soul with yours, which requires trust or else she'll reject you." Pyrrha said, before turning to Jane. "Jane, out of curiosity, how much do you trust Jaune?"

Jane smiled happily. "Completely! He's my master, why wouldn't I?"

Jaune stared at Jane nervously before plucking up the courage to try. He held her in his arms and tried to recall everything from when Pyrrha had unlocked his not so long ago, not just the words, but the feeling too. Jaune's eyes were shut tight as he held a deep, meditative concentration, and he didn't notice that his hand had strayed down from her chest and that he was unintentionally groping her, nor Jane's face blushing bright red at the contact.

Pyrrha opened her mouth to alert Jaune to what was going on, but Coco quietly shushed her

"But he's-"

"I want to see how this goes" Coco said

Jaune focused, feeling out with his aura, ignorant of Jane's eyes going wide as she saw Jaune literally glow with magic. There was nothing in her protocols about this!

Jane went rigid as she felt the glow pushing into her; face blushing redder, somehow. Somehow her new master was making her feel woozy and weak at the knees and like she'd never felt before.

The onlookers felt deeply uncomfortable at Janes small gasps and moans as her body shuddered once they realised what was making Jane so hot under the collar. Several of them sported furious blushes, most were rooted to the spot, most tried to look away but many of those couldn't tear their eyes away, and Yang covered Ruby's eyes.

Cardin just groaned pitifully in pain, completely unaware of his surroundings.

Jaune acted on some deep-rooted instinct and did what he thought he was supposed to do, prompting Jane's soul to explode with colour and new life. Opening his eyes, Jaune found Jane glowing 'dayglo orange'.

Those who saw knew about aura saw that Jaune had managed to do something that was normally very tricky to do on his first attempt. Those who knew about Jaune knew that he'd only seen it done once before, and that was when he was on the receiving end. Those who knew about both were beyond impressed.

Those who knew neither found themselves scandalized as Jaune openly groped the girl.

Jaune blinked the lights out of his eyes as a wave of tiredness and dizziness hit him, and he stumbled, removing his hand from Jane's chest.

Jane was positively vibrating at everything that had just happened, the bruises and scars littering her body starting to heal already, the lighter bruises already fading from sight.

Jaune recovered before Jane and noticed that Jane was blushing. Jaune's face became a mask of concern and he pressed his hand against her forehead. "Jeez, you don't look so well, are you okay? do you think you might have a fever? Your injuries look- looked pretty terrible."

Jane, at her wits end, went into total meltdown; screamed and shoved Jaune aside before charging past him in the direction of her factory and to 'safety' from all the strange and conflicting emotions whirling inside her mind.

She ran straight into the waiting arms of Coco and Velvet who had been waiting for her. Coco forcibly dressed her in a rough towel that Fox had ran out for them and both she and Velvet began forgmarching her into beacon. "You're not going anywhere until you're clean and hygienic again. Don't even try to wriggle out of this, it's for your own good."

Jane gave a meek-sounding mewl of helplessness as the two girls marched her straight towards the dorm showers to be forcibly cleaned of every last speck of dirt, grime and dead skin until she positively sparkled.

Jaune watched as Jane was being hauled off to go make the shower run black with filth with open confusion. "What was that all about?"

Jane protested as Coco and Velvet dressed into coveralls goggles and gloves and had Yatsuhashi push her into the shower, which was already running with warm water.

Once Coco and Velvet were outfitted in hazmat suits, they produced an arsenal of creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, brushes, loofahs and even a squeaky rubber duck as they closed in on the poor girl in the stall and began attacking her, the water picking up a dark grey, almost black hue as years of unwashed debris lifted off of her skin

Shampoos were employed to try and shift the congealed mess of grease, dirt, dead skin and hair still growing out her scalp by some miracle, Coco working it through the girl's hair as Velvet employed first great scrubbing brushes laden with soap that lightened her skin three shades, then employed scratchy cheap toothbrushes to catch all the little fine details, scrubbing every crease and crevice as they worked to help

Coco and Velvet shared a glance when they noticed Jane didn't have a belly button.

"Guess all that talk about her really wasn't just… just because." Coco said amidst Jane's loud protesting.

Velvet just shrugged and got back to scrubbing.

With a strong grip, Coco forced Jane's hair under the water and rinsed out the third load of shampoo, the congealed grease finally thinned out enough to let Coco work it to a lather, and noticed the lighter tone of Jane's hair.

"Huh, brown instead of black" Coco noted, before looking down "Should have seen that, earlier I guess. Heh, the carpet matches the drapes!"

Velvet swatted at her teammate with a scandalized look on her face. "Bad Coco! No ogling the victi- I mean new girl."

Velvet did, however, produce a can of shaving foam

"Now stay very still and the razor won't slip." Velvet warned

Jane could only whimper in fear at the predatorial look in Coco and Velvets eyes.

Jane had stopped screaming and begging to be released some time ago, and now she was forced to lay still for longer as Fox was sent to burn the coveralls. Now Coco and Velvet were no longer washing her, Velvet and Coco had swapped roles, and now Velvet was taking the lead and Coco was playing the nurse as Velvet put Jane through a full physical examination.

Jane had heard of these kinds of people before, though usually a worker didn't receive this sort of treatment unless they were to be presented for… things.

The idea filled Jane with equal parts excitement and dread as Velvet poked and prodded her, and applied more of that 'aura' stuff to help accelerate her healing. Velvet made sure that Jane's job splinting her arm was adjusted so it would heal on its own in a much nicer fashion

Having the two fuss over her just made her feel uncomfortable, and even little things were provoking jitters, such that she almost didn't hear Velvet talking.

"You're in really bad shape… that much is clear just from looking at you, but you've got so many ugly scars and poorly healed fractures on top of everything else… You haven't been eating right, and you need a lot of tender love and care… Aura and a good diet with exercise should help fix most of that. Scars fade, bones will straighten and strengthen again, and you'll be feeling a lot better in a few months, maybe." Velvet said.

"I feel fi-" Jane started for what felt like the umpteenth time, only to yelp as the bunny girl pinched her and gave her a pointed look.

"The fact you actually believe what you're saying is sadder than the fact this many injuries can exist on a single person at the same time." Velvet said. "Now hush, the doctors talking."

Jane did her best to just hold herself together, but with things moving so fast for her, she was barely holding together.

Velvet eventually passed the reins back to Coco

"Well, she'll live, what now?" Velvet asked

"Well, we need clothes for her." Coco said, looking at Jane with a critical eye. "She looks like my clothes should work for now, at least until we can get her some proper fitted clothes…"

Velvet looked at Coco and back to Jane and silently agreed with the assessment, they were pretty similar now that she mentioned it.

"She looks almost like your long-lost sister, Coco." Velvet said, before smirking slightly. "Your bigger and more, developed sister, but that's besides the point."

Coco reexamined Jane and glared at Velvet in an almost pouty manner. "Traitor… you're supposed to be on my side!"

"Well, I have to keep your ego in check somehow, don't I?"

Coco sulked slightly, admitting her (momentary) defeat before refocusing on the nervous looking Jane as she started opening drawers to get at her spare clothes.

"I suppose I could spare a shirt and some pants for her…" Coco trailed off as her fashionista side started taking over.

Coco produced a 'simple' outfit she usually wore when she didn't plan to be seen all day- which wasn't often, admittedly- and started handed it to Jane.

"Here, put these on. It should work." Coco said, and turned around as Jane stood there, still naked, still mute.

Coco sighed, not wanting to waste time, and enlisted Yatsuhashi in helping manipulate the girl whilst Coco dressed her.

Except manipulating became restraining as Jane struggled against them. Yatsuhashi was able to keep Jane from hitting one of them long enough for Coco to force a pair of panties up her legs.

As the soft cotton reached home base, the fight fled Jane and she seemed to deflate in Yatsuhashi's arms. Yatsuhashi readjusted his grip to let the girls work, with velvet being tasked with the outerwear whilst Coco set to the near-impossible task of fitting Jane's almost F-cup breasts into her large C-cup bras.

It was never going to happen, and Coco knew it, but she was going to try anyways. Coco got to work stretching the bra, fitting the boobs into the cups, and pulling the stretchy, elastic material taught.

That got a reaction out of Jane, who gasped and wheezed at the tightness around her chest as her boobs were steadily crushed into her chest.

Coco pulled tighter, trying to force the straps around Jane's chest, ignoring the sound of stitches popping until there was a loud 'snap!' and Velvet gave a shrill shriek and fell backwards from trying to get the shirt over Jane's head, whilst Coco nearly punched her knuckles together.

"Are you okay?" Coco asked, looking around Jane

Velvet was rubbing her eye as she pulled herself up off the ground and said "Yeah, my aura caught it. Your bra snapped."

Coco held up the now useless loops of fabric, the underwire now dangerously exposed after attacking Velvet's face and frowned. That had been one of her biggest bras, bought before that time she'd lost all that weight in training.

"Well… damned if that doesn't hurt my pride." she said, before sighing. It wasn't like the bra fit anymore anyways. "Ah, well. I'll do what I can, but hopefully we can get her in proper stuff before long."

Coco grabbed another bra, more a loop of elastic fabric with straps on it, though she didn't have high hopes for this one, despite the stretchy material. This time, Velvet stood well clear of the bra's attack range as Coco pulled it wider and wider, up to and beyond its limits attempting to get a fit, no matter how bad until Coco accidentally snapped it in her hands trying to stretch the elastic wide enough to cover Jane's handful-and-a-half bust.

"Let's… let's just skip the bra, shall we?" Coco said, not wanting to sacrifice portions of her wardrobe she actually used… Besides, continuing was an exercise in futility: all her other bras were also both less stretchy and smaller than the two 'sacrifices'.

Jane wasn't handling going shopping at all. She wasn't handling anything at all right now. She wasn't handling all the fussing and bother about her, and she especially wasn't prepared, in any way, shape or form, for Coco and the stylist asking her for her opinion on things.

"Is she… okay?" The seamstress asked Coco not wanting to get too close to the girl who was now wild-eyed and hyperventilating after she'd pulled the finished dress over her customer's head.

It was quite a bright and almost aggressively cheerful piece too, being that curious 'dayglo orange' colour that had been specifically requested. It was a summer dress that came down to hang below her client's knees, with broad straps and a chaste cut and opaque material.

Coupled with the silver belt that Coco had picked out for her, the seamstress had to admit the whole ensemble resembled a safety vest, which was a curious look, even by the vastly non-standard norms of Huntresses.

"I- I-" Jane said, twitching harshly with her pupils contracting as she looked at herself in the mirror, her chest heaving as she sucked air down like it was the last thing she'd ever do.

"Hun, whats wro-" Coco started to ask, before getting pushed off her feet as Jane let out a distressed whimper and bolted for the door, tearing the pull door off its hinges as she forced her way through.

Coco blinked in surprise, before grimacing and bolting out the door after the panicked engineer, grabbing Velvet on the way out with a curse.

"Your friend is certainly… high-strung." the Tailor noted

"I think… we may have overloaded her" Yatsuhashi said.

The Tailor shook herself out of her surprise before fixing the gentle giant with an annoyed look. "You better pay for all of this."

Yatsuhashi just grunted and adjusted his grip on the myriad of boxes and clothes in his hands piled up high enough that the flowers on the panties were set to give him hayfever. Somehow he was able to shift everything to fish Coco's purse out of her handbag. It wouldn't be the first time, and it probably wouldn't be the last. Call it a little revenge.

"How much does she owe you?" Yatsuhashi asked

The tailor smiled at the large man, a dangerous glint in her eye.

Coco and Velvet quickly dropped from chasing after Jane to following the trail of disturbance and minor destruction she left in her wake. Damn but that girl could move.

As they lagged further and further behind, the trail grew more and more sparse as incidents naturally drifted further and further away from where they happened, until eventually they were in central Vale with no clue where Jane had gone on her erratic path through the city.

Coco had to stop once Velvet started gasping for air, both unable to continue any further without at least some break. As if on cue, Coco got a call from Ozpin himself.

"Hello, Professor Ozpin?" Coco said

"Hello Miss Adel, I know you were the one last seen with her, so would you mind telling me why someone matching her description just charged through Vale's Northeast gate at breakneck speed?"

"I- er- that is to say- she had a bit of a freakout?" Coco said

"Why would that be Miss Adel?"

"We- er- after we cleaned her off, we took Jane shopping for clothes." Coco said

"I see… can you walk me through the breakdown?" Ozpin asked

"Things were… shaky, but under control, we got her measurements, picked out some fabrics, and had the first dress put together for her with no real problems, then the tailor asked if she liked it…" Coco said, trailing off at the dawn of several realisations.

"I believe we have found the crux of the issue." Ozpin said

"What? Asking Jane for her opinion?" Coco asked

"Indeed." Ozpin replied, sagely

"How- how can she not- how did that cause her to freak out?!"

"It seems that she was already overstressed by you and miss Scarlatina's efforts to forcibly look after her. I have no doubt that if each thing you did to her was introduced gradually and taken one at a time, she would have been fine, but she comes from a place where people like her are commodities at best; less than human. She will need time to adjust to Remnant and being considered a person."

Coco was angry at the kind of people who would do that, but also ashamed she'd given Jane a meltdown, even accidentally. Coco couldn't properly articulate how she felt or even figure out how she should react to that.

"I would think about this and hope Jane is okay once she has recovered." Ozpin supplied "In the meantime, I believe you have a teammate that you rather rudely abandoned now on his way back to Beacon."

Coco felt even more stupid as Ozpin hung up and she shouted "Crap, we forgot about Yatsu!"

Velvet and Coco raced back to regroup with their lost teammate as soon as possible.


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