Plot: Raven is evil. Not just bad; but totally evil. Or at least, that's what the Monks of Azarath have been drilling into her, her entire life. Born to the wrong father, the wrong way and with the wrong heritage, Raven is reviled by the people she lives amongst; and she's trapped there.

That is until she hides deep in the bowels of a visiting Gallifreyan Time Capsule; not to find a better life, nor to repent; but just so the judgemental universe will leave her alone.

Unfortunately, the preachy, goodie-goodie Time Lord pilot of this machine usually needs rescuing from dangers he willingly walks into; and she constantly and tirelessly has to rescue him.

"You're not evil." He tries to prove to her. But she doesn't believe him; and never will.

"Universe. I am Raven, I will cause THE END... and I... I... I'm sorry."


"Azarath, Metrion, Zynthos" breathe in deeply, and breathe out, "Azarath, Metrion, Zynthos." Breathe in deeply, and breathe out. "Azarath, Metrion, Zynthos."

It was done, her hourly meditation was over. Gently she lowered herself to the ground, over which she had been hovering and stood up. Hourly meditation to her was like exercise for her mind. It had many health benefits mentally if you could concentrate.

Indeed, and she was impressed by her meditation partners concentration. Her ability to clear her mind, focus and channel what little psychic abilities she had was amazing considering she was usually explosively emotional. While in the ether between world they had danced around each other in spiritual form.

Raven, a pale girl in her late teens smiled, but just a little, she had an image to uphold as a moody monster after all. She had smiled because her friend Star Fire was concentrating so hard she hadn't realised the hour was up. Star had a habit of taking things to extremes. Raven guessed she had to expect that, with Star being an alien.

"Star Fire," Raven said in a low, raspy voice, "you can stop now."

As Star Fire opened her eyes Ravens little smile reduced a little. Not because anything was wrong, but because she still wasn't used to expressing herself. She was capable of expressing herself in times of extreme joy or happiness, but while neutral she choose to keep it hidden.

Star Fire was a girl nearly a head taller than her. Her long red hair shone with life where as Raven's was a shorter, dull, greasy blue-ish purple. Star Fire also had rich, orange skin. When Raven first set eyes on her she'd assumed Star Fire had gone way overboard with something called 'fake tan,' but when Star Fire showed she could fire energy blasts from her hands and eyes it kind of threw that theory out the window.

Star Fire smiled, her eyes practically glowing with life and interest. Suddenly she flung her arms out and squealed, her body bursting with emotion. "Oh, Raven, that was the most joyous, wondrous thing I've ever experienced in meditation!"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Our consciousnesses just connected for a second, that's all." Star Fire often over reacted to mundane things, they were alien to her after all, but she found joy in almost everything new. When Raven first met her, she thought Star Fire was being patronising by her interest in meditation, but a quick scan of her aura told Raven that Star Fire was entirely sincere.

"Oh yes, but it was the most joyous thing!" Star Fire was obviously seeing more in the psychic gesture than Raven meant. But Raven shrugged. It made her happy to think that, so she didn't bother correcting her. She was so passionate about these things, something Raven wasn't really capable of, not because she couldn't, but because she just can't.

Around the room candles in candelabras lit up at the behest of Raven and her strange psychic powers.

Ravens room was dark, mysterious, gothic and depressing. Just the way she liked it. All colours were dulled and the place had a blue, cold and moody look to it. Which made Star Fire stand out all the more in her brighter colours of red, orange and purple. Raven kind of blended in with her black attire complete with dark blue hooded cloak.

"Perhaps we can partake in going to this 'mall' place humans frequent so much?" Star Fire suggested. She had such an usual way of speaking because of her alien heritage, and it sometimes took a couple of seconds to understand what the hell she was talking about.

Raven sighed. She actually didn't like the mall all that much. She went mostly just to hang out with her friends. The mall was busy, noisy, people were rude and worst of all there would probably be fans there.

Raven, Star Fire and the rest of their friends were what were called Teen Titans, a group of teenage super heroes who fought crime and beat up bad guys. Since joining this team Raven had gained a number of fans. But she kind of found fans to be on the creepy side, almost stalker like, that counted for both the male and female ones. Some, she got the feeling, were just patronising her just to get her into whatever local social cult they wanted to add her voice to. Yeah, she was very cynical of people, so sue her, she had every right to be wary of people and their true intentions.

"Not today." Raven said, realising she'd left Star Fire hanging. "Maybe later."

"Ouch!" Star Fire cried when she walked into something, "Where on Tamaran did this come from?"

Raven looked down at Star Fires feet. She'd stubbed her foot against a small, black, wooden box. It had a strange swirling pattern on it of an infinity sign, in a circle. The box had not been there before, and Ravens eyes grew wide at the sight of that symbol.

"This wasn't here before." Star Fire said, kneeling down to examine the box further.

"Don't open it!" Raven cried and Star Fire jumped back away from it. Raven took a deep breath, she'd over reacted. "Sorry."

"Do you know what this box is?" Star Fire asked.

"Yes," Raven knelt down and resting her hands on its surface, "It's mine." She ran her fingers through its carved surface to make sure it was real and not just her imagination.

"Is it from Azarath?" Star Fire asked. Azarath was Ravens home dimension where she'd been born. It had long since been destroyed by the demon Trigon, Raven's father.

"No." Raven said as a mixture of emotions and memories flowed through her mind. "It's actually from Gallifrey."

Star Fire took a step back and a long deep breath, her eyes grew wide and her face lit up in admiration.

"This is a gift from the Time Lords?!" She exclaimed. "The mythical, mysterious defenders of the Web of Time?"

"You've... heard of them?" Raven was surprised.

"Oh yes. There are many stories and myths about them spread all across the Vega system!" They are like the Gods of your world to us. Some benevolent, kind and generous; others vengeful and destructive. That's their seal isn't it?" Star Fire pointed at the symbol on the box. "Where they intending to aid in your fight to defeat Trigon?"

"Actually..." Raven said, her hands laying on either side of the box, "They wanted to destroy me."

Star Fires happy mood came to a crashing halt. "Oh..."

"They're more like corrupt senators than Gods." Raven said, through out this she had not taken her eyes off the box.

"Surely, all is forgiven now, since Trigon is destroyed." Star Fire added quietly.

"This trunk didn't come from the Time Lord High Council." Raven said, a lump forming in her throat as she opened the box and its lid swung back on hinges. "It came from a specific Time Lord."

Inside were an assortment of odd looking objects. A stone which looked like it glowed brightly, a red book with the words 'Dracula, by Briam Stoker' printed on it; some kind of destroyed pistol, a rolled up guitar string. There were other objects but those were the ones that could be seen clearly. Under all that was even more stuff.

Raven gazed at the objects, each one conjuring a memory of some sort.

"You have a Time Lord admirer?" Star Fire asked with a smile.

"Not exactly." Raven said, reaching in and picking up the Dracula book and resting her hands on it as if to check it was real.

"Who? Who was this Time Lord?"

"He called himself the Doctor." Raven felt through the ether what would amount to smashing glass. Star Fire looked like she was about to have a heart attack or something.

"YOU KNEW THE DOCTOR?!" Star Fire was on her knees and by her side in a second. "The Time Lord of legend?! Times Champion? The 'On Coming Storm'? The one known as 'the Sandman' in the Galyari culture?"

"I had no idea his resume was so large." Raven said drily.

"But you knew him?! He gifted you this box?" Star Fire looked inside, her head almost disappearing into it. She withdrew her head slowly. "What... lovely objects. Do they have a significance to you, Friend Raven?"

"More than I can say in a number of words." Raven said and began fishing for something in particular inside it.

"Which Doctor did you meet?" Star Fire could hardly contain herself. The Doctor clearly had a bigger name than even had Raven thought. "The Spiky haired one? The curly haired scarfed one? The flute player? It was the magician wasn't it?!"

"Umm..." it was actually a complicated question to answer, "Technically curly hair and scarf, first. Then a short man with an umbrella..." Raven found it, and pulled from the box a carved wooden puppet of a man with longish, unkempt hair who was wearing a grey waistcoat with a cravat, white trousers and a long dark green coat of crushed velvet. Raven stared at it resting her fingers against its face, her eyes were actually starting to tear up, but she blinked a few times to clear them and hide the fact she was getting emotional, "...and then he became this one."

"You witnessed the miracle of the Time Lords?" Star Fire squealed again. "You saw a regeneration?! What an honour!"

"No," Raven said flatly, "I kind of missed out on that miracle. Or the Doctors at least." She rested the puppet on the floor next to her, its back resting against her leg, and she found something else. A small, blue box of a panelled design that fitted into the palm of her hand. "Each of these things I collected as I travelled with him." Quickly Raven held up her hand to stop Star Fire exploding with joy again. "I'm guessing it's an honour to have done so. I don't need my eardrums bursting, thanks."

Star Fire looked like she could hardly contain herself.

"Calm, tranquillity, peace!" Raven said sternly, and Star Fire slowly calmed down. Raven held up the box in her hands. It was blue, had two windows on either side and had a lamp on top.

"That's a model of the TARDIS! His Time Capsule!" Star Fire said, staring at it.

"Actually, it's just a Police Box." Raven said with a smirk "Literally, it is a real one." She tipped it up and the doors fell open outwardly, a panel on the front flew open and the handset of a tiny telephone dropped out on a cord. It was a Police Box, shrunken down. "A souvenir from seventies Britain, they were being phased out and were being destroyed." Raven used her powers to force everything back inside the Police Box. "I 'rescued' this one to keep."

"Oh, tell me you both went on many adventures together!" Star Fire said, "The Doctor and his companion were famous for their adventures."

"I wasn't his 'companion'." Raven said quite firmly, "I liked to see myself as his 'bodyguard'. He'd always get himself into trouble, and then I'd have to dig him out of it." She looked at the Police Box in her hands.

"I actually stowed away onboard the TARDIS, and I had no intention of ever stepping outside the walls of that Police Box, ever. At first." She allowed herself a small laugh. "It was just a desperate notion I had." A memory flittered through her mind. "I was ignorant, selfish, and self absorbed at times. I was a different person back then, even before I joined the Titans. I was more grumpy, miserable, and aggressive. If things had turned out differently, I may have been your adversary rather than your friend. I will admit I needed the Universe to give my immature butt a few hard kicks."

The Police Box was plucked from her hands by her powers and began rotating on its axis. The light on its roof began to flash on and off, all at the command of Raven's powers. Raven knew her eyes were currently glowing with power as she did this.

Motioning with her hands a cylinder of dark and white energy appeared around the box and made it look like it was flying down a swirling vortex of energy. The Time Vortex.

"It also made a noise as it went." Raven's powers plucked the guitar string from the box and stretched it out. Then from the box came a broken key of some kind, and sharply she made the key rake down the string so it produced a high pitched noise. "No, that's not it." Both the key and the string were now engulfed in a bubble of black energy and as the key raked up and down the string Raven altered the sound waves until she got the correct pitch. This might have been simpler with a string from a different instrument, a piano maybe, but eventually she had the right noise. A Wheezy, groan. "That's it."

Turning her attention back to the spinning Police Box she suddenly got a huge sense of nostalgia watching the Police Box tumble through her conjured vortex as that noise, that familiar noise sounded.

"Oh, please, please, please friend Raven, tell me this tale of your past!" Star Fire drew herself closer, like a child desperate for their parent to read them a bedtime story. Raven allowed herself another smile as her eyes glowed still. The hood of her cloak was suddenly flipped up, casting her eyes into shadow, but the light from them still pierced through the darkness.

Raven wasn't very good at telling stories, or she thought she was. Nor did she like telling tales about her past. But Star Fire was such a good friend she felt she could trust her with these tales of her past.

"Very well." Raven said, focusing her attention on the Police Box and she allowed her memories to be expressed. "This is the story of how I met the Doctor. Probably the first, true person I could call my friend."

**Cue Teen Titans or 8's Doctor Who theme music! Whichever you prefer. Personally I'd prefer 8's for this story. :P**

Authors notes: Just a few things.

Believe it or not, this started as a simple, short story posed by an old girlfriend. But the more I wrote, the more I let my imagination run away with it. A habit, I know. :P

This story features briefly the 7th Doctor but focuses on the 8th. So apologies if you expecting a more modern Doctor to interact with Raven. Also the interaction I'm going within this story is that of the fun uncle and the moody-teen niece.

This takes place before the Teen Titans TV show for Raven, and both before, and after the TV movie for the Doctor. (Why not check out the TV Movie? seriously. It's nearer the style of Modern Who than it is Classic Who, and will help you understand the 8th Doctor.)

The version of Raven in this story is going to be a regressed version of the one in the Teen Titans TV show. She's younger, more arrogant, ruder, even quicker to anger, has a lot more issues.

Yes, I wrote Star Fire as an over-excited Doctor Who fangirl. That's not too difficult since she has so much explosive enthusiasm for everything.

Cheers and please, enjoy the story.