Authors notes: This is really just what used to be tagged onto the end of Chapter 95. But I felt the reveal of the Master was where that chapter should've ended. So Chapter 96 is more of a short book ending before moving onto the next bit.

I've also edited some of the language in the previous chapter as I felt it read as a little odd the way I'd described some things.

I also wanted to edit Big Dogs speech so it sounds a little better. So bare with me on that one.

Chapter 96

You can't stop there!

They were leaning so far towards her, eyes fixated, on the edge of their seat. Starfire was blown away by the revelation. Beastboy didn't fully understand what had happened, but he knew it was bad.

"Come on," Beastboy said, his fingers gripping the edge of the box he sat on. "What happened next."

Raven was about to continue, but then a cruel smirk started to spread across her face. Their faces dropped, nearly making her laugh when she uttered three words. "To... Be... Continued..."

"Oh man, seriously!" Beastboy screeched.

"Oh, what a wonderful place to hang from the cliff." Starfire laughed.

"You can't stop there!" Raven's smug face deflated. That was neither Beastboy nor Starfire. But it came from Beastboys direction. "Uh oh." The voice added. Sheepishly the green imp pushed something that was on his belt out of her line of sight, he shuffled to sit on top of it like she wouldn't notice. She gave him a nasty look and he tried to faint innocents.

"Stand up." Raven commanded.

"Huh?" Beastboy said laughing sheepishly. "Why?"

"Stand up." She commanded again with more edge to her voice.

"I... I can't, I have... I have a bad leg." Beastboy hurriedly said.

"I'll break them if you don't stand up!" Raven threatened and held out her hand. Beastboy cowered but nothing happened to him, instead something was pulled from out from under his backside forcing him to fall backwards off the box.

The yellow and black communicator with a T on it sailed into Raven's hand. She flipped the circular device open like it was a compact mirror, only instead of showing her reflection she saw another face. The face of an older teen, though Raven swore he hadn't been a teenager in a while. Big and muscly, half of his dark fleshy face was covered in metal with one eye red the other eye brown.

It was Cyborg.

"Umm, Hi Rae." Cyborg waved sheepishly at her pissed expression. The two were like partners in crime, Cyborg and Beastboy, she honestly wasn't surprised he'd try something like this. Raven looked darkly at the little green goblin.

"How long has this been broadcast?" Raven looked at the comms unit again and noticed an icon that looked like an open padlock. "And on an open channel?!" Her eyes flashed to Beastboy in fury.

"Umm... two, maybe three or four." Beastboy made himself appear small in her presence.

"Hours?" Raven questioned, "I haven't been talking for four hours..." Beastboy backed away again like a cornered animal, so Raven used her powers to hold his feet to the floor. "How many?" Fury was building. "How many days? To how many people?"

"Just us." Beastboy said, he was still hiding something, Raven could tell. "And ever since the Land of Fiction, thingy."

"Hey, for what its worth. You're a sweet storyteller." Said Cyborgs voice from the communicator. That simmered some of Raven's fury. and she held up the device to look at him.

"Don't think this means I forgive you spying on me." Raven growled. Oh well, she had thought about letting Cyborg and even Robin into story time, she just wished it had been her choice, not some nosey little goblin trying to show off to his friends about what he could get away with.

"Alright, alright. I'm sorry." Cyborg held up his free hand. His own communicator was actually built into his arm. "But once I started listening, I wanted to hear more. Don't worry. This transmission didn't leave the Tower. I made sure of it."

That made Raven feel a little better.

"Alright, I guess I can forgive you." Ravens eyes rolled to Beastboy, "you on the other hand." She left the rest unexpressed.

"So come on Raven, what happened next!" That was yet another voice, sharp and eager to hear more. Flicking a switch the screen on the communicator divided so another person was visible. A teenage boy of about her height, Caucasian in complexion, black spiky hair and dressed like a mysterious circus performer in a black eye mask. Robin, the leader of the Teen Titans, and frankly, right now to Raven was the straw that broke the camels back, because from the background Robin stood in he was not in the Titans Tower but somewhere in the city.

So the transmission wasn't even limited to just the two communicators. It wasn't even limited to just this tower!

"Oh great, why not broadcast my personal business to the whole universe!" The communicator snapped shut, ending the collective call. Her attention turned back to Beastboy. "You!" She pointed. "Out! NOW!"

Beastboy backed away, he should feel lucky she was allowing him to walk away. She wanted to do much worse to him.

"Umm... same time tomorrow night?" He dared asks for more after such a betrayal of trust?! Raven flung her arm out and black lightening arced from her finger tips, striking Beastboy causing him pain, and forcing his body to morph into a rat. He got up and tried to scurry away. Raven fired again, caught in the streams of light Beastboys rat form yelled in pain before he was forcibly turned into a carp that flipped and flopped on Raven's carpet before he tried to turn into a dog. Raven was too quick and after another zap he was a slug.

Undeterred Beastboy turned into a cat and darted for the door. But his hind legs were caught in black energy as he was forced back, his cat claws dug into the carpet and left two long tears in the material. Raven didn't care if her carpet was being ruined, she wanted to hurt this little imp. Another arc of energy and he became a mouse. She raised her foot and brought it down, not on top of him, but near him just to frighten him. Again he made a break for it. A bird, a monkey, a hamster. Raven painfully morphed him into all of them. As a hamster he tried to crawl under her door and escape to freedom. But at the last second Raven got one final shot on his backside and he turned into the mutt he was, with his neck caught under the door.

Charging her powers and with one final assault aimed at his backside Beastboy shot under the door, and Raven imaged was launched so fast into the opposite wall he made the building shake.

Did she go overboard? Maybe. But Raven had trusted Beastboy with these private stories, secret deeds she was not proud of and for all Raven knew the idiot might have shared them with the world, and if Raven was sure of one thing, scandals like her history made for good stories, gossip and clickbait. This was why she was so private, this is why she was so secretive. Why couldn't the little idiot understand this?

Starfire remained sitting and smiling sweetly. "Shall I go?"

"You don't need to ask permission." Raven sighed, allowing her fury to simmer down. "Please, stay if you like. I..." Raven didn't know how to express how she felt, but she didn't want to be alone tonight. Not because she was scared, but... she couldn't understand why. She breathed an angry sigh as she sat down on her bed again.

"Shall we meditate?" Starfire asked.

"Not a bad idea." Raven said, her voice still showing signs of her fury.

Adopting the lotus position both girls cleared their busy minds and levitated up off the ground at peace. Or as peaceful as Raven's mind can get with one thought rolling around it.

"If I see one click bait article exposing my history. Then I swear Beastboy will be dog food!"

To Be Continued...

In Book 13, The White Noise of the Universe.

Authors notes: It might be a while before the next update. If this was a season I guess I'm heading into the season final where I need to start tying off at least some of the loose threads I've left dangling.

The major thing I'll need to figure out is how Beastboy is going to redeem himself after this so Raven will continue the story at all.