It seemed strange to Magus that after he died, he could still die. Death wasn't the end for him. He still had to save the world, still had to eat falafel. But what about now? What happens after he dies for good?

Alex had his head in her, she was a she today, lap. Magnus never seen Alex cry so openly nor so loudly.

"Do something! Kill somebody, save him!" she yelled. The rest of the group stood around them, unsure what to say. Halfborn took off his new viking war helmet and held it against his chest in an almost mocking way before putting it back on his head and turned back to the fight, earning an elbow-jab from Mallory Keen.

"Alex, please. Just-"

"JUST WHAT?" Alex boomed, cutting Mallory off. She looked back down to Magnus and swept the bangs from his eyes. "Come on, Magpie, stay with me." She used the term Magpie in an affectionate matter, and it made Magnus's slowly beating heart skip a step in his chest.

"It's too late," he said as he lifted a finger to skim across her cheek. Her eyes glistened with tears, glowing a beautiful amber and brown. She had thrown her weapons to the side when Magnus went down, leaving the others to protect them.

"We need you to fight Alex, I will not lose today!" Thomas Jefferson yelled, barely noticing Magnus.

"What's the point?" Alex wailed. "Magnus is gone, how do you feel about that?"

Thomas Jefferson only rolled his eyes as he shot somebody out of a tree. "We've lost nearly every day this week!" He had seen enough death today, this was just another glass to raise later that night.

Alex didn't care if somebody smited her then and there, at least she would die by his side.

"Would you let it go already?" Mallory screeched.

Magnus's hand slipped from Alex's. His vision darkened, he could hear his own heart beating loudly in his eardrums as everything dulled away.

"I will never be able to let this go. I will never forget," Alex said softly. She turned her attention to Magnus one last time. "I will avenge you."

Magnus smiled. "You'd better, because this dead ass will haunt you if you don't."

Alex snorted, then wiped the tears from her eyes. "Don't leave me," she begged.

Mallory was finally annoyed enough to stop fighting and face the mourning couple. "For Odin's sake! It's just group fight to the death combat training! You know he's going to be back in time for dinner!"