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Chapter 9: Vile Demon

The large demon cackled behind his shield at the sight of the adventurers fighting his resurrected invocations, while the two goblins and bandit died rather quickly but not without doing their fair of damage, the same couldn't be told about the boar, owlbear and dark elf. The demon laughed louder as his summons were almost done. Once they are, those humans won't stand a chance and with his little army, the Slayer will be easy to kill.

But he took a bit too much time with his invocation as three small rockets flew over the fight and crashed in an explosion against his fire shield, destroying it, and right afterward, a blue plasma arrow hit his chest hard enough for large chunks of flesh to be torn off in a splash of lava-like blood. Interrupting his invocation at the same time. All the creatures who were getting summoned fell on the ground like ragdolls, screaming in pain before disappearing in flames.

The Arch-Vile roared in pain too before glaring at the Doom Slayer who was running fast in its direction with his super shotgun in hand. The demon growled and disappeared in a flash of flames back into the forest.

"Come Slayer…" he invited.

"Doom Slayer!" High Elf Archer exclaimed as she shot an arrow that the resurrected Dark Elf dodged with ease.

"That demon! What is it?!" Spearman yelled before stabbing the boar for the tenth time with his spear, finally killing it.

But the Slayer didn't answer, he just ran past them at full speed towards where the Arch-Vile escaped.

"I'll go too" Goblin Slayer suddenly announced, "Priestess-"

"I'll heal everyone who got injured." She cut him with a nod and ran towards the Witch and Dwarf Shaman who got stabbed and hit by the bandit and boar.

"Gah, what is wrong with those?!" Heavy Warrior shouted as he was using his large sword as a shield against the resurrected Owlbear.

"Whatever that large demon did made them stronger than usual!" the Female Knight exclaimed, rushing towards the Owlbear with her sword raised.

The beast noticed her quickly as it swatted its large paw at her, hitting her shield and sending her flying away. The monster roared at the Warrior's face, turning its attention back to him.

High Elf Archer shot another arrow at the dark elf who dodged to one side but only to get ambushed by Lizard Priest who cut the resurrected fiend in pieces with two horizontal slices.

"If you're done, come give me a hand!" Heavy Warrior shouted. Kicking the Owlbear away.

This was bad, very bad. The Slayer barely had any ammunition left. No more rockets, only three plasma cells left, four shotgun shells left and thirty bullets. Not even near enough to kill a Mancubus. No way in Hell he can't beat an Arch-Vile with that.

And worst yet, this Arch-Vile was different from the ones he fought in the past.

A new generation, definitely more dangerous. He also didn't know any of the demon's new powers.

The Doom Slayer arrived at a freshly burnt clearing somewhere deep in the forest where the Arch-Vile was waiting for him alone in the center.

"No words, let's finish this…" the demon smirked and immediately raised its burning arms high up before pointing them at the slayer, two large fireballs flying towards the Marine.

That was a new attack…

The Slayer sidestepped, dodged the fireballs and fired his assault rifle with the scope directly at the monster's head but it didn't seem to do any significant damage.

He then changed mod for the micro-missiles, hoping for a different result but the demon had teleported near him.

"You're out of ammunition…" The demon grinned reaching its enormous claws towards the Slayer, ready to grab him by the neck.

But the Marine quickly turned, armed with his super shotgun, surprising the Arch-Vile.

Only two shots, gotta make it count!

He fired the first shot at point blank at the Demon's knee, the shot didn't destroy the leg to smithereens but it did make the large demon fall on its backside. He then directly aimed at the monster's big head and fired but unfortunately it teleported away right before he pulled the trigger.


The demon was back to its previous spot, it launched a small column of flames that was going straight for the Slayer. The Marine sidestepped to dodge once more but got caught by the flames when the wave suddenly changed directions.

Hurt and ablaze, the Doom Slayer rolled to the ground to extinguish the flames and raised his assault rifle with the micro missiles mod engaged, he fired all his remaining ammunitions on the demon, hoping for enough damage for him to be able to kill it with only his fists and energy pistol.

Thankfully, all missiles reached their target and blew up in a big explosion of fire and smoke.

But then the Arch-Vile bursted out of the smoke cloud, barely injured except for some burnt marks on his body armor. The large demon grabbed the Slayer by the throat and slammed him head first against the ground once before lifting him to eye level.

"The great Doom Slayer… ArmlessOh how pitiful…" The demon sneered.

But Doom Slayer never surrenders, he glared menacingly at the demon through his visor as he raised his right arm holding the energy pistol, already charging the shot.

The fire demon raised a skelly eyebrow in surprise, the Slayer fired the shot right directly between the demon's eye, but the monster barely budged.

"So long Slayer…" The Arch-Vile said, summoning Hell energy to burn the Slayer into a crisp.

He was now in a very bad situation, he was completely out of ammunition… except for two shots of BFG.

Using a shot of his most powerful weapon on only one demon sounded insane but if he really saw no other way to avoid death in the next few seconds, he had no choice but to use it.

But then what? He'll only have one shot left for the Mancubus and the Revenant and then he'll be completely armless against the coming horde of Hell.

"Doom Slayer! Catch!" He suddenly heard a familiar voice shout from behind him.

The Arch-Vile interrupted his spell in confusion as a small man in dirty armor just threw something at the Slayer.

The Doom Slayer reached out and grabbed the item, from the reflection of the light on the item, it was a bladed weapon, so he didn't waste one second to slash at the large demon.

The moment they saw the Arch-Vile appear on the board, they knew that it wouldn't be long before the invasion. Flashbacks of betrayals and cheating submerged the Gods mind as they immediately started to think for a solution to that big problem.

The Doom Slayer was out of 'ammunition' and was in big trouble. They tried over and over again to throw the dice for him but once again the piece refused their assistance. That's when their other favorite rebel pawn appeared on the battlefield and threw something to the Slayer.

An idea exploded in every Gods' mind.

They can't manipulate the Slayers but they can manipulate that particular item which isn't held at the moment by either of them.

But they can only do that once and have no time to hesitate.

D20 for quality!

D20 for damage output!

D20 for durability!

And the results were…

The slash was deep enough for a massive amount of lava-like blood to spurt out of the fresh wound. The hit was critical and it surprised both parties.

The Arch-Vile roared loudly in pain, dropping the Doom Slayer and taking a few pained steps back, staring in panic at the large blood dripping gash on its torso. It glared at the Marine who was slowly standing up again while the other human who had a strange resemblance with the Hell Walker ran to his side.

"Are you alright?" Goblin Slayer asked.

The Marine just groaned, and cracked his shoulders.

"Alright. The others are almost done, they should come shortly." Goblin Slayer explained as he got in a fighting stance with a hatchet.

The Doom Slayer looked at the weapon that managed to injure an Arch-Vile so badly, it was what he could describe as a bladed tonfa. He swung his arm a bit, he liked it. He should keep an idea of a blade in mind, though maybe an assassin-style one that comes out so he can have a free hand.

He looked closely at the blade, it didn't look special or anything, it even cracked a bit against the Demon hard skin. He could use this at least two or three more times. He looked at his student.

"One of the bandits from before had it. Took it from his corpse." Goblin Slayer explained.

The Marine nodded and got in a fighting stance next to the smaller armored man.

The Arch-Vile couldn't help but sweat in worry at the sight of two Slayers, even if one was clearly weaker than the other. It teleported far away and raised its burning hands high, summoning a flame shield and many resurrected creatures ready to serve the demon.

The rest of the Slayers' party arrived at the clearing, all ready to fight.

Doom Slayer scanned the twelve creatures being summoned, two goblins, two hobgoblins wearing minimal armor and armed with axes, a giant goblin armed with a equally large mace, probably a champion, another human bandit accompanied by a dark mage, a gorowl, a dark knight, a flesh Golem, surprisingly there was the Octoslimotron that he defeated earlier which meant that the Arch-Vile was indeed summoning dead creatures, and an imp.

Wait a second.

There was an imp! A demon from his Hell!

He grabbed his chainsaw and walked towards where the Imp was being summoned.

"Everyone, prepare to fight again." Goblin Slayer warned the rest of the group.

"What? Can't Doom Slayer stop the demon from summoning those monsters like before?" Spearman exclaimed, grabbing his spear in a fighting stance.

"I believe he has something planned with the small demon we encountered previously." Lizard Priest noted as he prepared to summon a skeleton warrior.

"Welp, I still have three spells left." The Dwarf Shaman said.

"Well, at least that means we can finally fight out that weird Slime from earlier!" The Knight smirked.

"Did you use a miracle earlier?" Goblin Slayer asked the youngest of the group.

"N-No. I can still use them. Should I-?"

"I don't think we'll need it for this fight, but I'll signal you if we do."

The Priestess nodded with determination at his instructions.

"Everyone be ready. They're almost here, do like Doom Slayer and choose your target to kill as soon as they are active." Heavy Warrior shouted and ran towards the flesh golem.

Meanwhile, the Marine in green armor was standing in front of the imp, he raised his chainsaw high, waiting for the damned creature to spring to life and roar. The fated moment arrived and the imp was indeed about to roar but stopped dead in its tracks when the first thing it saw was green armor.

It looked up and immediately met its demise with a roaring chainsaw coming down on its face right between the eye, brutally splitting the demon in half. Loud exclamations of surprise and disgust were heard behind him.

He smirked under his helmet as on his visor, he saw ammo hologram spurts out of the demon along its blood. He was now partially armed. He could fight the Arch-Vile on somewhat even grounds. He turned to the large demon and it seems that the spawn of evil was healing itself.

Now that's something inacceptable. The Doom Slayer marched, ready to sprint towards the demon but suddenly a large mace filled his vision as the Goblin Champion swung his weapon at the marine. But unfortunately for the resurrected fool, the Doom Slayer just grabbed on the mace to absorb the impact, making him only move a couple of meters instead of flying away.

The Marine glared at the goblin.

But the living dead did not get intimidated.

Looks like he needs to take care of that thing first. He only had three rockets from the imp, but he fired one anyway straight into the Champion's chest.

He was then very surprised to see the monster standing despite a big chunk of armor and flesh missing from his torso.

The goblin roared and charged.

The Arch-Vile was cauterizing its slash wound with its own flames, grumbling about its idiocy of not killing the Slayer before the smaller human appeared.

There, done. That scar is definitely pretty fragile… The demon will have to protect it well so it doesn't open again. It looked up towards the fight where the Doom Slayer and his friends were fighting the group of resurrected monsters.

The demon groaned, it should start summoning some new monsters. The Arch-Vile started to gather energy, ready to start the ritual until it noticed that someone was missing in this mess of a fight.

Where the heck is the Slayer's younger sibling?

And that's where it finally sensed the presence of the smaller human close by, but it was too late, an axe came from the left and just embedded itself right in the sensible scar across the demon's chest. The Arch-Vile roared in pain as its wound was open again and bleeding even more than before.

"Huh. That was easier than I first thought." Goblin Slayer noted.

The Arch-Vile was frozen in shock, but it quickly started to shake in rage, it glared at the smaller Slayer and roared, rearing its right arm back.

"You little... SHIT!" The Resurrecting superior demon yelled as it slashed with a flaming hand and claws at Goblin Slayer, sending him flying away and rolling on the ground.

The warrior was left mostly unscathed because he instinctively raised his shield, taking most of the damage. But a blow from a powerful demon like an Arch-Vile was not without consequences as his shield shattered at the impact and definitely broke a bone in his arm. Goblin Slayer tried to stand up but was nailed to the ground by the Arch-Vile's flaming foot as it teleported behind him.

"DIE!" it exclaimed as it raised it's right arm again to behead the young warrior.

But suddenly, a blue spinning plasma arrow pierced the demon's raised elbow, separating its arm from the rest of its body.

The monster roared in pain as it stumbled backwards, holding its newly fresh wound, immediately cauterizing it. It stood up again, glared at the Doom Slayer who was standing atop the head-crushed-by-its-own-mace goblin champion corpse, his gauss cannon at hand still fuming from its latest shot. His party behind him was still fighting the stronger resurrected monsters.

The Arch-Vile growled and teleported far away once again, its head now full of Bloodlust towards the Slayer and his companions. It pointed a claw towards the group


Then, the Arch-Vile raised its arms (or at least what's left of them) thus summoning a shield and its next creature.

But this time, what the demon was summoning was incredibly massive.

Now what the HELL was that thing?!

The flaming silhouette was comparable to a large many-legged insect, almost like a giant centipede with an exoskeleton made out of rock. It had a single eye located above the extremely large mouth that sported numerous rows of massive razor sharp teeth.

The creature on its own was filing the clearing, its body zigzagging in some sort of maze, standing between the Slayers and the Arch-Vile.

Doom Slayer turned towards Goblin Slayer for an explanation on what this was.

"That's not a goblin." was all he got.

The Marine didn't say a word but the agacement was clear in his silence. He turned towards the rest of the party and widened his eyes at seeing Lizard Priest sitting against a tree, injured while Priestess and Dwarf Shaman were healing them.

Heavy Warrior was fighting toe to toe against the resurrected dark knight while Spearman and Female Knight were fighting with some trouble the barely damaged Octoslimotron.

High Elf Archer emerged from the tree branches, the gorowl right behind her but she unleashed an arrow on the monster's head, right next to a dozen more and the creature finally fell dead. There were many more on the rest of its body along some burning marks as the Witch walked appeared behind it shortly after.

He should probably help them.

"DOOM SLAYER! You must stop that demon from summoning that thing!" High Elf Archer exclaimed the moment she saw the giant creature being summoned, "That's a Rock Eater, and a massive one at that!"

The moment she said the creature's name, everyone else looked up, finally seeing the scene in front of them and gasped in terror.

"If that thing is summoned in the same state as the other creatures, we are all dead!"

Doom Slayer didn't waste a second to run towards where he remembered the Arch-Vile was before the Rock Eater appeared.

What surprised him was seeing Goblin Slayer following him. There was no time to tell him not to come so they ran into the improvised maze. And also, the young slayer had something special and certainly useful in his possession.

Thankfully, the young warrior was quick in suggesting to climb on the monster's back and go from there. They didn't have much time either; the Rock Eater was already halfway summoned when they managed to climb its back, its hundreds of insect feet were starting to move as if it wanted to move around already instead of being stuck in place, waiting for being completely summoned.

Doom Slayer grabbed on Goblin Slayer's arm each time he was about to jump from one part of the monster's body to the other, but each time he made sure that the younger man was alright.

From the speed the monster was appearing, they only have at least 30 second to cancel the incantation.

The Arch-Vile panted loudly, its wounds were starting to take a toll on its health. And summoning such a big monster with only one arm was taking longer than expected.

But just a bit more… Just a -

Too late, the two slayers appeared on top of the monster, they jumped down and immediately started running towards the demon. The Doom Slayer grabbed his super shotgun and fired on the flame shield, destroying it.

The smaller human quickly threw a dagger with good precision directly into the demon's chest wound.

The Arch-Vile spit some glowing blood at the stab but held on its incantation, at least until the Marine punched the weapon with full strength, sending the knife completely through the demon's chest to emerge from its back.

The demon roared in agony, briefly stunned from pain and its focus completely interrupted.

The Rock Eater suddenly roared and started to squirm in pain, thrashing its large body around as the invocation got interrupted, it turned back in a flaming silhouette state and died once again before being engulfed in flames and disappeared from the clearing, as if it was never there to begin with.

The party cheered just as Spearman managed with lots of trouble to pierce the Octoslimotron's core while the rest of the party held its many tentacles and robotic legs down.

"Finally! Can't believe that green guy just took that thing down on his own and so quickly…" Spearman panted, sweat and blood perling down his forehead.

"Now what do we do? Should we go help them?" Priestess asked.

"Pretty sure it's soon over but we should group up." Dwarf Shaman sighed, this was a tiring fight.

The Arch-Vile finally recovered the shock from earlier and when it saw that its plan was ruined, it directed its rage towards the Doom Slayer, the demon knew it was going to die now, but it won't die without fighting till the end!

It teleported in front of the Doom Slayer and swung its left arm over his head, wanting to pierce his helmet and skull with its claws but the marine was faster and stronger as he grabbed the demon's wrist midair.

He then followed with a punch on the Arch-Vile's face, staggering the demon.

Without a warning, the Doom Slayer slashed the monster's knee with his new weapon to weaken the flesh then kicked it with full force, bending it in the wrong direction. The large demon screamed in pain once again as it felt on one knee. The Slayer then grabbed its only good arm and twisted it and forced its claws pointing at one particular place: the top of the demon's head, just like what it intended to do to the Marine.

But that wasn't all, the smaller Slayer appeared on the other side of the demon and the demon finally saw what he was holding in his hands: it was its other arm! And he was about to wing it upwards, aiming at the monster's chin.

The Arch-Vile now understood how it was going to die, its head will be skewered by its own claws.

The Slayers attacked, the demon didn't even have the time to mentally and physically curse the two Slayers as its head turned into a grotesque scene of gore and glowing blood. One of its eyes popped out of its socket as if it didn't even fit there and burning brain matter was dripping from the monster's claws.

It died instantly and slowly disappeared in flames as it fell to the ground.

When the demon completely disappeared, Doom Slayer cracked his neck and said.

"Double glory kill… Nice…" he then raised his fist towards the smaller slayer.

"Oh right." Goblin Slayer said and kind of awkwardly fist bumped the taller slayer.

That was some improvement, they didn't say another word until the smaller warrior looked at him and talked.

"… you were in trouble earlier, I honestly didn't expect this." Goblin Slayer confessed.

Doom Slayer crossed his arms and started thinking, he said:

"That Arch-Vile… was empowered… it took me at my worst… when I barely got any ammunition… it knew that... and also it could lift me… and throw me around without problem… managed to summon a large creature… with only one arm… that shouldn't be possible... This armor is made so demons… would never be able to do those things… that Arch-Vile... was way more powerful than it should…"

"Do you think it got a scout before it ambushed us? And… you think the other demons are empowered like that."

"There's a possibility… I am once again nearly out of ammunition… I will need your help once more…"

"I see… alright."

They nodded then joined the rest of the group.

"Is everyone okay?" Goblin Slayer asked.

"Anyone who can't continue… go back to town… we're leaving." Doom Slayer said before anyone could answer the other slayer.

"What now? We just survived a hard fight!" High Elf Archer exclaimed, her tone annoyed.

"There are more demons…"

"He's right. The quest. Was about. Two other .Demons. The one. We just faced. Was not mentioned." Witch sighed, remembering the quest paper that Doom Slayer took.

"So… Who knows if there are more demons?" Priestess said, trembling a bit.

"That's what… We're going to find out…"

"Then what are we waiting for! Hopefully this time I get to fight one of them." Heavy Warrior laughed, as if the previous fight wasn't exhausting.

"What about you guys?" Goblin Slayer asked his party.

"As if I'm missing another epic battle!" High Elf Archer exclaimed, now feeling excited.

"I still have some miracles left! I can help!"

"Good. We're going to need them, right?"

"Yes…" Doom Slayer said as he counted his ammunition once more.

He already used most of his new ressources, and he only had enough fuel in his chainsaw for another small demon… And the ones they're going to face were no small demons… At least he got that sweet new blade… but that probably won't be enough against a Mancubus and a Revenant.

He'll need all the help he can get.

"Then shall we go, Milord Doom Slayer? I believe the cart didn't get too damaged from the ambush earlier."

"Yeah… Let's go."

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