Slayers Omake 2

They had no idea this would happen.

How could they?!

It all started with a rather normal quest: 'Weird small creatures have been coming in and out of a cave near our village. Please send adventurers to investigate.'

Said village was extremely close to the Frontier Town, not even five hours away from it.

At the sound of small creatures, Goblin Slayer immediately thought that it could be infant goblins. So it wasn't a surprise when he said:

'It's rare for goblins to train, even more so if they are training infants at a young age. If goblins are involved. I'm on it."

And so, all his Party sighed collectively and decided to join him.

As for Doom Slayer, he didn't have any quests lately, strangely, and didn't know what to do besides studying, scouting or nothing. So he decided to join his friends on that quest.

With him on their side, they did not expect the quest to go south like it did!

They arrived at the cave in question after interrogating the Village Chief who asked for help. And even before stepping inside, they could tell something was very wrong.

There wasn't a single trace of life other than plants in at least ten meters around the entrance. Not even a single insect.

Everyone got ready for some battle… But everything inside was… mostly live toys or dolls and some weak monsters.

Some were creatures recognizable like goblins or wolves or boars… But some were very strange like an unknown mix of a lizard and a spider.

It was extremely strange. Was there some sort of evil mage or toy maker here? Whatever it was, they needed to be stopped.

But when they reached the last 'room'... it wasn't an evil toy maker or an evil mage waiting for the group…

But a giant floating stone egg.

"What is this?"

"Not a goblin."

"Duh, you think?!"

"Now what?"

"Hey, Doom Slayer, what are you doing?" Dwarf Shaman exclaimed as he saw the man in green armor approach the weird egg.

"... Something… Is weird with… this…"

A rumbling noise suddenly echoed through the room, and the source was the egg. A large crack in the form of a big smile was slowly spreading on the egg, a blue light emanating from it. Doom Slayer grabbed his shotgun as the sound started to get louder and louder to the point of making the room shake.

Goblin Slayer sensed the danger and ran towards the other Slayer.

Doom Slayer's instincts told him that whatever was happening, it was from the egg in front of him and it was aggressive, he aimed at the strange enemy and pulled the trigger.

"Watch out!"


Then there was a big flash of light and a shockwave powerful enough to send the whole party flying against the cave walls.

"Is everyone okay?" asked Dwarf Shaman?

"I'm in one piece."

"Sir Goblin Slayer, Milord Doom Slayer?"

But there was no answer from either of them. And after twenty seconds of silence everyone panicked and panicked further at seeing the state the two were in.

When the party arrived at the guild, they went straight to Priestess' room upstairs, trying to not be seen by more people than usual.

"Uh?" Guild Girl was confused by the rush.

They didn't greet her, no 'quest accomplished!' or anything, but what was weirder was that there was no sign of either Goblin or Doom Slayer with them.

The Party pretty much kicked the door open and kicked it back to close it.

"Where should I put them?"

"On the bed! Be careful!"

"Okay… okay…"

Lizard Priest slowly put what he had in his arms on the soft surface, one was a small, very very small, almost doll sized person in cheap dirty armor and the other was… a toy of a man in green futuristic armor from out of this world.

"Orcbolg and Doom Slayer haven't said a thing since that… that stupid egg turned them into that! Do you think they died?!"

"I don't think so, I'm sure I saw the two of them stand up before collapsing." Dwarf Shaman said.

"So they're just unconscious, good good… Wait no, that is not good! What are we supposed to do now?!" High Elf Archer panicked.

"Bringing them back to the strange egg sounds like the best course of action. It turned them into… that, it could turn them back."

"But how are we supposed to do that, after Doom Slayer shot a chunk of it and it used that big flashing light and shockwave, it disappeared!" The elf exclaimed.

While everyone was throwing ideas on what to do next back and forth, they didn't notice the two slayers waking up until they heard:

"You're green! You must be a goblin!"

"You don't feel human! You must be a demon!"

Before anyone could react, the two tiny slayers drew their weapons: Goblin SLayer with a small sword while Doom Slayer pulled out a small shotgun.

"No wait!" Priestess exclaimed, and reached for them, trying to stop them from fighting.

"BAM! You're dead!" Doom Slayer exclaimed, not actually pulling the trigger.

"Urgh! I'm dead." Goblin Slayer collapsed.

The spectators of this oddly cute scene couldn't help but blink and stay quiet.

Doom Slayer waddled to the 'unconscious' form of the other tiny man and put a plastic boot on his back.

"Hehe. Nothing can stop the Doom Slayer."

"You fell into my trap… I did it on purpose to say I was dead!" Goblin Slayer suddenly exclaimed as he turned around, making the green toy lose his balance, "Goblin slaying stabbing attack!"

He thrusted the sword towards the toy's chest and it barely even scratched it as the blade bounced off the resistant plastic armor. And yet the Hellwalker suddenly fell to his knees and exclaimed:

"Urgh! M-My weak spot! I… Bleg…"

"I win." Goblin Slayer said, raising his arm in the air in a triomphant way.

"But then, a mysterious voice spoke 'You cannot die here, Slayer. As your battle is ETERNAL.' So I'm back to life." the Slayer toy said as he stood back on his two feets.

"Isn't that cheating?"

"Yes. But I swear it happened."

The two miniature Slayers kept talking until Dwarf Shaman interrupted them.

"What is happening?" he asked.

The two small men turned their heads, frozen stiff, as if they just now noticed that everyone else was right there. The two coughed in their tiny hands and started to explain their sudden odd behavior as some strange urge to play 'Goblins and Demons' as soon as they saw each other.

But that wasn't important now. And asked the others to never speak about that again.

They needed to find their old body back.

"We have to find the strange egg first. In the meantime, find any information about it, we might find a way to return to normal."

It was hard to take Goblin Slayer seriously when he started to balance himself on one feet the moment he saw how small they were.

"Yeah. I don't think either of you would be… very useful in a fight."

"What?!" Doom Slayer suddenly exclaimed, "I may be small now, but I'm still strong!"

And to prove his point, the green toy jumped down from the bed and approached a wooden chair nearby. He loaded his weird toy fist and punched one of the legs, to everyone's surprise, the wooden leg exploded to smithereens from the little punch.

"Wow! Impressive! I'm sure you can turn that into 'Goblin Slaying punch' easily!" Goblin Slayer said, leaning over the edge of the bed.

The Doom Slayer put his hands on his hips and looked up. No one could see his face under the visor, since it was now just painted plastic, but they could all feel the smugness coming from his little sigh of satisfaction.

Suddenly, the door opened and Guild Girl entered the room with a worried expression on her face.

"Is everything alright? I was coming to see if you were doing okay then I heard… an impact…" she trailed off as she saw the two miniature slayers with the goblin oriented one waving both arms at her in a cute way.

There was a not-so-long explanation for what was happening.

For the following days, Goblin Slayer would spend his time 'resting' at the farm, helping (the best he could) Cowgirl with her duties as she would help him in the morning. And when there was nothing to do, Cowgirl would be hugging the adorable little Goblin Slayer.

Meanwhile the rest of the party would look for any kind of information about the egg in the books and monster catalog.

After a couple of days, they finally found a match! The creature was called something like a 'Nest Egg' and had the capacity of altering the reality of anything that approaches it when it's about to 'flash a smile'. If the victim is 'weak minded' they become servants of the Egg after being transformed by the flash of light. When they are not 'weak' nothing happens besides the transformation.

They teleport from danger once a week.

The only way to turn back to normal is to destroy the egg.

That was all the information they got and needed about the enemy. All that was left now was to find it before the teleportation cooldown was over, which means less than three days.

It has been only twenty hours away from the 'deadline' that a quest appeared on the board mentioning small creatures and toy-like monsters. The Party immediately grabbed the quest and got ready to find that egg and destroy it as soon as possible.

To be continued...

Baka's note: Hope you guys got the cameo/reference of that strange enemy!

Anyway, the final part of this Omake will be at the end of the story, before the final chapter or epilogue.

Now, I'm going to work on the next chapter of Despair in Lobotomy