Chapter 2: The Other World

The Gods were, in lesser words, extremely pissed.

They were all gathered around the 'board' yelling at each other, trying to find out who the hell summoned this new character?!

That… thing's board piece was already out of place among the others! While others were from materials going from stone to gold, this one was in a metallic material that they have never seen before.

Everyone denied any implication between them and that new piece. That only meant one thing: it wasn't theirs. It came from another world.

One of the Gods wondered if they could control it, roll the dice for it since it's already on the board. He grabbed one and threw it… Then something incredible happened.

The piece came to life, aimed its weapon at the dice then shot it before it touched the board, destroying it.

The Gods lost their mind, just what is this?!

They had pieces defying their rolls before! Like Goblin Slayer, but this one was too dangerous… It had something special in it. It must be blessed by some other world's sacred being…

One of the Gods looked away from the new piece and noticed something that worried him immensely, he yelled to its peers to look.

They were back.

No one moved an inch, not even after that joke from the little man that The Doom Slayer determined was a dwarf.

The group in front of him was extremely similar to the one he found in hell, except there was someone else: a warrior completely armored from head to toe, so he couldn't tell if it was a male or female or even human.

At least he guessed the gender when he said:

"That's not a goblin."

"Du-hoi, you think?!" the elf exclaimed as she rose her weapon one more time in a defense posture, the other followed her.

The dwarf clenched his fists, the lizardman raised his curved sword, the priestess her staff and finally the warrior his club.

He understood their language without any problem, it was a blessing he got when he revived, it let him to understand and speak any language 'worth to be understood'. Somehow, demons were part of them… But not the little creatures from earlier.

He noticed that he still had his shotgun raised, that must be why they were feeling threatened. He saw the warrior raise the club, ready to crush the little creature's head before he punched it to smithereens, so they were not with them…

Also he could see that they all had tags around their necks like the ones he collected from that group earlier. All were silver except for the young priestess who had a tag made of of some dark shiny material.

He raised a hand and lowered his weapon to try and calm them down, to show them he won't be aggressive to them. It was working until they heard heavy footsteps behind him.

He looked over his shoulder to see that there was another big one coming straight at him. The others noticed it too.

"W-Watch out!" the young priestess shouted.

But this was nothing for the Marine as he quickly turned around and shot three times at the monster. First to the belly, then the shoulder and finally the face. Surprisingly, it didn't kill it, even after losing almost half of its face, but it screamed in pain.

As fast as lightning, he crouched and kicked the big one off the ground, spinning it in the air. While the creature was still mid-air, he punched the bloody head to the ground, the head ricochet on the floor and wall while the rest of the body just fell to the ground.

He looked back to see that the warrior and the lizard didn't move much but the elf was crouching on the ground, covering her ears with her hands, trembling like a leaf. The dwarf and little girl were also covering their ears.

Crap, he hoped he didn't hurt their eardrum much.

"Sixteen." The warrior said.


High Elf Archer groaned as she stood up, her legs still a bit shaky, "That's really all you have to say?"

"What else?" Goblin Slayer replied with another question.

"I dunno, maybe 'What was that?!' or 'What kind of weapon does miniature explosions like that?!' or also 'Where does it come from?!'" The elf exclaimed in frustration to his disinterest on the extremely strange person in front of them.

"I have to say, you told us about your sister but you didn't tell us you had another sibling, Beard-cutter." Joked Dwarf Shaman.

"I don't."

"Enough. You are embarrassing us." Lizard Priest said in a harsh tone, "Please excuse us… Sir… Wait, do you understand us?"

The green armored humanoid nodded, that was good.

"U-Um, Are you human…? M-Maybe a man?" Priestess asked, her hand still shaking a bit from intimidation.

It… He nodded once more, but not without a little pause of hesitation and a shrug, meaning that he wasn't very sure. The priestess felt a bit uneasy about this.

"Did you kill other goblins?" Goblin Slayer asked the man in armor.

He nodded again.

"How many? Are there more?"

He shrugged.

"W-What about the two girls?! Did you see them? Are they alright?" Priestess asked in worry.

The armored man froze for a second before turning around and ran deeper inside the cave.

"H-Hey wait!" High Elf Archer ordered before she and the rest gave chase.

When they reached him, he was in a big room of the cave, there was a good dozen of goblin corpses around, the stench was almost unbearable… But after months of goblin slaying with Goblin Slayer, they got pretty much used to it. It's not really a good thing.

The Green Man was crouching in front of one of the women, his hand extended toward her but by the slight tremble of his hand, they understood that he didn't know what to do.

"Ah! L-Let me help!" Priestess said as she approached the woman on the ground to cast the miracle of Heal on the poor person.

She saw the other one not far from where she was standing, she was also breathing. They were both ok but she noticed that their ears were slightly bleeding.

"Hmm… What is this?" Lizard Priest asked the group, pointing at a weird red slightly burning circle in the center of the room..

Goblin Slayer stopped counting the corpses for a second to see what he was talking about but soon lost interest and went back to counting. Dwarf Shaman and High Elf Archer approached their companion to see what it was.

"It look like a summoning circle… Do you think the Goblins did this?"

"Impossible." Goblin Slayer said, "Only a Goblin Lord would have enough brains to deal with something like that. And I can only count a Shaman."

"Hey Big Green Guy!" High Elf Archer shouted, "Do you know what that is?" she pointed at the circle while staring at him suspiciously.

The man nodded then pointed at himself, confusing the others. He brought a hand to his chin, thinking. He then opened his left hand palm-up and with his right hand he put two fingers on the opened hand, pointed at himself again then nodded.

They understood that the two fingers on the palm represented a person, himself, and the palm the ground. He then raised his right hand high in the air flipped it randomly as it lowered then crashed on the left palm.

"Wait, you mean you fell here?" High Elf Archer tried to understand.

He nodded.

Everyone looked up but there was no hole.

"How?" Dwarf Shaman asked.

Everyone certainly heard the annoyed groan coming out of the green helmet. He then pointed towards the corridor they entered.

"Hmm… What?" the elf asked.

"Are you asking if it's the exit?" the dwarf asked more precisely.

He nodded.

"Ha! And another reason why dwarves are better than long-ears!" he laughed.

"Oh please! I can hardly call that a feat!"

"Enough you two. You are embarr- Oh he left." The Lizard Priest noted, "He is pretty fast for wearing an armor like that…"

"And that's Thirty-four… That's a way bigger nest than expected… I'm gonna look for a secret door… You three look deeper if there's any hiding or trying to dig their way out." Goblin Slayer said.

The lizardman, dwarf and elf nodded and left with haste. Everyone knew what he meant by 'secret door'... Goblin children… They might never get used to the thought of slaughtering child monsters… But it's something to be done, Goblin Slayer told and explained to them many times… And he was right.

He found the door and kicked it open…


Priestess only got on her knees and prayed, trying her best to cloud the screams.

He needed to see for himself, if this world is already ruined by the Demons of Hell, there's high chances they could destroy the portal on his way back to Hell. It's not rare to find monsters and humans in ravaged worlds…

He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and picked up the pace… And when he took one step outside the cave, he was blinded by a bright white light.

The Sun.

The Sun was shining bright. Just how long has it been since he saw the sun? His last visit on Marth wasn't very long so he couldn't enjoy the sun much… But there he was, in the middle of a beautiful autumn-colored forest forest, a complete contrast of what's inside the cave behind him. He looked around, recording everything in his brain because he knew that he might never see a scenery like this when he gets back to Hell.

He looked at the auto-mapping that his suit had… Yeah, trees everywhere and some sort of road nearby. But he could tell this place was enormous. It's not some city or facility…

He heard movement on his right. He slowly turned around and saw a deer eating some grass.

A real deer, not a demonic one or a corpse! A real one!

The animal turned its head towards him, ears up. He was too excited and almost scared the deer away. He calmed down and tried to remember how he calmed down Daisy the first time he got her in his home.

He veeery slowly reached out his hand and veeery slowly approached the deer, no sudden movements, just slow ones. After ten seconds, the animal was getting curious and approached him, sniffing his hand. He got worried that it might stink of those little creatures, goblins if he remembered well, blood, but it didn't see to mind as it poked its nuzzle on the tip of his armored finger.

It's been way too long since he had that kind of contact with any animal… He missed Daisy.

"Oh!" He heard behind him.

The deer jolted and ran away, he stood still for a second before he turned around with a sigh. The party from before were exiting the cave, the warrior was carrying one of the girls on his back, and the lizardman was carrying the other girl, they had a cover on top of them and were sleeping.

"I-I'm sorry I scared of the deer!" The priestess bowed in apology.

The Elf and Dwarf looked surprised at him, they certainly didn't expect him of being so docile with animals. The Doom Slayer shook his head to make them understand that it was okay.

"If you don't mind us asking, we have some questions for you, sir." The Lizardman said with a bow and a weird hand gesture.

He also had some questions, so it's better to ask in return in exchange of answers. He nodded.

"Thank you very much. Who are you?"

Hm, normal question… But wait. He doesn't know how he even can mime it. He'll have to tell them… When was last time he even talked? He rarely talked to the Night Sentinels in Hell! Not even when he was back on Mars he talked to those bastards of Hayden or Pierce, because they played with Demon and Hell energy, he could have spoken to VEGA but Hayden was listening and anyone who touched demons are not worthy of his words…

Well this group looked worthy but… his throat must be dusty as hell… Ugh! Just thinking of talking was exhausting, and he's been running and fighting in Hell for centuries non-stop!

His name… well they didn't told him theirs either… nor heard them… He should just give them his title given by the demons… He had to admit he liked it, it was a badass title... But Doom Slayer sounds really threatening… He should take off his helmet to show them that he really was human…

Well that's a plan and the party was getting impatient of waiting, especially that warrior who tried to leave already three times if the little priestess didn't stop him.

He slowly reached for his helmet with both hands, a pssshht noise was heard and lifted it over his head.

He looked at them with his own eyes, he took a deep breath and did his best to sound normal.

"You… can call… me… Doom Slayer…"

Yup, he hoped he won't have to do that too much. His voice sounded rusty and dusty, he could hear it himself.

"Hahaha! Well would you look at that! Another Slayer!" The dwarf laughed.

He raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Ah, it's because he is-" the priestess said before pointing at the warrior, "-Goblin Slayer."

That man, Doom Slayer, had a firm face with a square chin with some scars on it. He had dark blue strict eyes and light brown, nearly blond, hair in a crew cut. He looked around thirty , thirty five years old…

He raised an eyebrow and stared at Goblin Slayer for a second.

"And where do you come from? I don't think I've ever seen a metal like the one your armor's made of, and those weapons! You must tell me who crafted them!" the dwarf asked with enthusiasm.

The man responded with one word that silenced everyone.


No one said a word, trying to understand what that man in green armor just said. Doom Slayer took that opportunity to put his helmet back on.

"Wait what do you mean?!" High Elf Archer exclaimed.

"It means… what it means… My turn… to ask questions…" he said through the speaker of his visor, "...Are there… any Gateway to Hell... around here…?"

"Hm… I don't think there is."

"... Nearest city… with informations… On the world...?"

"Oh, that should be the frontier town! We are going there… But first we should drop off the girls at their village really nearby...Hm… Maybe you'd like to come with us?"

As the man in green armor brought a hand to his chin to think, High Elf Archer and Dwarf Shaman circled Priestess to question her.

"Hey kid, are you sure about this?" the dwarf asked.

"Are you sure you want to bring him to town? He might be dangerous."

"Well, I… I don't really think so… I mean, he was really nice with that deer. Also wouldn't it be better to bring him in a town? He looks lost. Don't you think so, Goblin Slayer Sir?" The Priestess asked the warrior who was silent this whole time.

"I don't mind nor care." he answered dispassionately.

"... I just think it's for the best."

Should he follow them to the town?

He wasn't sure, but it's better to go somewhere where he could get information and have a clear plan than look around in a world he doesn't know. And it's not like demons from Hell would be appearing without causing commotion.

It seems that the best idea would be to go with them to that town… But they'll probably ask him more questions… Urgh… He didn't want to talk more for the day.

He coughed loudly to catch the attention of the group.

"Oh, so you made your decision?" the little girl asked.

He nodded and asked for their identity, it wasn't fair that he was the only one to say who they were.

The town was one day and a half on coach. A bit too long for the Doom Slayer who said that he could be there in less than a day if he ran… but he could get lost since he can't read the words on the signs. He could understand the language and talk it but couldn't write nor read it.

He wasn't one to be patient, except for animals, but sometimes there was no choice. He must travel with the group and wait until he got information...

They asked him some questions but he didn't answer much. He told them his 'age', which pretty much silenced the questions for a while. It was pretty entertaining how the elf stared at him with big wide eyes when he said that he was almost 4000 years old. He might have exaggerated a bit, but he did spent at least one millenia and a half in a suffering sleep in a sealed coffin.

They were all in a coach heading to the frontier town, he was a bit worried that the wood wouldn't be able to sustain his armor's weight, but he was surprised to see it holding it just fine, and the horses were pulling without problem. They were all asleep now as the night was approaching, he was the only one in the group awake.

He didn't need sleep… But sometime rest was good… He slowly closed his eyes.

And when he opened them again it was because of a bump on the road that shook the vehicle. He looked around, hand on shotgun but everything was calm… And dark… Did he just fell asleep?

That surprised him more. Just… how long since he even slept for an hour? Without counting the second when he pass out from a violent hit from a demon.

He looked outside and almost gasped loudly.

He jumped off the coach rather violently, but not enough to wake up the party. The driver looked inside in panic about to ask what was going on but quickly shut his mouth when he saw Doom Slayer rise a finger to his helmet and wave at him to keep going.

The man blinked at the weird man and shrugged, he wasn't paid enough for this, and that weird green armored guy wasn't even an adventurer.

Doom Slayer looked up to the sky and recorded everything he was seeing in deep in his mind, making sure to never forget this beautiful sight of the nightsky of another world.

Billions of stars were illuminating the black sheet of space, two moons were present among them, a huge green one and a small red one next to it.

Last time he saw the night was when he was on Earth, just before he vowed to kill all demons in Hell, right after he saved the remaining of humanity to escape Earth from complete annihilation from the Demon Invasion.

And even then, the sky wasn't as beautiful as right now, certainly because of the pollution…

It's a sky like this… that he must protect from the demons. He knew that if the demons invaded that world, everything would burn. And each stars could become the next target…

He took off his helmet again to look once more the sky with his own two eyes and not through a visor… His resolve anew, he caught up with the coach in less than thirty seconds and asked the man to stop for a second so he could get back in.

He jumped back inside the coach, doing the less noise possible. Once inside, he sat at the corner.

"What were you doing?" a low mechanical voice asked him.

He turned his head towards the source, it was the human warrior sitting in front of him: Goblin Slayer.

"Sorry… Did I… Wake you up?"


"Ah okay… I was looking at the stars…"

"Is that so?"

"It's... different than where I'm from."

"Is that so?"

"I haven't seen the stars… in a long time…"



"I see."

There was no more questions… The two slayers stood still in front of the others, who knows if any of them was actually sleeping.

T-That's so awkward!

Doom Slayer certainly wasn't, and this weird exchange… Their first one actually, was over way too quickly! The Slayer had some questions for the warrior but since they literally just met a few hours ago, he thought it would be rather rude to ask.

"So… Do you like it?" Goblin Slayer asked again in a low dispassionate voice.


"The night sky."

"Oh… Yes… It's beautiful."

"I see…" The warrior sighed, slightly lowering his head… Then he lifted it again to look straight at the man in green armor, "I've been meaning to ask you. In Hell… How do people appear there? Do they look human? ...Before turning into demons?"

The Marine raised an eyebrow to the question, he thought he knew what the warrior was asking, he just needed to be sure.

"Lost… Someone important?"


"...Hmm… When humans dies... and goes to Hell… They get turned into demons immediately… sometimes they remember their old life for a while… sometimes they don't… But either way… They become evil." Doom Slayer explained slowly, "Tell me more… about that person… If you wish."

Goblin Slayer remained silent for almost a whole minute before nodding and telling him about a woman who died ten years ago, he told him everything he remembered: how she taught him everything other than goblin-slaying he knew, how she raised him and even protected him at her last moments.

"...She certainly didn't go to Hell… She sounds like a great person… Why would you think… That she'd be in Hell?"

"... Someone told me, that no one goes to Heaven, every living being is tainted by sin... So I thought…"

"So you thought that the only other place... is Hell… Well kid… Wait, how old are you?"

"Twenty. Almost Twenty-one."

"Ok, kid it is… After spending many years in Hell... I can tell you that only the worst of the worst goes to Hell… And that woman… She didn't go there… I don't know what are the requirements to go to Heaven… But if she didn't… She's not down there… You don't have to worry about that." Doom Slayer said with a serious tone.

"I see…" Goblin Slayer nodded before falling silent again.

He fell asleep this time. The Marine let out a low chuckle as he looked up to the star-filled sky again.

"It's very rare for Orcblog to speak that much when it's not about goblins."

Doom Slayer looked at his neighbor, the High Elf Archer, she had a small smile on her lips as she looked at the sleeping warrior.

"Looks like the girl was right", she followed while looking at Priestess, "You're not so bad. ...Weird for sure, but after months with this goblin obsessed guy, you get used to weird stuff." She grinned to the marine.

He knew that she left out the 'intimidating' or 'scary' in her opinion of him, he could tell… But he didn't mind. He looked at the sky again… then glanced at Goblin Slayer.

Is that so…?

Guild Girl smiled at the young man who wanted to become an adventurer. At least he looked prepared as he did all the paperwork before coming and had some nice equipment, but she knew that good equipment doesn't mean that he'll survive easily.

"Alright, let me get a Porcelain tag-" she got cut at the sound of the door opening and bold, almost mechanical footsteps coming towards the counter, "Ah Goblin Sl- Eh?!" She almost jumped off her seat at what appeared before her.

Instead of a cheap-looking steel helmet and a grimy leather armor there was a complete metallic green armor suit. The figure was clearly at least one or two heads taller than Goblin Slayer and yet the aura that emanated from them was almost identical.

"G-Goblin Slayer?" she asked in complete confusion.

"No. I'm here." Goblin Slayer said, leaning to the side, he was standing behind the newcomer, he then turned his head over his shoulder, "Why are we doing this?"

Then it was High Elf Archer's turn to lean to the side with a large grin, her long ears waving in amusement. She wanted to see Guild Girl's reaction at the man in green armor.

"U-Uh… What?"

"I'll explain later. I believe you are busy." Goblin Slayer said before patting the newcomer on the shoulder, "We're going to sit over there, join us if you want."

The man nodded. It was now that Guild Girl noticed that the whole building was completely silent and when she looked around she saw that everyone was staring at the party with wide eyes. She understood why.

"Oh right, the tag. I'll be right there!" She smiled professionally again to the young man in front of her.

Everyone looked at the party with wide eyes, absolutely confused at what was in front of them when finally the Heavy Warrior decided to ask what was on everyone's mind. He approached Goblin Slayer and the other armored man.

"Goblin Slayer… You never told us you had an older relative."

"Hrm. We're not related." he said.

"Then who is this?!" Female Knight exclaimed.

"... You can call me… Doom Slayer…" the man said.

"Seriously? 'Slayer'? You guys are related, it's so obvious!" Rookie Warrior shouted from another table.

"Hey, shut up!" his partner shushed him with a kick.

"But compared to our Goblin Slayer, you actually look more… intimidating. No offense." Heavy Warrior grinned to his fellow adventurer.

"None taken." Goblin Slayer nodded.

Doom Slayer's sigh was rather loud. He then looked at the people he knew best in the place, begging them without saying it to explain without him saying a word.

"Ah, I'll explain later." Priestess smiled.

"You guys can take care of this, I have a report to make." Goblin Slayer stood up when he saw that Guild Girl finished taking care of the young man, "Then I'll have to go to the farm."

Doom Slayer froze.

"Alright, see you later Orcblog."

"Say hi to her for me." Priestess waved.

Doom Slayer stood up and walked towards Goblin Slayer.


"You're going… to a farm?"


The marine slammed both hands on both the warrior's shoulder and took a deep breath, confusing the others. He looked at Goblin Slayer, visor to visor, and with the most serious tone he ever muttered, he asked.

"Are there bunnies?"

Baka's notes: Hi there people! So yeah, here Doom Slayer can talk ( it's actually canon if I remember well), he's not a full berserk bulldozer like people think he is.

Also he's the Doomguy from the first Doom games because it's just logical when you read the lore of all games (except Doom 3)

And finally I know people asked me for VEGA being in his suit, I think it's a nice Headcanon, but I think he just uploaded a copy of VEGA in some sort of cloud of the UAC server.

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