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The sun rose high in the sky, beating down its heat on the Earth's surface. Under the canopy of trees, the creatures were protected from the sun's rays in the shade. Somewhere in the jungle, a troop of gorillas wandered about. Some were picking fleas off one another, others were searching for fruit to eat. Only one was off with a creature not their own. While this gorilla had dark fur covering his body all over, as well as soft curls on his head, the creature was bare-skinned but muscular, with spiky brown hair covering only his head. Only a burnet loincloth covered his modesty. The gorilla and the creature swung from the trees, whooping and howling and laughing loud enough to scare off the parrots in the trees.

"You're so slow, Makoto!" the gorilla called out, swinging from one branch to another with ease. The creature laughed and followed, the wind whipping past his ears. He tightened his grip on the branch he grabbed onto so he would not fall.

"I'm bigger and heavier than you, Nagisa! Obviously, I'd be slower!" Makoto shouted back to the gorilla. They paused on one tree, panting to catch their breath. Makoto crouched down and smiled, using his feet as an anchor so he would not slip and fall to the ground far below them. "I can never tire of views like this. The land is just so beautiful!" He spread his arms out like a bird preparing for flight. Nagisa cackled.

"Careful! You're a gorilla, not a bird. thank goodness too, or else I wouldn't be able to hang out with you!" the gorilla joked, shoving him slightly. "Eh, you'll get used to the sight eventually."

"Heh, hey! You be careful! I could fall!" Makoto chuckled. He picked at Nagisa's mop of fur and ate a few fleas. Nagisa did the same to his hair.

"You're so weird looking. You know that right?" the gorilla said absentmindedly, struggling to find any small insects yet again.

"Hm, only get that a hundred times a day," Makoto teased, scratching his cheek.

"Well, no wonder! Look at how hairless you are! You are one of a kind, Makoto! A-ha!" Nagisa cheered as he found a critter in Makoto's infinite spikes. As he chewed, Nagisa shouted, "C'mon, let's go find Rei!" He jumped down to the lower hanging branches before leaping down to the ground. Makoto followed, albeit more clumsily. They rushed past vegetation, other gorillas in their troop, and other animals. As they reached a clearing where a small lake was surrounded by animals every day, they found the heard of elephants where their dear friend was. "Rei!"

"Rei!" Makoto joined Nagisa's call for their elephant companion. Not even a minute later, they heard the thundering footfalls of Rei.

"Makoto, Nagisa! It's good to see you both again! Well, it's good to see you both at all." While most of the elephants in his herd had fantastic eyesight and could even see in the dark, Rei was the unfortunate pachyderm that ran into tree trunks ever since he was a calf. He wrapped his trunk around Nagisa's waist and lifted him over his head. "What do you see right now, Nagisa?"

"Hm, besides the top of Makoto's head," Nagisa joked, making the elephant and the odd-looking gorilla laugh, "I see a free spot for us to swim in the lake! Let's go, Rei! Onwards!" The elephant hesitated.

Makoto, knowing him well, said, "Rei, follow me!" He ran on his knuckles ahead of the elephant, far enough to give them both room but not enough that Rei could not see him. With Nagisa giving him directions in the form of "No, your other right!", it took the three of them a few moments to find the vacant area. When they did, Nagisa freed himself from Rei's vise-like grip and splashed around in the water. Makoto followed, swimming on his back farther from the others to the deeper water. Rei joined them tentatively. Although the water only reached to his ankles, the elephant believed he wouldn't be a great swimmer.

"Makoto, how did you learn to swim like that?" Rei called out. With a mild hesitation, Makoto turned around and swam towards the gorilla and elephant face down. He had a fear of swimming this way for as long as he could remember. He had vague recollections of a vast blue. For days it would be calm and clear, but for an equal amount of time, it would shake and grow taller than the trees...

"I can't swim like that! Why can Makoto?" Nagisa whined. Makoto chuckled.

"I don't know. It just comes naturally to me, I suppose," he answered. Nagisa pouted and crossed his arms. "Hey, cheer up! Let's just swim and have fun!"

Makoto and Nagisa returned to their families who, at this point, no longer worried when they were gone for the whole day. The hairless gorilla found his mother, Kellan, taking apart bananas from their bunch. He came up from behind and hugged her.

"Hello Mom," he said warmly. She touched his arm and smiled.

"How are you, baby? What did you and your friends do today?" Kellan asked. She enjoyed hearing of her son's antics with his friends.

"We swam in the lake today! We had so much fun!" he told her with a smile brighter than the sun in the heavens.

"I'm glad you did. Hey, get your brother and sister up here so they can eat." Makoto nodded and jumped to the ground. He knuckle walked to where he knew his siblings would be- hanging from the trees near the coast. Where the twins always played reminded Makoto of his memories of the endless blue, except it was smaller and there was green and beige surrounding it.

"Ran, Ren, get down here! Mom wants us all to eat!" Makoto called once he reached the border of trees and shrubbery. He saw two small heads peek over the branches and leaves. He smiled. "C'mon, I know you're hungry! I am too!"

The two small gorillas climbed down and hugged their older brother. "Mako, we played hide-and-seek today! I won each time I was the seeker!" Ran announced.

"W-what?! No, you didn't! I won more than you!" Ren stuttered. Makoto chuckled.

"Tell the rest later so Mom knows too." He gently pushed their backs towards their troop when something caught his attention from the corner of his eye. "What is... Ran, Ren, do you see that?" He pointed out to the ocean where he noticed the dark shape. Ran and Ren hugged his legs.

"It looks big. And scary," Ren shuddered.

"Mako, what is it?" Ran asked, fear in her filemot eyes. The wind picked up and blew through their fur and hair. Makoto's gaze hardened as he stood up straighter. He grabbed Ran and Ren's tough hands.

"I don't know, but we must tell the others." He sprinted, Ran and Ren close behind. Had they stayed a second longer, they would have seen a smaller shape next to the larger one slowly drift closer to the coast, four heads aboard it.