Ok so had some requests to develop it to a story so here it goes. Please R R any comments help good or bad. Thanks x Riv Riv

They walked in the door and asked for Miss Bloom. "Hi we are here to pick up Sophie Hardison." Said Parker as Hardison put his arm around her. "Sure thing I will tell her you are here."

The buzzer went off in my room, with all the excitement flowing through my veins I pressed the button. "Sophie Hardison, Parker and Alec Hardison are here to collect you. Please bring your bag down to the lobby to be signed out?" My heart skipped I was finally going home. Yes it has only been two weeks since they left but I have missed them like hell!

Running down the stairs I ran into Parkers arms as she picked me up and swirled me around lifting my feet off the ground. I shouted with joy that they came and were alright. I turned around and thanked Miss Bloom. As we got in the car Hardison turned around and said that they had a surprise for me. This got my head ticking they may be one of the richest couples in the world but can't exactly walk into a store and buy something.

We reached home, still hasn't changed, and I ran to find Uncle Eliot and Uncle Nate and Aunt Sophie who all greeted me with a bone crushing hug. They all looked at me in suspense on who was going to speak first. It was finally Nate who broke the silence and said "As a group we have come to the conclusion that it is best for us and our families that we only take cases in this state." I started at Parker for conformation and her small head nodded.

Did that just happen have I got a true home with my parents around all the time? Was this a dream? All things I planned to do, mother and daughter days, family days out, even going on some cases together. We have finally become a normal family, well as normal as can possibly be. This was the best day of my life.

My dream that night was pleasant. Walking in the forest holding hands all three of us, running along pretending the tree routes were lasers and twigs motion detectors. The first one to trip or stand on a twig and snap it lost. Naturally Hardison lost, just me and Parker in a stalemate. This could go on forever. And I hope it does. I never want to go back again