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Chapter One: But Not You

What a plot twist you were. -Unknown


I've always struggled to bite my tongue, and eventually, I stopped wanting to altogether. The effect I had on those around me slowly became satisfying, and the fearless facade that came with being in charge of myself was a new sensation that soon became a need rather than a want; I'd snip at anyone who tried to cross my path and snap when they took a step too far. Until he came around.

Nothing I said wiped that somehow infatuating grin off his face, and it bothered me to no end. He stood his ground in the middle of my path, and even when I'd dodge one way and try to run another, he always managed to catch me before I got away.

Beck Oliver was an obstacle, and he was a damn good one, most unfortunately for me.


"No," she snaps with the slam of her locker the second she notices his presence. She's grabbing her history textbook before first period only to find him hovering behind her, and while he still has yet to speak, she really doesn't want to hear it.

"I just wanted to talk to you about what Ms. Rhodes said at rehearsal yesterday," he says.

She ignores him and strides through the hall, long brown waves spilling down her back and around her shoulders.

"Hey!" He taps her shoulder, and she spins around with a glare at should have made him jump, run, scream, or cry. Maybe a combination of all four. However, he stands his ground.

"Never touch me." Her tone holds an ice that could send shivers up even the devil's spine.

He just continues, "Okay, I promise. But we have to do that assignment this weekend whether you like it or not. We're friends, right? For God's sake, we've eaten lunch together every day for the past six months and we play a couple in the play. You can't avoid me forever." While he doesn't move from his spot in front of her, he puts his hands at his side to show her the space she demanded, because if there's one thing he's determined never to be (well, besides an accountant), it's that kind of douche-bag.

"First of all, nobody's my friend. I don't like that word, and also I didn't ask you to sit at my table. You invited yourself there. Second of all, it's a musical, not a play. Learn your theatre terminology. And third, we'll talk about the assignment later." She catches herself before she can shift uncomfortably. What can make him leave? "But if you don't leave me alone, I'll string you from the ceiling by that stupid necklace you're always wearing."


"Excuse me?"

"You wouldn't do that."

Walk away, just walk away. But dammit, she's stubborn too, maybe even more so than him, and refuses to give him the last word.

"You don't know me." She shakes her hair out of her face, pursing her lips as she crosses her arms.

"You'd lose your role," he carries on. "And as well as I think you'd fit in with the jail crowd, I think you'd find it creatively limiting in there."

"Hm... Who's to say I'd get caught?" Her turquoise eyes shift, a mischievous glint replacing her previous glare. "But on the off chance that I did, somehow I don't think I would be lacking in creative ways to get rid of you, because something tells me you'd still find a way to bug me even after you were dead. I could glean lots of inspiration off my fellow prisoners, and maybe teach them a few things myself, because my brain already has a list of options that could wrap around the block. I suggest you watch your back and don't come near me again." Before he can argue, she marches away, and it's not until she's about to walk into history class that she realizes her hands are shaking, her heart is pounding, and her head is racing.

She sits at her desk, trying to calm down. In her black journal, she scribbles two sentences before the teacher walks in, thus beginning class.


'Nobody here should be able to throw me off my game like that. Why does he always have to be so infuriating?'


He's in three of her classes; English, math, and science. Somehow, even in this second semester, he's managed to remain a hot topic of conversation. She really hadn't cared and felt no need to associate with him, but on the second day of eighth grade, or the new boy's second day at Hollywood Arts Middle School, he ended up at her lunch table.

"Who said you could sit here?" she says, giving him a sharp and, if he's not mistaken, slightly disgusted look. Her cold tone would have startled him if he hadn't heard her go off on some kids before English class that morning or yell at some boy in math yesterday afternoon. Granted, the kid yesterday had made several sexist and just downright disgusting remarks towards her, giving the girl every good reason to tell him off, but the students in advanced literature at ten o'clock this morning had merely looked in her direction for a second too long before she began to verbally berate them. However harsh and disproportionate her comments may have been in that particular moment, and however unnecessary her unwelcoming attitude towards his joining her lunch table seems to be, he admires her spirit. She's unapologetically herself, and her seemingly confident nature is endearing, he thinks, not to mention mysterious.

"I did," Andre says.

"Why?" she retorts.

Andre ignores her question. "That's Jade," he introduces, his voice smooth, though with a hint of amusement buried hopefully deep enough that Jade would fail to notice.

She does notice, and her glare now moves back and forth between the two boys standing in front of her.

"And that's Cat." Andre avoids Jade and her piercing eyes by transferring his attention to the small, bubbly girl also sitting at the table.

"Hi hi!" Cat exclaims, her dark curls bouncing on her shoulders.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Beck," the boy replies, waving a hand in greeting. He gives both girls a smile as he sits down beside Andre.

"I've heard," Jade speaks up and gives a sarcastic smile. Beck locks his eyes with hers for a momentary stare down.

"Beck's in my history class and just moved here. Since he had a lot of girls at his table yesterday, I asked if I could sit with him, you know, cause they're hot and stuff…" Andre trails off and clears his throat awkwardly as Jade's pointed glare has moved from Beck back to him. "Anyway, he said he'd rather sit with us. I still don't understand why you would want to get away from all that." He turns to face Beck with an inquisitive look.

Beck just shrugs. "It's fine for a while, but there were so many of them yesterday that I didn't even get a chance to eat my lunch. A boy's got to eat," he says, taking a bite of his hamburger.

"I didn't see you telling them off," Jade cuts in.

"Oh, so you've been observing me?" Jade shoots him yet another glare, which he swears he's already grown so used to in the last two minutes that it's more ineffective on him than it was the first time. "I strive to be a nice person," he adds with a smirk, somehow still managing to come off as nonchalant.

"So Beck, where are you from?" Cat interjects, her dark eyes wide with innocence.

"I just moved from-" But he's cut off by Jade's abrupt decision to stand up.

"I'm leaving." She swings her bag over her shoulder and marches away.

"Don't mind her. She's… well, she's Jade," says Andre.

"So I've noticed. Anyway, I'm from Vancouver, Canada."

"Oh my God, Canada!" Cat exclaims. "Wait… where's Canada?"

There it is, chapter one of As I Am. This is basically going to be Jade's story (mostly cannon) starting in eighth grade. I've got SO many ideas and am looking forward to sharing them. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I would love to hear your feedback/critique :)