Pyrrha Kent, birth name Kara-El, has trained in the combat form of the Spartans, an ancient race of humans who have once been praised for their discipline and power over a thousand years ago.

Although she discovered her alien lineage not long ago, one of which makes her virtually indestructible and immeasurably strong compared to the rest of humanity, she didn't skip training for one moment.

She even engineered a red sun room for herself so that she would not hurt her combat instructors.

Her goal was clear: to attend Beacon Academy in Metropolis.

Run by the Fabled Kent Ozpin, Professor Fate himself, for the last 70 years, the academy has produced legions of heroes who use their gifts for the benefit of their homes and of others.

Now, it is time for Pyrrha to join these legions, arguably as its most powerful member yet, and assuming she doesn't burn half of the world first with her powers.

She looked back into her darkened home, most of the others asleep or not present, and silently said under her breath, "I'm off."