For any who are confused, here's the fused results of the characters:

Pyrrha Kent is Kryptonian. She comes from the Kent family farm in Smallville, in the US State of Kansas. She is the younger sister of Kal-El, Clark Kent, who stayed in the farm to take care of their terminally ill foster parents. She has all known Kryptonian Powers, and uses gravity manipulation to call back her weapons.

Weiss Wayne is human, born to Jacques Wayne and Martha Wayne. Jacques is assassinated by the Green Lantern Corps, for threatening at least three other Space Sectors, notably 2814, his own; 1455; and 644. Martha is deceased after bearing Whitley. Weiss has her Glyphs, without the need for dust to alter their properties.

Yang Prince has a Thanagarian Mother, Raven Hall, who is the sister of Qrow Hall, also known as Crow Man. Yang herself has her gauntlets, and can also fly.

Ruby Allen has a mother who was formerly a speedster, Summer Allen. Her silver eyes is to reference her connection to the Speed Force.

Summer Allen is currently lost to the Speed Force.

Blake Jordan is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. She stole a Black Lantern Ring, then received a Green Lantern Ring later in life. Survivor of the Massacre of Sector 666, she utilized a Black Lantern Ring with Adam to escape to Earth. Following said event, she became a Green Lantern, while Adam left to start the Red Lantern Corps.

Taiyang Prince is part Amazon and part God; he is specifically known as the demigod Hercules.

Penny Stone was a normal girl, whose body was made cybernetic, hence becoming a Cyborg, due to an accident.

Adam Atrocitus is, well, Atrocitus.

Salem Uxas is Darkseid.

Arthur Watts is Steppenwolf.

Hazel Dorrance is Bane.

Brainiac is still Brainiac, for now.

Cinder is Doomsday, but intelligent.

Lex Ironwood is Lex Luthor, but not evil for once.

Glynda Zatara is Zatara.

Nora Batson is Shazam/Captain Marvel. Not only does she gain strength from simply saying 'SHAZAM!', but also gets stronger from electric-based damage.

Lie Curry is Mindman, the altered version of Aquaman who is part human, and part Atlantean. Instead of his connection to the seas, Lie has Telepathy for his powers.

Jaune Jones is Martian Manhunter. Until he accesses all his powers, he will use a sword and shield for combat.

Sun Queen is Green Arrow.

Zwei is Krypto.

Bartholomew Stein is one half of Firestorm.

Neptune Raymond is the other half of Firestorm.

More will be added as time passes.