As Number 86. Knew she had to go back to the Moonbase to rescue the annoying younger brother of Number 362. At first she stole another kid's bike, Too travel back to her house and fly in her secret spaceship. As soon she got back home and ran towards the basement of her house. And used her remote control to signal her ship out, While she flew to get to The Moonbase. She begins to call the other KND soldiers up there, But to no prevail.

She starts to think.

"Oh No! Who ever took Harvey, Must of did something to the other kids too? I better fly Fast!"

Meanwhile...The Ninja masked stranger with a disguise dark voice. says to Number 363. who was still tied up in the chair.

"You get what you deserved you stupid kid, And nobody will or wants to save you Now!"

Suddenly, Number 86's spaceship crashes into a giant window up in the Moonbase. She quickly jumps out of the ship, And says to The Ninja Villain.

"All Right! Untie the boy or feel my wrath of Pain!"

While The Ninja Villain was trying to explain to Number 86.

"Wait...You don't under."

She then jumps on him and starts to beat the living daylights out of his Body! And she then punched him in the stomach, And kicks him in his leg.
She then decides to unmask the Ninja and it was...Her Father Mr. Boss. She then says out of Shocked!

"DAD! Your the one who took Harvey, But Why?!"

Mr. Boss then said while standing right back up.

"Sweetie I knew that little punk was giving you a hard time, So I thought it would be best to kidnap him and get him away from you."

Out of guilt, Fanny says to her father.

"Oh...Uh, Thanks dad. But he's still a member of the Kids Next Door! And I still got to do what's best and protect a fellow member so..."

Suddenly, she shoots her gun and it blows out a net to capture him in it, While she then was untying Harvey and getting the gag out of his mouth.
She says while trying to be concern about him.

"Number 363, Are you okay?"

He told her.

"Yes But...You should of saved me earlier, You lousy No Good!..."

As Number 86. was now putting the gag right back into his mouth, All of a sudden...Number 362 walks in wearing flip flops and a swimsuit on.
She then says while coming in to main sector of The Moonbase and says to herself.

"That was one heck of a day off...Hey What Happen Here?!"

While Number 86 had seen and heard her, She then grabs a chair and was about to strike Rachel with It!

As the screen goes black and says End Transmission. Poor Rachel then said before getting hit on the with the chair.

"Fanny What Are You About...OUNCH!"

The End.