3: Caskett's Halloween

She sighed a long sigh and yawned as she walked through her door and leaned back on to it after it was closed. Bending down to unbuckle the ankle straps of her shoes, she took them off and, picking them up, walked into her bedroom and began to get out of her costume. It was a quarter to eleven when she drew the bath she'd planned on drawing earlier in the day and got the wine to go with it. What a night, she thought, as she climbed into her tub, I just managed to dodge the sexual bullet that Castle shot my way. Sure, don't know how many more I'll be able to dodge though, might as well face it, I want him, he turns me on so much, I don't know what to do.

Her bath over and her hair hanging loose to dry, she toweled off, threw on her robe and went to her kitchen to make some coffee. The coffee had just started brewing when someone knocked on her door. She thought it might be trick-or-treaters and intended not to answer; but then her phone started to ring, and she couldn't very well pretend she wasn't home. Thinking it was Lanie, she opened her door with a defiant scowl, only to find her Lothario nemesis, still costumed as Batman, smiling down at her, all wet with rain drops rolling off his coat and splattering weakly to the floor.

"What do you want now?" she spat out as she tried to block him from entering her apartment. Calmly pushing his drenched self into her home, he hung his coat onto the hook attached to the back of her door. He picked up the bag of treats that he'd brought with him, while still smiling down at her, and said in a low gravelly voice resonating over her body and making it tremble with desire, "I've brought some double dark chocolate cake, with white chocolate icing and dark chocolate cherry ice cream for us to enjoy as we top off the night. Is that coffee I smell? That's great. It'll go well with our dessert. Now, please let me in the kitchen so we can get started."

The chocolate dessert would be good, she thought, so, shrugging her shoulders, she let him go on in, saying, "I'll be back in a minute I just need to put some clothes on, I'm getting cold."

"You don't need to go to all that work, I'm sure I could make you warm and keep you that way, if you would only let me." Batman softly crooned.

"I think not," she gasped while trying to defy the liquid heat pooling in her core, "I don't see that happening."

"Well, maybe you're not looking in the right place," he smirked, "but that's no matter, I'd be more than pleased to show you where to look, if you're interested, that is."

"Not yet, but maybe later, Batman. Right now, Talia wants dessert."

"Whoa!" he said, "wait just a minute, Kate, I don't see Talia here, do you?"

"Aw, come on Castle, you can't mean what I think you mean, I'm not putting my Talia costume back on just to eat dessert. No way."

"Please," he said, "don't you get how much fun it would be to let Talia and Batman, just the two of them alone together, enjoy dessert and each other on this, one and only, Hallowed Eve?"

"All right, I'll do it on one condition." Kate said seriously, thinking, well actually, hoping, that if they scratched their collective physical attraction itch it might go away or at least simmer down, all the while knowing it was a long shot at best.

Suspecting something slightly evil might be on her mind, Batman raised an eyebrow in appraisal as he looked into her eyes while carefully considering the gambit in his reply, "What's the ruse?" he queried.

"You can't flirt with me, make any sexual comments or advances to me and have to keep your hands off me for two whole weeks beginning Monday when we go back to work. If you agree to that I'll be Talia to your Batman until I have to get ready for work on Monday morning."

"Deal!" he said, "Can I help you put the costume on?"

"No. Deal starts when I have finished putting it on and have become Talia, but I promise not to take any longer than I have to," she laughed, as she ran into her bedroom and shut the door.

Batman, after looking around her apartment for a few minutes, went into the kitchen and finding plates, cutlery, and coffee mugs, began putting things together for their dessert filled feast. He thought it was taking more time than it should for her to complete the transformation from a naked Kate wearing only a short robe to a naked Talia costumed in a dynamite outfit; but she was a woman after all, and so he had to believe that she would appear when she was finally ready. Sooner or later.

He had just finished washing and drying his hands, when he heard a low whistle come from Talia and then she said "Hello, Batman. What have you been doing while I was gone?" in a voice that almost perfectly matched the one used by the actress who played Talia in the "Batman: Arkham City" video game that he had at his loft. It was thrilling to hear, all at once sexy and sinful, caressing his entire body and leaving him wanting more, so much more. Suppressing a shiver, he turned to look at her. She was magnificent, a vision of badass sensual innocence and he noted quickly that she had redone her hair and make-up, which, he realized, was why it had taken her so long to get ready.

Well, she'd certainly spent her time wisely, he thought, as she'd definitely whetted his appetite. But he knew he would have to wait until after they'd consumed the more ordinary dessert he'd laid out on her table before he'd get to consume the more extraordinary dessert she presented with her costume. He took a deep breath and walked over to her saying, "The chocolate dessert is ready," and, crooking his arm for her to take hold, he escorted her to their table.

He seated her and felt her stiffen, then relax into his hand as he ran his fingers lightly across her back, watching goosebumps gather in the wake of their command, making him aware that she was as turned on as he was.

They ate quietly for some time, in an easy silence, as they enjoyed their desserts. Talia went to get a second coffee, asking Batman, "Would you like more coffee or something else?"

"I think it's time for something else, don't you?" he asked, showing her a waggishly naughty smile and winking at her. She shook her head at his corny behavior but played along and, raising an eyebrow, said in her most tantalizing Talia voice, "What did you have in mind?"

"Let's dance, I'd like to dance with you," he said, walking over to her sound system and turning it on to the songs he'd programmed into it while she was changing. He took her hand and pulled her tight into him and they began to move to Frank Sinatra singing "Witchcraft". She couldn't hide her sharp intake of breath before she melted into him and put her head on his shoulder, but when the song was over, and she started to pull away, he held her closer. Then Frank came back on with "That Old Black Magic" and she snuggled back into his broad chest resting her head on his shoulder again. When that song was over, she stayed in his arms and Sinatra's "Nice 'n' Easy" came on, leaving her to think how relaxed she felt and how good it was to be surrounded by his arms. She thought that she might be able to dance with him like they were dancing all night long.

Suddenly there was a brilliant strike of lightning, followed by a deafening roar of thunder, and her apartment shook a little as her lights blinked off then on again. They looked into each other's eyes. Batman bent down and softly placed his lips on hers and when he ran his tongue between them she opened for him and ceded to his gentle demands until, simmering with erotic need and out of breath, they both came up for air.

He swept her upward into his arms and took her to her room and, using all the restraint that he could muster under the scorching circumstances of their impatient desires, stripped her and placed her on her bed. After shedding his clothes and laying down next to her, he began the slow and lovely process of possessing her while enclosing her in the passionate paradise of their love for one another until they fell asleep within each other's arms.

They woke up still together on All Saints Day and spent it emotionally and energetically cementing their newly found bliss and when Castle asked her, "Talia, what about our agreement?"

She responded with a satisfied sultry tone in her voice, "The deal is, Batman, that I think, considering our circumstances, all past deals should be null and void, don't you?"

He nodded yes and kissing her thoroughly slid down her body and began to thank her for relieving him of his debt to her and effectively sealed their deal for a 'happily ever after' future.

… and that "Guys and Dolls" - is how, with a little help from their friends and "Witchcraft", on a dark and stormy Halloween night, Beckett and Castle came together as Talia and Batman and created their very own Caskett graphic novel.

The End.

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