It was the sound of a body collapsing that had him up off the tattered and nearly shredded couch cushions in seconds, his legs off kilter as he ran into the small 'kitchen' they were given as rejects. There were only two of them by this point, Bing's use of Mattie and Thomas in the films after their creation being a big reason. Skidding a bit as he entered the kitchen -which was stocked by Larry, the only normal person who had any form of humanity- he nearly hit the floor if he hadn't held onto the counter. He quickly moved over to his collapsed companion, the ginger curled into a ball on his side with both hands clutching his stomach.

"'Redd?! What's wrong?" The other barely opened his eyes, the socket having formed a pale shade of dark grey, the brown hue of the other eye showing who was fronting at the moment. Redd opened his mouth to speak, the teeth clenching as he heard a loud groan leave his friend's throat.

"We're hurting real bad Torm, it hurts! H-help." An almost blood curdling screech left the taller fusion, pale and half freckled hands taking hold of his hoodie sleeves.

"What hurts Tomato? Let's get you to the bed." Helping the other stand, he had the entire weight of the trichromatic ginger leaning against him. Managing to half carry the man all the way to the bed, he helped Tomatoredd onto the surface with care.

"Stomach- feels like being stabbed." Nodding, he helped the taller onto his their back before helping the clothes off. First off was the bi colored over jacket, followed by the hoodie and tee. As soon as the pants were removed he saw what had to be the issue, a dark red violet band of color towards the bottom of the other's stomach area, looking like a bloody internal bruise about an inch above the other's pelvis. Lightly pressing against the skin of his friend's stomach, he felt a firmness along with something pressing against his hand. The body beneath his touch squirmed in pain.

"Hey calm down and breath. I think I know what's wrong but you need to keep still. You might need to be on the floor though... " Straddling over the other's thighs, he watched as the redhead began to calm his breathing. Getting up, he moved around finding what he could only think he could use in this scenario, glad that he found a tarp as well as sewing supplies. Going back to the bedroom, he laid out the tarp on the floor beside the bed, taking an old pillow and dropping that onto the floor as well. Putting the sewing kit on the floor with a bowl of warm water beside it, he moved to help his companion off the bed and onto the mostly sterile area he would need to use.

"Torm what are you-ah!" The low growl of pain cut the other off, himself having removed the boxers. He could tell the other was trying to get away from him, obviously scared of what was happening. Crawling up to be beside the other, he made his attempts at soothing the other.

"I need you to trust me. I am going to try my best to help you. There's something in your stomach and that's what hurts so I'm going to try getting it out. It's going to hurt since we don't have anything to relieve the pain with, but you're all going to need to keep level so there's less chance of you bleeding out." Watching the pained nod, he gave a light kiss to the other's forehead, watching as the other tried to relax. Grabbing an old belt, he folded it before letting Redd bite down on the false leather.

"Keep still, I'll try to finish this quickly." Holding the other's hips loosely, he used a rag that he had dipped into the water to somewhat disinfect where he was planning on cutting. The bruise gave him a slight guide on what to follow, the clean blade of the small but sharp knife easily breaking the pale skin. The moment he saw the blood beading at the incision, he almost moved away, not exactly enjoying the sight. But he persisted, dragging the blade over the skin until he got through the first layer. Steeling himself, he pulled the layer of skin up, using the knife to cut through the layer of pale colored fat and lift that away as well. What was under that was what had him freeze in place, the opaque covering letting him see what was moving and causing the pain. Glancing up, he saw the pale face and his blood went cold in fear that the other had passed while he was cutting the skin open, sighing in relief when the eyelids opened slowly.

Looking back down, he first saw the blood covering his hands and the knife. Adjusting how he was holding the metal object, he carefully nicked the partially clear organ, becoming shocked as he saw fluid begin to spill into the rest of the cavity. Grabbing at a towel, he tried to soak up some of the bloody liquid, a voice coming to his ears.

"T-Torm? Wh-whats happening?" The other's voice was weak, most likely strained from the muffled screaming.

"Everything is fine 'Redd. I found what was wrong and it had fluid in it. Had to soak up a bit of it." Pulling at the thin, bag like organ his 'eyes' grew wide in shock, dropping the knife onto the tarp. Letting his fingers lace together under what he was meaning to pull out, he was careful as the small body ended up against his chest, quickly making sure that they were breathing before the sharp cry hit the air. He jolted at the noise, knowing that the hair on his arms was sticking up in shock.

"It was a baby 'Redd." Holding the newborn close to calm him down, he grinned before noticing something else in the organ.

"W-was? T-Torm what do you mean?!" Realizing that the other couldn't see him, he made quick work of the umbilical cord before holding the whimpering infant into the other's view.

"Everything is alright 'Redd. He's healthy and safe. Now hold him while I make sure that's it and close you up." Placing the softly crying baby boy into Tomatoredd's chest, he checked the organ again, finding a smaller baby nearly being suffocated by the organ, it's umbilical cord wrapped around his throat. Being extremely careful, he unwrapped the fleshy rope, before tapping against the back of the child and a soft cry following.

"There's a second babe, he's a little weak but he's alright now." Watching the ginger give a weak smile, he handed the boy over before removing what he guessed was the placenta. Replacing the layers of skin where they lined up, he made sure the edges were still a little moist before he attempted to thread the sewing needle. He didn't have any staples or normal suture thread, so he hoped that this was good enough. He watched the other flinch the first few times he pressed the needle through the layers of skin, managing to get all the way around the opening. It would surely scar, but as long as it didn't get infected it was alright. Using the wet and warm rag to clean along the stitches, he used some gauze bandages he had found to cover the fresh wound. Cleaning his own hands off, he took each baby boy in turn to clean with the water, wrapping both into blankets and handing them back after.

"You feeling better now that these two are out?" He smiled softly at the other fusion, having moved the carrot top onto the bed after dressing the male. Receiving a small smile and nod, he watched the two sleeping little boys in his partner's arms.

"Tomme and Torrid." He blinked a few times at the words. Were those names?

"What was that?" He saw Tomatoredd grin a little bit, overly exhausted despite not having done much work getting the two children out.

"Their names." Laughing softly he kissed the tired ginger lightly while nodding.

"I like them. But you can't stop me from calling them scribbles." Hearing the ginger laugh, he couldn't care less about what their creators would do about the infants. He'd protect his boyfriend and their two scribbly children with his life.

1416 words

Pretty much all written today. Needed to do something and I've been in a Tomatoredd shift. Also never wrote a C-section before [only other one is by Sauce]

This entire thing is set with the focus on Torm, the father of the kids instead of the material parent.