Kusano seemed impressed with the change in her Ashikabi after he changed into some new clothes. Old gray clothes that felt like they may drip sludge were exchanged for the first set of new clothing that he remembered ever owning

Ku also got new clothes, but they were just different variations of the sundresses that she was already wearing.

The next thing that Harry and Ku did was go to a restaraunt, and have a nice meal.

"Excuse me?" a man interrupted, making the two children look at him.

He looked confused, and was holding a phone.

"It's for you?" he said uncertainly.

Harry took the phone curiously.


Harry hit the end call button. "I'd block that number." he suggested, rubbing his ear in pain.

The man nodded and walked away, declining another call without looking back.

They finished their meal and walked through the streets. For Kusano, this was her first time seeing anything except a lab, and for Harry the island nation was so vastly different from where he grew up that his experiences were just as disjointed.

As they passed a storefront, a large display of televisions flickered on, and an enthusiastic greeting called out.

Unfortunately for the man in the t.v., Harry ignored him with the ease of a boy who ignores a grown man and his son yelling at the volume of gunfire every day.

"Where do you think we could find a place to stay, Ku?" Harry asked.

"Takami told me about a nice lady in the north." she volunteered.

"A nice lady?" Harry mused. "Okay. Let's see if we can figure out where she is."

They started running as only children do as every phone within 40 meters of them rang at once. But they were already gone.

Line Break

Kusano finally stopped at a street corner, looking somewhat apprehensive.

"I can feel other Sekirei over there." she told him.

He smiled. "Maybe they got told about the place by Takami too?" he offered.

She looked at him with surprise. It seemed to fit perfectly! Without a second thought, they ran over and knocked on the door.

A woman with purple hair answered, looking for all the world a polite and traditional woman.

"Hello?" she said inquisitively.

"Are you the nice lady?" Ku asked boldly.

The woman blinked, the only sign of her surprise. According to her tenants, she was an intimidating presence that left them sleeping uncomfortably.

"The one with a room we can stay in?" Harry corrected slightly, peering into the older woman's eyes.

That matched... better... than nice lady did. "I have rooms." she admitted slowly, looking at the two of them.

"Takami said you were a nice lady." Ku repeated, looking at the woman curiously.

"She didn't mention you were a Sekirei though." Harry said suspiciously.

The woman stiffened, before forcing herself to relax. They were children, after all. "I keep it a secret. I'd appreciate it if you did the same." she said quietly.

"Can we have a room?" Ku asked.

The woman blinked again. "I am Miya, the landlady. All are welcome in Maison Izumo as long as they follow the rules." Miya declared.

"Yay! We found a place to stay Harry!" Kusano shouted, before dragging him into the building, a curious Miya following them.

Again, a television erupted into noise as a man tried to address them. This time, the tv had been powered off and Miya started at the vicious static.

Harry unplugged the tv immediately. "Must be some kind of power issue." he claimed.

Miya raised an eyebrow. Did these two really not get their introductory speech yet? They weren't very helpful, she supposed, but then why would Harry have any indication of what a Sekirei was?

"How did you know I was a Sekirei?" she asked curiously.

Harry regarded her with surprise. "How did I know? You have naturally purple hair and you tried to draw a sword the second you saw Ku."

Oh, good. Most Ashikabi and Sekirei were without common sense, so she was unlikely to be in this situation again. The leading theory was that busty woman who split clothes like paper were more distracting than anything else they may see.

"Ah. My apologies then. There is no fighting at Maison Izumo, and I was worried that you may initiate a conflict."

"Conflict?" Harry asked, surprised. "Why would we fight people?"

Wait, they really hadn't talked to Minaka? "It's part of a gambit called the Sekirei plan. Minaka wants people to collect Sekirei and make them fight with the intention to proclaim either the winner or himself as a god. The reward is to survive with your Sekirei, as they'll be decomissioned if they lose."

Harry's surprise faded to a neutral mask. "Excuse me?" he asked.

"Losers are to be killed or examined, ripped from their Ashikabi forever."

"That's about what I thought I'd hear." Harry said coldly. "Where does this Minaka live?"

Miya blinked in surprise, but, never one to ignore a question, she answered. "The largest skyscraper in the city, near the center of the island."

"Thank you." Harry said, and walked towards the door. "Hey Ku, I'm going to the store for a bit. You stay here with Miya and pick out a room." he said casually.

The door clicked silently behind him.