Miya smiled sweetly at them and messed with the kids' hair as they got ready to take off.

"You two will be safe right? We don't need anyone else to come by with you or anything?" she asked pointedly.

"We'll be fine. Apprently this school has a really good gardening program, and Kuu is really excited to go."

"And you?" Miya asked with a small frown. "Are you not wanting to go?"

"Hmm. No, I don't mind going, but I'm not particularly excited. Kuu is excited, and that's good enough for me. Besides, Takami can handle things without me."

"Hmm. I'm sure she can, but you know that she likes checking with you." Miya said.

Harry smiled gently. "Yeah. I can get mail and stuff though, and I have my phone."

Miya shrugged. "Well, you two should head off then. It's best to be a bit early."

Harry nodded and took his Sekirei's hand. He pulled a small marble out of his pocket and flashed the residents of Izumo Inn a small smile before they disappeared.

~Line Break~

The portkey took them to a place just inside the platform on King's Cross Station, 9 3/4, where the Hogwarts Express was docked.

Already, the refuse on the ground and the large crowds of people who didn't mind jostling and pushing through him were getting on his nerves.

"C'mon love. Let's find a seat." Harry grumbled, boarding the train with Kusano holding his hand.

They found several empty compartments, but kept pushing back until they were seeing entire empty carriages before picking a seat.

"It's so colorful!" Kusano cheered, staring with awe at the pulsating crowd of wizards and witches.

"Yeah..." Harry agreed without enthusiasm. "And noisy."

"It's nice. It reminds me of home." Kuu said with a smile.

Harry gave her a small smile of his own. "I suppose that's true. Still, I would rather we got a little more peace and quiet."

His wish was not to be granted, as the door to their compartment opened to reveal a red headed boy. He had hand-me-down robes and dirt on his face.

"C-can I sit here? Everywhere else is full..." the boy asked hopefully.

"Sure!" Kuu agreed immediately, a guileless smile lighting up her face.

"Just keep it down. I'm getting a headache." Harry said, glancing the kid over once before shifting to get more comfortable. Unseen to the boy, Harry relaxed his fist and withdrew his hand from where he kept his wand.

"Right. Sorry..." the kid said. "By the way, my name is Ron Weasley."

"Harry Potter. This is Kusano Potter."

If he hadn't been told to be quiet earlier, the way his eyes widened and his mouth opened would have led to Ron immediately questioning the hell out of them, but instead his mouth closed and his teeth clicked.

"Uh, nice to meet you?" Ron finally said quietly. "Did you say she was a Potter? I thought you were the last one?"

"Harry is my husband." Kuu replied cheerfully.

Ron looked befuddled after that, and conversation ground to a halt.

Kusano eventually started humming happily, filling the silence.

After nearly half an hour, with which the train left the station and made it's merry way to Hogwarts, the compartment opened again to reveal a bushy brown haired girl.

"Has any of you seen a toad? A boy named Neville's lost one."

"Not in here. Did you try the bathroom?" Harry asked.

"Oh. No, we hadn't. By the way, I'm Hermione Granger."

"Ron Weasley." Ron said quietly.

"Harry and Kusano Potter." Harry said firmly.

"Harry Potter? I've read about you! People always wonder whether you were related to Minaka or if you just had an in with the company."

Harry smiled. It wasn't very genuine, just a good P.R. smile. "You could say that I was very close to him before he died."

"And you're a wizard too? Any relation to the famous Harry Potter that had some kind of role in the disappearance of 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?'"

"One and the same. I must say Miss Granger, you sure do your homework."

The girl flushed. "Well, I try to be diligent..."

"It shows. But weren't you searching for a toad?" Harry asked.

"Oh! I forgot. Maybe we can talk more later?" She asked shyly.

"Don't be a stranger, then."

Hermione left, flushed and in an entirely different mood than she had entered with.

"Blimey mate. It didn't seem like you could smile. What was all that about?" Ron asked.

"Imagine that you grow up and do everything you ever dreamed of. You received fame and acknowledgment, money and acceptance. You're a familiar name to everyone. Then, you go to... let's say your families' house, and the sole achievement they remark on you is that you managed to live that long. How would you feel?"

Ron tried to picture it. He couldn't quite grasp it, but he understood the sentiment. His family kept appearing in the image, and he couldn't possibly imagine them being ignorant to what he'd done.

"I think I get it. You're in charge of a company or something? And everyone here is just wondering about the Boy-Who-Lived."

"There is one upside, I suppose." Harry mused.

"What's that?" Ron asked.

"Most witches and wizards will understand it best when they learn I have an oak wand."

Ron decided he didn't really want to be in this compartment any more.