Zrocker119: With DMC 5 coming out early next year, my love for the franchise has been rekindled so be prepared for a slue of stories involving Dante and friends(but mostly Dante as he's my favorite video game character alongside Doomguy/slayer). If you couldn't tell from the title and the description, Dante has somehow found his way into the world of One Piece.

And before people ask, no...this will not be a story of how Dante ends up sleeping with most of the female character from the anime. This story is about how Dante will meet and join the Straw hat Pirates in an effort to find a way home...along with having one hell of a party along the way.

One last thing before we get started. Anything that takes after ending of DMC 2 will have no effect on this story. So the whole Nero losing his arm doesn't happen. Dante is still in hell to hold back to hordes of demons while everyone else moved on with their lives.

Now prepare yourselves One Piece...for you are about to play host to the most badass and stylish devil slayer and he doesn't care about your rules.

-A True Devil on the high seas-


"Hmm, now that I think about it," a lone figure spoke to no one but himself as he lied on the cold, hard ground. "I never really took the time to appreciate all the good, little things back home...like the sky."

The man appeared to be in his mid to late thirties with white hair that was somewhat parted with the bangs brushed down and had a bit of stubble on his chin. His choice of clothing was nearly as outlandish as his hair color. He wore red pants that are nearly covered by black leather motorcycle chaps that have a brown, cowboy boot design around the ankles and sported black, loafer looking boots. His pants were also wrapped with a black belt featuring a silver emblem decorated with a demonic skull.

As for his upper body wore a black, zipped up undershirt with three clasps closed together with ornate, golden buckles, and medium length sleeves that went past his shoulders. This undershirt was also zipped up to just below his neck, and featured an upturned collar.

Out of all of the man's threads though, it was his coat that was the most eye catching. It was two tailed with both western and Italian features and had a deep red, almost crimson color. It was short sleeved, with numerous gold colored studs that decorated the shoulders, collar, and chest, and possessed a single zipper on the front. To complete his look he sported a pair of black gloves that left his knuckles and index fingers exposed.

This man is Dante, the youngest of the twin sons the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. The man that had taken on entire hordes demon and devils, defeated and sealed away the demon empire Mundus and ultimately surpassed his father...but was now stuck in hell with no way out.

And he didn't like hell for there was no pizza.




or strawberry sundays.




or beer.




He had been stuck in this place for several years and just now came to realize why it was truly hell. It's enough to make a grown man cry.

With this revelation in mind, Dante continued to stared into the cloud covered, blood red sky for a few moments longer before letting out a yawn. "Well," He crossed one leg over the other and folded his hands behind his head, using them as an improvised pillow. "Might as well and try to couple Z's before any more demons show up for a fight."

Once upon a time the prospect of fighting powerful demons and devils would've exited the half breed, but anything would get boring after nearly a decade of doing it non-stop. Plus he just liked to take a good nap every once in a while. It's one of the few things that kept him from going insane.

Unfortunately for Dante it would seem that his wish wasn't meant to be, for as he was about to close his eyes, he felt the ground beneath him shake periodically every couple seconds or so. That would be the tell tale sign of something massive moving about nearby and judging from how the tremors were growing more and more frequent, it was closing in on his position.

Despite all of the signs though, Dante remained rooted to his spot. Until whatever in was actively attacked him he was content with letting it continue on its merry way. Whatever it was, it continued to grow closer and closer until he felt something crash into the ground right beside his head.

With a sigh, the white haired devil hunter cracked open a single eye to see a monstrous figure looming over him. The demon was humanoid in shape, easily four to five times his height with a slightly feminine figure that was covered in a mixture of scale and carapace-like armor.

It's legs reminded him of that of a T-rex that ended with a double digit foot with razor sharp claws. It had four arms in total, two of which were small while the main pair were proportional to the rest of its body and had some wicked scythe-like blades protruding from the elbows. A long tail that was lined with spikes waves lazily behind it in an almost harmless gesture, but the half breed could easily see himself getting impaled by it.

More spikes protruded from its back with four being much larger than the rest. Lastly its head was something that truly fit that of a demon, what with its glowing orange eyes, toothy maw, slilted nose and large head crest. This thing could almost be considered the textbook definition of a devil, but alas...it was missing wings.

This was an opinion that Dante couldn't stop himself from vocalizing. "Wow, throw some wings on you and you'd definitely take first place for edgiest demon!"

A puff of smoke left its nose as it snorted before it brought foot down on top of him. Rather than a splatter of blood, nothing but rock was found beneath its heel.

"You know what," The demon turned to find that the son of Sparda had situated himself amongst the many spikes on its back, standing upon one whilst leaning casually against another, "If someone were to ask me what I think would happen if a facehugger impregnating a demon, you're about what I'd imagine."

"I see that the rumors of your wit were no exaggeration," The demon spoke, its booming voice echoed throughout the area.

"Ah," Dante exclaimed as he dropped to ground level and began dusting himself off, "So I see that you've heard of me."

"It would be foolish for me not to have," Spoke the demon, "Especially after you defeated not just Mundus, but Argosax as well. Information is paramount when it comes to knowing your enemy."

After a series of stretches to avoid cramps later on, Dante extended his hand. From the nearby stone of which it was stabbed into, his trusty blade Rebellion flew into his awaiting palm. After a couple test strokes to rid it of any fragments of dust, Dante rested the blade on his shoulder.

"Whelp, anything else you would like to get off your chest before we get this party started?"

Dante quirked a brow when the demon raised one hand in a placating manor. "Stay your blade, son of Sparda. I have no quarrel with you as of this moment. On the contrary I must offer you my gratitude." With his other palm he summoned forth a flame that was all too familiar to the devil slayer. "I had been plotting for centuries to release Argosax so that I could kill and take his power for myself, but it would seem that all of my preparations were for naught."

"Thanks to you," The demon spoke as the flame disappeared, "I now have more than enough power to stake my claim for the throne of the underworld, and my Realm of Terror will encompass all that of hell itself."

"I see,"' Dante began pacing, lightly bouncing his sword on his shoulder. "Well, since I helped you out and all do I at least get to know who I'm talking to."

The demon stood straighter, arms held out and tail flowing behind it, "I am Diablo, Lord of Terror, Survivor of the Dark Exile, and The Prime Evil!" As the demon lord spoke lightning dance in the air, the ground erupted into great gouts of flame, transforming the already barren terrain into a hellish visage that one would expect.

Dante allowed himself to whilst in appreciation of the spectacle before him. "Nice light show, really stacks on well with all of the edge you've got going for you." Tightening the his grip on his sword, the devil hunter spun on his heels and swung, creating a mighty gust of wind that extinguished all of the nearby flames.

"But I can't really have you causing a ruckus down here, now can I?"

Diablo reeled in his power, and spoke in a warning tone. "I would be careful, son of Sparda. For I am one of the last remaining Demon Lords that are capable," He drew a single finger downward, creating a tear in the air, "of sending you home."

His interest piqued, the white haired man approached the warp in reality and took a peek inside. Sure enough, he could see humans walking about on the other end, seemingly unaware of the portal. "And what would I have to do for me to go home?"

"Simple step through the portal...and never return," Diablo stepped around so that he now stood behind the half breed. He leaned down so that he could whisper into the man's ear. "Hell is a place only for demons. Humans and half-breeds such as yourself simply don't belong here and should never set foot upon these plains."

With another wave of the demons hand, the image within the portal changed. Instead of the bustling city street from before, Dante took in the familiar interior of his shop. The place hadn't changed a bit, from his desk to his jukebox, even the pool table was still there. He could see the form of his nephew Nero seated in his old chair, now in his late twenties and looked very similar to how Dante did at that age.

What wasn't the same though, was the small child that sat in Nero's lap. The boy couldn't have been any older than four, but it was definitely a child of Sparda, with their trademark white hair and blue eyes.

From off to the side came in a woman that Dante recognized as that Kyrie girl and she too was holding a child that was only a few months old and a girl if the pink blanket that it was bundled up with was anything to go by.

The door to the shop swung open and in came the rest of his old group. Lady, Trish, Patty, who had grown into quite the beauty, and even Lucia. Everyone that Dante had bumped into throughout his life was there.

"They haven't given up hope. All that you see gathered eagerly await for your return," The demon spoke once more, "and all that separates you from them...is but a few small steps."

"I like what your selling," The longing in Dante's voice evident, "And I truly wish to be there with them."


While Diablo had been trying to coax the man into the portal, the devil hunter had drawn one of his trusty pistols, Ebony and had it positioned right beneath the demon lords chin.

"But I'm gonna have to deny the offer!" and pulled the trigger.


The demon lord was able avoid a bullet to the brain, but roared in pain as the large horn on the left side of his crest had a significant chunk missing from it.

"You've made a grave mistake, Son of Sparda!" With a roar Diablo had resummond his powers, bathing the land in a grey hue.

"Oh I make mistakes all the time," With a spin and flick of the wrist, Dante had brought Rebellion to bare and poised for the upcoming fight. "Let's find out if this one turns out any different."

The devil hunter blurred forward with a Stinger, kicking up a cloud of dirt as he moved. Diablo brought his bladed arm to block the blow, halting the hunters advance, or so it seemed.

Right before the attacks could connect, Dante sprung into the air with a front vault, bypassed the arm completely and came down with a Helm Breaker, scoring a cut deep into the demon's chest.

As he dropped one of Diablo's smaller arms managed to catch him by the ankle and slammed him to the ground. The strength behind the blow was enough to make him bounce several feet into the air, where the Lord of Terror's tail lashed out.

With a thunderous crack that rendered many of his ribs little more than dust, Dante flew several meters, skipping across the ground before flipping into a crouch. Rubbing his chest, Dante smirked as his dusted bones reformed. "Been awhile since I've been hit like that."

"I am far beyond any foe you've face," With a wave of his hand, Diablo sent a torrent of lighting and fire hurtling towards the half breed. The hunter merely sprinted forward at breakneck speed and weaved around the blast, and those that followed suit, closing the distance between them in seconds.

Once close enough Dante unleashed a Million Stab and Stinger combo on the demons legs, forcing it to take a knee. Diablo roared in pain and tried to smack him way with his tail once more, but the man knew better and easily back flipped over the attack, drawing Ivory as he did so and unloaded a hail of bullets.

They did little more than annoy him, but Diablo knew that those shots would eventually wear down his thick hide and start to do some serious damage. Acting quickly, the Lord of Terror gathered the power of storm and fire within himself before detonating it in an explosion that was more than strong enough to send the demon hunter flying.

With a quick application of his Trickster style, Dante teleported safely to the grown, causally dusting himself off as he paced back and forth while he let Diablo prepared his next attack. It had been awhile since he had a fight this good so he was going to enjoy it for all it was worth.

With another roar that shook the very air, several needles of light larger than himself fired down from the space above the demon. Dante placed his sword on his back and drew both or his hand cannons. With a slight skip and a hope he sprinted forward as he shot down every single one of needles that approached him.

Diablo suddenly lifted his palm skywards and demonic energy began to gather above him. In size it was barely larger than Dante, but he could feel the amount of raw power that was held within.

Holstering his pistols, he crouched low to the ground and leapt several meters into the air, jumping off several glyphs to gain even more height. Once at the peak of his jump, he twisted so that he was facing Diablo and created a glyph that he kicked off of to propel himself back down so fast that he was surrounded by a cone of air.

With a look of pure malice Diablo launched the dense orb of demonic energy at the slayer but even as the ball of destruction rapidly neared him, Dante never once lost the grin on his lips.

A split second before impact, Dante suddenly brought his arms up in a guard. A red barrier formed over his arms and halted the blast, seeming to dissipate into nothingness, but was actually absorbed into the devil slayer through the use of his Royalguard Style.

Without any loss of momentum, Dante closed the distance, pulled his right hand back and thrust it forward in a lethal palm strike to Diablo's chest, releasing all of the energy he had just previously taken.

The great demon could do little more than cough up a gratuitous amount of blood as his innards were turned into little more than slush, the ground beneath them shattering from the force alone.

Not quite finished, Dante kickflipped back, drew his guns and began peppering the devil, the recoil of the hand cannons propelling him backwards. Diablo was barely able to summon forth a wall of flames to protect himself from the slayers onslaught of demonic charged bullets.

Utilizing the precious seconds that the hastily crafted barrier provided him, Diablo was able to heal his grievous wounds. Rolling his shoulder Diablo burst through the flames, an act that caught the red clad man off guard. The demon grabbed him within his clawed grip, dragging him along the brimstone ground as they went.

The demon hurled the half breed forward where he crashed into a large boulder, becoming embedded in it. Dante started to wrench himself free, but Diablo's large fist crashed into him before he could make any progress. Diablo repeated the action again, and again, and again, driving the devil slayer further into the hard stone.

Dante's body spasmed with each impact, but after the eighth one or so he had had enough.

"RAH!," With a flash of red electricity, Dante transformed into a reptile/insectoid-like frame. His arms, legs and head now have spiky edges, there were now cracks on his chest, and his coat had changed into a pair of curled up semi-chiropteran wings with each dividing into three segments.

Dante had entered his Devil Trigger.

The force generated from the transformation was enough to force Diablo to backpedal, even destroying the boulder that Dante was getting pummeled into.

"Round two," Dante spoke, his voice now having a demonic echo to it. Reaching behind him, he drew Rebellion and rushed Diablo while he was still off balance, slicing off one of his smaller arms.

Diablo roared in agony and tried impaling the accursed Son of Sparda upon his tail, but Dante was easily able to dance around the barbed appendage. The Lord of Terror was rewarded for his efforts by half of his tail getting lopped off.

Now down half a tail and an arm, Diablo knew that he had made the same fatal mistake that his brethren had, and that was underestimating the half-breed. But unlike the other, he would not perish here, for he had one more trick up his metaphorical sleeve.

Lashing out with his foot, Diablo was able to launch the hunter several hundred meters away. Now with ample distance between them, Diablo used what little remained of his tail to create a portal behind him.

"Enjoy this little victory, Son of Sparda." Diablo spoke as he stepped into the portal. "When we next meet, I will find myself standing over your lifeless corpse."

Dante blinked as the Demon Lord fled, the portal quickly closing behind him. "Well screw that noise!" With that said Dante kicked forward, slipping through the remnants of the portal before it was completely sealed.

He found himself standing on a narrow path of brimstone, barely wide enough for his quarry to walk upon. Glancing around Dante saw nothing but an endless black void, before focusing on the retreating form of Diablo.

The Lord of Terror walked along the path between dimensions, cursing the name Sparda as he tried to heal his wounds. His missing limbs would return with time, but the blow to his pride would only be healed by the sight of the devil hunters mangled corpse.

So distracted by the thoughts of revenge, he failed to detect the approaching missile that was the target of his vengeance. Still in his Devil Trigger, Dante crashed into Diablo's back feet first with a double dropkick, launching both of them over the edge.

"Y-YOU FOOL!" Diablo raged as the duo fell from the path, "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU'VE DO-"

The demon's jaw was forcefully closed via Rebellion being shoved upwards threw his chin, the blade penetrating deep into his brain. The last thing he ever saw was Dante, now in human form, giving him a two finger salute before pointing a heavily charged Ebony right at his face.



The great Diablo, Lord of Terror, exploded into thousand of shards, leaving behind only a black crystal that Dante held his hand out towards. The crystal drifted towards him and was absorbed into his chest.

Dante smirked, reactivated his Devil Trigger and flew back up to the path...tired to anyway. He quickly realized that he was still falling even though he had his wings out, even going so far as to literally flap them. It proved useless though as the path above him continued to grow smaller and smaller, before disappearing from his sight entirely.

"...Well this isn't good," Dante said as he continued to fall.

And so fall he did...further and further...and further.

The feeling of perpetual falling quickly grew dull for the veteran devil hunter, to he situated himself that the he was lying down, legs crossed and arms behind his head.

Minutes turned into hours and hours into days. Dante knew not how long he fell, only that it was too long as he actually fell asleep and awoke several times throughout the whole experience. It was while asleep though, that something finally happened.

Had he been awake, he would have seen an anomaly appear beneath him. Had he been awake, Dante would have seen the grey mist that enveloped him as he entered one of the randomly appearing exits to the dimensional gap. Had he been awake...he would've been treated to the sight of the seemingly endless blue ocean.

It was too bad he didn't wake up till he back flopped into said ocean at several hundred mile per hour.

Throughout his life Dante had been woken from his slumber in a various amount of ways. Had is seat kicked out from under him, a thick book slammed shut right beside his ear...hell, Lady had even pulled the pin on a live grenade and rolled it under him.

But Dante could proudly say that he had never awaken to being drown...at least until this very moment. His whole body stung something fierce as everyone of his bones had been completely obliterated and his organs ruptured.

He coughed up what had to be several liters of blood as his healing factor kicked in. Once he had feeling in his arms and legs, Dante began to swim to the surface. Due to the speed of his entry, he was several hundred feet from the surface and quickly running out of air.

Less than fifty feet way and the edges of his vision had begun to go dark. In an act of desperation Dante created a glyph and kicked off it, propelling him just enough for his upper body to breach the surface.

The devil hunter coughed violently as he expelled the water from his lungs and greedily took in several deep breaths of air. After a moment he settle down and allowed his natural buoyancy to keep himself afloat.

"Well," He said between breaths, "that was one hell of a wake up call." Taking a quick glance around, Dante sighed when he saw that he was surrounded by water for as far as his eyes could see. "At least I'm not falling any mor-"

The water around him erupted as an absolutely enormous set of jaws appeared from beneath him, the teeth alone being several times larger than himself. Without giving it much thought, Dante used Trickster to teleport into the air, above and well outside the mouth of the creature.

Speaking of which, now that he wasn't just floating in the water like a log, Dante could actually see what it was that had just tried to eat him and couldn't help but be blown away by what he saw.

The creature was ridiculously massive, as in the leviathan that he killed in his youth looked like minnow when compared to the absolute unit before him. It had the body structure of a serpent, but an Orca-like head and tail.

He was brought out of his musings by the creature rearing its head back and making another pass at him. Knowing what it was like to be swallowed whole, Dante quickly dashed to the side, drew his blade and slashed at it as it passed him by.

Landing upon it tail, Dante turned to find the creature merely glaring at him, the cut on its face not even worth registering. "What? Did you think that I would just let you eat me?" Great, he was talking to fish now.

Much to his surprise though, the sea creature let out a snort that sounded distinctly like a sigh before slowly slinking back beneath the blue waters.

"D-did a fish just understand me?" As if it had heard Dante question its intelligence, the sea king flicked it's tail, catapulting the devil hunter off into the distance.

"Oh come on!" Dante shouted as he found himself flying through the air yet again, for the upteenth time. Not even bothering to fight it, Dante merely crossed his arms and allowed himself to keep going. He would land back in the water eventually and if he was lucky, he would be closer to land.

It wouldn't be anywhere he recognized though. The appearance of that sea creature was more than enough to clue him in on the fact that this wasn't his home. He wasn't too worried though, he had just spent the better part of a decade in literal hell. He was more than confident enough in his ability to handle whatever this world could throw at him.




Like that boat that he was rapidly approaching for instance. Smirking, Dante angled himself so that he was now diving towards the water at an angle. At the last moment he flipped himself so that his boots would touch first and ski across the water like a badass.

Too bad he misjudged his approach and ended up skipping across the water like a poorly tossed stone, sliding the last dozen meters before he finally crashed into the side of the boat like something straight out of a children's cartoon.

With a groan, Dante reached up, gripped the railing and hoisted himself up and over, collapsing onto the deck of the ship in the least elegant way possible. He took a deep breath but found that his nose wasn't working like it should. Feeling it, he found that it was turned to the side.

With a sigh he grabbed and snapped it back into place, his healing factor kicking in the moment it was straightened out. With that taken care of and now out of the water, he looked up to find himself being stared down by a girl.

Correction, a young woman.

She was about average when it came to her height and had a slim, and if Dante was to be honest, a rather curvaceous figure. Her hair was short that had a particularly curled strand over to the left side of her face that almost came down to her brown eyes.

Also, her hair was orange...this girl had orange hair, and Dante could tell that it wasn't died in anyway but was completely natural. He shouldn't be one to talk with him having stark white hair since birth, but at least his wasn't orange.

She wore a simple white, short sleeved shirt with bold, blue lines on the chest and near the bottom edge. Her skirt was orange as well and dangerously short, with two rings on each side. Lastly she wore a pair of high heels that gave her some extra height, but if Dante were to stand, she would still have to tilt her head up to look him in the eyes.

He noted that her hands were situated close to set of three wooden poles that seemed to lock together to form a bo staff. Deciding that now would be a good time to speak, Dante quickly, yet smoothly got to his feet, gave himself a pat down and leaned back to rest his elbows against the railing.

"Permission to come aboard?"