"They pay you how much to do what!?" Weiss yelled a little too loudly for the quiet atmosphere of the coffee house. The few patrons turned to look at the baristas behind the counter and Weiss gave her best apologetic smile before turning back to her phone, muttering quietly "They pay you how much to do what!?"

"Weiss, I'm trying to draw a flower in this latte so if you could be quiet for a hot second. That would be great." Blake, Weiss's Coworker, said from where she stood over a cup that she was currently drawing on.

Weiss didn't even look up from her phone scrolling down the page as she continued to mutter, "That can't be all they ask for that amount. There's no way." There was no way they paid that ludicrous amount for something that basically amounted to being a blood prostitute. Weiss didn't know how much a normal prostitute made but it definitely wasn't this much. "There has to be a catch. There has to."

"Okay, Weiss. You have my attention." Blake turned face Weiss, placing her hands on her hips. "What's so interesting?"

Weiss's response was to shove her phone in Blake's face only saying, "This." Blake reached forward and used her finger to scroll up until she reached

"Is this for-"

"Yes. Scroll down." Blake did so and Weiss was able to tell when she reached the part where the mentioned the pay rate as her eyes widened and she let out a short whistle. "Yeah," Weiss said pulling her phone back as Blake went back to finishing the Latte Art, "And that's just for a single session." She continued to scroll, rereading the information again. "There has to be a catch."

"Maybe there's not." Blake said as she finally finished the art and moved it over to the counter, "Mocha Latte for Adel." Weiss glanced up as a fashionably dressed woman walked up to the counter to retrieve her latte.

"What do you mean?" Weiss asked as Blake leaned against the counter. It was a slow day at Beacon Coffeehouse. Only a few people had come in to stay and they were mostly college students. Regulars.

"Maybe there isn't a catch. Maybe they just pay really well." Blake crossed her arms over her chest, "I mean, letting a vampire feed on you has got to come with some major risks. I doubt people would sign up if they didn't pay that much."

"Should I?" Weiss asked hesitantly, finally glancing up at Blake who just shrugged.

"It's up to you. Are you comfortable being feed on by a vampire? Does the pro out way the con? You got to think this through."

"That's a lot Lein and I really want to buy those heels I saw the other day." Weiss said, biting her lip as she continued to stare down at her phone.

Blake placed a hand on he shoulder causing the barista to look up at her coworker, "Weiss as your friend and roommate I feel it's my duty to tell you that you have too many shoes."

Weiss purposefully ignored the comment as she returned to her phone worrying her lip as she scrolled down to where the application began, "I'm going to do it."

"Okay. Then do it." Blake said as she moved to tend to a customer. Weiss began filling out the application. It was fairly simple. Just needed things like her name, age, gender and, strangely enough, her blood type. She clicked the next button which brought her to a new page asking her how she wanted to be paid. She wasn't quite comfortable giving out her credit card information to this somewhat sketchy company and instead choose to have a check delivered by mail. She entered her address and pressed submit. She pressed her phones home button, pocketing it and walking over to help Blake with her order.

The rest of the Day went by without much event, the only thing of note being the afternoon rush that always left both baristas exhausted and happy that their shift was almost over. As they began cleaning up the shop organizing things so that it would be easier for the next two people to get started. Weiss clocked out, hanging up her apron and fishing out her phone to see that she had a single notification for her email. She walked over to her locker, opening the email to see the subject line read, 'Blood Buddies Application'

Weiss scrolled down reading the email and finding that her application had been accepted. Apparently, all she had to do was follow the link provided and pick out which vampire I wanted to schedule a session with. She clicked the link opening it in her browser and scrolled through the list of availabilities until across one that caught her eye.

Name: Ruby Rose

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Location: 35 East Signal Street

Patch, VA 67387

Available: Sun-Sat. Anytime after sunset.

It was rather close to the apartment Weiss shared with Blake and it wouldn't be too hard to make the drive. Weiss was mostly worried about wasting gas if this turned out to be some kind of scam.

"You ready?" Blake asked and Weiss turned to look at her friend who had already retrieved her stuff from her locker.

"Yeah give me a moment." Weiss clicked on the button to select this person and was brought to a page to select the time.

"I'm gonna go sit in the car. Give me the keys."

"They're in my bag." Weiss said absentmindedly as she mentally went over her schedule trying to decide whether tonight worked or not. When her mental run through of her schedule she finally chooses a date and time. Weiss watched as the page reloaded letting her know that her requestion for a session had been scheduled for 9:30 tonight. Pocketing her phone, Weiss pulled her bag out of the locker and made her way to the front of the store. She walked over to the beat up accord that was idling in the parking lot and opened the passenger side door sliding into the car. She turned into Blake and said, "I'm going to borrow the car tonight, Blake."

Blake pulled the car out of the parking lot as she said, "Okay," She turned to look at Weiss a smirk playing on her lips, "Have fun being a blood slut then." Weiss let out an indignant gasp, punching Blake's shoulder letting out a laugh at her friend's comment.

Ruby was still half asleep when her phone let out a series of chirps that let her know that she had a notification. She groggily searched for her phone eventually finding it and picked it up only to let out a hiss as the bright of the screen blinded her. She screwed her eyes shuts as she dropped it on her chest. Slowly she opened her eyes letting them adjust to the darkness of her room before picking up her phone. She squinted up at her screen to see a notification from the Blood Buddies app she had installed the previous night. After lowering the brightness completely and turning on the vampire setting. She let out a sigh as the screen dimmed, even more, the back screen going darker. She quickly typed in her password before opening the app. She noticed the single notification on the home page that read, 'You have one(1) session available. Please confirm.'

She couldn't help the smile the pulled at her lips as she clicked on the notification enlarging it. She read over the information written about biting her lip as she did so.

Name: Weiss Schnee

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Blood Type: O+

Requested Time: 9:30 p.m.

Ruby couldn't help but bite her lip when she read the blood type. It was her favorite flavor of hemo-synth. Or rather it was the only type that didn't make her gag at just the smell. She couldn't help the name sounded familiar though. 'Weiss Schnee. The only Schnee I've ever heard of was...' Ruby shook her head of the thought. There was no way a Schnee would sign up for this service. She didn't think about too much about it as she clicked the confirm button before closing the app and checking the time. '6:30' She let out a sigh as she closed her eyes again setting her phone on the bedside table. She snuggled back into her bed, eventually falling back into a restless sleep.

Ruby was jerked back into consciousness by the sound of someone pounding on her door. In reality, it was probably more of a soft knock but to Ruby's sensitive hearing it sounded like someone was taking a jackhammer to her door, "Ruby, you asleep?"

"Not anymore." Ruby groaned pushing herself up, "Wake me up any louder why don't you Yang." The door to her room opened and Ruby winced at the sudden brightness. "Lights, Yang!"

"Shit! Sorry, Sis." Yang apologized quickly turning off the hallway light before poking her head back in the room, "I have to head out for a bit."

Ruby tried not to let the excitement show on her face, "How long?"

Yang flashed her a smile, "Should be back before sunrise. That cool?"

"Yeah. It's fine." Ruby laid back down, pulling her comforter over her body and looked over her shoulder, "Be safe."

"I will." Yang said closing her door as she left. Ruby would be alone which meant she wouldn't have to tiptoe around Yang and her father wouldn't be back in town until god knows when. Ruby smiled up into the darkness of her room, checking her phone for the time, '8:00'

Ruby had an hour and a half until she would get to taste human blood for the first time and she could bearly contain her excitement.