Weiss laid in bed, lethargically scrolling through an online clothing catalog simply enjoying her day off as she spent more money then she should, on things she really didn't need. It was a bad habit of hers that she had yet to break herself of. When she had no money to spend on herself it had been easy to convince herself that she couldn't indulge but now that she had money she found herself falling back into those old habits of reckless spending.

It was only once she got a text message from her bank letting her know that she had reached the cutoff limit for personal spending snapping Weiss back to reality. She could barely remember how she had ended up spending this much money. She felt the regret and guilt wash over her as she realized it. Buying useless junk used to be her favorite hobby but now it just left her feeling guilty. Weiss tossed her phone to the side running her hand through her hair as she let out a heavy sigh. She knew it would be better if she didn't go running back to the Blood Buddies as Weiss knew she would just continue to fall back into old habits but she really wanted to do so. It was so comforting to fall back into familiar patterns of action. Deciding that she'd rather have more than more money then she needed then just enough to pay her bills she grabbed her phone opening the Blood Buddies app she had downloaded the night after the first session. She quickly put in a request and watched as it quickly brought up a list of available sessions and she almost immediately noticed the familiar name on the list of available vampires. Ruby Rose. Without really thinking she clicked the name and noticed the familiar profile from a week earlier. She worried her lip as she selected her muttering to herself, "Better safe than sorry, right?" Better someone she knew wouldn't kill her than someone she had never meet. Right? She noticed the small box at the bottom of the profile that was labeled 'requests' that read, 'Message me' followed by what Weiss figured was her phone number. After a moment more of thinking it over, Weiss saved the number and accepted the request. Again without thinking, she sent a text to the Vampire that simply read.


It was only once it was sent that she realized that she wouldn't be getting a response given that it was only 2 in the afternoon. Of course, that's what she thought, but when her phone buzzed with a text she was proved wrong.


Weiss furrowed her brows at the text message from the Vampire, who by all means, should be asleep.

It's Weiss. I accepted your request.

She watched as the bubbles indicating that the Vampire was typing her response.

Oh hi Weiss. Thanks 4 that

So, why did you want me to message you?

I want to decide where 2 meet up.

Weiss raised an eyebrow at the message unsure of what the message meant. She thought about calling her out on it but decided that she could do that in person.

Okay. So where were you thinking?

Weiss watched as the Vampire typed and bit her lip as she waited for the text to appear.

Do you know where Vale City Park is?


Weiss responded and waiting for the Vampires response.

Cool. Then lets met there.

See you later tonight.

Yeah. See ya

Ruby closed her eyes, placing her phone on the bedside table before placing her pillow over her head in an attempt to drown out the noise coming from downstairs. She knew they probably weren't making that much noise but to her it sounded like they were yelling while having the tv blasting. Truly it was amazing how quickly Yang had forgotten the ground rule they had establish for noise while the sun was up. She let out a groan as she tried to drown out the loud rambunctious laughter that rang out from downstairs. Ruby let out a frustrated scream as she hit her fist against her mattress. "That's it. I can't take this anymore." Ruby threw off her comforter and stormed out of her room and down the hall.

She made her way down the stairs and was immediately assaulted by the sunlight streaming in from the frosted glass front door. It burned her skin but she continued pushing forward until she entered the dimly lit living room. Her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting and she noticed her two family members sitting on two pieces of furniture the tv playing a sport of some kind but she couldn't tell what kind do to the throbbing in her head. They didn't notice her as she grabbed the remote from where it sat on the side table and only turn their attention to her when she turned the tv off.

"Hey! We were watching that." Yang yelled turning her attention to Ruby.

Ruby rolled her eyes at her sisters outburst, "Yeah, you seemed absolutely riveted."

Yang let out a sigh, pushing herself to her feet and placing her hands on her hips, "Alright, what seems to be the matter?"

"You're being loud. I'm trying to sleep." Ruby crossed her arms over her chest looking up at her sister whose expression fell almost immediately. She rubbed the back of her head.

"Shit, were we really being that loud?"

"Yes. Now, will you both please be quiet." Ruby made a point of locking eyes with her father who gruffed and refused to even acknowledge her existence.

"We'll try. Now go get some sleep." Yang said as she ruffled Ruby's hair causing her to let out a laugh.

"You better do more then try Yang."

"Yeah yeah," Yang said nonchalantly pushing Ruby's head away and Ruby looked up at her.

"Please, Yang. Try and be quiet. I'm really tried." The smiled fell from Yang's face and she gave her a serious look.

"I will."

"Thanks," Ruby muttered before heading back to her room. She collapsed into her bed and closed her eyes, the stillness of the house allowing her to, thankfully, drift into a light slumber.