The party could be heard all the way down the block but that was to be expected from Xiao-Long Party. The parties were infamous in the college town and were attended by students and dropouts alike.

Weiss wasn't one of those people. She had never been a party girl and the idea of becoming one seemed to much to handle. So then why was she walking toward the frat house along with her roommate Blake? It was one reason and one reason only. Blake's girlfriend was the one throwing the party. "Do I really have to come, Blake?" Weiss gripped as they turned the corner so that the house was visible.

"No. I just had to get you out of your room. You haven't left it since finals." Blake said raising her voice slightly. Weiss frowned, reluctantly following her best friend up the pathway that lead to the open door where music and voice poured out from.

Weiss followed Blake into the house which was dim lit by pulsing strobe lights and techno music blasted from speakers somewhere in the frat house. Both were giving Weiss a major headache. She followed Blake toward the kitchen where a large bowl of punch was sitting on the counter. Blake filled two red solo cups with the mystery punch handing one to Weiss as she said, "I'm gonna go find Yang. You should try and do something other than sulk. Talk to someone."

Blake turned to walk away only to when Weiss reached out grabbing her by her upper arm, "You're just going to leave me alone in this-" Weiss gesture wildly at the entire party, "This party purgatory while you go have sex with your girlfriend."

Blake looked almost offended as she retorted, "I'm not going to-" She pulled her arm from Weiss's hand, "Listen just because you can't get laid doesn't mean I can't." Then she spun around and stalked off leaving Weiss alone. She looked down into the red solo cup with the, more than likely, alcoholic beverage in it. She let out a sigh before downing the mystery liquid squeezing her eyes shut at the overly sweet taste. The buzz that Weiss almost immediately felt let her know just how strong the punch had been and she immediately regretted drinking so quickly. Weiss got a refill figuring she might as well have another cup after all Weiss was a light-weight and one more cup would probably be enough to get her a good level of drunk.

After refilling the cup she moved to the edge of the living room leaning against the wall watching the partygoers as she sipped from the cup. The beverage was much too sweet but Weiss was finding she didn't quite care. The party was in full swing and while there were plenty of good-looking men mingling about Weiss found her eyes being drawn to the women milling about. Weiss's eyes were drawn to one woman in particular. Her long red hair was pulled into a ponytail that trailed down her back. She wore a red tank top that showed off toned arms and a pair of shorts that showed off long legs. She was undoubtedly beautiful.

Weiss couldn't help the feeling of shame that formed in her chest at finding the redheaded woman beautiful and quickly took another gulp from her cup trying to wash away the feeling. Weiss crossed her arms over her chest avoiding looking at the crowd instead looking off to the side focusing on an odd looking stain on one of the cabinets. Weiss was in the middle of trying to decide what had made the stain when something blocked her view. She looked up to see a guy with blue hair and a cocky smirk plastered on his face. "Hey, beautiful." He ran his hand through his hair, "You here alone?" He reached up to stroke the side of Weiss's face who retaliated by throwing the remains of her drink in his face. "Ah, What the-" He wiped his face of the liquid from his face, "You fucking bitch!" He pulled his arm back preparing to deliver what would more than likely be a painful punch. His flew toward her face and Weiss prepared herself for the hit only for someone to grab the guy by his arm quickly twisting behind his back it causing him to let out a pained scream.

"Now Henry. I believe we've talked before about this kind of behavior, haven't we?" The voice of her savior came from behind the man, Henry, and sound undeniably female. Henry's face was twisted in pain as he let out a pained whimper and the person behind him continued, "Then you know that violence is wrong and hitting women is wronger." Weiss wanted to snort at the bad grammar the girl had used but kept it down. Henry let out another pained whimper, "Good. I'm gonna give you one chance to leave and if I ever catch you doing this again I promise you won't get off as easy. Do we have an understanding?" Henry nodded and the person holding him pushed him forward, "Then get out of my sight." Weiss watched as he clutched his arm to his chest and ran out the front door.

Weiss let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding and finally turned her attention to the person who had rescued her only to feel the breath leave her at the sight before her. Her rescuer was tall and slender with toned arms and legs that came from doing so kind of sport. Her chin-length black hair was cut in an asymmetrical bob with the tips dyed red. She smiled and Weiss felt her heart leap into her chest. "Hey."

'Oh no. I am not nearly drunk enough for this.' Weiss nodded swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. "Hey."

The girl smiled at her, "I'm really sorry about that. Are you okay?" Weiss closed her eyes taking a deep breath before smiling up the girl.

"I'm fine. Really." Weiss said and the girl leaned against the wall next to Weiss. "But thank you for stepping in when you did."

She turned to look at her, "Don't worry about it. I'm just doing my duty." This caused Weiss to laugh, snorting slightly.

"Your duty? So what you just go around rescuing girls from douchebags hoping they'll fall into your arms?" Weiss smirked up at her crossing her arms over her chest. The girl smiled down at her as she scratched the side of her face.

"I take it it's not working?" She chuckled rubbing the back of her neck.

Weiss just raised a brow at her skceptically, "Has it ever really worked?" The girl laughed and Weiss hated how her heart skipped a beat at the sound.

"No. Not really but you can't blame a girl for trying." She leaned against the wall and smiled, "I'm Ruby, by the way."

She held out her hand and Weiss reluctantly took it giving a tentative smile, "Weiss." They shook before returning to standing in silence watching the party take place. It was blatantly obvious that Ruby was flirting with her but Weiss couldn't bring herself to be excited about it. She glanced at her out of the side of her eye before looking down at her cup to see that it was nearly empty, "I need more booze." She glanced at Ruby her flashed her a smile pushing herself off the wall and bouncing on the heels of her feet.

"I can get you so more. I know where Yang keeps the good stuff." She trotted off through the party before Weiss could respond, leaving her alone with her near-empty cup and frowned. She watched as Ruby nearly ran into the tall red-headed girl from earlier. Clearly, she was intoxicated to some level.

Several minutes passed with Weiss just people watching before she eventually threw back the last of what was in her cup just as Ruby ran up calling out, "I'm back!" Weiss looked at her and then at the cups in her hands. "You can just throw yours on the ground. Everyone does it."

Weiss looked down at her cup before tossing it to the side and taking one of the offered cups from Ruby. She took her spot next to Weiss who went to chug the drink only to stop when Ruby spoke, "You don't want to do that. This stuff is really strong so you'll probably want to take it slow." Weiss watched as Ruby took a small sip from her cup and Weiss mimicked her taking a short sip from her cup. The liquid burned her throat on the way down letting Weiss know just how strong it was. She would probably be properly drunk in just a couple more sips. The stood in silence for a few moments longer before Ruby offered, "So do you go to school here or..." The awkwardness of the atmosphere was nearly suffocating.

Weiss took another sip from her cup before responding, "I do."

"Neat. What're you majoring in?" She took a sip as well probably trying to ignore just how awkward this situation was.

"Business. You?"

"Mechanical Engineering." Weiss had to do a double take at the girl beside her. There was no way this dolt was a mechanical engineering major.

"No way." Ruby laughed at Weiss's proclamation, her shoulders bouncing with the sound.

"I get that a lot. I guess I don't give off a smarty pants vibe." Weiss looked down at her cup before chugging the last half of the drink, "Wow, hey! What do you think your doing!?" Weiss tossed the cup to the side before turning on Ruby grabbing her by her shirt collar and pulling her into a sloppy kiss. For a moment Weiss wondered if she'd misread the situation but then Ruby wrapped her arms around her waist. They stayed like this for god knows how long until Weiss finally pulled away.

"Bedroom." She slurred and Ruby drunkenly smiled down at her.

"There are some upstairs." Ruby took Weiss by the hand and led her through the party toward a set of stairs. Weiss followed Ruby up the stairs enjoying the view and by some miracle only stumbled twice. Ruby lead them into an empty room and the moment the door was closed behind them Weiss pressed Ruby up against it her lips against the other womens. The feeling of fingers brushing along the waistline of her jeans spurred Weiss forward. She pulled away pulling her shirt off tossing it to the side causing Ruby to giggle. "Your really drunk."

"Yeah, I am." Weiss slurred back as she began pulling Ruby's shirt off. Soon both girls were completely bare and Ruby had found her way onto the bed. Weiss hesitated slightly before joining her straddling the other girl's waist and looking down at her. She swallowed before leaning down and kissing her as she trailed her hand over Ruby's toned stomach, her hands shaking all the way.

Ruby's hand found Weiss's who pulled away and Ruby spoke, "If you're having second thoughts..."

"No. I'm not." Weiss said threading her fingers through Ruby's, "I've just never done this before. I don't want to mess up." It seemed not even copious amounts of alcohol couldn't drown out her perfectionist nature.

"Don't worry about messing up too much. We're both really drunk after all." Ruby smiled up at her and untangled their hands before gently directing down between her legs. When Weiss's fingers found themselve between Ruby's folds she let out a gasp and Weiss's felt the area between her legs began to heat up at the sound. Ruby removed her hand from Weiss's grabbing a fistful of the comforter.

Weiss pressed her lips against Ruby's neck as she continued to move her fingers and Ruby rocked her hips against them.

Weiss would never have done this if she were sober but she wasn't and she planned to enjoy every minute of it.

Weiss let out a groan as she turned over in bed as she began to wake up. She tried to open her eyes only to squeeze them closed as the light of the room aggravated her already throbbing headache. She threw her arm over her eyes trying to remember exactly what had occurred the night before only to find that her memories of the previous night were rather fuzzy. She remembered arriving at the party with Blake. She got a drink and then was confronted by that guy. The girl had rescued her. They talked and then she got her another drink. It was around there that it got fuzzy but Weiss had a rough idea of what happened. Hesitantly she opened her eyes letting them adjust in the shade from her arm. She slowly removed her arm and pushed herself up taking in the strange room and the fact that she was completely naked. It didn't take a genius to fill in the blanks of what had happened last night.

Weiss began massaging her temples letting out a sigh closing her eyes. After a good few minutes of just sitting in silence, she stood up finding her clothes folded up neatly on a chair. She got dressed incredibly slowly for moving to fastly hurt her head. Once she was dressed Weiss grabbed her boots and moved toward the door.

Weiss moved as quietly as possible down the hall and made her way down the stairs. She was making her way through the living room when Blake called out, "Weiss?" Weiss flinched at the sound. She had hoped to sneak out without being noticed. "What are you still doing here?"

Weiss turned to look at Blake who looked Weiss up and down taking in her appearance and seemed to come to the most obvious conclusion. Her eyes widened and she mouthed a soundless, 'Oh'. Weiss nodded her head and Blake nodded back gestured to the door.

Weiss smiled mouthing 'thank you' before moving toward the door. She opened it just enough to slip through before pulling it closed behind her. She leaned against the door in order to pull on her boots and taking a deep breath.

Weiss pushed herself off the door letting out a sigh as she began her walk of shame.