Weiss arrived back at her apartment and immediately headed for the bathroom. She slammed the bathroom door closed and turned the shower on high. She quickly stripped herself of her clothes and stepped into the steaming hot water. The water burned her skin which was exactly what Weiss wanted. She leaned her head against the wall letting the water pelt her back squeezing her eyes shut. She wanted nothing more than to forget that last night had happened. For it to have never happened in the first place. A choked sob escaped Weiss and her shoulders shook as she slumped to the floor. She felt dirty thinking about what happened last night and she felt wrong for enjoying it. As she continued to cry she began to claw at her wrist but any damage she had hoped to do was negated by the fact that she'd cut her nails a week prior. Weiss had a nasty habit of biting her nails when she was stressed and always cut her nails when she knew she would be stressed to some degree.

Weiss was so far in her own head that she didn't notice the door to the bathroom open and only realized she wasn't alone when the water turned off and a towel was draped over her shoulders. "I think it's time we had a conversation." Blake's calm voice cut through Weiss's haze and she looked up to see her standing over her, arms crossed over her chest, "Get dressed. I'll make some tea and coffee." Weiss sniffled and nodded watched as Blake left the bathroom.

Weiss sat in the empty bathroom for a short while before reluctantly getting up and making her way to her room, tracking water through the hall.

Weiss entered her room and, after drying off her body, quickly got dressed in a t-shirt and pair of sweatpants. She pulled her hair into a loose ponytail before making her way into the kitchen where Blake was pouring coffee into a cup. Weiss took a seat at the bar taking the offered cup, mumbling a quiet, "Thanks." The teapot whistled and Blake grabbed it pouring it into her cup before leaning into the counter.

"We need to talk." She said as she blew into her cup.

"Can we not?" Weiss retorted as she absentmindedly ran her thumb over the rim of her cup.

"No." Blake deadpanned and Weiss looked up at her who simply quirked an eyebrow at her, "This isn't healthy, Weiss."

"We've had this conversation before." Weiss wasn't in the mood to have this conversation again.

"And we're gonna keep having this conversation until you get it through that thick skull of yours that being gay-"

"I'm straight!" Weiss cut off Blake much to forcefully but Blake wasn't fazed as she simply rolled her eyes and scoffed.

"Yeah. You're about as straight as a piece of wet spaghetti."

"I'm straight." Weiss said through clenched teeth and again Blake just rolled her eyes.

"Just because you're in the closet doesn't make you straight. It just means you're pretending to be something you're not but you can pretend to be a dinosaur but that doesn't make it true." Weiss felt her entire body stiffen at the implication, "I'm not telling you that you need to come out. I'm just saying that you need to accept that you are gay no matter how much you wish it weren't true. Hell, you had a one night stand with Ruby just last night."

Panic flooded Weiss and her grip tightened on her cup, "H-how do you know that?" Blake seemed to realize her mistake and let out a sigh.

"Ruby is Yang's sister. They tell each other everything and when I say everything I mean everything." Weiss felt the color drain from her face and her world tilt on its head. If Ruby told Yang then what was stopping her from telling others? Soon the whole university could know about Weiss's hidden preference for the fairer sex. Weiss felt her breathing begin to come in gasps and her chest felt like it was on fire. She pushed herself to her feet, sending the stool tumbling to the floor. Weiss clutched at her chest as she struggled to take a breath.

"Weiss?" Blake asked, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Weiss, you're having a panic attack." 'Is that what this is? God, it feels like someone is squeezing my heart and lungs.'

"Focus on my voice and breathing. Okay?" Weiss nodded and did her best to focus on Blake, "One, Two, Three, Four." Weiss found it somewhat easier to breathe as Blake continued to count, "Five, Six, Seven, Eight." Her breathing came even easier now as Blake continued to rub soothing circles on her back. "If you're worried about Yang or Ruby spreading rumors don't. They would never do that." Weiss stayed quiet, tears streaming down her face as she clutched at Blake's shirt. "If it would make you feel better I can talk to Yang and ask her to talk to Ruby. Tell them why you don't want them saying anything."

"No!" Weiss yelled. That's the exact opposite of what she wanted. "I mean, I'll just take your word for it." Blake let out a sigh and Weiss pulled away wiping her eyes and nose. "I'm sorry for freaking out on you."

"Don't worry, Weiss." Blake smiled softly, "That's what best friends are for."

Weiss smiled back, "Yeah." She pushed herself to her feet, picking up the stool. "I think I'm gonna head in for the night."

"You know its okay to be gay, right?" Blake said from where she still sat on the ground. Weiss let out a sigh.

"Yeah. I do." She wrapped her hand around her upper arm, "I'm just not ready to accept it quite yet."

Blake nodded and Weiss returned to her room. She had come to terms with her sexuality in high school but that didn't mean she had to like it or had to accept that it was a fact. Maybe someday she would but today was not that day.