"Dipper, we have to run! They are after us!"

Dipper Pines, a 12 year old boy, did exactly what he was instructed. The girl ahead of him was his twin sister, Mabel Pines. The things after them were animantronics of all shapes and sizes. The lights in their eye sockets were glowing oddly white. Dipper panted as Mabel and her pet pig, Waddles, were about two feet ahead of him. Suddenly, a brown animantronic paw came out of nowhere, about to grab Mabel.

"Mabel!" Dipper cried, throwing a ball that he had picked up earlier.

While it didn't do much in stopping the animantronic, which was Toy Freddy, it did make him flinch. Mabel was able to get away from the brown bear and continued to run, grabbing her brother's hand in fright.

"Thanks Dipper..." She stated.

"Don't thank me yet. They are still behind us!" Dipper replied, reaching into his inside vest pocket. He brought out a red, auburn journal. It had a golden six fingered hand on the cover with a '3' in the palm. This journal, was something that Dipper had found the beginning of their summer. "The worst part is, the journal doesn't even have a weakness to stop them!" Dipper told her.

The two stopped running, having gone inside. This whole thing started when Dipper was trying to raise the dead, to prove to government agents, that the paranormal stuff in Gravity Falls was real. While the zombies were still chasing them, the animantronics of their Grunkle Stan's diner had come mysteriously to life as well. Dipper and Mabel Pines great uncle, Stanley Pines, had turned his home into a tourist trap for anyone that was interested about Fazbear Entertainment. Stan also ran a diner in town, in a small location away from the old Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store. Dipper flipped through the pages frantically as Mabel looked behind her shoulder.

"They are catching up!" Mabel warned. It wasn't just the animantronics, it was also the zombies and Soos that were coming too. (Soos had gotten bit just before the animantronics started to come after them.) Dipper was such in a panicked state that he didn't even notice that one of the animantronics, Mangle, had gotten in through the back door. Mangle grabbed his legs, forcing Dipper to the ground. "DIPPER!" Mabel shouted, worried.

"Mabel, I'm so sorry!" Dipper apologized, struggling against Mangle's grip.

Sadly, the broken fox's grip was way too tight. Suddenly, a zombie got in and grabbed Mabel. Mabel screamed, panicked. Dipper struggled harder until he heard a sound. It was a wooden sound that released Mabel from the zombie. Along with that, he heard an electrical hum. Mangle released Dipper, allowing the 12 year old to roll away from the animantronic. Standing in the doorway was, not only Stan, but another man. He was about 28 years old, had short brown hair, green eyes, a bit shorter than Stan but very lean and muscular. He was wearing a blue short sleeved shirt with black stripes. His jeans were a dirty blue and his sneakers were a black color. He was holding a taser. Stan was holding a baseball bat, panting. Dipper was shocked, to say the least.

"My name is Dipper Pines. The girl next to me is my twin sister, Mabel. You are probably wondering how we got into this whole mess. Well, it all started when our parents said that we needed some 'fresh' air."


"Stanley! Stanley, please! Help me!"

Stan woke up with a start, panting hard. He looked around the room he was staying in, Stanford's room. Stan rubbed his cheek, trying to remember what exactly happened. There was that postcard from Gravity Falls... It was from Stanford... Then when he got here.. That's when it dawned on him. Oh shit...

"Stanford!" Stanley yelled, getting to his feet. Completely ignoring the fact that he had Journal 1 or Ford's glasses on his chest, Stan got to his feet frantically. "Stanford!" He cried again, looking around. He left the room, checking up and down the hall. He checked the other room. Not there. He checked the kitchen. Not there. "No, no, no!" Stan shouted, the desperation getting to him.

It couldn't be true, it couldn't be... He was so wrapped up in his dilemma that he barely noticed that he had knocked off the phone's ringer. The phone had rang before that and there was someone on the other line. Stan, in his crazed state, didn't notice that the phone was off the ringer. Nor the fact that someone was trying to talk to him. It wasn't until he heard the voice again that he stopped.

"Stan, is everything okay?" A male voice asked.

That's when Stan noticed that the phone was off the hook. He picked it up, shaking badly. He hoped that it was all a nightmare but apparently, it wasn't.

"Uh... Henry? Is that you?" Stan questioned.

Henry Cecal, the man behind Fazbear Entertainment, was one of his longtime friends. Henry and Stanley went as far as high school, they were really good friends, even after Stan's Dad had kicked Stan out of the house. Henry knew something was wrong. Based on the last letter he had gotten from Stan, he knew that Stan had gone to Gravity Falls, Oregon, to try and patch things up with his twin brother, Stanford. While he and Stanford were also friends, the two of them had fallen out when Stan was kicked out. He felt like that night took away his two best friends. So, if there was anyone in the world that knew Stan besides Caryn and Ford, it was Henry.

"Yes, it is me." Henry confirmed, with a small smile on his face. He suspected that Stan and Ford had another fight. But Stan sounded so disoriented, it was like he was hoping it was all a bad nightmare. That's when he asked the oblivious question, "Are you okay?"

He expected Stan to deny it straight out. Instead, he got something he wasn't expecting: the truth.

"No! I'm not okay! Ford's gone, Henry! He's gone and it is all my fault!" Stan cried, shaking in fright still.

"What do you mean he's gone?" Henry questioned, raising an eyebrow. Stan then went into all the details of what happened the day prior. While Henry was a bit confused on what Stan meant by 'portal', he got the jist of it: Ford was gone and there was no telling if it was even possible for him to return. "Oh. My. God." Henry breathed.

"Henry, what do I do?! Ma is goin' freak!" Stan asked him.

"Let me get my kid together and we'll come to you. I need to talk to you anyhow. Just stay put, okay?" Henry pleaded.

"B - but I'm almost out of food!" Stan protested.

"Let me worry about that. I'll be there soon." Henry promised.


"That seems like it was so long ago... and yet it has only been thirty years since that day. Henry always thought of others... Sometimes I wish I was just as selfless as him..."


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