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An unusually chilled breeze picked up the leaves and threw them every which way. The inky nighttime sky spilled out onto the shadows around her. The trees bent and contorted, causing strange shadows to dance in the beams of the streetlights. In the midst of the dancing foliage, a hooded figure leaned against a pale marble column. Errant curls blew around her, similar to a sunflower, basking in the breeze. Layers upon layers of fabric rustled around her legs, whipping and cracking in the wind. The errant jangle of jewelry clinked and sang against her body when she shifted her weight onto her other boot.

Absent-minded fingers danced along the dips and hills of the structure holding her up. She scratched a dirty fingernail against the podium lazily, drawing symbols and figures unbeknownst to any civilian. She whispered a quiet song; the notes and melody taken by the wind into the darkness. She stayed that way for a long while, trying her best to stay focused on the pull she felt. Finally, the last light in the window turned off and the she sighed. Tonight was not the night. But, she dutifully came when called - as any of her kind should. A cry for help, especially from a place so magical, should not be ignored. She would try again tomorrow.

Perhaps she would try during the day. It was dangerous - too dangerous usually. However, the cries for help were getting more intense as the days went on. On her end, the desire to be with others like her was overwhelming at times. The yearn to celebrate the fruits of life with someone - anyone, was a visceral pull deep in her soul. Loneliness was a blizzard and she did not want to fall victim to an avalanche.

Tomorrow (Today? It was pretty late) was a new day, bringing new opportunities and chances for everyone. She turned away from the home and started the journey home. She hugged her layers tighter to her. Next time she'd remember to grab her jacket. The chill of the fall was starting to bleed into the nights, and she did not want to be caught off guard.