It has been a terrible month for Blake Belladonna.

First, her partner, mentor (and crush), Adam Taurus, had turned into a complete psycho when he tried to blown up the SDC train they were raiding and kill the defenseless civilians inside it.

Because she had deserted the White Fang and couldn't contact back to Menagerie without allerting the organisation, the Cat Faunus had then opted to enter Beacon Academy in Vale to avoid being taken back by former associates.

A little hotel on the outskirt of the city offered good prices for a room and thus, having a temporary hideout where to prepare herself for the admission test, she relaxed her guard and focused more on menial things like buying groceries and books.

Blake was eating her dinner, delighted that she had found some good sushi on sales, when she started to feel drowsy.

Stress for the intense study, that was her excuse and she went to bed earlier that night, completely ignoring the shadows already shifting towards her.

Eyes opening in shock at the distinct lack of the warmth from the bed she had started to enjoy in her room, Blake woke up inside a pristine white cell, her clothes put on bags and Aura Limiters bracelets disrupting both the protective effects and her semblance.

Time passed and she noticed the small entrance used to give food opened and a small plate entered this maddening cellroom. A bottle of water and some tuna soothed her panic and fury (mostly the tuna).

Still the lack of Gambol Shroud left her in a very precarious situation as she lacked anything she could use to escape or defend herself from her captors.

It took at least two hours to hear another sign of life as footsteps drew closer to the reinforced door and someone knocked at it.

"Miss Belladonna, we are almost there. I suggest you to start getting yourself decent." The voice felt familiar but she couldn't pinpoint it as it was muffled by the white door.

Blake took the small knife she had been given to use to cut the seafood and prepared herself to jump onto whoever was going to open the door, knock them out, find her weapon and leave this blasted place.

As the entrance grunted showing that it was being opened, the Cat Faunus sprung into action and tried to tackle her captor.

A punch in her guts disrupted her trail of thoughts and she backed away, massaging the hurting part.

Her eyes widened as she recognised the owner of the fist that had pushed her back.

"I am quite surprised that your reaction to meet a familiar face is attacking them." The aggressor smiled as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. "Yet I think it's fitting with your headbutting personality, little Blake."

In front to the girl was a man, around his forties, very pale, with hair and beard a mix of blond and white and a pair of profound gold eyes which stare seemed to revert her to her childhood.

On his head rested bat ears that showed his faunus heritage, something the man had prided himself when he could.

His dress resembled one of an noble of old times mostly revealed by his black robe with golden decoration that appeared to have been made by a royal tailor.

Her eyes turned away from the stern stare and she noticed two interesting things:
1) She was in a ship;
2) Said ship was starting to dock in... Menagerie?

Blake recognised the island she had lived for most of her life.. realisation struck as she remembered to greet the man, whom was patiently waiting for her to speak.

"Hello, uncle Vlad..." Her voice muffled by the embarassing scene she had pulled few moments earlier.

Twenty minutes later, Blake was sitting silently on Vlad's living room in the man's house, as he was preparing some coffee for both of them.

The tension was so dense it could be cut with a knife.

"That little hot-head has finally decided to consume himself to the lust of battle? I admit I'm quite disappointed in Taurus. Good talent gone to waste.." She almost jumped into the air as Vlad appeared silently from the kitchen.

"I-I hoped it would have never happened. T-That it was something Adam wouldn't have turned so fanatical.." The Bat Faunus sipped at his cup, letting the flavour enter his mouth, letting Blake have her time to calm down.

"As far I know, his descend into madness wasn't something recent. You should have noticed that something was passionate about Taurus a long time." Vlad's voice lacked emotions as he merely stated facts to his niece.

The girl sighed, knowing that she should have truly Adam's changes, even small ones.

She was his partner afterall! Why it had to end like this...

The man sighed as he noticed the sorrowful expression on Blake's visage.

"I-It doesn't matter, I'll find another way to make the White Fang return how it was and-Ouch!". Faster than she could notice it, Vlad hit her head with his walking stick and, while he had already took away the Aura Limiters, it still hurted enough to force a point.

" Just like your father. He had good intentions but was more of a dreamer than a realist and ended up alientating our people with his appeasing stance."

"I never understood why you opposed Sienna's radical views. I mean, you founded the Menagerie's army, Uncle."

The White Fang was created many years ago under a more moderate and less dangerous leadership and had, after years of fighting, accomplished the passing of several reforms that eased the lack of rights the Fauni suffered for centuries.

Ghira Belladonna, Blake's father, was the last leader of the White Fang and Chieftain of Menagerie to follow this pacifistic line before being wounded during a strike against the SDC.

Sienna Khan, Ghira's apprentice, was chosen as new leader of the organisation as Blake's father decided he wasn't capable of working with anymore and she pushed for major, brutal changes in the fundaments of the Fang.

At first, the Tiger Faunus gained an outstanding popularity among the Fauni and many of those reforms passed mostly unopposed.

Soon strikes turned violent much easier than before, corrupt SDC leaders started to die at gunpoint and the White Fang was branded as a terroristic group.

"I can appreciate some of their ideas, but I despise how Sienna could be too much trusting in giving so much leeway to her underlings." The Bat Faunus sighed as he took another sip at his cup.

Blake had always revered his Uncle, knowing that his life had always been interesting.

Born in a SDC mine in Atlas, his parents managed to send him to Menagerie. He grew up and studied there until he was seventeen before going to Haven Accademy and becoming one of the first Huntsman coming from the island. Returned to his home, he tried to convince the old Chieftain of the necessity of a regular army or at least a para-military school to prepare the population to defend against the dark creatures that lurked on the desolate area of the island, the Grimm.

The old man was a relic of the Great War and barely grasped the necessity of having an active defensive garrison.

His pleas were deflected every time and then something terrible happened that made the Chieftain at the time retire in shame.

A fleet of pirates arrived on the island during the night , intending to raid the village and selling the survivors to some slave market, but they soon discovered that they had messed up bigly.

When they launched the attack upon Menagerie, Vlad alone opposed their assault, fighting for a whole day without support nor pause, even when the Grimm came, sensing the Faunus' fear. At the dawn of the next day, all the inhabitants exit from their house to find a pile of bloody corpses, mangled and cut to pieces, and a barely awake Vlad, suffering from Aura exhaustion, holding tightly on his black lance.

That day resulted in two major things that changed Menagerie's way of life.

The first was Vlad's reputation grew infamously and he was considered one of the best lancers in Remnant for his capacity to not only hold back the attack but retaliate with incredible brutality.

The second was that in a matter of days several men and women took part into his initiative, creating a force more than capable of defending the island from bandits and Grimm.

What truly shocked many was the fact he was still an active Huntsman that worked in dangerous mission, saying that he wished to save up money to give Menagerie a CCT Tower and an Huntsman academy to the village, increase its size in a matter of years.

"Do my parents already know I'm here?" Asked the Cat Faunus, knowing that the conversation was going nowhere.

The man shrugged his shoulders. "I knew you left from my spies in the Fang, but I didn't want to worry them, especially considering you're going to study at Beacon."

Blake sighed once more, her worries lessened in her mind and she finally took a sip from her coffee yet she knew very well that Vlad, while being a good friend of her parents and an honorary uncle to her, would never do anything without a major reason.

"Thank you, Uncle. I think I am still not ready to face them anytime soon and... there is something you want from me, right?". On the bat faunus' face appeared a satisfied smile and in a quick movement that Blake barely felt, the bow on her head disappeared, revealing her cat ears.

"I just ask from you that you to go to Beacon like yourself, a Faunus, and maybe keep an eye on Weiss Schnee."

Not many knew this story but.. there was a time where the youngest children of Jacques Schnee, leader of the Schnee Dust Company, were kidnapped by a rogue military squadron. At the time Vlad was on duty for some mission and he ended up saving the heiress, his little brother and the Huntsman tutoring the girl.

It's still unknown why her uncle was so much familiar with the Schnee heiress but he had just shrugged away all the theories regarding it.

"I'll try to be in her team, but I cannot guarantee anything." finished Blake, dreaded at the simple idea of having to be the spoiled brat's teammember.

"You need to have your guard closer, Weiss!" The firm order barked by the armored instructor shook the Schnee Heiress out of her tiredness .

The mansion's training room and its white and blue theme were starting to become more and more despised by Weiss as it's been hours that she had been trying to land some hits on her teacher but until now she had but failed in the intent.

Myrtenaster danced with grace and precision but any attack was either deflected or easily blocked by her mentor, Lancelot Du Lac.

A man tall almost two meters with short violet hairs, Lancelot wore a white armor with a black suit underneath, a scarf around his neck and the infamous golden sword with runes constantly moving in to defend his master.

The white haired girl's sword attempted to pierce the elusive and seemingly invulnerable knight but his closeness and his sharp reaction senses incapacitated her aim and her ability to create glyphs.

Thankfully the knight eased his aggressive stance and let Weiss form the well-known snowflake symbol.

This became red and fireballs flew quickly against the Huntsman, each of them swiftly countered with precise hits that voided them before reaching their target.

With a mighty strike, Lancelot slammed his blade upon Myrtenaster and pushed the girl towards the wall, breaking her aura and finishing the spar.

"You improved a lot in so much little, young Weiss." A glint of pride hiding in the quiet and reserved tone of the teacher, letting some of the dread coming of the defeat lessen at the words.

The heiress got up and brushed the dust off her vest, resting few moments for her Aura to recover and then bowed respectfully to her teacher, who alongside her sister and her butler was the only person so far she truly come to appreciate as a friend.

"In the end you trained me, Sir Lancelot. You are the responsible of my current advancement." The knight returned the bow and gave her a small smile at her humbleness.

"Nonsense, young lady. You came up so far with your own hard work and what you consider my talents, well, those are just ways to help you grow up. It was you that convinced someone like Whitley to start and train, I remind you." He concluded with one of his very rare laughs, one which Weiss shared with him.

Before the attempted kidnapping, Whitley Schnee had been a spoiled brat with very little comprehension of Remnant and how dangerous the world was.

It took some pep talks and the kidnapping to prove him how he was wrong regarding his safety, until now deemed nigh-unbreachable.

Still a spoiled brat, Whitley started to actually see how being more practical and more capable of defending himself on his own benefitted him more than just depending on protection given by just money.

"There is still one thing you have yet to tell me, Weiss. Why do you wish to go to Beacon and not study at Atlas?" Lancelot's concern brought a blank expression in the young heiress' visage, one the knight couldn't understand .

She had a family and had the chance to have everything she wanted in the name of good, but she seemed so much saddened and lonely most of the time.

That was one of the greatest questions in the teacher's mind that not even his experiences could help to explain.

"It's a must for me. I want to affirm myself, Weiss Schnee, more as a person, not only as heiress to the most powerful and corrupted company on the planet.", Lancelot smiled.

"This is good objective in life but remember you can't do something this ambitious all alone. Find good, trustworthy teammates and show them whom you truly are." The girl nodded and, after shaking his hand, the the two exit from the gym.

They both smiled, knowing they could trust the other to the point of telling each other their respective secrets.

In another zone of Atlas, inside a research facility , a woman was resting on her desk after a long day of working.

A majestic beauty, pretty tall, prosperous, with lilac hair and pointed ears.

Someone could have thought of her being a a faunus, but it was just a simple birth defect that had more than once caused some interesting accidents along her life.

She felt an hand touching her shoulders and stretched as she turned to see whom was disturbing her slumber.

Her blue eyes landed on a brown haired teenager, dressed as a soldier and with two fangs coming from his mouth.

"Souchiro, is everything alright?" The woman yawned as she tried to wake up fully from her nap as she asked her son.

The boy rolled his eyes at her calm.

Soichiro had been adopted almost 13 years earlier by Medea Seaspel, one of Atlas' best scientist regarding Dust and Aura Experimentation and incredibly powerful Huntress, whom talents were easily shadowed by her antics.

" I'm fine, mom, but I remember asking you to not work all night. You barely caught some sleep this week."

"But I work so hard so you can have a future, dear." As the scientist gave a small kiss on the teen's head, Souchiro huffed in annoyance at her babying him once more.

The door of the lab opened once more, this time revealing an old friend of the small family entering the room, a dark skinned man with few white hair sitting on a four legged robot.

Pietro Polendina, Robotics expert and another very famous scientist in Atlas, had been working with Medea a joint experiment funded by the military.

"Medea? We're almost finished and we are waiting for you to finish the test." The woman nodded as she got up from her chair, straightening her coat.

"Then led us, Pietro. It's finally time to give the girl the possibility to feel more of the real world. Plus, I think Soichiro here would like to finally have a normal conversation with Penny."

"It would be interesting." The snake faunus commented, a small but genuine smile hanging from his mouth.

The trio went to an hidden section of the structre, where many scientists worked on several machines.

The results of everyone's work was the massive and complex computer connected to a single capsule, this one containing inside a girl-like model ready for the AI to use.

Medea went closer to the computer and reached for the microphone, speaking to Penny.

"Penny, we are about to start the test, are you ready?" She received her answer by a female voice with a static edge coming right from the computer.

"I'm 100% ready, professor Seaspell!"

"Very well. Doctor Polendina, you might start the program."

The fellow scientist nodded and activated the machine connected by wires to the capsule. Said wires glowed green and electricity of the same color danced around it and into the android's empty body.

"Energy's at maximum charge." Medea affirmed as the screen in front of her monitored the experiment.

Yet sparkles flared from the machine and the light softened a bit, causing Geppetto to sigh in frustration.

"Amplifying the energy input up to 130% should stabilise the process." The man didn't want to see once more the project of a lifetime go to waste and deemed necessary once more to not give up so easily on the project.

Surprisingly enough the energy started to slowly reduce and an hiss filled the room.

The capsule opened and the girl inside, now much more lively than before, started to look at her hand and her appearance in awe.

She had a pale pink complexion with some freckles on her cheeks. A light red hair and brilliant green eyes shined with curiosity ad what she was seeing

She was wearing something similar to a black swimsuit with a green accension symbol glowing in her back.

Pietro and Medea rushed immediatly towards her and started to check her vitals, energy input and output.

"Penny, can you tell us how do you feel? Do you notice memory loss, weakness on the limbs or anything else?" Asked Medea aiming a little flashlight into the girl's eye and receveing a smile as answer.

"I actually feel great, Miss Medea, I can't wait to start fightning." Her voice chirpier than usual but as she tried to get up she fell on the floor with a sheepish expression plastered on her face.

"Calm down there, Penny, you must still be used to having a body and run some diagnostics before you can even think of doing dangerous things."

In the deserts of Vacuo, a company of soldiers was celebrating after a long day of killing Grimm on the territory.

Other than them, were present also various scientist and locals, all different between each other, but all under the command of the same leader, whom in that moment was in his own tent, making a report regarding his last campaign, before unite to his men.

He was a man taller than two meters, very bulky, with bronze colored skin and red spiky hair, other than a red beard, dressed for now just with military pants, showing a physique built with years of training.

"Commander, Scouts report seeing an huge pack of Grimm coming towards us and many of our men are too tired or wounded to fight. What should we do?" A soldier entered the tent in haste, clearly shaken by the news himself.

A simple rookie to the company, so he was still unaware how exactly they worked, if not thanks to some stories.

The man laughed and exit from the tent after taking an armor.

"Tell the medic to hurry in fixing our mens and find who is still capable of fighting. I'll buy some time while the troops ready. The big bitch probably thinks to destroy us, but I'll show her how much she is underestimating us."

"B-But, commander... are you sure?" Exclaimed the soldier, shocked by the simple plan the grinning man had told him.

The general, Iskandar Scarlatina, was famous as one of the most dangerous Huntsman in history both for his individual strenght and the way he worked.

He had raduned a company of mercenaries, scientists and many others to unemployed people to reconquer many territories that had fallen to the Grimm or to bandits of the worst kind. The inhabitants of the conquered territories considered him a king, even more important than the Councils, and called him 'the Conqueror'.

Said warrior, after putting his armor back, saw a call on his scroll and answered, finding on the screen a girl with long brown hair, eyes of the same color and rabbit ears.

" Hi dad. Is everything alright there?".

"Velvet, my little princess. Everything is amazing! How are you?"

"Doing great, dad. My team just returned from our first mission alone and we were celebrating with mom. She misses you a lot. Also, when you're thinking to return home?"

The general laughed, happy that his baby girl was growing a backbone thanks to her teammates if her bossy tone meant something.

"Don't worry, sweetie. Another week to heal the earth and destroy the last Grimms, then we will all return home. I'll be there before you could say Okeanos. Sorry, but I've to leave you now as a pack of monsters is going to attack us. Give your mother a kiss on my behalf."

"I'll do. Love you, dad, and please don't hurt yourself too much." The man said a small goodbye to his daughter and walked towards the chariot led by two heavy armed oxen. He took a sword, two bazookas, some packs of Dust and parted with the vehicle, going against the approaching horde of Grimms that were on the point of attacking the encampment.


Not so far by the battle between Iskandar and the monsters, outside the terrible sandstorm created by it, a warrior observed the ensuing battle in silence.

Covered by an armor black as the night with a skull mask and horns alongside similar decorations on knees, gomits and chest.

He was tall and mighty almost as the Conqueror and certainly he emanated the same aura of power and authority.

The only visible element of his visage were his cold blue eyes, which were emitting a strange light, while on his back the're was a great sword big almost as him.

"So, gramps, we're gonna give him an hand?"

The one to ask was a boy seventeen years old dressed with a purple kimono, a silver mantle, fingerless black gloves, sandals and a berret from which appearead two black wolf ears.

He had short hair of the same colour, brown eyes and a bulky frame, trough not exaggerately fat. On his back the're were two tonfas.

"I don't think he needs help, but I agree with Emil." Another voice piped in.

He had the same age of the first, but had a darker color skin, blue eyes, messy blond hair and a monkey tail. He was dressed with jeans, an unbottoned white shirt, gym shoes and kept a golden and red staff in his hand.

"Sun, Emil, I thought I had already taught you the virtue of patience. I called you here to give the instructions for the next months and Iskander's presence is only a coincidence. Did you understand everything I just said?"

"Yes" Muttered the wolf faunus in annoyance. "I must go to Atlas and partner up with Souchiro Seaspell. I just hope he won't be a spoiled brat."

"And I have to go back to Haven to check the Headmaster." Concluded Sun.

Despite the bored tone, both were determined to don't disappoint their boss and teacher, the great King Hassan, the most dangerous assassin in all of Remnant.

He was famous for his deadliness, stealth skill and most on all for the capacity to be able to choose how to deal with a target.

" Very well, be sure to don't disappoint me..." The two faunus nodded and disappeared between the sands.

The older warrior returned to observe the battle, apparently unaware of three Beowolfs that were approaching him.

But before those abominations could attempt to attack him from behind, they

were hit by some blue flame, while Hassan appeared behind the remaining with his sword unsheated. When he took it back on his sheath, the wolfs transformed into particles of black dust, taken away from the wind.

"...or you will disappoint the entire world."

"Sis, please, don't go!", yelled a six year old boy with two mantis antles to the older girl in front of him.

Red hair, green eyes and dressed with a golden armor, she was busy take a bag into the bullhead when the child had approached her.

The teen took the boy into her arms and pulled him in an embrace.

"I'm sorry, Buzz, but I've to go to Vale. Still, I promise you that when I'll return I will be ready to defend everyone and I will teach you the same I studied."

Pyrrha Nikos, winner for four times in a row of the Mistral Junior Tournaument, best student of Sanctum and future Huntress in training of Beacon patted the head of the child.

She was also one of the various orphans at the Nikos Orphanage, owed by Atlanta Nikos, cousin to Haven's Headmaster.

It was in fact for the institute's issues that Pyrrha had started to compete in the tournaments as those gave large sum of money to the winner and guaranteed a stable income to the orphanage.

Trough chances of getting more experience from opponents were slim as the main competitors were mostly children of rich people that barely knew how to fight decently.

Also she was a complete klutz when trying to befriend people.

The first few times she tried to make friendly banter, it was immediately mistaken an arrogant move toward her competition.

"Pyrrha, c'mon, the Bullhead will leave in few minutes!"

The feminine voice called out from the bullhead and the young woman sighed.

"I'm coming, mom!"

Pyrrha patted the child one last time as she paced towards the bullhead.

Her mother, Atlanta Nikos, was an Huntress and founder of the orphanage that had taken care of her for most of her life.

A tall lion faunus with blond hair by green tint , she was wearing a combat dress with a short skirt and black elbows and knees protections.

"You got everything, Pyrrha? Any issue you wish to voice before going?"

"I'm fine but I'm don't feel good knowing that I will have to leave everyone behind. Still, I'm confident in finding some friends in Beacon!."

Atlanta couldn't not notice the same fake confident smile her daughter had started using few years ago when she was trying to hide her insecurities from everyone.

"Pyrrha..." The woman started, trying to coax her to relax herself as she knew she was way too nervous.

The redhead hummed annoyed and, checking that no one was looking at them, she sighed and her smile turned into a small sad line.

"Okay... I'm afraid that I might not befriend anyone at the school. My reputation as a champion had already hindered past attempts and I will go mad if it happens once more. I'm so tired of being what they want to see me!" As she ranted, few tears started to form in eyes.

Atlanta sighed, giving her a grave and tired look as she softened her usual stern stance for a moment.

"I told you to stop after you second victory, before it was too late. That I could think myself how to get the money to deal with the costs."

"How so?" Pyrrha yelled angrily at her caretaker. "We all needed you to do more but no! As I got old enough, I had to work hard to gain the results I have now! At least I had not resorted to- to that!" She concluded pointing at some woman in a near alley that were trying to sell their 'services' to the passing men.

" I would rip off my ears before I could allow such thing to happen to any of you."

Atlanta's voice was soft but the young Nikos feel it crack a little, showing her regret.

"But the damage is done now and no words will be able to wash away my terrible behavior. I-I'm sure you will find a way fix your life soon. You've grown into a beautiful girl with a lovely kindness that appeal to everyone." She paused, giving her daughter a proud smile.

"And you are my daughter. I know you will have nothing to be afraid at Beacon."

The lioness hugged her cub uncaring if people saw their moment. Pyrrha enjoyed the warm embrace and put her head on Atlanta's shoulder.

"Thank you, mom. I will always love you."

"C'mon, Jaune, keep your guard higher. And be quicker!"

"Maybe you need to go slower, dad!"

Those who were yelling each other were two men dueling with swords in the training ground sited near the household were the Arc family lived.

The older one had a crocodile tail, white hair coming to the shoulders, tanned skin and a black armour with silver protections,

The man had his black sword moving in his hand while two others were still holstered in their sheaths.

The other one was a seventeen years old boy, his face similar to his opponent's with a paler complexion, blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing jeans with protection on the knees, shoulders armor, iron gloves and an armored plate covering his chest, everything in white with golden lines on its borders.

On his hands were a longsword he had build few year ago and a white and golden shield , the symbol of two crescent moons painted on it, secretly holding another sword, this one from his grandfather and that could be also used to sheath his custom blade.

The two continued to exchange hits against each other for several minutes, throwing attacks and blocking the ones directed towards them.

The battle arrived to an end when a woman came from the path of their home, interrupting the fight with just her presence.

She had a astonishing body body and dressed with a black dress, steel protections covering her stomach.

Finally a little crown sat on her messy and blond hair, pretty short to don't obstacle her during her fights..

What truly halted the spar was actually the inviting cake she was holding in her arms.

"My two favorite Huntsmen want to eat something sweet before leaving? You cannot leave for Beacon with an empty belly." The two stopped their swords into midair, before sheating them and going towards the woman.

Jeanne Arc, matron of the large Arc family, was already there to spoil her family with her good treats and kindness.

"Honey, you spoil us so much." Siegfried Asgard, leader of Ansel's townguard, whined softly as he took a silently eyed the delicious cake.

The boy nodded, the teen much more resilient than his old man.

He gave her a smug smile, eyes closed.

"In fact, mom. I'm not a kid anymore and I don't need to accept everything you order me to do-!" A slap echoed in the clearing as the blonde had one of his hands nursing his now-red cheek, staring at the woman submitted to her will.

"Your mother knows best, little Jaune." The firm tone in her statement sent shivers to the two men's backs.

One thing that angered the woman the most was when she was dealing with the rebelliousness in her children's behavior.

She had accepted to have Jaune training to be capable of defending himself from the dangers of Remnant but she wouldn't renounce to spoil and cuddle her children not even if it could cause the end of the world.

"Let's see if you will continue to baby me after I finished at Beacon. My team will be the best in the Academy's history and I will have a girlfriend!"

"Do you think you will get to become a leader too?" The joke coming from his father actually made Jaune pale at that situation, knowing that he was not good in leading people.

"Absolutely no. There are responsibilities I might accept if forced upon me but I'm happy with just obeying orders and destroying everything with Moonblanc."

"And take Crocea Mors with you. you can never know if you could lose Moonblanc and have to deal with foes in that circumstance." Her overprotectiveness irked the young Arc as he didn't like being babied so much.

"But it's so ancient and I bet it could only be used just as a relic in some museum. It is useful for training and for self defence, but all my schoolmates will have things much more effective than it." The hard glare from his mother silenced any other detail he would have added about the blade.

The woman had always been quite attached to the sword but she never explained why so.

"Trust me, Jaune, this sword might be old but it has so much potential for you to discover and use it to become great."

The young knight nodded, through he still wasn't that convinced about her mysterious words.

"Give some faith to your mother. Now let's go, the Bullhead will leave in a few minutes." Siegfried's statement got the two blondes to nod and the three took their car and went to the airport, where Siegfried and Jaune told their goodbyes in tears, both emotional in that moment.

Jeanne smiled, a bit of worry still within her mind but she knew that her son wished to prove himself by becoming an Huntsman and she was not going to oppose her baby boy's dream.

As the airship disappeared from the view, Sieg looked back to his wife and his eyes landed on hers.

"He will be fine... don't worry so much...", Jeanne cleaned her nose with an handkerchief but still was saddened by her son's going away.

"I know but.. Sieg?".

" Yes, dear?"

"I love you."

"I love you too." Their lips touched, uncaring of the crowd around them and, while some looked disapproving of the public act, they decided to not voice their disgruntlement, leaving the couple to enjoy this little moment together.

While the Huntsman and Huntress prepared their students and/or childrens to their own future, in a place almost never touched by man, an ancient and dark creature was doing its best to spread its influence around the continents and watched the changes of this new reality take form in front of its eyes.

" Do your best, fourth rate servant, but in the end I will destroy everything you have tried to build."

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