Thanks to the Halloween prompt

A short poem inspired by The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

(Apologies for the formatting)

Her hair was a river of lava pouring over virgin snow

Her eyes were of steely glint, with the slightest emerald glow

Her lips were as posed as the dancer awaiting the music to sing

And faeries, they came flying-

- flying, flying

The faeries they came flying, in hope for news to bring.


She'd a shawl upon her shoulders, with lace tendrils hanging down

A blue ribbon caught her hair back, loosened at her crown

Her slippers smooth and fitted, she dare not risk a slip

For she ran at the time of dawn light

- No chance before it was night

She dashed at the first ray of dawn light, before life's cord was snip'd.


She had heard his voice call for her, as sirens call at sea

She had seen his eyes in the moonlight, begging to be free

She had felt his breath follow, her gallant race to run

Like a promise made to their childhood

- Forgiveness granted in childhood

If she could only hold on to their childhood, before the breaking sun.


Over the bridge she stumbled, with a prayer upon the wind

Upon the gate she crumbled, as she only thought of him

She dare not seek the entry she had declined as gift before

But still the heart it beckoned

- Her moment had been reckoned

The marching beat it beckoned, upon his barricade door.


It opened into shadow, between living and the dead

Their eyes were masked in sorrow, their hearts were filled with dread

T'was all left to vain hope that tonight would be the last

And with not a word to be spoken

- all hope and magic broken

Not even a step towards them, her pain fell with a gasp.


They caught her as she fell upon their weary hearth

Her body limp as water released from mortal bath

They lay her by his bedside, a journey now complete

But she never knew her pillow

- His arm as lithe as a willow

She rested on her pillow, and forever gently sleep.


The fever came for him in the morning with a soft touch upon his brow

No more would he burn with delusions, he rested peaceful now

His final prayer was answered, there was nothing left to say

For she came to him, flying

- crying, dying

She had come to him flying, and forever they now lay.