I usually don't (never actually) make chapters that are just author's notes but seeing as this is a sequel and I have so much to say I am doing it just this once.

First, I'd like to say that this is like I mentioned already a sequel. A sequel to my story 'Haunted by Vampires' and I'd recommend reading it first however within the first couple of chapters you get the gist of what happened previously, so you can start here or read this solo if you really want to. As the writer though I'd highly recommend reading 'Haunted by Vampires' if you want to read this.

So, for those of you unaware I took a vote after the first story on two fronts one being for what type of time skip if any, and the other being for a possible pairing. Now for the results from the voting on whether the sequel (this story) would be set right after, three years later, ten years later, or a mixture of all three are as follows:

All Three – 5, 10 years later – 15, 3 years later – 9, Right After - 4

The winner is: 10 years later!

I'm a bit shocked by the results, to be honest. Still, given that so many people reviewed and messaged me about this I finally decided on an idea that will hopefully satisfy most readers, as unfortunately, I can't please everyone.

That said I'm gonna go kinda off topic but not really and say that I'm a huge visual novel fan and they tend to have branching storylines. While doing a trilogy didn't win after this story concludes I will be doing another sequel to 'Haunted by Vampires' that let's say takes place in an alternate reality, so it'll not have any connection whatsoever to this story but also be a direct sequel to the first one. For those of you wanting a kid Lily and no romance that'll be the sequel for you but as this one won I'm doing it first.

Still, even with that future story, I've decided to have the first chapter of this story pick up right where the previous story ended for the few who wanted a right after sequel. After that, I will flash-forward ten years but there may be flashbacks at some point to kid Lily as well.

Now onto the second and final voting, we did: The pairing.

David – 4, Marko – 12, Paul – 4, Dwayne – 2, David & Marko – 1, David & Dwayne – 1, Marko & Paul – 1, All – 3

So, the winner is Marko by a landslide!

It's kinda neat how much love my favorite Lost Boy got, and he wasn't even in the previous story but maybe that's why he won?

Either way, I'm happy with it and who knows as a fan of branching storylines I may sometime in the future make another direct sequel to 'Haunted by Vampires' with a different pairing I suppose it all depends on whether I want to or if enough people want me to in the end.

Now that that's been said I would like to say one last thing,

Thank you for those of you who took the time to read this long ass author's note and for those of you who are returning to continue this journey that I started in 'Haunted by Vampires' and finally to those new readers I love you all.

Happy reading (and Halloween)

Lil Lost Lady.