Haunted by Blood

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Chapter 5: Conversing with Vampires

Lily stared into David's eyes. They weren't the gold that sometimes haunted her nightmares over the years. No, right now he looked just as human as she did. That was the problem, though. Neither of them were human, at least not completely human in her case.

Clearing her dry throat, the girl did her best to put her thoughts into words for the first time in years. "Back then, you used me to come back…"

"Yeah but you kinda knew that already, even back then, didn't you?" Paul was the one who spoke, even though her attention was on David.

"That wasn't a question… You're right. I did know." Lily took a deep breath before exhaling slowly, "My question is why… Why did you give me the blood?"

David raised an eyebrow. "I promised you could live forever, I kept my promise."

"That's it? It's that simple? Because you promised me?" Her words were painted with pure disbelief. To be fair, she didn't know what she had expected to be the answer.

The vampire merely shook his head, "I answered your question. Now you answer mine; why did you drink the blood?"

Lily looked away from him then as the accident briefly flashed before her eyes. The teenager willed it away, refusing to have any kind of episode in front of them. She would not appear that vulnerable to clear predators.

Her gaze made its way back to his and she answered, "I didn't want to die."

He held her stare for several seconds that seemed like an eternity before the blond nodded, "So now what?"

Lily was confused but tired not to appear like she wasn't following his line of thought. He either noticed this or simply decided to continue anyway as he approached her.

"You didn't want to die but, tell me, do you feel alive right now?" He was no longer a few feet away but directly in front of her.

Lily blinked and furrowed her eyebrows trying to concentrate on his words instead of his proximity, "You don't seem to realize that not dying and living are two different things." His tone was more thoughtful than inquisitive, "So, tell me which do you really want? To live or just not die?"

"Kinda hard to live when you're undead isn't it?" Lily did kind of get what he was telling her but she was going to do what she did best and be snarky because that was how the teenager dealt with things she didn't like.

David didn't pay her smart mouth any mind, though, unlike her dad and instead imparted more wisdom, "I only ever lived after I first died."

Why was he telling her this? What did he want? She wanted answers but instead all the half-vampire was getting was more questions.

His hand reached out, setting on her still hooded head. She froze stiffly for a moment before slowly relaxing as he rubbed her head gently and spoke again, "I think I understand you a little better now. It's not that you value others' lives or even your own humanity."

Lily tensed again as she didn't like the sound of that.

"You want to live but you're afraid to die first. The thought of your heart stopping scares you."

He wasn't wrong that that was a terrifying thought, but the other stuff about humanity and the lives of others? Clearly, he was wrong about those things; they did matter to her. Lily lurched away from him. "You're wrong."

Her tone was defiant but he didn't appear to believe her. "Your words are at odds with your eyes."

Lily glared. "What?"

"You're only saying what you think you should say, only allowing yourself to feel what you think you should but how do you really feel? Why were you so horrified that you nearly bit that woman earlier today?"

"How do you know- because she was a person not a hamburger! And I'm not about to be responsible for her death…" Lily looked away at that.

"She's going to die either way," Paul chimed in. "Does it really matter if it's a few months or years sooner?"

For the first time she turned to Paul, "Of course it matters!"

"Why?" He cocked his head to the side looking genuinely curious.

David quietly watches on.

"Because she has more time to do things."

Paul nodded but continued with his line of questioning, "And when her life is over do those things really matter?"

"…I don't know but it might to people who care about her." Lily felt less sure of her answers as this continued. Why was she arguing for the life of a stranger?

David finally cut back in asking, "Are you one of those people?"

Lily snorted, "No but-"

"Only your answer is relevant the rest is just an excuse." Paul nodded in agreement to his fellow vampire's line of thinking.

Her dark eyes closed and she decided to concede to that, "Alright, I get what you're saying. That doesn't mean I want to kill anyone."

She didn't want to see anyone die ever again.

That thought made her realize she probably had a dead body phobia; it probably had an official name but she didn't know it or care. Clearly Lily had way more issues than she was comfortable admitting. She jokingly wondered if she had a phobia of vampires since technically, they were animated dead bodies.

David's expression told her he probably knew all about her new realization as well even if he wasn't giving voice to it.

"But you do want to live?" David pulled out a cigarette from behind his ear that she hadn't even realized was there.

"Obviously." She tightened her arms around herself defensively.

"Then you have to kill." It was so matter-of-factly that she wanted to punch him.

Instead she chose the less violent option, "Will I die if I don't?"

David calmly smoked his cigarette and seemed to be ignoring her so Paul answered her question, "No, but you'll wish you were dead."

The blond paused in his enjoyment of his smoke to ask, "Do you want to kill your brother?"

"Half-brother… you know about that too?" Her response was as automatic as it was to correct her name but then she understood what this meant. There didn't seem to be anything she could hide from him.

"He smells very good, doesn't he? Children usually do, though, they're not very filling. If you don't feed you will slip up and we all know who will likely die as a result."

Lily looked queasy at the thought as David butted his cigarette on his gloved hand and continued on, "That's the heart of the problem isn't it? Whenever you think about it you recall how you almost ate your half-brother. As much as you deny him the full term brother you still can't fathom him dying it's too close to-"

"Stop it!" Lily screamed.

The girl didn't want to talk about it. The whole reason she feared death in the first place, her first trauma, was clearly still very relevant even with all the others she now had. They shouldn't even know about her little brother. How long had they known? As far back as when they were still incorporeal and she was a kid who was petrified of death…?

That thought sobered her as she was still just as afraid of it and that was her problem, the reason she was here.

Maybe even the reason her father was… her father, how'd she forget about him? Was she that self-centered that she had forgotten that David may very well have killed or was planning to off her dad? It wasn't something she wanted to admit but Lily was aware that she was massively flawed and, yes, selfish even, but she didn't want him to die.

"The people interested in grandmother's house… Let me guess it was you?"

David didn't seem to mind the change in topic. "Technically it was Dwayne. He can sound more professional, so he made the call."

That made a weird kind of sense to her. He did seem the most mature of the lot, at least from her memory.

"You knew somehow that I drank the blood, how?"

"We felt it; you're connected to us now."

Connected? What did that mean? No, it wasn't important. What was important is that it was like she thought. Once again, her actions put someone in her family in danger. Her father was likely going to die if he wasn't already dead.

Part of her didn't want to know but the brunette asked anyways, "Is my father dead?"

"Not yet…" Paul cackled.

"I don't suppose you'll let him go." It was directed at David even though Paul was the one who had answered. She knew who was in charge.

He smirked, "I don't suppose so."

"I didn't think so." Lily sighed and dropped her arms to her sides.

"So, once again, what will you do about it?"

"What can I do?" She looked out at the water feeling like nothing had been accomplished except finding out that she had more problems and liked herself even less now. Could she even be depressed? Maybe? Her mind briefly pondered if becoming a vampire could cure her of that but she decided against it.

"Giving up?" He sounded almost disappointed that she wouldn't fight him.

"No… I think I knew he was dead from the moment I left the hotel room tonight." This was true, she knew it, even if the teenager hadn't accepted it.

"That sounds like you're giving up." David tried once more. What he was hoping to gain she wasn't sure.

"I'd have to have been willing to fight for him to be giving up and, while I don't want him to die and I'd feel guilty, it's not something I'm not already used to."

"Sounds like you won't miss him," Paul joined in again out of interest in her thoughts regarding her parent.

"I've been missing who I wanted him to be for years." Lily had never said those words out loud. Somehow, she felt she should've said them sooner.

Just then a clapping sound suddenly had her turning to meet another unforgettable face; it was Dwayne. And he was holding onto her father who had tape across his mouth and looking worse for wear but still awake. The clapping wasn't Dwayne though, it was a figure to his left, the happy blond boy she met earlier.


He had to be a vampire too if he was with them. That figured.

"Wow, A plus parenting," Marko told the beaten man, patting his shoulder in a mock comforting manner.

Lily didn't want to look into her father's judgmental eyes. Instead, she turned back to David, "Why are you doing this?"

Really, she didn't want to see him die.

"Well I thought a little family reunion was in order." He walked around her and approached her father, "Originally, I was going to spill a little bit of blood and see if I could get you to kill him."

Lily glared venomously at David for that. "And now?"

"Now… I'm thinking about trying something different."

Lily watched him warily.

Marko laughed then, "Oh, that could be fun."

"I thought so." David grinned his face dropping the human mask and becoming the face from her nightmares and apparently the stuff of her father's future ones if he lived long enough to have them by the way he was suddenly trying to flee Dwayne's grip.

Lily backed away from them only to bump into Paul who she had forgot was still behind her. "Sorry about this. You'll forgive me later right, little sister?"

She tensed but was unable to ask what she would need to forgive when arms suddenly wrapped around her waist from behind and she was airborne. At first her feet leaving the ground made her let out a startled sound. Then she recalled her brief flight, or more like float, that she had as a child and, even though this was higher, faster, and longer than that, she didn't hate it.

As the wind ruffled her hair, she knew this wasn't what Paul was asking her forgiveness for.

He was taking her somewhere and from the talking behind her the others were coming along for the ride. Part of her wanted to close her eyes and enjoy it but she knew better. She didn't trust them. Connection by blood or whatever, they weren't her friends. Not now and not then.

"Lily!" A voice called out and she turned her head to see Marko's laughing face, "Look." He pointed so she followed his finger only to see Dwayne and David tossing her father back and forth between them and Marko as they flew as if he weighed nothing and they weren't high enough up that a drop would surely kill any regular old human.

It was like his life was a game to them.

"I think he's passed out." Lily's voice wasn't very loud in the wind but it didn't need to be; they heard it.

"Aww you're right. Now it's not as fun," Marko said before grinning, "If he could've screamed it would've been even better but David said that he needed to keep the tape on."

"Trust me you didn't want to hear him. if you thought Michael was boring, don't get him started." Dwayne's voice wasn't as loud as Marko's but Lily heard the words all the same.

"Are you going to kill him?" She found herself asking David again.

"You'll see."

It wasn't long after that they started to descend and she looked around at her surroundings. "Where are we?"

"Home," David told her gesturing toward a very dangerous looking bridge leading into the mouth of a cave.

Before she could say anything to that something covered her eyes. "What?"

"Shh, listen what do you hear?"

Without her eyes her ears seemed to pick up on a lot of sounds, the wind rustling the trees, the ocean waves hitting the rocks but she didn't think that this was what Paul wanted her to hear.

Then she heard it.

A heartbeat.

It was loud and nearby.

It must've belonged to her father. She knew her own heart rate to be slower than his and not nearly so loud even though he was unconscious.

As if answering her thoughts, she heard her own but it was nearly drowned out by his. Then suddenly there was a loud sickening snap that had her jump. "What was that!?"

"Listen, what's missing?" David questioned.

She did as he said uneasily and then turned pale. "The heartbeat is gone."

"Exactly." Dwayne's words sounded like a compliment but Lily felt sick and weirdly grateful for the covering over her eyes. As if reading her thoughts, the blindfold was removed and there on the ground was the crumpled unmoving form of her father.

Lily quickly makes to turn away from him but Paul grabbed and steadied her, "Nope, sorry. Gotta face your fears sooner or later."

She was prevented from turning away but not from closing her eyes.

David sighed, "I had a feeling you were gonna be stubborn about it."

Paul picked her up but she hardly noticed the change, too focused on not looking or thinking about it to care that she was being moved.

A bit later Dwayne spoke directly into her ear, "It might help to remember that the unmoving dead body will never be you."

With that, she was dropped and let out a startled cry. It didn't hurt, but it did cause her to open her eyes for a moment only to see her father's dead body inches from herself. Lily made to jump back only to hit a wall. Turning, she saw no reachable exit behind her and so she had to look back in the direction of the body that was once her father.

Taking a few deep breaths, she stared around at the other walls, there was no way out. Sliding down the wall she felt herself starting to hyperventilate when a voice called down to her.

"Once you can calm down, I'll let you out." If she had any doubts that he was a monster, she didn't now that he'd just trapped her in a hole with a corpse. And not just any corpse, but her father's.

Looking up she saw David. "Let me out now!" It was supposed to sound like a demand but it was a plea and they both knew it.

"I told you what you had to do to make that happen."

Standing up unsteadily as she kept her gaze skyward, she asked shakily, "What's the point of this?" Her arms motioned downward to where she knew the body was but wasn't willing to look.

"Desensitizing. Once you can do that, the rest is easy," David spoke as if it was simple. Nothing was going to come of this except she was going to have more nightmares.

"I don't understand." She hated feeling this weak and the teenager had the urge to lash out at them for making her feel this way.

"Yes, you do." It was Marko. He'd said something before about fun. He was obviously a sadistic bastard hiding behind an innocent face. He'd never fool her again.

"Overcome your fear of the dead and live," Dwayne said and his statement earlier was making more sense but fear wasn't logical like that.

"Don't you want to stop being afraid?" Her watery eyes met Paul's at his words and she remembered him asking her to forgive him. She didn't think she would.

She didn't answer but kept looking up at them silently hoping they'd take pity and let her out of the hole. Never before had she wanted any pity but if it would free her from this pit then she'd gladly accept it.

Instead David grins, "Welcome home little sister."

Her gaze hardened as they all retreated. "If… When I overcome this, I'm gonna make you regret putting me down here!" She said it loud enough that she knew they heard her.

If Marko's laugh was anything to go by, he didn't believe her.

She'd show him.

But first Lily had to show herself and force her eyes to the ground. She wasn't sure that she could.

Hopefully, if nothing else, her vindictive streak could pull her through this.

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