Sora The Vampire Slayer

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Chapter 2: The Other Day/Second Tragedy

The hand running through his hair as Sora lay motionless in his bed was supposed to feel comforting, but it wasn't. Nothing could make him feel better.

As if he wasn't racked with enough guilt before the funeral now it was basically swallowing him whole. Even Kairi agreed that it was his fault though not in so many words. Of course, she would think that though. She was there, unlike Selphie and his aunt. Aerith was as she always was, just like last year but unlike then she wouldn't, no couldn't understand this.

Not even Sora did, and he had been there. He had no one to go to about this, he was alone.

Maybe he deserved to be unable to confide in anyone, alone… with his guilt.

Fingers continued their path through his hair, just like last year and like every other time when he felt down, she was there. Like a mom would be, should be… but he couldn't open up, not this time.

His mind started to replay that day because as much as he didn't want to think about it, that was all he could think about. When he closed his eyes, it was all he could see… it made him almost wish he was still seeing a lifeless Riku instead.

Sora had to try much harder to smile more than ever before. And laughter felt hollow sometimes. Luckily during the day, he could almost focus on other things on other people as time passed, he could almost pretend like Riku didn't exist.

And in a way he wasn't lying to himself about it. Riku and his presence was just gone, his family had packed away all the pictures and no one talked about him anymore. He just ceased to exist at some point.

Is that what death was supposed to be? Sora didn't know.

Still that didn't change that the first-year anniversary of Riku's death was due to arrive in less than a month, maybe that was why lately things were harder than usual. Smiling, laughing, living… Sora never found those things a chore before.

"Sora were you listening to me?" Selphie cuts into his thoughts annoyed.

He looked away from the tv screen and whatever it was that he had been pretending to watch for the last half hour.

"Hm, oh yeah… the school dance and dress shopping… shouldn't you ask Kairi to take you? Or better yet Aerith I mean she's got a boyfriend and everything now right?" It was weird as long as he's known her which was pretty much his entire life, she'd been single well as far as he knew, but now his aunt had a boyfriend.

It was bizarre.

Selphie huffed, "That's why I'm asking you duh!"

Sora blinked, "Um, come again?"

Rolling her eyes, she explained again as if her audience were a toddler, "I need you there so that you can tell me if Tidus will like the dress I pick out."

The blue-eyed boy tilts his head, "Why would that matte-ow! Why'd you hit me?"

Sora rubbed his head, "Because it was a dumb question that's why!" He just glared back and mumbled, "Girls…" underneath his breath, "I heard that!" The boy winced and prepared for another attack only it didn't come.

"Besides this way I'm helping you out too." She grinned.

"How do you figure going clothes shopping with you will help me?" Sora asked dumbfounded.

"I'll be able to help you find your own outfit to the dance silly." Of course that was it, "I told you I wasn't going-" she cuts him off, "Of course you are, besides you already have a date."

"No, I don't." Sora protested, he would be aware if he'd asked someone to the dance and since he knew for a fact that he hadn't, well then Selphie was just getting her romantic brain lost in delusions again.

Wouldn't be the first time, he blamed Aerith for dating some guy and being a bad influence on his little sister's delicate state of mind. That or the paopu legend she was so obsessed with.

"You do, you're going with Kairi." It was a statement not a question.

"Since when?" Not that he had a problem with going with his closest girl friend, but he hadn't asked her and really would rather not go to the dance. Once upon a time he would have probably looked forward to it but well he was less sociable now a days.

"Don't tell me you haven't asked her yet…" Selphie looked at her brother in disappointment.

"…Wait… was that what Kairi was hinting at the other day?" Sora asked sheepishly rubbing his neck.

Selphie's eye twitched, "You moron, oh well better late than never. At least now you know so you can finally ask her."

Sora sighed, "I get that she wants to go but I already told her I wasn't going. She could just go with Tid-" He stopped talking at the younger girl's glare before coughing and changing directions, "or Wakka yeah they could go together and have a good time, I don't have to take her for that to happen."

The girl flopped down onto the couch in frustration, "She wants to go with you though!"

"Why would it make a difference? We hang out all the time." That was only half true, but he was sticking with it. Selphie shook her head, "Yeah but that is completely different!"

Sora wasn't getting it, "How-" just then his phone starts to ring and he answers it much to his little sister's irritation, "Hey Tidus what's up?" Selphie's frown melts off her face instantly and she eagerly shoots closer to try and listen, too close.

Sora stands up and backs away looking at her weirdly as she pouts. 'Sisters' he thought before focusing on Tidus and catching onto the fact that Wakka, Kairi, and Tidus are all headed to the beach. He agreed to meet them there and hangs up.

"Where are we going?" Selphie asked interested and Sora decides in that moment to lie or fib really, "Oh the guys said there was this uh… blitz ball match coming on and we're um gonna all go make an afternoon out of watching it." He was a horrid lair but Selphie was easily fooled because her brother never really lied to her.

So instantly her interest in joining them drops, "Oh okay well have fun I guess." He smiled, "I will, bye!" As he darted off she calls out, "Don't think you're getting out of that shopping trip next weekend!"

Sora doesn't reply but thinks to himself that he'll probably feel guilty enough to go with her willingly after lying to her about today. It wasn't that he minded hanging out with her and his friends at the same time, they were her friends too after all, it was just lately… she was making things weird.

Even Tidus had no idea why she seemed to get sand in her eyes whenever she was around him, that had to be it otherwise why would she blink so much?

Anyway, a day with his friends without his weird little sister was probably just what he needed. Maybe he'd get so exhausted playing on the beach that he wouldn't have any nightmares tonight? A guy could dream… not that Sora had recently, nightmares yes. But dreams, he couldn't remember the last one he'd had.

Arriving at the beach he found the others already there and of course the first thing out of Kairi's mouth was, "Where's Selphie?"

"Uh doing…" Don't say girl things that would not fly with Kairi, "sister things…" Great totally believable.

Tidus and Wakka shrug as if it's completely realistic or they just don't care either way. Kairi raised an eyebrow, "Sister things? Like what?" She's not buying it Sora panics, "I dunno know I'm not a sister!" Kairi just shakes her head and drops it thankfully as Sora was about to crack and admit telling a fib.

That would only lead to Kairi calling Selphie and then said sister showing up and she would not be happy and would make sure Sora regretted the lie immensely.

Luckily it didn't happen.

Sora spent the next few hours playing volleyball, building sandcastles, and swimming. Eventually Wakka and Tidus ran off to get a watermelon or something for them so Kairi sat down on the shore beside Sora and the two stared at the sunset together.

It was just like old times… only without Riku.

That's not quite true, the two of them had watched the sunset together plenty of times without Riku. But now he felt Riku's absence more than ever before.

Kairi sighed causing Sora to turn his gaze her way, she was staring at him with an unreadable look on her face.

"What?" Sora asked confused and Kairi's head turns toward the ocean once more before answering, "It was unrealistic to ask that of you… everybody changes." Sora doesn't say anything but tries to remember what she's talking about only to draw a blank.

"Uh yeah I think aunt Aerith would say that was part of growing up… you know change." Yeah that sounded like something his aunt would tell him but was it what Kairi wanted to hear, he didn't know.

"Yeah… I guess you're right." Kairi whispers sadly looking down to where her fingers were making swirls in the sand.

Not knowing what brought this about but not liking the melancholy in Kairi's voice Sora tried again, "Change… isn't always bad you know?" She looks back at him and smiles, "I know…," The two stare at each other for a lingering moment more before Kairi breaks the silence, "Sora I-"

Suddenly Sora feels a rush of something indescribable. It flows through him with a rush and he's on his feet before he can even think about it. "Sora?" Kairi asked stunned at her friend's saddened movement.

"That… was odd…" He was speaking to himself but Kairi looked just as confused if not more, "What are you talking about Sora?"

"I dunno…" Sora stares at his hand in confusion like he didn't recognize it, "I mean it was like I suddenly felt like, like the energy bunny or like I had ten cups of coffee?" Not that he'd ever do that, the stuff was nasty and he could barely down one. And he was totally off topic.

"You feel hyper? Wide awake?" Kairi looked up at him in contemplation.

"No well yes but not really and not any more… It's calmed down now I guess maybe I felt-" different? Or rather stronger? Was that really what he felt? And why did he still feel it like a low hum and not like a rushing waterfall? Why was it there in the first place?

"Sora… if you don't feel-" Sora didn't hear her finish because suddenly another feeling hit him, a different one.

The teen just knew he needed to be somewhere, not thinking he took off in the direction his instincts were telling him to go in not once thinking about how he was ditching Kairi and whatever she had been about to tell him.

"Sora!?" Kairi called from behind him but he didn't stop not even when he passed by a startled Wakka and Tidus holding a watermelon and a bat respectively.

The two call out for him but he doesn't stop until he gets to his destination. When he does, he freezes.

"The cemetery?" Sora hadn't been here since Riku's funeral, and he had no plans on ever coming back if he could help it.

Why was he here? The feeling was urging him to go inside, it was telling him to do something, but he wasn't sure what. Sora wasn't much of a comic book fan, but he was tired of calling whatever this was as a feeling or vibe.

So, he dubbed it mentally as his Sora senses, he didn't have spider ones as far as he was aware no spiders had bitten him radio active or not.

Following his newly named Sora senses he tried to open the gate around the cemetery only to find them locked tight, "The gate closed at five…" A winded voice behind him tells him causing him to turn and see both Tidus and Wakka hunched over catching their breath. They followed him.

The beach wasn't that close to the cemetery. No wonder they looked so out of breath despite being more active than Sora. That brought up another question.

Just how long was he running and why wasn't the spiky haired teen struggling to catch his breath like his friends were? Before he could think about it any further, he turned back to face the gate, "I need to get inside… I'm gonna climb it, you guys stay out here."

"What are you insane?" Tidus asked at the same time as Wakka spoke, "We could come back in the morning when it's open, ya?" He eyed the darken cemetery nervously.

That would be the logical thing to do but no, Sora had to go in there right now. But his friends shouldn't, it wasn't safe. How he knew that and why he was going inside despite knowing it the teenager had no idea. This was in the words of Tidus 'insane'.

Sora should just ignore it but… he'd already ignored too much, like Riku… if only he had paid attention to his gut feeling back then maybe Riku would've gotten medical help and still be alive today. It was no use wondering about what could have happened, that was the past and this was now, and it was his choice to act.

So, he climbed the fence despite his friends protests that he could get himself in trouble or hurt and that they could all come back in the morning. The gate was surprisingly easier to climb than he'd first imagined it to be, before this his climbing had been limited to trees. Though he had done that since... he didn't want to think about it.

Feet back on the ground Sora turned to see his two friends on the other side of the gate only that's not what he sees. "What're you doing?"

"Climbing the gate to keep an eye on your dumb ass." Tidus remarked unhappily and with a bit of difficulty, the gate seemed to be harder for him to scale than it had for Sora. Well Tidus was more of a swimmer than a climber so that was probably the reason.

"Friends shouldn't let friends suffer the consequences alone ya?" Wakka added as they both land on the ground after a bit longer.

"Guys… you should go." He needed to be here for some reason. But they didn't, "Not unless you do." The blond boy told him stubbornly.

"Ditto." Wakka grinned.

Half of Sora told him to turn back to keep them safe because they couldn't be here, not right now. But the other part said he needed to keep going before one side could win out another huffing voice called out, "W-what are y-you g-guys doing?"

"Kairi?" Sora turned and rushed back to the gate a few feet away and saw that it was indeed Kairi. And she looked worn out. Not surprising, Kairi was not a runner by any means.

The redhead would only join in for fun on occasion when Riku and him raced and even then, she never kept up, it was surprising that she got here so fast now that he thought about it.

Though her red sweaty face and deep breaths must mean she pushed herself way too hard not to lose sight of them.

Kairi glared and asked again more firmly, "W-why are we here?" In between her deep breathing.

Sora closed his eyes for a minute and wondered the same thing while resting his hands on the same bars as hers. What was wrong with him? Shaking his head, he stubbornly pushed away his 'Sora senses' and looked at his friends.

They were more important than whatever this was.

"Sorry guys this was I don't even know, let's just go." Wakka nodded relieved but Tidus who had walked a bit ahead looked behind them and asked, "Hey did someone die recently?" That made Sora flinch and drop his hold on the gate to turn to the other boy to reassure the boy and himself.

"The island's not that big we'd know if-" Kairi speaks up then, "Actually a few people have…"

"What?" Sora felt dread creep up on him.

It felt like this place had eyes and they're were all watching him. No, it must have been his imagination the teen always had an overactive one he knew that, horror scared the pants off of him.

Sora avoided horror movies like the plague when he could.

"I think I heard about it, some older folks yeah?" Wakka asked Kairi and the other redhead nods, "The retirement home housing them is under investigation but they say it was just a case of one getting ill and it spreading too fast."

She took a deep breath before continuing, "My grandmother has friends there that's why I know, they're trying to keep this quiet as it would look bad for them to have let it get so far. Last I heard there were seven deaths total, but the number may have increased it has been several days since then and I don't know if they got it under control yet."

Sora didn't want to think about illnesses so or so many dead people and instead looked at Tidus, "Why'd you ask anyway?"

"That empty grave…" he points, "there." and the two boys turn and see the open grave his eyes were stuck on.

"That's not right, I know that all of those who died were buried already, they should all be filled in." Kairi stated from the opposite side of the gate not helping Sora feel calm about this. "Wait… why did they burry them so fast? Wouldn't an autopsy slow things down?" Wakka pointed out.

"Hm, you're right I didn't think about it until now but I'm sure they must have their reasons." Kairi answered unsurely despite her words.

Sora wasn't really paying their conversation any mind though he was on high alert, something wasn't right. His blue eyes scanned the area but couldn't seem to find anything, that didn't mean nothing was there. Just that it was too dark for him to see it.

They needed to leave now!

"Let's just go." Sora moves forward and grabs Tidus' sleeve urging him to move closer to the gate and away from the empty grave. The blond looked like he wanted to argue about getting an even closer look but reluctantly agreed when faced with Sora's wide-eyed look and pale pallor.

"Alright you scaredy cat, it's not like dead people can hurt you but fine let's go."

Sora only felt relief for a second before Kairi let loose a scream causing the three boys tense and whirl around. There behind them moving at incredible speeds was a feral looking person with white hair who was covered in dirt, and it was heading their way.

"A zombie!?" It was the only thing Tidus had time to shout with disbelief before the 'zombie' pounced.

It was fast, too fast because it was on top of Sora before he could avoid it. "Sora!" His friends' cry out but he had no time to pay them any mind as the only thing he had time to do as he fell backwards was block himself with his forearm which he pressed firmly against the creature's neck to hold it's attack off.

With it pressing onto Sora and right in his face he recognized that it was once an old woman, but that thought was fleeting as his attention was focused on keeping her snarling and snapping teeth away from him.

Sharp incisors seemed to be longer now, and his arms couldn't keep her from scratching him with them some only making her black eyes darken. Those eyes lock his own and he could see no awareness in them, none.

It was already dead.

That thought was enough for him to find the strength and will to knock it off him.

Only as he scrambled to get back up it latched onto his leg making him fall again, the thing was in a frenzy and seemed even stronger now.

So then the teen was back to where he started on the ground fighting to keep the creature from biting him, "Sora!" Kairi's screamed again and that seemed to wake Tidus and Wakka from their stupor enough for them to try and fight back with the surrounding sticks and rocks.

It doesn't seem to feel any pain from the hits though, "Don't worry about me just-," he knees the creature to attempt to throw it again, but it doesn't work, "climb the fence!" Sora shouts as he continued to struggle with the monster on top of him.

The two don't listen and berate him for telling them to leave him while doing their best to help get the so called 'zombie' off of Sora.

Eventually Sora gains the upper hand and tosses it off and even further with Wakka's help. The redhead used his free hand to grab the back it's shirt to aid in the distance of the toss. Wasting no time now that he was free Sora jumped up. Only the monster was faster than him and it now lunged at Wakka who was closest only to have Tidus jump it instead and start bashing it's face with a large rock in response.

It goes down with the teen in tow and eventually stops moving at some point causing Tidus to drop the rock. Sora and Wakka can only stare at their blond friend who in turn was staring at his bloodstained hands in horror and disbelief. Before his gaze flickered over to the unmoving dead thing, seeming to realize his proximity to it he jumped back and off of it falling ungracefully onto his butt.

"I-I kill it… right? I mean… it's dead?" Tidus asked and it's Wakka who gets his wits about him first and nods gratefully before helping the other boy stand up. Shakily Tidus grips Wakka's forearms getting the blood on him too but neither noticed.

Sora's was not so sure that it was really dead, but it wasn't moving so at least it wasn't able to attack anymore. The three then hurry back to the gate and they make the still shaky Tidus climb it first and once he's on the other side about to start climbing down his gaze turns to them and he shouts, "Look out!"

Sora who was further up than Wakka despite the redhead starting to climb first sees the danger and moves faster than he ever had before. Sora doesn't think he just jumps off the gate and right into a tackle with the monster that nearly grabbed ahold of Wakka's leg.

Sora comes to the startling realization that it's not the same one, this one's face wasn't bashed in and it was male.

"How many of these things are there!" Struggling to keep it from biting him he yelled back at Wakka to keep climbing but the noble guy that was doesn't listen and jumps down rushing over to help.

All the while Sora's wrestling on the ground. He was never one for fighting before this, but his previous struggle had taught him enough to make quick work of pushing this one away, but it just kept coming back for more.

Seeing an opening Wakka circled around behind the distracted creature and grabbed him in an attempt to pull him off just like he did the last one.

Neither of the teenagers see the one with the bashed in face rise.

But Kairi and Tidus do.

Both shout their warnings but it's too late the first monster had latched its teeth into the side of Wakka's neck harshly before either of them could move to avoid it.

The redhead screamed in pain and let go of the other monster he had nearly hauled off of Sora, "Wakka!" They all scream.

Sora suddenly flips the monster several away from himself with new found strength and rips the other one off of his friend before starting to wail on it.

Wakka grabbed his gushing neck trying to make his way to the gate, to his friends, to safety only for him to see his friends' horrified expressions and cries as they helplessly watch him get jumped on from behind by the second monster.

Wakka goes down without much of a fight and the last thing he sees is his terrified friends' faces and Tidus trying to get to him. He hears their cries. He feels pain and is cold. And then finally there's nothing.

Tidus started climbing the gate the moment he saw the other monster get back up but it was too late, not even halfway there and the monster was back on Wakka, eating him. It was eating him!

Kairi's tears nearly blinded her but she still saw what was happening and shouted, "Sora help him!"

That got Sora's attention but as he let go of the creature he had been pounding it pounced with renewed vigor and latched its teeth into Sora's forearm biting down hard.

Luckily, he reacted just as quickly and kicked it off him before grabbing a nearby stick and shoving it through its head via it's left eye and pinning her to the ground. It was still wiggling but seemed unable to figure out how to remove the wood from its eye socket.

Wasting no more time he grabbed the other monster off Wakka along and pulled it away from his fallen friend before finding another thicker stick and shoving this one through its throat effectively pinning it to the ground as well.

Breathing heavily covered in dirt, leaves, and blood Sora rushed to Wakka's side and wastes no time in grabbing at the bleeding wound to put pressure on it.

"You're okay, you're okay…" Sora mumbles over and over again as Tidus lands on their side of the fence and sprints to them.

Tidus checks for his friends breathing first by putting his hand in front of the others' mouth and nose.

Getting nothing but not willing to believe it he takes Wakka's hand and searches for a pulse, for anything. Anything to tell him that he's still alive but there's nothing… his shaky hands reach once more for the fallen boy's face to turn his head so that Tidus can look into his face.

He sees wide frightened dead eyes gaze back at him.

Tidus screams.

Sora doesn't notice or move from his position of trying to stop the bleeding. Instead he's stuck on the same words, "You're okay… you're okay."

Kairi finally can't keep standing and slides down the fence holding the bars like a lifeline as she vaguely recalls Selphie saying Sora was stuck on a loop with Riku too.

In denial and saying, 'Wake up…' repeatedly, like his words would somehow make his friend awaken… make him okay.

Kairi had never really understood what Sora went through that day that he found Riku's body. Until now and she really wishes she still didn't.

Kairi had hardly spoken a word of the incident at least as far as Sora knew, Tidus blamed him for bringing them to the cemetery that night.

And Sora did as well. It was his fault, none of them should have been there.

Those things were gone when the morning arrived well not gone so much as they turned to dust right before the trios very eyes. As out of it as he was Sora could still remember them catching fire and then crumbling into dust. Not to mention their horrible painful screams, not that Sora felt bad for them after what had happened to Wakka.

Before that though Sora and Tidus had stayed beside Wakka all night with Kairi on the other side of the gate until the morning came and the person in charge of opening the gates came and found them there.

The rest of what happened next was a blur.

The brunette still wasn't sure what story his friends gave to the police, but he knew that they would speak to him at some point but for now his family kept them at bay, saying he was too fragile for questioning.

Part of him knew he needed to know what Kairi and Tidus said so he could repeat their story as no one would believe the truth, he didn't even believe it and he had been there. Seen those things, monsters… was accurate but his mind was leaning more towards another word.


The sunlight turning them to dust had been the biggest clue another had been when he realized they didn't want flesh so much as the blood underneath it.

They had been blood crazy… and probably just woken up digging out of their own graves. At least that would explain why the graves were empty and they were filthy.

It was hard to imagine them as they were supposed to be a two of the kindly old folks from down at the retirement home. He hadn't recognized them that night but as the authorities knew whose graves were dug up and that their bodies were missing, he'd seen their pictures splattered here and there.

They were trying to keep things from getting out but despite how small of a population they were or maybe because they were so small, it didn't work. People gossiped, and everyone had their theories by now.

That wasn't what concerned Sora though.

He had known them.

Not surprising, everyone knew everyone here.

But they weren't themselves that night and if there was one thing that Sora knew despite doing his best to stay away from all things horror it was that you couldn't become a vampire without another vampire.

Meaning someone was turning people into monsters and had likely done so to all those dead old people. Sora hadn't bothered to see how many of them there had been, Kairi had given a number but he didn't recall it or know if it was still the same. She would probably know by now though, but he couldn't ask her.

Did he even care?


Despite nearly drowning in his guilt about Wakka he couldn't help but think if there was a vampire or likely vampires then that meant that other people would die.

More people he cared about.

Aunt Aerith, Selphie, Kairi, and Tidus… it didn't matter if the last two hated him at the moment or never forgave him for his part in Wakka's death all that mattered is that they didn't die too.

Sora had seen enough.

No more people were gonna die.

Even if he had to take out the vampires all by himself.

Sitting up he looks at Aerith, "…Thanks, I'm okay now." She frowned but doesn't object, "Think you feel up to eating something then?" He didn't feel like it but if he was going to be hunting down vampires, he probably needed to keep up his strength.

"Sure." He doesn't even attempt to smile in return to hers but eventually he knew he'd be able to fake it again and pretend. Sora was pretty good at pretending, it was the lying that he would need to work on but if he really thought about it playing pretend was just another way of lying wasn't it?

Aerith brought him some grilled cheese and tomato soup as he wasn't really a fan of the chicken and noodle kind and would only ever willingly eat it when he had a fever but at the moment staring into the blood red soup, he suddenly had a new apparition for the noodles as his stomach churned.

Setting down the soup on his bedside table he instead ate the grilled cheese not once considering dunking it in the offending soup like he would have once upon a time.

A new day, a new phobia it seemed.

He couldn't stand looking at sleeping people, they were too still. Like Riku.

Now it seemed he didn't like red or things that could be considered blood like… shoving his sandwich into his mouth and chewing he tried not to think about it.

A sudden memory flashes before him, "Sora, don't ever change."

It was something Kairi said to him on the beach before they started high school… the conversation had been spurred on about them realizing how much high school or maybe just life in general had changed Riku.

"It was unrealistic to ask that of you… everybody changes."

Sora didn't doubt that he had changed after Riku's death or that Wakka's wouldn't further change him. It was a fact of life, as much as he now wished that could have stayed the same, unchanging. Kairi was right it wasn't realistic.

Kairi and Tidus would change now too because of Wakka, maybe. But certainly because they knew monsters existed.

Looking over at his discarded cellphone he reaches out for it and before he can stop himself, he clicks on his contacts and hits Kairi's name. He didn't want them to have anything to do with this, so it was a good thing they weren't talking to him, really it was… he tried to convince himself.

Still he had some things he needed to know before he tried to find the vampire that had once again threw his life into disarray.

"…Sora?" Kairi's voice answered from the other side of the phone.

"Hey… Kairi, I need to ask you about something…" Sora trailed off before taking a deep breath.

"About w-what?" Her voice cracked, and Sora wondered briefly if he should wait for her sake but then shoved away the thought. No he was doing this for her and all the other people he cared for.

"What did you tell the police about… that night." Her breath hitched but at least she didn't hang up on him, after another moment she answered and from there Sora asked about the number of people who died in the recent retirement home incident and she reluctantly told him that as well.

"Thanks, Kairi, I'll talk to you later." Before he could hang up, she spoke again, "Sora… you aren't going to do anything stupid are you?"

Probably. Most likely. "No." Pretend.

"…You promise?" Kairi's tone of voice and the fact that it was a promise nearly made his resolve break.

"Yes… I promise." Sora had never broken a promise or made one that he didn't have the intention of keeping not on purpose.

Her sigh of relief made him wince as even she knew how he was with his promises.

"Bye Sora."

"Bye Kairi…" He hung up and squeezed his phone tightly before throwing it in frustration at the wall and flinging himself into his pillow before letting out a scream into it hoping that pillows really did muffle noise.

"So, he destroyed two of them and on his first night of awakening?" A dark hooded figure asked the other hooded figure, "It appears so…" The taller one replied.

"He's the reason you slowed down your plans a year, ago right? Even back then you could sense him, and he hadn't even become the slayer yet, no back then he was just a potential." A female voice spoke from the shadows gaining the other two's attention.

"One of the reasons…" He frowned recalling another reason, "his potential was high enough to shine through even then. There was only one other with the potential so high." He answered.

"Is he the other reason you mentioned?" The smaller figure asked.

"He was a pain for a time but that is now a thing of the past." The other male assured them.

"Is he on board then?" The smaller hooded male asked clearly not believing him to be.

"More or less." Was his reply which didn't help the other man's misgivings.

"What I wanna know is why you didn't just change him too?" The female asked.

"…There is someone who was interested in seeing another slayer born to this island, isn't that right?" The smaller one answered for him.

"Be careful what you say Zexion, but you're not wrong…" He trails off.

"Duly noted." Zexion stated.

"Oh, how exciting." The woman laughs, "So he is a part of the plan too?" Her tone was a bit of curiosity mixed with something else much more dangerous.

"No…" The hooded man stated.

"Hmm, that so? Well then can I kill the slayer?" She asked excitedly.

"Do as you wish as long as you don't get in the way of the master's plan." He tells her before vanishing into the darkness, Zexion shakes his head and follows suit.

The hooded female figure smiles as she continues to watch the second story room of the quaint little home that currently housed the most recent slayer.

She had always wanted to kill a slayer, and this one was as good as any. Besides, "It'd take Axel's bragging rights away if he wasn't the only one to have offed a slayer."

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