So first of all, I'm sorry that I haven't been actively writing lately. But I will soon! Swim team ends on Friday and then I'm freeeeeeeeeee!

This is just going to be some cute whatever that I wrote in a half hour soooooooooooooooooo... it's short. It's bad. I'm going to regret it later, but I'm still going to post it!

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3rd Person P.O.V.

"Peter! Look!" Ned squealed excitedly. The two friends were shopping for a Halloween costume, last minute as always. Peter peeked around the aisle, wondering what his Guy In The Chair had found that was so important.

"Ned, I think I found the costume I want-" Peter was cut short by Ned's next statement:

"They have Spiderman stuff!" And, before those four words were even out of Ned's mouth, Peter was by his side. Both boys stared at the display, their expressions ones of wonder and amazement. Peter's jaw dropped slightly as he stared, dumbfounded that the store was honoring him.

"Well," Peter thought to himself, "they're honoring Spiderman, not me. I'm regular old Peter Parker. I just happen to also be Spiderman."

"Dude! This is so cool, I mean people are going as you for Halloween-"

"Shhh, Ned, not so loud. We don't need the whole city knowing!" Peter chuckled lightly. "Have you picked out your costume yet?"

"Uh, yeah. I'm going as you, obviously," Ned scoffed. Peter rolled his eyes at his overexcited friend.

"Ok, well I'm going as a ghost. Gotta go classic, amirite?" Ned snorted loudly, bursting into laughter. "Hey, I'm not judging your costume!"

"Yeah, well," Ned spoke in chunks, interrupting himself with laughter. "I don't dress up as the same thing every year, either. Why don't you try something new?" He giggled.

"Fine, I guess," Peter sighed. "Maybe I could be a zombie? I could do that."

"Sure," the boys bought their costumes and left the store, heading their separate ways. "Bye! See you tonight!" Ned yelled.

"Yep, see you then!"

That was so short ew

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