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Full Summary: Tatsumi Seika, the second son of Kaito Seika, was a rebellious child. Unlike his siblings, he didn't care about the duties of a prince, and after being told that he was going to marry some noblewoman, he ran away from home. Now, after five years of being away, Tatsumi has finally returned.

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Standing on the prow of a small ship with a triangular sail was a man of average height who's name was Tatsumi, Tatsumi Seika. He had medium length brown hair and emerald green eyes.

He wore an assassin's coat, which was black in color with dark sage green around the sides and in the inside of the hood. He was wearing brown leather braces, and brown leather boots to match them. He wore a half cloak and had coiled it around his neck a few times to conceal the gorget he wore. To keep the cloak from unwrapping itself and in place, Tatsumi wore a reinforced spaulder. Underneath his robes was a brown jerkin and wrapped around his waist was a crimson colored sash. His pants were black and stuffed neatly into his boots.

In his right hand was a dark steely staff like spear. The shaft of the weapon was made by the bones of a super-class danger beast, thus making it incredibly durable. On one end of it had a blade that was bisected down the center and on the other end of it had a crimson orb that was secured by four dragon-like talons. The weapon was for sure intimidating, and unique when it came to its appearance.

He had a bird on his left shoulder, a Gyrfalcon to be exact named Falco.

The ship he was on was called the Heron, and the passengers usually are supposed to wait below deck until they arrived at their destination, but since it was only Tatsumi, and two of his comrades that had hired the ship, the captain decided to make an exception.

The reason why the captain made an exception was because Tatsumi threw in another bag of gold.

He didn't need to do that, but Tatsumi wanted to enjoy the view, so he threw it in. After all, this was probably going to be the last time he sees the ocean.

"Geez Tatsumi, you standing out here at night kind of creeps me out a little." Came a male's voice from behind him causing him to look over his right shoulder.

The man was a few inches taller than Tatsumi and had dark green hair. He was wearing a simple and loose white shirt with brown pants that went to his calves and a pair of sandals.

"Apologies, but I like the view," Tatsumi said as he looked back to the ocean. "and from what the Captain said, we'll be arriving at the city Lavadan soon."

"Yeah, but you're wearing your armor, and it gives me the vibe that you're like some evil prince returning home to claim the throne for himself and plunge the kingdom into years of darkness and terror." He stated with a small chuckle.

"We both know that is far from the truth and the reason why I'm wearing my armor is because I don't find the ocean to be a very friendly place." Came Tatsumi's response.

"Didn't you just say that you like the view?" The man said with a frown as he scratched the side of his head in a confused manner.

"I do, but that doesn't mean that the ocean is a place where you can let your guard down," Tatsumi affirmed as he continued to stare off into the large body of water. "it's still a dangerous place."

"... I'm just going to go back to bed. I recommend you do the same Tatsumi. We still have quite a ways to go before we reach the Northern Kingdom." He said after a few seconds of silence.

"I'll probably join you guys in a little, night Theo." Tatsumi replied as he turned his head slightly to where he was able to see the green haired male walk away.

Once Theo was no longer in sight, Tatsumi released a sigh.

"God why is acting like a prince so tiring Falco?" Tatsumi said as he averted his attention to the bird on his shoulder.

The bird in response squawked.

"Tch, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying that acting like what I'm supposed to be is very tiring and boring." The brown haired male replied with traces of annoyance in his voice.

Falco squawked again, but this time he wasn't as loud.

"Oi, you keep badmouthing me, and I'm going to make you a late night snack!" Tatsumi said as he glared at his pet.

Falco's response was louder this time and sounded more like a shriek.

"Yeah, that's right, you better take back what you said." Tatsumi stated with a smile and a tinge of satisfaction his voice.

Falco response to Tatsumi was another squawk followed by a light peck on the cheek.

"It was just a joke Falco, we both know that I'd never eat you." Came the prince's reply as he rubbed the spot where Falco pecked. "Besides I'm not a huge fan of chicken."

Falco screeched in anger before slamming his beak against Tatsumi's face multiple times.

"Ow ow ow, stop it I was just kidding! You're not a chicken you're a falcon, now stop pecking me to death!" Tatsumi whined as he pulled his head away from Falco and tried to swat him away.

Falco got off of his shoulder and hovered in the air while releasing a cry before landing on his shoulder again.

"You could have poked my eye out Falco, next time just like dig your talons in me or something, okay? This face is something I care deeply about." Tatsumi stated as he felt up his cheek to make sure he didn't have any injuries.

Instead of squawking; Falco showed affection by rubbing against Tatsumi's cheek.

Tatsumi was taken back by this action, but he didn't pull his head away. He instead smiled, and began to scratch Falco with his finger while saying, "This is why you're my best friend. You don't give a damn what I am, all you want is me to be me, and no one else."

"So, this is the City Lavadan..." Spoke Tatsumi's second companion as the three of them disembarked from the Heron.

The man's name was Naofumi Iwatani, and he had black hair with fairly sharp facial features and green eyes. Compared to Tatsumi and Theo, Naofumi was skinnier, and he had a scowl on his face which made approaching him hard.

His attire consisted of a green cape with a white fur trim that went down to his calves, a black long sleeve shirt that was barely seen due to the hide jacket he wore as well as his epaulets and vambraces. He wore a pair of dark green pants and had reinforced hide cuisses to protect his thighs, and boots that went up to his knees.

Slung over his shoulders was a brown backpack that had multiple pockets and strapped to his right arm was a very, very small kite shield that had a green gem in the center of it. He had a sword attached to his belt as well that did have a handle long enough for two handing.

"Yep, what do you think of it so far?" Theo questioned as he looked over his shoulder at the black haired male.

Theo wasn't wearing his ordinary clothes anymore. Instead, he wore a long dark green and gold coat that compliments his hair. Covering his left arm was white and gold armor. He has a sword sticking to his waist and wore a greyish pant with brown boots that reached right below his knees, and wore a white glove on his right hand. He also wears a black choker.

He also had a backpack slung over his shoulders, but his was much smaller than Naofumi's.

"It smells like fish..." Naofumi answered after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"You don't say?" Theo replied sarcastically. "Geez, I would never think a city on the oceanside would smell like fish, I was expecting it to smell like strawberries."

"This is why Tatsumi didn't want to bring you to his kingdom. You're a prick." Naofumi curtly stated as he shot the green-haired male a dirty look.

"Well, you're not entirely wrong," Theo said with a smile. "I am a prick, but I'm a prick that people enjoy being around."

"Says who?" The black haired male demanded with a bit of agitation in his voice.

"Says you two." Theo quipped. "Even though I can be a pain in the ass to you guys, you both still travel with me, so it's clear as day that you both enjoy my company."

"We all have that one friend who's annoying. You're that one friend." Tatsumi affirmed as the three of them strode up to the city's entrance.

Even though they were technically in Lavadan, they still had to speak with the harbormaster to gain entry to the city.

Upon halfway reaching the gate, Tatsumi and his companions were stopped by a large and round bald man, and a handful of guards.

The bald man had a clipboard in his left hand, and a pen in the other.

"Hold up. I need to speak with you three." The bald man stated in a deep, and serious tone as he gestured for them to stop.

Believing that this man was the harbormaster, Tatsumi respectfully replied. "No problem, what do you need?"

"Where are you three from, and what business do you have coming here?" The man demanded. "Also remove your hood, I wanna see your face."

"Alright." Tatsumi answered as he pulled his hood back revealing his facial features. "My name is Tatsumi Seika, this is Theo Cornaro, and he is Naofumi Iwatani, and we came from the Country Argos." He continued as he gestured to his friends with is staff.

"Argos eh?" The man stated as he wrote something down on his clipboard. "And the reason why you're here?"

"Looking for work really, Argos isn't exactly offering what it used to offer, so we came here. Oh, and the bird on my shoulder's name is Falco." Tatsumi responded with a shrug before pointing to Falco.

"Okay, and you arrived by the Heron, correct?" The harbormaster asked after he finished writing something down.

"Yep, if you don't believe me, you can go ask the Captain." Tatsumi coolly stated as he directed his thumb behind him.

"I plan on it." The man affirmed.

After several seconds of silence passed by, Theo spoke. "So, are we allowed to go?"

"You guys seem alright, head to the gate and speak to the gatemaster, once you pay the entrance fee you're free to enter Savamis." The harbormaster answered before moving past the three of them with his guards in tow behind him.

Once the group was out of sight, Tatsumi released a small sigh. "Usually you'd pay the harbormaster to gain entry, but I guess the Empire's cities are different from the cities of Argos."

"Does it really matter who we have to pay?" Theo questioned as he shot Tatsumi a look.

"No, not really," Tatsumi as he shook his head. "as long as we gain entry it doesn't matter who we pay."

"Exactly, so let's just go pay this gatemaster, enter the city, and then buy a wagon or some horses and be on our way." Theo declared before marching away towards the harbor's entrance leaving Tatsumi and Naofumi behind.

"You know, sometimes he's just annoying," Naofumi said aloud as he gazed at Theo's back. "and then there are times like this where he makes it sound like we're overcomplicating things."

"Yeah, he does do that stuff sometimes, doesn't he?" Tatsumi stated with a small grin in which Falco cawed in agreement.

"Mhm, I hate it, I really do, but not in a bad way." Naofumi stated with the tiniest of smiles. "He's our partner."

"Yeah, now let's catch up to him before he yells at us to hurry up." The brown haired male said in response before walking off with Naofumi behind him.





"I swear to the fucking Gods, if I hear another little boy shout about the store they're working for or a merchant shout about what items they have, I'm going to lose it." Theo declared, traces of irritation in his voice.

"How can you even hear that stuff with all the people here?" Naofumi asked with what sounded like genuine curiosity. "There's like hundreds of people here."

"I don't know, selective hearing I guess?" Theo answered while shrugging his shoulders.

"We're in the merchant's district, what were you expecting to hear?" Tatsumi questioned as he looked over his shoulder at the green haired male.

"I didn't expect to hear people shout about their stores every thirty seconds. I'll tell you that." Theo curtly replied.

"Then you're an idiot for not expecting that." Tatsumi rebutted in the same tone Theo used as he averted his attention back ahead of him. "Everyone here is trying to make money, even the consumers. If you've noticed most of them are around our age or a little older, and the reason why they're here is because they're looking to become adventures, bounty hunters, bodyguards or just mercenaries for hire."

"Which makes the rumors true..." Naofumi stated as his eyes drifted to a group of young men who were standing in front of a vendor that had weapons and shields. "The Empire is falling apart."

Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Theo spoke. "Tch, it's not like it's our problem. Sure it sucks for them, but it's not like we can do anything for them. They just have to fix this stuff themselves."

"I'm not saying we should," Tatsumi responded. "we have our own problems that we have to deal with. I'm just saying that you should expect to see this stuff during our travel to Espera."

Theo was about to say something in response, but before he could utter a word someone bumped into him causing him to stumble a bit.

"What the-" He started as he began to turn around only to see a young boy running away from him with a coin purse that looked like his.

"Huh?" He said as he felt for his coin purse only to find out that it's not there. "Hey! You little shit get back here with my gold!" He cried out making both Tatsumi and Naofumi whirl around and see a kid sprinting past them into a crowd of people.

"Falco?" Spoke Tatsumi as he glanced at his pet.

Falco squawked in response before taking to the sky. Once he was in the air though, Tatsumi chased after Naofumi and Theo who were already in the crowd shoving people in an attempt to find the thief.

As Tatsumi began to push people out of his way, he made sure to keep an eye on Falco and see where the bird would go.

Some of the people had called out and demanded Tatsumi to tell them what's his problem, but he didn't bother answering them. He simply just continued to shove people to the side while continuing to keep an eye on Falco.

Not long after he started pushing people, Falco squawked before suddenly plunging down into the crowd.

Seeing Falco dive down to his left, Tatsumi turned to his left and moved past a few people before being greeted by the sight of a kid on the ground with Falco on top of him scratching and clawing him with a bunch of people surrounding them.

"Someone do something! He's being attacked!" One of the female onlookers cried out in horror.

One of the onlookers, a male with broad shoulders and muscles moved to the boy's aid and rippled Falco off of the boy causing him to shriek as he flapped his wings frantically.

"I-I got it... Someone get a cage or something for this pest!" The man stated as he kept the bird away from his body.

"Hey asshole," Tatsumi stated in a cold tone almost immediately causing Falco to cease his frantic movements. "mind letting go of my bird?"

"Who are you?" The man questioned as he shot the man a glare.

"I'm the owner of that bird you're holding in your hands, now let go of him or we're going to have problems." Tatsumi stated, his tone still cold and callous.

"That thing attacked that boy, you-"

"That thing attacked that boy because he's a thief. If you didn't notice there was a purse next to him, now though, it's nowhere to be found. Why's that you ask? It's because he picked it up and he's right now thinking he can get away while everyone's attention is on me, but little does he know I have my eyes on him." Tatsumi interrupted causing several of the bystanders to shift their attention back to the boy who had moved a bit from the spot he originally was at.

"Now that we cleared up the confusion I'll say this one more time. Let go of my bird." Tatsumi continued, his tone becoming grimmer than before.

The man stared at Tatsumi for a couple of seconds. He was an expert when it came to martial arts, and was pretty decent with a sword, but he could tell that robed man wasn't someone he'd want to pick a fight with. Plus he didn't have a weapon on him, whereas the robed man did.

As he released Falco from his grasp, the man spoke. "My apologies, I didn't know about the situation."

"That's fine." Tatsumi stated as Falco flew over to him and landed on his left shoulder. "Mistakes happen, so I can understand where you're coming from; however, I don't have time to chat, so if you excuse me I'm going to go get that purse and return it to its rightful owner."

The man didn't say anything in response. He just moved out of the way.

"Wait! I'm sorry I didn't mean to steal from him! I-"

"Nice job Tatsumi! You caught the little bastard!" Came Theo's voice causing the boy to fall silent and look past the robed figure and see the man he just stole from emerging from the crowd with their other companion right next to him.

After closing the distance and watching the boy fall onto his butt, Tatsumi squatted and spoke in a deep and intimidating voice. "Give me the purse, and you won't be harmed, okay?"

"Pl-Please, I need the mon-"

"Give me the purse." Tatsumi interrupted, his voice even more intimidating than before.

With great reluctance, the kid dropped the bag of coins into Tatsumi's hand.

"Thank you." Tatsumi said as he stood up and began to walk away towards his companions only to stop and look back at the boy who was still on the ground with tears coming out of his eyes.

"Here." He said in a tone that was still cold, but not as cold as before.

"What?" The boy said with confusion as he looked up to see several gold coins land directly in front of him.

"The world is cruel and unforgiving. I'm not saying you should resort to thievery, but in order to survive the world we live in, you need to become stronger. Take them and thrive, okay?" Tatsumi stated as he closed Theo's purse and stared down at the boy.

"O-Ohkay..." The boy mumbled as he began to pick up the money.

Tatsumi watched the boy for a few more seconds before resuming his walk.

Upon reaching Theo and Naofumi, Tatsumi tossed Theo his bag of gold and said in a scolding tone. "I told you, you shouldn't have your purse out like that. And I don't want to hear about how that wasn't my gold to give. I don't wanna hear it, and to be honest if it wasn't for me you wouldn't even be getting that back, so shut up and walk."

Theo clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Understood, your highness."

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