Full Summary: Tatsumi Seika, the second son of Kaito Seika, was a rebellious child. Unlike his siblings, he didn't care about the duties of a prince, and after being told that he was going to marry some noblewoman, he ran away from home. Now, after five years of being away, Tatsumi has finally returned.

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After recovering his Imperial Arm, Tatsumi fled from the palace, and made his way through the upper class's streets.

He had to kill a large number of people to retrieve his Imperial Arm, but in the end, he managed to get it and escape without causing a huge commotion.

It was unfortunate he wasn't able to do anything notable after taking back what was rightfully his, but his main priority, for the time being, was to get back to Night-Raid, and to let them know that he was okay.

Another major priority of his was to not get captured again, by the Empire for a third time for it was starting to get very old. However, Tatsumi was feeling confident in himself and was pretty sure he could escape anybody he happens to encounter on his way out of the city.

As he made his way down the street, Tatsumi saw out of the corner of his right eye what appeared to be a minstrel, who was being harassed by two guards.

He didn't know what exactly was going on, but from an outside perspective, it looked like they were bullying the singer, for one of them had their foot on the musician's head, while the other one was messing with their lute.

There was a small crowd of people who were watching this, but it seemed the two guards were unaware of this, or just simply didn't care, for they paid the onlookers no attention, and continued to pick on the bard.

Coming to a stop, Tatsumi thought about what he should do. He wanted to help the minstrel, but Tatsumi also didn't want to cause any more problems for himself, for he didn't need that, at least at the moment.

While pondering what he should do, Tatsumi saw a somewhat large shadow fly over him, but was strange about this shadow was the outline. It didn't look like a bird, or any king of Danger Beast, it had more a humanoid frame.

Curious to see what had flown over him, Tatsumi looked up and saw a someone he had become familiar with hovering above him, and the crowd of people.

"Run." Tatsumi said to himself upon their eyes meeting.

As the blonde Jaeger attracted more attention, Run called out to the Esperan Prince. "Tatsumi Seika, remove the blades from your waist, and get on your knees, this is your one, and only warning. Failure to cooperate will result in extreme measures."

This had caused quite the commotion, and it wasn't long until people who were next to Tatsumi started to realize who Run was looking at, but Tatsumi didn't seem to be bothered by their gazes, nor did he even bother removing the blades from his waist.

"Run, I'm impressed you were able to find in me such a large city." He stated in a relaxed manner while staring up at the blonde.

Run said nothing at this, and just flapped his wings once, which had caused several feathers to go flying at Tatsumi, but none of them were successful in hitting him, for he had purposely missed. Of course, the people around Tatsumi scatted immediately upon them hitting the ground in front of him and around him, but he didn't move at all. He simply stood still.

As Tatsumi looked at the sharp feathers that were planted in the ground next to him, Run scowled slightly. "I should have tried to cripple him there, that was probably my best chance."

"Run, I don't know how far the other Jaegers are from here, or where Esdeath is, but I'm telling you that I will not go back there." Tatsumi firmly stated as he slowly moved his hands towards the blades attached to his waist. "I have a destiny to fulfill, and quite honestly, I'd rather die on my feet than to go back and be locked in a cage again for what I believe to be a fourth time and quite possibly the rest of my life."

"I understand. I wouldn't want to be locked up either." Run said with a small nod of understanding as he watched Tatsumi reach for his weapons' hilts. "Unfortunately, I also don't want to be punished, so I'm afraid I can't let you leave. I hope you can understand my reasoning, and not take it to heart, Tatsumi."

"I understand, but you're not going to stop me," Tatsumi stated as he unsheathed one of the blades that were attached to his waist. "not when I have all of these hostages around me."

"What are you implying?" Run asked in a slightly confused voice.

"You know exactly what I mean, Run." Tatsumi answered with the tiniest of smirks. "You try anything, and I will kill all of those around me, and their blood will be on your hands."

Run didn't say anything at first, but after a few seconds of thinking, he said, "You're bluffing, you wouldn't take the lives of the innocent."

At this, Tatsumi laughed. "You really think so?"

Run was hesitant to respond. He was pretty sure that Tatsumi wouldn't do something like that, but after hearing that, he wasn't so sure now.

Meanwhile, a few of the onlookers started to slowly exit the area, but there was a number of them who didn't try to move because of the killing intent that Tatsumi was releasing. They were practically paralyzed in fear.

Knowing that if he let Tatsumi walk away Esdeath might actually kill him or turn him into her pet, Run let out a troubled sigh before saying, "I can't let you escape, I just can't. If I do, then Esdeath will most definitely kill me."

"Well, if you don't then a lot of innocent people will die." Came Tatsumi's response as he kept his eyes on the blonde Jaeger. "So, what's it going to be? Possibly your death, or all of these guys' death?"

After looking around and seeing that there were also children in the vicinity, Run closed his eyes, and said with great reluctance. "Go, I won't try to stop you, so do not harm any of these people, okay?"

Tatsumi smiled before sheathing his blade. "Thank you, however, I'm gonna need you to get down here and surrender your Imperial Arm to me. I have trust issues, so I need some assurance that you won't follow me and yeah, you get the gist of it, right?"

Run said nothing, but he knew he couldn't give up his Imperial Arm, for if he did that and was unable to recover it, then he'd one hundred percent be tortured to death by Esdeath.

"I, I can't give you it." Run stated after what felt like an eternity. "You're just going to have to-"

Before Run could finish his explanation the sound of a cannon, and missiles being fired could be heard off in the distance, which resulted in the two of them shifting their attention away from one another only to see a bunch of ordnance heading directly towards Tatsumi.

"Oh no." Was all Run could think before the streets were bombed.

Upon arriving at the part of the city that had been blasted to smithereens, Esdeath's scowl grew.

She had been quite some distance away, but had heard the explosion and quickly rushed over here in hopes of finding Tatsumi, but all she found was most of her Jaegers and a bunch of policemen helping the civilians who had survived the bombardment.

Run, who had come out of the explosion unscathed saw Esdeath in the middle of the street watching them all and quickly approached her.

"General Esdeath, I-"

"Was Tatsumi the cause of this?" Esdeath questioned, not willing to hear what Run had to say.

"Yes and no." Was the response he gave her with a troubled look.

"Explain." She retorted.

"I had managed to locate Tatsumi, and had tried to get him to surrender, and was in the middle of speaking to him when Seryu suddenly fired upon our position from afar." Run stated in a peeved voice, which didn't go unnoticed by Esdeath, but she didn't care too much about this.

"I will speak to Seryu about what she did later, so tell me, did he survive?" Esdeath questioned in a serious tone.

Knowing who she was referring too, Run said with uncertainty. "I'm, I'm not exactly sure, General. It is possible, but it is possible he perished as well."

With his death not confirmed, Esdeath released a sigh full of emotions.

She had wanted to continue the search for Tatsumi, but there was a small portion of herself that believed the attempt would be futile.

The Capital City was a big place, so the odds of finding him were very low.

"Until we know for sure, Tatsumi is to be presumed alive, okay Run?" Esdeath declared in a stern manner.

Understood, General Esdeath." Run answered with a nod.

"Good, now finish cleaning up this mess Seryu made, I'm going to go talk to the Prime Minister and make sure she doesn't lose her head for all of this." She then stated before marching off back towards the Emperor's Palace.

"Wait, General, are we giving up on capturing Tatsumi?!" Run called out as he chased after her, which made her come to a halt.

Esdeath said nothing at first, but eventually, she responded.

"If Tatsumi is still alive, then it won't be long until we see him again, so yes." She told him despite wanting to tell him no.

"Understood, General Esdeath." He affirmed. Run didn't show this, but a part of him was happy that they gave up their hunt on Tatsumi, for he understood his reasons and would have done what he did if he was in his position too.

"Although we are now officially enemies Tatsumi, I do wish you the best of luck," Run said to himself as he watched his superior walk down the road that would lead to the palace by herself with no one accompanying her. "for there is no undoing what you have done today."

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