Space Ghost was watching reruns of the classic 1960s show, 'The Munsters', with the ghost themed talk show hosting superhero feeling inspired as he leaned in closely within his seat.

"You think I could become a munster?" Space Ghost asked while watching the show at his desk.

"Pfft, you a monster. You already are with how you treat us!" Zorak snapped as he was trying to clean his place around the piano prison pod.

Space Ghost shook his head. "Not monster, 'munster'."

"...What's the difference?" Moltar blurted out as he was playing around with his lever at his computer.

Space Ghost sighed as he rested his hand on his face. "There is none. I just thought what it would be like to live life as, say, the Frankenstein's monster."

Zorak and Moltar exchanged glances with each other as they both began laughing, which prompted Space Ghost to blast the two villians with his Destructo Ray.

"Grrr... if anyone's acting like a onster here, it's you two jackasses!" Space Ghost snapped as he took in a deep breath and placed his hands on his face after sitting back down. "Maybe I should just get these monsters on my show."