So yeah I'm doing this apparently… and sorry this came out SO LATE… but I wanted to post the first chapter on halloween. for those of you who don't know I posted a Picture of Stella, Poppy, Willow, and Luca going trick or treating. So I thought "eh, what the heck I'll make a short story out of it" about 4 or five short chapters. and yes I know I'm still working on Angry birds Stella: the Ruby ring…. And Mario and Sonic Protectors of worlds: Lost past discovered future… so, consider this an appetizer or a distraction from my main series! So enjoy this little Halloween special. Just so you know… it's also a late Halloween special since Halloween is basically over… But still… enjoy! + Review!

The evening arrived. The had sun set and the moon rose from the horizon of the sea and into the sky. An eerie wind blew through the air. Luca was sitting in the main quarters of the big tree looking out into the jungle in excitement. He was wear a pair a small grey ears, a tail, and a little black nose on his beak. Luca snatched his currently empty candy sack and ran to the bottom on the stairs.

"Stella! Willow! Poppy! Dahlia! Hurry up!" he called jumping up and down.

"Alright Luca we're coming hang on!" Stella called back. A few seconds later poppy came walking down the stairs moaning and with her tongue hanging out of her mouth. She had a fake brain on her head with fake blood dripping down, and three fake gunshot wounds on the right side of her chest. Luca squealed in fake terror and hid behind the couch saying. "Ah! A zombie!" Poppy stopped and laughed.

"Hahaha! Come on out Luca! You know I'm only joking." Luca got out from behind the couch and giggled playfully then walked up to Poppy.

"Wow! Cool costume!" Luca praised, Poppy beamed at the compliment.

"Well, thanks buddy! I'm really aiming to have the best costume this year!" she laughed, then pulled out a mirror and looked into it closely.

"Mainly because I think I'm the only one who decided to use fake blood…" she said to herself when a second voice appeared.

"Well, I'm afraid you thought wrong." Poppy and Luca then turned to the stairs and saw a figure wearing a black top hat with a red band around it, and wearing a black cape wrapped around herself walking gracefully down the stairs. The only thing visible was two red pint eyes. When the figure got to the bottom she let the cape go unwrap and fall back showing it's red on the inside and revealing the figure to be Willow. She was wearing some fake vampire fangs with a bit of fake blood on them, and two trails of fake blood visible on the coroners of her beak.

"Good evening bleh bleh." Willow greeted Luca and Poppy. The latter walked up to her and nudged her in the shoulder.

"Eh, Willow, You're really being bold this year! A vampire! Your killing it!" poppy complemented, Willow blushed at the praise and pulled her hat down just below her eyes.

"gee, thanks Poppy… I was interested in this costume and it's fun to wear, bleh… but the only thing I don't like about it is bleh!" she took out the fake vampire teeth for a second and glared at them.

"These stupid teeth! They feel so weird in my mouth." Willow groaned and reluctantly put them back in. She then looked at Luca.

"So Luca, I see you're a puppy this year. So cute!" she cooed, Luca looked at her with an annyoed expression on his face.

"I'm not a puppy!" Luca chirped "I'm a wolf!" then he proceeded to howl like a wolf to prove it to her.

"More like a wolf cub." Everyone turned around and backed up from the stairs and saw Stella walking down. She was wearing a pink and violet dress, a long golden wig, and a crown with fake jewels and Pearls on it. In short, she was dressed just like Rapunzel. She approched her friends.

"So, how do I look?" Stella asked as she adjusted her crown.

"Very pretty." Willow complimented sweetly as Luca nodded in agreement. While Poppy had a bit of a skeptical look.

"Hmmmm…. Well, you do look nice. But I was just expecting something more… ghoulish! Like the bride of Frankenstein or something…" Stella just shrugged at her.

"Well, I was thinking about it but decided to do something nice this year! Besides, you guys know Tangled is one of my favorite movies!"

"Yeah, it's our's too. But still… promise me you'll do something creepy next year!"

"Alright, Alright…I'll do something creepy." Stella laughed then turned back to the stairs. "Now we just need to wait for Dahlia…" then just as she said that Dahlia came walking down the stairs wearing… Nothing… Stella, Poppy, Willow, and Luca looked at her with weird expressions on their faces.

"Uh… Dahlia." Stella began "where's your costume? We're going to be heading out soon!" Dahlia glanced at her friends.

"Well, everyone… you see…I decided to stay home this year." Everyone looked at her in shock.

"But why?!" Luca whined in disappointment.

"I'm still a bit uh… unnerved from the events that occurred last year…" Dahlia explained

"Dahlia, we all agreed we were taking a different route to avoid that Shaman Pig and his temple this year!" Stella groaned. "Believe me being turned into a mindless party pig wasn't the highest point in our lives for any of us!" Poppy, Willow, and Luca shuttered at the memory while shaking their heads. Dahlia slipped close to Stella.

"No. Not that itself… it was the aftermath…." Dahlia whispered, then had a brief flashback of her waking up to find herself kissing handsome pig on the snout. Cringing she shook the memory out of her head, and looked at the others again.

"Besides, somebody really needs to look after the big tree tonight. Just in case any trick or treaters come." Dahlia walked over to the table, picked up a small bowl of candy, and walked over to Luca.

"So consider this your first house! Now, what do we say Luca?" Dahlia asked while raising an eyebrow. Luca thought for a second then beamed in realization.

"Trick or Treat!" he said happily and Dahlia threw a few pieces of candy in his sack.

"And I'm sure you'll get much more with that Puppy costume of yours." Dahlia stated, which earned her an annyoed glare from Luca.

"I'm a wolf!" he corrected with annoyance. Willow then started to guide Luca away from Dahlia and towards the exit.

"Well, we'd better get going while the night is young." Willow sighed then looked at Dahlia. "Are you sure you want to stay here tonight?" she asked. The owl nodded.

"Yes, I'm sure. You guys just go out and enjoy yourselves, I'll hold down the fort, and try not to get turned into pigs this year."

"Like I said before, we're taking a different Route so we should be fine!" Stella insisted "see you later tonight, Dahlia! Happy Halloween!" and with that Stella, Poppy, Willow, and Luca began hopping down the Big tree's fungus, onto the shore and into the jungle. The turned around and saw Dahlia watching them go then call out to them.

"Bye! Happy Halloween!" the four smiled and entered the jungle, looking forward to this years trick or treat…

30 minutes later

The new route was going very smoothly. No monster encounters, no Pig encounters, and thankfully no Shaman pig encounters. Luca looked in his candy bag and saw it was already half full! He showed it to Stella with Pride.

"Look at all the candy I got Stella!" he exclaimed, Stella giggled a bit at the hatchlings joy.

"Guess, Dahlia was right. Your puppy costume really is getting you lots of candy!"

"Stella! I'm a wolf!" Luca huffed angrily, then snatched his bag and started walking down the path. The girls giggled a bit and started to walk too. There was a bit of an eerie silence among them, Willow decided to break it by saying.

"You know, this new route is really going well! We haven't run into any trouble at all!"

"Yeah! Almost... too well…" Poppy muttered to herself, Willow looked at her in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"You know in horror movies, where the main characters are in a creepy place?" poppy asked, and Willow nodded.

"Well, that's exactly what one of them says right before a guy in a mask comes running out…" Willow turned around and saw that Poppy was gone. She glanced around then out of nowhere Poppy screams from behind her.

"WITH A CHAINSAW!" she had frightened the poor Pidgeon so might she jumped and yelped. But then she heard Poppy laughing from behind her. She spins around and gives her a dirty glare

"That wasn't funny Poppy!" Willow snapped.

"then why am I laughing?!" Poppy chuckled. Stella glared at them with annoyance and a bit of anger. Knowing full well, what was going to happen.

"Poppy, that wasn't nice at all!" Willow growled back

"Oh, lighten up! It's Halloween!"

"True, but that doesn't mean you can just go screaming in people's ears!"

"Actually, I screamed behind you."

"Same difference!"

"Alright you two STOP ARGUING!" Stella finally shouted at the pair shutting them up instantly. And looked at Stella nervously. Stella looked at them very annoyed, and Luca was watching everyone and looking scared… Stella glares at poppy a bit.

"Look Poppy! Yes it's Halloween, but Willow's right. You don't go screaming in people's faces like that. So I suggest, you apologize to Willow for that!" Stella Lectured, Poppy gulped turned to Willow and apologized. Then Stella turned to Willow.

"And Willow, I get you're a bit jumpy. But, don't get yourself involved in stupid arguments, like that! They're very disruptive, and wasteful! And you of all people should know that!" Willow looked down in a bit of shame.

"You're right… Sorry Stella…" she whispered. Stella nodded and started walking again with everyone following. Everyone walked in silence… the eerie sensation returning and filling everyone with a bit of uneasiness. But they chose to press on, what were they to fear? They were the only ones here. Or were they….?

A dark round figure wearing a top hat was hiding in the thick brush of the jungle and watches the flock through a telescope, and a sinister smirk appears on his face. He puts the telescope down and mutters to himself.

"Well, would you look at that! Some travelers aww, and there going on a little Trick or treating. How precious… and not anyone at that, but could those children be the very birds who restored golden island and sent away the golden egg? Yes! They'll be perfect for my little tests! But wait! Hmm… I thought there were five of them, but I only saw four… well, no matter. This should be fun nonetheless, fun for me anyway!" he pulls out a strange whistle and gently blows into it. A few seconds later a skunky scurries up to him. The figure turned to it as he put the whistle away.

"Good evening Skunky. You see, I have a favor to ask of you." He points his telescope in the direction of the Stella flock.

"You wouldn't mind escorting those children to my place of residence for me would you?" he asked. The skunky nods and quickly scurried towards the Stella and her friends and it leapt into the bushes and slowly creeped along, waiting for the perfect moment to jump out. After the Skunky hid in the bushes the dark figure disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Meanwhile, Luca was walking ahead of everyone else, and was right next to the bushes the Skunky was hiding in. Luca looked at the girl's and called to them.

"Come on!"

"Hold on we're coming!" Stella called back. Bored, Luca decided to look in his candy sack again. Since the bag was as big as him, Luca set it on the ground for easier access. And that's when the Skunky leapt out of the bush, snatched Luca's candy sack, and books it! Luca, Stella, Willow, and Poppy look shocked and surprised. However, Luca quickly gets an angry look on his face and shouts

"HEY! THAT'S MY CANDY!" then gives chase after the critter. The girls exchange glances at each other but quickly start chasing after Luca and the Skunky. For a small Skunky dragging along a bag bigger than itself, half filled with candy, It was running surprisingly fast. But despite that Luca wasn't letting it get away, and kept running with determination. While Stella, Poppy, and Willow were chasing after Luca further behind. The Skunky led them off the path they were on and into a more deeper part of the forest. Eventually the Skunky dropped the candy on the ground and ran off. Luca quickly ran to his bag and picked it up, gathering the contents of it that had spilled, up off the ground just as the older birds caught up to him.

"Luca! Don't run off like that!" Stella scolded. "we almost lost you!" by then he got all the spilled treats back into his bag and looked up at Stella.

"Sorry Stella… but that mean Skunky tried to take my candy bag! And I wasn't gonna let him get away!" Stella sighed and shook her head softly at Luca, smiling gently.

"Oh, Luca… what am I going to do with you?" she asked then looked up confidently.

"Okay! Let's get back to trick or-" then she and everyone else all realized… they wandered so far off the path the didn't know where they even were! The darkness of the night didn't help much either…

"oh no… please don't tell me we're lost" Stella muttered frustrated.

"okay. We won't tell you anything about us being lost." Poppy began, but then started tensing up "In the… dark spooky forest… at night… on Halloween…" then she heard a crunch behind her which caused her to scream out in terror and hug Stella and Willow tightly almost suffocating them.

"AUGHHH! GET ME OUTTA HERE!" she shouted almost crying. Stella and Willow on the other hand were trying to make her let go of them.

"*Gag* Poppy! *Wheeze* calm down…" Stella choked out as her face began to turn purple.

"Can't… *cough* breath…" Willow whispered as the air escaped her lungs. Poppy eventually realized and saw Stella and Willow's faces, and let them go quickly.

"Sorry, guys…" she apologized, as the pair caught their breath, "I just thought heard a crunch sound behind me and…" as she turned around she realized the crunch sound had come from Luca who had bit into a pretzel, (which was one of the goodies he had gotten). The young hatchling looked at her confused as he took another bite.

"What?" he asked. "I was hungry" Poppy chuckled nervously as she felt Stella and Willow death glaring at her back. The latter, deciding to be the more open minded one, calmed down and smiled weakly at her friends.

"Okay, so we're lost in the forest…" she began "but hey, things can't possibly get any-" next thing she knew, everyone was three inches away from her and shouting,

"DON'T SAY IT!" but, then a flash of lighting was seen with loud thunder and it was followed by a strong downpour. Luca quickly covered the candy bag and himself with Willow's cape to keep dry while the others were standing in the rain, getting soaked, with annoyed looks on their faces. Willow sighed as she watched water dribble off the rim of her hat.

"Apparently they can…" she muttered frustrated. Stella groaned a bit, quickly shook her head and started running.

"Come on! We've got to find shelter!" She shouted, her friends nodded and started running too. The thunder was booming in their ears and lightning flashes were seen through gaps in the tree canopy's. Raindrops continued to assault the young birds as they ran to find cover.

"Wow! This rain just came out of nowhere!" Stella panted as they ran. "There wasn't a cloud in the sky when we were trick or treating. So either the weather cycle is out of whack or Willow really did jinx us!"

"If I did, I'm sorry!" Willow shouted over the pouring rain and thunder. As they were running a golden light appeared in front of them, almost blinding them and forcing them to skid to a stop. They causiosly looked up and saw the light slowly approach them… as it got closer it was revealed to be a lantern held by a pig. He had a white brush Mustache and he was dressed like a Butler, white buttoned shirt, black dress jacket, and he was even wearing a powder wig! He had a concerned look on his face, But something about this pig seemed a bit…off to Stella and the others… it wasn't a spooky feeling or deranged feeling like with the shaman pig… but, it seemed odd for a pig to be dressed like that. And what was he doing out in the middle of the forest? But Stella shook it off, thinking it was probably just another one of Gale's minion pigs who decided to sneak out and go trick or treating, but got lost along the…

"I knew I saw some commotion out here, Goodness me! What in blazes are you four doing out here in this storm!?" he asked in a older, very sophisticated and concerned voice. Stella was shocked! That didn't sound like a minion pig's voice… Stella was about to say something when Luca beat her.

"We were trick or treating when a mean Skunky stole my candy, we chased it, ended up here, got lost, and it started raining." Luca explained innocently. Stella cursed his naivety in her mind, mainly because they had no idea who this pig was and Luca just told him they were lost. The elder pig looked them over.

"Well, you'll all get sick if you stay out here! Please, come with me." He turned around and began walking in the direction he had come in. Luca went to follow him but Stella grabbed his tail and pulled him back, still cautious of the strange pig. When he noticed they weren't following, he looked over his shoulder and called over to them.

"No need to be afraid. Please, I live not too far from here. It's a perfect place for all of you to dry off and wait for the rain to pass." Stella raised an eyebrow at his offer.

"I don't know… who are you even?" she asked suspiciously.

"My name is Stewart Todsnout, but you may call me Mr. Todsnout." He looks up in the air and notices the wind and rain getting stronger "However, I do insist you all come with me. The storm is getting a bit stronger." Stella looked at her friends uncertain about him.

"What do you guys think?"

"Well, he seems really nice." Willow whispered "and he's right, the wind and rain are picking up. So, we really have no choice right now…" Poppy nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, it's better than standing out here and catching pneumonia." Poppy shrugged. But little did anyone notice, Mr. Todsnout flinched a bit when heard Poppy say that. Stella sighed in defeat knowing they were right…

"Alright…" she turned to Mr. Todsnout, "Lead the way sir!" the elderly pig nodded.

"With pleasure, right this way children!" and began guiding them into another part of the forest. Stella still remained a bit unnerved… she had a nagging feeling in the back of her head.

'Something bad is going to happen' She thought to herself worriedly 'I just know it!'