Chapter 1

(A/N: I will say this Jasper's and Bella's looks maybe a bit OOC, but nothing too drastic though just longer hair or clothing change also so will the Cullen's will have different looks but still will act the same, so don't kill me I just think maybe just a small tweek of their looks won't hurt right? And this twilight universe, like first book universe and the Cullen's may also be a little OOC but again not so much. Also last two notes 1. No Edward bashing as much as I didn't like, him myself I won't bash him and he will be mated with Alice. 2 I do not own Twilight Saga at all, I just play with its characters.)

Summary: What if Jasper knew Bella was his from the start? With the Cullens' help, can he get her? There may be some Fluff and Lemons in the story in later chapters, so M for now. AU.

Seeking Her


Laying in my bed, I realize today was the first day of the one billionth time, my siblings and I start high school. I guess I'm getting tired of playing human, but if it means I don't have to be fighting in wars anymore. I'll take it. It's not that I don't like my family or what they have done, they aren't my first family; I mean I have Peter and Charlotte, but I love them both same. My two adopted brother's Edward and Emmett, and their wives are pretty down to earth people, who precisely want to live a normal life. Along with our "parents" or coven leader and mate, Carlisle and Esme Cullen also just want the same as much as we do. I stretch before getting out of bed, and make my way to the bathroom, I take a shower, brush my long blond hair that is to my lower back, and get dressed , I decided to wear a black and red flannel shirt over my black wife beater, black skinny jeans with chains on the left side of the pants, and black cowboy boots. I grab my messenger bag, and my black cowboy hat to match my boots and put it in my head. I sat in the living room waiting for the rest of my siblings to come down the stairs, so we could get going.

Carlisle and Esme have already gone to work, Carlisle to the Hospital here in Forks and Esme at her Interior-Design Studio in Seattle; my siblings make their way down the stairs, and I hear Emmett's voice booming from the living room, Rose and him are having conversations about the new school year. While Alice and Edward are having hushed conversations about their school year I was glad that, I was going for two years, and not the full four like my younger brother and sister Alice. Emmett, Rosalie, and I make small talk bout our last two year of school like we always do and what we are going to do after school this time, our discussion was cut short, when Alice says it's time to go. We all pile out of the front door; I hop in Emmett's 2015 Jeep Wrangler, and Ed and Alice get into his Volvo.

We make it to school, and Em does his signature entrance as we pull up into the parking lot, how sitting on the top of driver's seat, while Rosie parks the car in near the front of the steps, and Edward parks beside us. We all get out of the car, and I sit on the hood of Em's Jeep, while the rest of my siblings chatted to themselves in front of their cars. I look around at all the students, some new and some old. I can hear all of their conversations about their summer vacations and other things.

All of a sudden, my eyes are drawn to a newly painted cherry red 1963 Chevy Truck, I hadn't seen before, I feel nervousness coming from the back of the parking lot, where I saw the truck pull into. From what I could see, there was a young girl in the front seat of the truck. She had long brown hair past her shoulders with highlights of blue and purple in her hair. She looked out the window, and I swore for a second; it was as if she met my eyes, she had chocolate brown eyes. I watched her get out of the truck and take a deep breath to calm her nerves. She had on a black dress that flared out pasted her knees it had the phases of the moon and stars as the pattern, black legging with the solar system on them, and black ballet flat's shoes. She looked beautiful, but my eyes drift back to her face, and I can tell she has a small amount of makeup on, some eyeliner and light red lipstick, but the natural pale from her skin, makes me wonder if she is one of us. I sniff the air and she smells human, but her sent smells like home. She smells like Texas Thunderstorms, Apple pie and bluebonnets.

I began to wonder if I just found my mate, because as I remember the good doctor telling me, that your mate's scent would smell like things that reminded you of home. Furthermore, that if you come in contact with said mate you would feel a spark, he told it to me. Because out of the members of our family, I'm the only one without a mate, this girl defiantly smelled like home, and deep down, I felt like I wanted to get to know her.I also felt that I wouldn't hurt her ever. I watch her put on her black backpack and make her way toward the front of the school. As she makes her way up to the stairs, I see her look over at my siblings and me, curiosity was what I feel from her as She looks at us, then walks into school. Once she is gone from my sight, I hear Em say mockingly, "Looks like Jazzman found himself a looker." I lightly growl playfully at my brothers teasing, and we share a chuckle as we all head toward the school.

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