Chapter 16

The Major's Story

Major's POV

With Jasper still mentally drained from last night, I ask him if I can take over til he felt more awake. Jasper said he didn't mind as long as I behave, I told him that I would. I wanted to tell Bella about our time with Maria, which I should have made him tell her after they had started dating. But I wanted to trust her, before telling her of our past. I didn't want her to run from Jasper, nor did I wanted her afraid of us. Our story needs to be told, and we need to protect her from the dangers she would face from Maria and her army.

As I lay there in the bed, thinking how to tell her about the said story without scaring her. I could feel Bella starting to wake up, I lean over and give her a good morning kiss. She kisses me back with so much passion, that I can barely keep my control. When we break the kiss I hear her say to me, " Good morning, Major." To admit I was shocked that she knew it wasn't Jasper, since I hadn't made myself known to her before, so I figured that she wouldn't know the difference. I asked her in our natural Texan accent," Good morning darlin', how did you know it wasn't Jasper?" Intrigued by what she would say, I see her stretch and say to me, "Your eyes is what makes me to tell the difference. When I see Jasper, his eyes are golden honey color, but with you it's like your eyes are a reddish golden yellow. I've see you pop out a couple times but Jasper had been in control, like our first date and the first time Jasper and I met. I could see a hint of red in his eyes, I've always wanted to ask him about it In case it was too painful or something he didn't wanna talk about yet." I smiled at her answer, she was so selfless thinking about our pain and well-being. I pulled her closer to me and kisses her softly, I'm also amazed that our mate can tell the difference between us. I set up and tell her, " I gotta story to tell you darlin', It's not a happy one but its the story of our past. In all honesty, we are scared it will make you wanna leave us. Because of the person we were back then, but I gotta hopeful feeling that you will understand after I finish telling it. Will you hear us out?" Bella turns and faces me, she snuggles closer to me and says to me, "Whatever this story holds, it's in your past, and will not change how I feel about you now. We are not the monsters of our past, we are the people who we are now. To me both Jasper and you are sweet, caring, loving, and protective of who you love. Including your families that you both have, so don't worry about your past focus on the life you have now." I smile at her anwser, "How did we get so lucky, to have a selfless and caring mate. But I have to tell you our story. Just so you can understand why we didn't tell you before."

Bella nods and she tells me she needs her human moments, she gets up and heads to the bathroom to freshen up. After she is done, she lays back dow on the bed with me and cuddles up. I start to tell her, " Well I guess I'd better start, after Peter changed me. You see after Peter changed me, he took me down to Galveston. To make sure I was looked after as a newborn and trained to fight. You see after we are changed, it can take up to a year before our emotions settle and become seasoned vampires. After my first year, he took me to a woman who he told me was building an army for territory and land. Since I knew I couldn't live a normal life back at home, I decided to follow him to where she was. When we made it there I laid eyes on the leader of this army, she had coal black hair, tan brown skin and wearing a white dress.

She looked like she was fresh off the boat from Mexico, she asked Peter who I was and why he brought me. Peter Explained to her that I was looking to join her army and was a damn good fighter, she tested me with a bodyguard that she had. I won the battle and learned of my gift of feeling and manipulating emotions, which Maria caught on to my gift. She made me the Major of her army and personal bodyguard, my duties were to plan out battle plans and cull newbors after their year of usefulness.

Which was a job I hated the most, because some of the people I had to kill I bonded and became friends with. But that didn't matter to her she wanted fresh newborns for her army, once you supassed that first year you were no longer useful to her. Also alot alot of mated vampires were killed, cause that was another rule in her army no mates. If you were mated she would have me punish them and kill them which tore me up inside, but I didnt want to disobey orders and feel the wrath of Maria. For each battle I was rewarded with favors and sex from Maria, which I thought was love but I knew she was only doing it to keep me in line and follow her blindly.

But the day that changed, was after our final battle in Houston which we won, Maria gave me the list of vampires to be culled, one of the names on the list was my friend Charlotte. Who I knew loved Peter and he loved her, when I called her to me. I called for Peter as well, I showed them the list and told them to run. They both argued with me about coming with them, but I wanted my friends safe. They ran but Peter promised me he would come back for me, I hugged both of them and the disappeared into the night.

I went to Maria and made up a story about Peter and Charlotte escaped, to say I was punished was an understatement. I was tortured for years, I was made to starve, having my limbs torn from my body it's how we got majority of our scars the rest are from battles, and made to feed from women and childern. Which I strongly told myself I wouldn't feed from since I was born into this life, but on the last few years of the torture Peter came back for me and told me of a better life away from Maria and her wars.

I agreed and Peter set the compound a blaze and we disappeared into the night to Georiga. It took me a long time to get over the wars and my killings, it wasn't until 1920 that I made Jasper forget those times and we lived in peace until Peter told me that I needed to find the Cullens.

He didn't elaborate on why but I never questioned his gift of knowing shit as he called it. So I left and went in search of the Cullens, and have been with them ever since. They tough me how to live again, but yeah that's our story darlin'." I feel sadness, anger, love, and concern for me coming from Bella, as I was about to ask about her emotions. She tells me, " If I ever become a vampire, I'm gonna kill Maria for making go through such pain, and I'm glad you have friends like Peter and Charlotte. Also I am glad you came and found the Cullens cause who know, if you never came with them then we may have not met. I love you Major Jasper Hale and I don't think I will ever stop loving you."

It made me smile just how much love she had for my families and I, after she calmed her emotions. I ask her if she is hungry, she nodded and we head to the kitchen. Esme is already in the kitchen cooking brunch for her. On a tray was scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles and orange juice. We take the tray and head back to my room, we sit on my bed and eat the brunch. After brunch I go and hunt while she reads a book, as I'm about to jump out of my window I give her a quick kiss and take off for the woods.

When I come back Jasper says he is awake enough to come back, I tell him fine I slip back into the back of his mind and let Jasper come back to be with Bella. Though I would miss her, I knew this wouldn't be the only time I would see her. After all she is our mate, once I'm back in my place in Jasper's mind. I cherish the time I got to spend with her and hope that we can defeat Maria and her new friend's, because if there is one thing I'm not letting that bitch take our happiness away from us.

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