Chapter 18

Bella's P.O.V

I woke up the in morning to a text from Jasper saying we needed to talk, I texted him back saying that I would talk to him when I got to school. I get out of bed and pull out of my some clothes for today, I pulled out my favourite cosmic reef sweater with matching bottoms some fuzzy black stocks with my black ankle boots.

I go to the bathroom and take a shower, while I was in there I was wondering what Jasper had wanted to talk about, I was hoping it wasn't more danger. But who am I kidding, I'm in a relationship with the most powerful vampire known to man. So of course it was probably something danger related, but I know I'll be ready for it.

Once I was done with my shower, I dried myself off and brushed my hair dry. I decided to leave my hair down but grab a hair tie in case I needed it. After getting my hair situated, I went back to my room to finish getting dressed.

I put on my outfit that I had laid on my bed, after I had gotten dressed I made my way down to the kitchen to make my lunch and then grab my galaxy hoodie, in case it got cold or rained later on. I made myself a turkey sandwich with all the fixings, with some celery sticks and strawberry yogurt.

As I was eating my breakfast, I heard a knock on my front door, thinking it was Jasper coming to drive me to school, I downed my orange juice and went to go answer the door.

When I open it and come face to face with a pale 25 year old man with brown hair, he was wearing a black coat with a black shirt underneath it and jeans with boots to finish it off. He had red eyes and at first I thought it was Peter, but something was just off with this guy.

I had a quick thought to call Jasper in case things went south, so I hid my phone behind my back and hit speed dial button for his number and hit the call button, I stuck the phone in my back pocket. I then ask the stranger,

"Hi, can I help you?"

He smiles at me very creeply and says to me,

"My name is Riley and I work for Maria. You will be coming with me now, and don't worry my companions will take good care of the Major's pet. As we need you to bargain chip for him to come back to my mistress."

I felt nervous, but I knew sooner or later I would be kidnapped. So I shut the door and went with him, with my phone still recording everything. He leads me to a red corvette and hits me on the back of the head, it knocks me unconscious, I feel myself being placed in what I'm guessing is the back of the car.

Then I feel the car start and drive off, I just hope that Jasper gets my message and comes to rescue me.

Jasper's P.O.V

I was getting ready for school, hoping that I could hurry to get to Bella's so we could talk, about what our plan was to protect her father and my love. I had left my phone in the living room, I was taking a shower letting the hot water run down my body and praying to God above that my mate would be safe and sound when I got to her house.

As I was drying myself off, I could feel someone's emotions go from calm to terrified in less than a minute. I got dressed in a hurry and ran toward the living room, when I got there I could see Alice sitting on the couch with Edward holding her, she was visually upset. We can't cry but I could see the venom in her eyes trying to fall, I got in front of her and asked,

"Aly-cat, what's wrong? Are you ok? Why are you upset?"

Edward handed me my phone and told me to listen to my voicemail message, and it would explain why she was upset. I took my phone from him and opened the message, I could hear Bella ask whoever was at the door if she could help them. Then a male voice came through telling her that she would be coming with him and his companions and that they needed her for a bargaining chip for Maria, they then go outside and I heard Bella get put in a car and it drive off.

The message stops after that, I crush my phone in anger. Cause my mate had been taken, by some of that bruja's minions. They had took what was mine, and now they are going to pay.

I could feel the Major, rattling at his cage to be let out and kill the ones who had took our mate from us, but I settled him down til we could get more information. I turn to Alice and ask her as calm as I could be,

"Alice did you not see that Bella would be taken?"

She nod and says to me still very upset,

"I don't know how I couldn't, I mean one minute I was seeing everything as normal, then it was like everything went black and I didn't see til after it was too late. I'm so sorry Jaz, I'm sorry I couldn't save her."

Edward holds her tightly, and I grab her right hand and rub it in a comforting manner, I tell her,

"Aly, it isn't your fault. I believe they might've had someone either shielding your visions or waited for the right moment to have taken her, so by the time you would have seen it, it would have been too late to do anything to save her.

So it's ok Aly-cat, the plan now is to get her back save and sound. Ok?"

She starts to cheer up and I give her a side hug, I then give Carlise a call and let him know what is going on. I also ask him, if there is a way to have him call the school and get us out. So we could make a plan to save Bella, he tells me that he could do the for us, by telling the school that we would be going on some kind of religious vacation for a month, I thank him and hang up.

My next call is to Peter and Charlotte, after the first ring. Peter answers and tells me not to worry, that they were already at Bella's house investigating who took her. Char was outside checking for a scent of the male vampire and his companion's, and once they had that done they would see where the scent would lead them and then report any and all progress to me.

I thank him and hang up, Em and Rose told me about trying to track Bella's phone so we could at least try to track where they were taking her, I tell them to give it a try. But to just let me know what they find, they nod and Em goes to get his laptop.

Alice tell me she will keep looking into Bella's future, to keep me informed on any changes, I thank her as well and then tell them that I would be heading to my study to calm my brain formulate a plan.

I walk up the stairs to my study that was right next door to my room, Bella has been the only person who has been in my sanctuary. It is here where I sort of break down, cause in this moment I felt just like Alice did earlier.

I felt like I couldn't save her, or at least keep her safe. I had failed her in my eyes, but I knew feeling like this wouldn't help, I would have to be strong for the both of us and bring my love home, and make sure that my mate will be safe for whatever else life wants to throw at us.

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