Jasper/ Major's POV

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As I was sitting in my study, that now been turn into a command central for tracking down Bella and her kidnappers. Emmett was using his laptop with a cell phone tracking program that was used by some government agencies, While I sat at my desk calling every ally, I knew all across the US. Telling them every detail about my mate, hoping that someone had seen her, all of them of course all of them had said no but they would keep an eye out.

I even kept asking Alice if she had seen anything at all, even she told me she couldn't see anything but she would keep trying. Everyone who I turned to kept give me the same answer, and I felt like I would never find my mate. Which made the feeling of failure rear its ugly head, how could no one had seen her. I mean hell Peter and Charlotte we doing runs on the daily checking to see of there was any trace, but still nothing only a small faint scent from the outside of her house and stops at the end of forks town line.

Everywhere we were turning up empty, and here I sat helpless not knowing what else to do to find her. An hour later Emmett tells me he is going to go hunt with Rose, he asked me to come with them so I could take me mind off it, but I just couldn't, I felt like I couldn't rest til I had her back safe in my arms. I told him I would catch up with him later, to which he nodded and walked out of my study and closed my door behind him. Once I was alone, I tried to keep the pain in my chest and the sadness in my heart away from everyone.

The only one I couldn't hide it from was Peter, he was the one who saw through my facade of fine I put on for everyone else. He would drag my depressed emo ass as he would call it, out of the and make me hunt, as he would always tell me,

"You, wouldn't want your mate to come back and see you not taking care of yourself now, do you?"

Which I knew he was right, so after I calmed down enough for me to move without breaking down. I hopped out the window of my study and ran as fast my legs would carry me to the forest, I nabbed an elk and a mountain lion on my way to the place I go to be alone our meadow. It was dusk so you could feel the fall chill in the air and the flowers and leaves were dying and falling on the ground, I could feel the Major wanting out so he could take out his frustration and anger out on some trees. But I told him to cool his jets til we leave this place, he settled but only for now, as I sat down on the cold ground and watched the water make tiny waves against the calm night.

I could hear the Major ask me in my mind,

"Boy, why do you feel so low? Why don't you go out there and tear this world apart looking for our mate?"

I sigh deeply and say to him in my mind,

"You know damn well why not; you don't know how to control yourself. Where as I want to find out where Maria is so I can kill her, you on the other hand want to just kill the captors and not get a bit of information out of them. It's like at the night in the bar, we could've had that asshole lead us to that bruja, but what did you do, you set him a light after the word kidnap was uttered! Now she is gone because of you!"

I can hear that bastard chuckle in my head and quip back,

"So, now you want to blame me, do you? I did what was right to protect our mate! But go ahead and blame me, but tell me this if you blame me, then why did you let me out? You could have just handled it yourself. No, you chose to let me out, and deal with something you couldn't handle, so don't blame me for your misjudgment. So, now that blame game and feeling sorry for yourself is over, now how are we going to get our mate back?"

He was right I was just looking for someone to blame for my failure of protecting my mate, and me being like this won't get me or my family any closer to finding Bella. After I had calmed down and cleared my mind, I walked back to the house while still conversing with the Major. He kept trying to suggest that we should have someone go undercover, but I thought that would be too obvious. Because A) We are vampires, someone would catch on with our heighten sense of hearing someone would eavesdrop and be found out. And B) I don't want to sacrifice a family member to that Bruja, because the moment she would figure out she would kill them.

I did come up with a sold plan where, I could hand myself back over to her, to at least get Bella out of there safely and kill Maria in the process. But Mr. Control freak, thought I was being stupid but I told him that it would be the only way and I could bring Peter, Charlotte, and Garrett in on it. To get her out while I handle Maria and her army, which he agreed which finally made me happy we finally agreed on something.

When I get back, I jump back through my study window and go to my private bathroom to take a shower. I change into my black long sleeve shirt, black jeans with black combat boots. I call a family meeting in the dining room, and tell the family my plan to get Bella back. Alice told me, that she saw that the plan would work as long as Peter and Char stay about 100 miles away, and I keep the meetings with them to a 10-minute time frame. I nodded and thanked her for advice and told her to call me if things go wrong with the plan or Bella, she nods and goes back to laying her head on Edwards shoulder as I knew she was having problems seeing things, but something basic as plans and us she could see clear as day.

But when it came to try and look for Bella, that is where she was having the most problem. But I knew Alice was trying her hardest, as she didn't want to lose someone she thought of as a sister besides Rose. Emmett tried to convince me that he should go with me as a recruit and keep an eye on things, but Alice shut that down and told him that he could get us caught if he couldn't keep his temper in check. Also, with Rose telling him it was very dangerous, so he backed down after that, I did tell him that as much as I would love his help.

I just didn't want to get anyone in the family hurt, and that the only reason I would ask Peter and Char is because, I trained then on how to fight. So, I knew they could take care of themselves, and at some point, I would teach the family what I have taught them but it would be after I got Bella back. To which they agreed, hours later we hashed out the rest of the plan which made me happy.

Because I knew it was full proof and there was no way we could be found out. 'Hold on, baby we are coming to get you back.' I thought to myself as I sat in my study making a phone call to Garrett. Talking with Garrett was a breeze, he had no problem coming to meet me to make our plan work, he told me that he would be flying in tonight to meet with Peter and I. Since Char was going to stay back to keep watch and, to more investigating near Bella's home.

Peter and I hope in his SUV he rented to come up and visit me, and drove to the airport to meet him. As we sit at the gate exit waiting for Garrett's flight to come in, my mind couldn't help but think about Bella's safety, Peter must have noticed that I was a million miles away and, looks over at me and says,

"Don't worry Major, we'll get her back. I know both of you are worried about Bella, but I know you know who won't show it. But I know you will, and think of this way, she was smart enough to leave you a message of some sort, aye."

I nodded at his words as he was right, she was smart enough to leave us some sort of message to know she was taken, I just wish we could have been there to see who took her. But I push these thoughts out of my head, when I heard Garrett's flight number being called in. Peter and I stood up from our seats and near the gate door for the plane to land, after about 20 minuets it was parked and people were getting off the plane. Peter leaned against the wall with a bored expression on his face, I hear Garrett before I saw him.

I could see he was on the phone which puzzled me, but I didn't question it when he got off the phone. He came over and hugged us, he told he was on the phone with Alice who filled him in on the plan and such, which we didn't have to ask him if he thought it would work. He told us it's full proof, but he did warn me that Alice told him that I would endure punishment for leaving her. Which I knew was a given, but what Alice told him was that she would do it in front of Bella. My heart dropped, 'God, I wish Bella didn't have to see that.' I thought to myself as we walked back to the car with Peter with Garrett's bags in the backseat.

Peter asked Garrett about his flight, to which he told him it was nice if he didn't have to leave Kate, but coming to help me was more important. Garrett also told me that, his mate said that if he came back hurt from this little plan of mine. That I better run cause the shock I was going to get, would be so hard I would feel it in my balls. I told him to tell her message was received, while Peter made quips about me having glittery glowing nuts. To which I told him,

"You know Peter, if you keep annoying me I can sick Char on you and you won't get none for a long while. So, keep testing me Peter."

Peter gave me a look that was mix of horror and anger, he said to me in the most Texan accent he could muster,

"You do that and I'll tell Bells, that you haven't been taking care of yourself and been moping like, a gopher stuck in his hole."

I chuckled as I kept driving back to the Cullen home, yes Peter could do that but he knew the power that I had over Char. If he did something stupid I was the reason Char wouldn't give him anything sexual for almost a year or more depending on what he did, so I could understand why he would get scared and angry.

As we pulled up to the house, we helped Garrett with his bags and walk through the front door of the Cullen house. Esme and Carlisle greeted Garrett, with a hug and a handshake to which he thanked them for letting him stay here. Of course both of them told him to make himself at home, the rest of the family but Edward and Alice came to greet him as well, Rose with a hug while Emmett decied to say hello with wrestling and roughhousing with him.

Rose just shook her head at Em, as a few minuets later he broke a vase and the table it sat in the living room, Esme gave him an earful about his actions and told him to clean it up. Emmett pouted as he did what he was told, while I helped rebuild the small coffee table. Once that was done, I fully went over the plan again with Charlotte, and the rest who would be coming with me, to make sure if anyone had any questions or put any input to it make it better. No one had anything to say or add, I told them we would leave tomorrow since Emmett got a trace on her phone some where in Northern Canada.

So if they wanted to go hunt or something now would be the time to do it, they all nod at me and head off to go do their things. Which I knew for Peter and Char, it would be a quick hunt and fuck, meanwhile Garrett would either hunt or talk with Kate on the cellphone. While I went back to my study, and decided to read a book to take my mind off things for a short bit. I knew I need to relax some how or I was gonna go insane from not having Bella here with me, as I read one of my many book on the Civil War.

My mind would somehow would always go back to Bella, I just couldn't keep my mind off of her so I decided to go hunt and maybe let the Major go take out his anger on some trees, I hope out of my window and run deep into the forest. I ran hard and fast toward the most deserted part of the forest, as I let the major out of his cage inside of my mind. My vision would fade to black as he would surface.

The Major P.O.V

After I was finally let out, I laid waist to every tree that caught my eye, I punched and kicked boulders. By the time I was done, the forest has looked like an earthquake and a tornado had torn the place apart, I was thirsty after an hour of destruction and I had an fight with Jasper about wanted to feed from a human. I tried to plea my case, that Maria would force us to do so anyway just to try and turn Bella against us, but he kept trying to tell me he wanted to keep his diet. Because he was worried that the family would hate him for doing so.

To which I said to him,

"Look boy, if the family would hate you. Then they wouldn't have let you join them in the first place from our track record, its either we start feeding our old way or do it when we get to Canada."

I hear him sigh in our mind, because he knew in someway I was right. So he told me,

" Alright, but let's not go too crazy with the feeding, I would like my eyes to be back to normal after we rescue Bella. I mean I know she wouldn't care but I do."

I would chuckle and then, take off for Oregon so that way I don't break the wolves treaty. I would stand on the top of a building out of sight, I would sniff the area and smell some many people down below. Some drinking, others were partying and enjoying the night. In the alley way of the nightclub building, I could hear a scream for help from a woman.

When I looked down I could spot a woman getting raped by a man, I would smirk and jump down from the building as I made my choice for my dinner, I would land softly behind the man as he was takes his pants down. I would grab him by the back of the throat,and say to him.

"Son, didn't you father teach you any manners, about how to treat a lady."

I tell the woman to run, she was wearing a mini dress that was ripped from the bottom. She would thank me and grab her clutch purse, and take off down the alleyway. I would then turn the man to face me, he was drunk but when his green eyes met my manic gold ones. His face would bring horror and shock, I didn't wait anytime draining him dry.

As I did so, I could feel fear, anger and , a a slight bit of lust. Which slightly disgusted, because I knew where that last emotions were coming from when he had the girl in his clutches. Once I felt him go limp though, I would lug his body across my right shoulder and head back for the forest.

Once I was out side of Portland, Oregon, I would bury the man's body so that nature would take him and make my way back toward Jasper's home. But before I would leave the forest I would let Jasper come to surface, but before I did. I would say to him,

"See you in Canada, boy."

I would go back to my cage, peacefully and with a smile on my face. Because at least the boy would now have a fighting chance, when we made our way to see that Bruja.

Jasper's P.O.V

I would come back to the surface of my mind, and the taste of human blood would linger on my tongue. I would head back to through the window of study, and rinse my mouth out with water. I knew it wouldn't make any difference, because the family would smell the blood in me veins regardless.

But I would still take a shower, and change into my Gwar t-shirt and my favorite plaid black and red pajama pants, I would brush my long blond hair dry and then head to my bedroom. As I didn't want to deal with the families comments, and as I laid there on my bed.

I could feel the pain in my chest from missing Bella, I would look up on my dresser and see one of her cosmic hoodies laying there. I would get up and pick it up. I would hug it close, as it still smelled like her. The smell of the familiar scent of Texas Thunderstorms, Apple pie and bluebonnets. I would lay back down and let the hoodie be my comfort, I would think before going to sleep.

'Hang on Darlin', we are coming to get you. I can't wait to have you back in my arms.'

I would then drift to sleep, dreaming of Bella and what our life would be like when we are back together. I would let that be my motivation to bring her home, and kill Maria so she would never bother us again.

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