Chapter 2

Seeing Him

Bella's POV

I hit my alarm clock at 6 am and, laid in bed for an extra five minuets to give my brain sometime to wake up. As I lay there, I think to myself ' brand new school, brand new people. Let's just hope they like me and that this place is better than my old school.' I hear Char... I mean my dad call on the outside my door, to see if I was up. I let him know I'm up, and he tells me that he is headed to the station, you see my dad Charlie Swan, is chief of Forks Police Department. He leaves for the station about 6 am to 6:15 am in the morning to do paper work and his patrols around the city. After he leaves, I go grab a shower, brush my teeth, and dry my wet hair. I head back to my room and pick out my favorite dress, that my mom got me on our trip to Florida; we went to see the Kennedy Space Center. It was a gloomy dress with the phases of the moon and constellation's pattern, black leggings that had the Solar system to match the dress, black ballet flats. Once I'm done getting dressed, I head to the kitchen and make myself cereal and a pop tart to eat. I wash my dishes after I'm done eating and grab my lunch, I packed last night, which was a Chicken sandwich, strawberry yogurt and apple juice. I put it in my backpack along with my sweater, and grab leftover coffee, from the pot and turn it off. I grab my keys to my new truck and head out to takes me 15 minutes to get to school, when I pull up, I see a sea of kids crowding the parking lot. I felt nervous, New-school jitters.

I just wanted these people to like me and not see me as a freak like my old school did. Don't get me wrong I had a few friends in Arizona that I left behind, but since I moved only one talks to me and that's my best friend Braxton; he was weird like me, and also acted older than his age like I did. I would miss him, but we texted every day so it wouldn't be too bad. However, I just wanted to make new friends and have a great school year. I'm about to get out of my truck and make my way towards the building, when I feel someone watching me, I look around to see who it was, and I see a very pale but handsome, cowboy sitting on the hood of a pale blue Jeep, looking right at me. I did a double take to see if I was dreaming, but nope he was staring right at me. I blush and thought to myself as I look back at him, ' I wonder why; such a handsome guy is staring at me.' I shake the thought and begin to make my way toward the front office, so I can get my locker and schedule. I walk up the steps, but before I walk through the door, I look over at the guy and his family and can't help but feel curious about who they were, if I meet any of them, then I'll just sate that thought when it comes around.I walk into the front office to the secretary's desk. She looks to be in her forties. She was typing away at her computer, until she looks up at me and says, " Can I help you?" I tell her I'm the new student, and she smiles and tells me all about the school, after she does she hands me my class schedule and locker number, she also tells me at some point she will have someone's how me around school.

At that exact moment, she says that, the blonde cowboy that was staring at me in the parking lot, walks up to her desk and hands her a note, he says to her, "This was a note from my father, about our absence last Friday." She smiles at him and tells him she'll give it to the attendance director; I won't lie; his voice sounded like heaven, but as he turns to walk out, she asks him if he could show me around. I could see a slight smile spread across his face, he tells her he would love to, and I smile myself and think to myself ' Yes. I get to have the cute cowboy, show me around school.' As we leave the office, she writes him a note and hands it to him, explaining that if he gets in trouble with his teachers show them the note, he thanks her, and I thank her as well and smile at my tour guide returns the smile and asks me if I want to find my locker first, I nod and hand him the paper with my locker number on it. He looks at it and leads me down a hallway with rows upon rows of lockers, until he stops in front of me and says, " This is cool; your locker is next to mine." He walks up to the other locker which the number read, '1864' mine read '1866' , I put in my combination that was on the paper, open the locker, take my backpack off my shoulder, and put my lunch in it and shut it back. I swing my backpack back over my right shoulder, and I hear him say, " Well since I'm showing you around, I though we should at least know each other's names." He holds his hand out and drawls, " I'm Jasper Hale, and you are?" I smile at him and take his hand, I tell him, "My name is Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella." As our hands touch I could have sworn I felt a slight spark that made my whole-body tingle. I see him stiffen at our touch as well, like he noticed the spark as well, I saw him smile very sweetly at me.

His smile made me melt, after a brief moment, he asks, " What's you first class?" I snap out of my trace and look at my schedule, I tell him I have history first to which he smiles and leads me to the classroom, though what I didn't expect that we had the same classes down to the last class, including the same lunch period, which was 3rd period lunch. Which made me happy cause, maybe I can get to know this handsome cowboy. I walk up to the teacher and hand him the schedule to sign, while Jasper goes and takes his seat. Mr. Jenkins welcomes me to his class and hands me my book, Mr. Jenkins tells me he has no seating arrangement, so I could sit anywhere I wanted. I look around the room and see an open seat next to Jasper and go grab it, before anyone else does. I see Jasper talking to the hulk of a boy I saw this morning to the left of him. They were joking around with each other. I take me seat to the right of him. Jasper turns to me and says, " Hey Bella. This is my brother Emmett. Em, this is Bella." I wave hello to his brother, and he says hello to me. The three of us chat and get to know one another and joke around, I could tell Emmett, and I would be great friends, the bell rang, and class began.

Mr. Jenkins introduces me to the class, and I'll say I've never felt so many eyes on me. I didn't like to be the center of attention, but I say my name and where I'm from, then sit back down and he begins the lesson on the Civil War. I see a smile spread across Jasper's face. I take out my note book and take notes on the lesson. Throughout the lesson I could see Jasper get mad at some of the things in the lesson, but throughout the rest, he was mostly chill. Once the lesson was done, our teacher told us there would be a pop quiz tomorrow, everyone in class except Jasper, Em and I groaned. As I'm putting away my note book, I hear Emmett ask, "Hey, Bells what class you got next?" I look at my schedule and see I have English next, I tell him, and he says that was his last class with me, which was awesome to at least know two people in class instead of none at all. We chatted until the bell rang, when it did, we got up and walked to English together, laughing and carrying on.

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