Hermione, I want you to focus and try and ignite it. Miss Umbra may i have a word " Bastila said and kissed Hermione while Umbra lead her out the door.

Bastila closed the door behind her and lend against it. " My...husband, he contacted me and said he had found Harry Potter "she said and clasped her hands together.

""The chosen one, the one who vanquish the dark Lord when he was a baby. I've only heard whispers that he was taken in by the headmaster of Hogwarts. Yet you say your husband found him? I don't understand" Umbra said pacing back and forth.

"It's complicated, i know. I need your help. In turn I will help you unlock everything you know about your magic. It seems your only in the first stages of what the force will become, I can help you become stronger, all I need is your help with Hermione" Bastila said grabbing her shoulder " i am not her mother, I crashed landed on your planet and the force guided me to her. I cannot part with her and I'm afraid your people will take her from me" Bastila said dropping her arm away and placing it on Umbra head.


Bastila used the force to invoke her past memories, they were transported to the star forge before it was sent through the wormhole.

They stood there and Umbra coughed and fell to her knees, ``What did you do to me. Where are we? " she splattered and looked around and her gaze set upon the stars behind the window " we are in a ship ...in space" she asked and Bastila nodded.


Revan and Malek dueled, their lightsabers smashing into each other's, while sparks lit up the whole room. Umbra was captivated by every second; then came the force lighting from Malek's hands in which Revan used a force shield to protect himself. They continued to dual using everything at their disposal until Reven overcame him with his endurance and skill, hitting his lightsaber out of his hand.

"Who are these men, what power is this" Umbra whispered and then watched Bastila and Revan embrace

"Your husband? "

Boom... next thing they are swirling through millions of stars then almighty Crash rips apart the ship and tears everyone one out of it.

Bastila and Umbra floated in space watching the debris fall to earth, Bastila took her hand and next thing they are standing on solid ground watching it fall from the sky. They see memory Bastila fall through in to the broken house and they appear inside it where Hermione and her parents are.

"Oh no, that poor child. You did the right thing you know" Umbra said putting a hand on her shoulder " did I, I am the one who caused all this destruction, if I wasn't so foolish. None of this would of happened. " Bastila said ending the vision as her memory shadow said to Hermione that they would be together forever.

Umbra coughed and fell to her feet clutching her heart in her house" that was nothing like I've ever witnessed and I have witnessed powerful magic. I felt like I was really there, I could feel everything unlike entering a pensive. You must teach me and my daughter this force power and I will help you with Hermione " she said grabbing her hand " I swear, that you and Hermione will never be parted. But… I am no much for some of the wizards who rule this country. I will need your help " she said looking into her eyes and Bastila could feel she was being honest " Thank you Umbra, and I will help you and your daughter. Let's eat first, that took a lot out of me showing you my memory " Bastila breathed heavily, counting down from 10 to regain her mental.

"Right, let's eat " the ebony women smiled and opened the door "breakfast anyone"

They entered back to where the children were and Bastila noticed that Hermione was crying, she hadn't been able to ignite the lightsaber, which Bastila knew a part of her had only used it to distract her " ahhh honey it's okay, not everyone can do these things first go" she said hugging her " Miss Bastila we did try everything, she even let me hold it and even I couldn't get it to work"

"I hope you asked nicely young women" her mother question and the little ebony girl nodded." Yes mother of course, we tried everything and I even showed Hermione how use the happiest memory method you showed me when you were teaching me the patronus charm" Blaise said churning her fingers through her hair and shifting her feet nervously " What happened" Bastila asked the girl, noticing how she twitched on the spot and didn't look her in the eyes.

"Hermione you tell her, it was amazing though, nothing bad happened I promise" she squecked noticing her mother's stern look.

"I failed at igniting it mommy" Hermione cried out and sniffled rubbing her nose. But then...but then she smiled and gushed to her new friend " it was amazing, Blaise told me about how Umbra had shown her a special way to use her magic and I tried it…. I felt...safe and the whole room seem to call out to me...then a sudden burst of energy swirled around us and my parents...they spoke to me, they said they would always be proud of me and would watch over me" she said bursting back into tears.

Bastila looked to Umbra who had her hand on Blaise shoulder and the other on her mouth shocked beyond belief " Well, that was unexpected. I haven't been able to do that and I have walked with some of the greatest force users. I'm proud of you darling, come you must be hungry" Bastila cupped her chin and whipped away the tears, Hermione lunged and hugged her tightly.

The men sitting around her table were a welcome addition even though Amelia was still wary about them, especially the robot who wouldn't stop looking out the window. Harry although wasn't content on eating like the monster around him, he was eating slowly, waiting for something or someone to tell him off.

"Kid, if you don't eat that up. I'm about to snatch it and eat it myself" the gruff man Canderous said stuffing his face full of sausages and egg " ease up Can, let him eat at his on pace" Revan said then stuffed his face full of bacon" this is amazing stuff miss Amelia" he said with his mouth full and Susan started to giggle " it's bacon silly, you haven't had that before, what planet are you from" her niece said grabbing a sweet roll from the table and Ameila wandlessy brought it to her own hands " no sweets until you've finished young lady" Ameila said motherly and put it next to Harry's plate.

Revan answered Susan quip " i was born on a force planet far out in the outer rim galaxies. After my parents discarded me i was Alone, terrified and the force was my only lifeline. By the time I was your age the Jedi council had found me and I was sent out to live their lives and I failed that, what I saw…" he stopped and looked to Canderous who nodded " during the Mandalorian wars, it changed me. I was not ready to fight a war and anger and hate and death filled me… then...i found the Sith Empire and its Emperor" he took a breath and shivered "he exerted his influence over me and Malak and turn us against the light, something that I cannot ever forgot" Revan said morbidly and everyone had stopped eating and listened intently.

"I never knew the full details Revan, so there was a Emperor in hiding. No wonder the Jedi didn't want you to fight us. Carth and Bastila are going to freak. Wherever they are " Canderous said until Susan gasped " you were born discarded by you parents that's evil " she said a bit to rudely for Ameilas liking " Susan " she said sternly "Sorry Revan that was rude to say, my parents died fighting a war. Even though I don't remember them, it hurts not knowing them" her niece said and Ameila grabbed her hand in support.

"No, it's fine child. My parents have a lot to answer for. Lucky the force guided me ever since. I'm sorry about your parents. It's a cruel world losing someone that was family" he said looking to Harry who gulped down the rest of his juice and lowered his head.

"Oh i'm sorry Harry" Susan said mournfully.

"its fine, I don't remember my parents either but What are the Sith, are they bad" Harry spoke for the first time and everyone seemed startled by his question.

Revan looked to Harry and frowned " They are an ancient monastic and kratocratic organization of supernaturally gifted warriors driven by a machiavellian agenda of galactic domination and revenge against the Jedi Order. Not to be trifled with and I wouldn't be surprised by our arrival to this universe that the dark side grows in the shadows, awaiting one small step out of line" Revan held Harry's gaze and patted his shoulder

"Sounds like the death eaters to me" Ameila said shaking her head and wondered about something Revan had said "The force, what is that. You keep mentioning it, yet I've never heard the term. Is it some form of magic" Ameila asked changing the subject.

"It's a life force that governs everything around us, the air you breath, the food we eat and even the ground we walk on. Everything is the force and nothing is without the force. I think your magic is just another name for it. For what I've seen, it's been bound by your people like its a tool and not connected spiritually. It's a shame really, you could be so much more if you were aloud to know what your really using" Revan said with his eyes closed remembering or connecting with something deep within him, then everything around them started to float.

"Woah what's happening " her niece squeaked and she too started to float as well " I can feel something, I don't know how to put into words but it's like we are connecting " she said hugging herself and smiling " it's so warm and content, i wanna feel like this forever" she gushed and Ameila looked to Revan who still had his eyes closed " Revan i think that's enough for now" she said mildly and he opened his eyes and everything fell softly to where they were before.

"You so got to teach me that" Harry and Susan said in unison and then both laughed and blushed with embarrassment " only if it's okay with Ameila" he said smiling at the two of them " i know Harry has taken his first steps and I'm sure with a bit of training you'll both be one with the force"

"Only if I get to be in on that training too" Ameila interrupted holding Revans gaze and he nodded" an adult is much harder to teach but I have seen it first hand that they can reconnect with the force, since it was me who had to learn from scratch again" he said getting to his feet and grabbing his and her finished plates " it's quite alright Revan. Clive!"


"Yes mistress, how can Clive help" the little elf popped into the room, scaring Canderous off his chair and the robot span around so fast with his guns pointed at the elf.

"Its okay, it's just my house elf. Please clean up and start preparing dinner" Ameila said " wait, I wasn't done" Canderous said getting back to his feet and grabbing a plate of sausages. Clive clicked his finger and everything disappeared, including his plate.

"Damn it creature, can't you see I wasn't finished" Canderous growled at the elf who merely glanced at him and popped away.

Glaring statement: "I do not like that meaty creature. I think it wants to get rid of us and eat us for this dinner, Master can I please shoot it " the robot said and everyone turned and looked at it and kids started to laugh.

"Revan please reframe your...thing from shooting Clive, I'm quite fond of him " Ameila glanced at him, he was trying not to smirk.

"Of course, enough out of you HK, time to tinker with your processor" Revan grumbled and the robot stepped back.

"As a meatbag would say: 'I have a bad feeling about this...but For now, please excuse me, master. I wish to meditate upon the face of my former meatbag master as he was electrocuted. I find it most soothing'" he stomped off with Canderous grumbling after him.

"Well, he is something. What exactly is it"

"Ah yes HK-47, i constructed him at the end of the Mandalorian wars using Czerka's HK-24 design as a basis for his model and included several of my own upgrades to complete my last resort to end the war, meaning he is a assaination droid" Revan said frowning.

"Wait you built this...robot and he is an assassin" Ameila said in shock, taking a step back from him " is he safe"

"Yes, he will not harm anyone without my authority" He said defiantly

"Right, I trust you... wow I know that Muggles have technology but nothing I have seen has come close to that" Ameila was about to put on her cloak and head off to the ministry when Clive popped into the room.

"Clive...what is it"

"You have guests mistress"

"Who are they Clive"

"A one Dumbledore and and two Cornelius "

"Ah shit, wait here and Don't make a sound. Susan can you show Harry off to your room and maybe show him more about Hogwarts"

"Yes Aunty, come on Harry, you are going to love Hogwarts. I can't wait to go" she said grabbing his hand and running up the stairs.

"Need my help" Revan asked

"No...no, I can handle these two, just make sure your other two friends are well away, I could see this ending badly with them " Ameila said and he nodded and left the room, suddenly it felt cold and sombre.

Ameila regained her tenacity and went to the front door and opened it.



She greeted them respectfully " please come in"

"Ameila" they both said and they entered her house " I was a little shocked I had to wait so long for you to answer the door and how come you're not at the ministry. I had three people look for you and i find out your at home. Not good, not good at all" Cornelius grumbled, pointing his finger at her.

"Well 'acting' minister my shift isn't until 11 and it's" she looked to her grandfather clock which sat at 9 " i believe i still have two hours before I have to come in so what's the problem" she huffed and folded her arms.

"Now now Ameila we are currently swapped with the events that took place yesterday as I'm sure you're aware of. Since the muggle government has come to us...asking questions, you may see that we are all on edge. Now I want to talk with young Harry and ...those muggles " Dumbledore said innocently, in that condescending tone he used to get his own way.

"Don't take that tone with us Amelia, i'm still the acting minister while Millicent Bagnold is overseas taking care of some more anomalies and We! We must both talk with them" Cornelius said raising his voice.

"Yes yes, we both must. Now where are they, we have lots of disturbing information that needs a resolution"

"Right...Well I can't help you right now, they aren't here" Ameila pushed and they weren't letting off.

"Now, I know your lying, as you can see the charm tracking spell I put on Harry stops here, don't make this harder than it should," Dumbledore said fiddling with his glasses and held Ameilas gaze, like he was trying to read her.

"Ameila, is everything alright " Revan said stepping out from the shadows and Cornelius shivered at the sight of him. "You " he stammered.

"You should be in prison" Cornlious shrieked and looked to Dumbledore " what are you waiting for, I thought our plan was still intact, why haven't you stunned him" he whispered urgently hiding behind him.

"No one will be stunning anyone Cornlious, we just want answers and young Harry back" Dumbledore stepped forward towards Revan.

"Yes, no one will be stunned in my house. What is the meaning of this minister. You can't just barge in here and spit the dummy for unknown reasons" Ameila hissed

"We got off on the wrong foot yesterday i'm Wilfred Dumbledore and you are" he said holding out his hand.

"Revan " he said cooly, crossing his arms and standing next to Ameila " I guess we did, how can i help you gentleman " he smirked and Cornelius went red with anger.

"Don't you gentleman us, what the bloody hell happened yesterday, lots of innocent people died yesterday and you act like nothing happened. I've got the British government and Millicent Bagnold breathing down my neck wanting to know if it was us who caused all that destruction " he raged, pacing up and down then stopped when Revan merely stood their unaffected " i know you're a bloody wizard, no muggle could of survived that...so what country are you from so I can deport you to whatever hellhole you crawled out of"

"Cornlious " Ameila said in shock, she had never seen this side of the man.

"Cornelius. Now...now, we must have answers before we act on these impulses of anger. I would like to hear his side of the story first. Now Revan what exactly happened yesterday and why did you take Harry away from his loving relatives " Dumbledore spoke softly, unlike the minister who still looked like he was about to pop.

Revan and Dumbledore stared at each other for a long time, Revan breathed in gravelly "There is no sun, no dawn; from where I was born. I am not born on this planet and the thought of loving relatives has me sicken from your delusions old man. If hadn't saved young Harry, I'm afraid of your plans that would have been to keep him there after the fact of people finding out what they did to him. I am devastated that my arrival caused many deaths but in the long run how many would I save from this ministry of yours "

"How dare you " Cornlious shrieked stepping past Dumbledore with his wand pointed at the Revan.

"You are feeling ill" Revan said lifting his hand up, with two fingers.

"I am feeling ill" Cornlious repeated

"I need to go to the hospital " Revan said moving his hand from side to side.

"I will go to the hospital " he repeated once more

"Goodbye " Revan mimicked the same movement again

"Goodbye" Cornlious repeated again and left out the front door.

Ameila and Dumbledore looked confused, watching him leave the house suddenly and Revan just smirked.

"What ...What was that" Ameila said struggling to comprehend what just happened.