Tifa rested his cheek on Noctis' shoulder as he yawned, slowly turning his head to brush his own face against her crown head, smelling her scent while he moved the little spoon into the cup of hot chocolate she had prepared for him with two toasters, where the butter was melting down. It had been like two hours since she woke up and go out to do her rutine exercises with Prompto but she was tired and sleepy, so she just hugged Noct like a little girl and stood glued to him while he had breakfasts in silence, hearing the news on the radio but not really listening to them. He was more interested in the way her fingers were playing with his baby blue pijama. So cute. "Will you go out today?" Tifa asked quietly, slowly lifting the hem of his shirt to touch his solid abs. Noctis shook cause she was colder than him, rare thing. The ravenette smooched her head and let the spoon to pass his arm around her flat tummy "Prom asked me to go to the mall, he wants to beat me in the 'Star Sick'" he said before hearing her sweet giggle "Again?" "I know it's impossible but he is so stubborn... but you... you don't have anything to do today, do you?" Tifa started drawing squares following his own sexy lines "I guess I'll stay home, resting" Noctis pressed his lips together and then tightened the embrace around her. He would ask her to go with him but they knew they couldn't. When they were younger they were able to but just because people thought about them like siblings. If they saw them, gosship would start and none of them want it, not for them, not for the reputation of the crown, not for who Noct was supposed to marry. And either of them could swear they wouldn't touch each other in the street. Just a simple caress, a meanful glance and they would be spotted. At that moment, the only place where they could do what their feelings commanded was their apartment. Nowhere else. It frustrated both of them but that was the price of their love. "I will message Prom and tell him we will go another day" Noctis stated, seeing how the precious brunette lifter her head to look up to his blue eyes "No, Noct, you both have plans and he is your best friend" "I can hang out with the boys whenever I want but not enjoy a full afternoon with you. He will understand" he caressed her red cheek "But I don't want t-" "Pretty girl" he whispered and then tenderly kissed her, feeling how her nails barely scratched his abs, how she shivered and immediately approached to him the most she could, her thick lips letting him massage them with his', hot and with a sweet taste because of the chocolate, thing that made her want to kiss him deeply, licking his mouth as he held her tight. Her long lashes decorated her clowed eyes, her raised brows demostrating how much pleased she was, her nose softly touching his face, rebel strips of her brown hair tickling his skin, making him moan huskily in the middle of the kiss. Noctis molded his mouth with her's, creating a perfect shape that know no spaces, a fast yet just adorable and innocent touch of the tip of her tongue on his own wet muscle. The warmth increased as they melted in the other like the butter on the bread. The prince then moved his hand to cup her cheek and make her move her head to one side, permiting them both to breath one short time before he took her lips another time, but that one leaving her under his total control. He loved to dominate her, to know that the most powerful and strong soldier of the kingdom was a fragile porcelain doll into his possessive arms. He wanted her to be that unable with him and that unstoppable with anyone else. That was something he adored from her and she always gave it to him. Tifa sighed into the kiss, losing the counciousness of everything else while he reatained her against him even when they separated. Noctis saw how she stood with her eyelids joined for a while, tongue licking her bottom lip, taking all the flavour he had left on it to taste it into her mouth and then swallow down, moment when she opened her eyes, all glued to him. His chest warmed up as he felt his heart pounding strongly against it. That glance. That glance was the most beautiful and meaning one. Those hues, honey irises slowly turning into a darker brown, a hazel one that made him drown into it. She had that face expression. Her body was screaming for his touches, her skin was begging for his kisses. Yes, Tifa had the glance that spoke by itself the words her lips would pronounce as sweetly and pure like the orbs. Make love to me, touch me and make me yours. That was the significance of that glance. But sweetly and patiently. The treat me like a princess time. Noctis took a deep breath and stood up, taking her hand and driving her to their bedroom, where he removed her purple pijama, which fitted with his onw one. Half naked, Tifa's cheeks turned redder, always being that shy even if he had saw her nudity so many times, so she had done with his'. His eyes started devouring her breasts before his lips started leaving a path of kisses all over them. His warm hands cupped them and moved them in circles slowly, pressing with his fingertips a little so he made her moan like a cat. The raventte smooched her pure and pale skin, going down until put on his knees, brushing his head against her shaped belly with the scar on it, as beautiful as the rest of her body. Noctis licked and kissed her round lines until he bit the hem of her pants, pulling down from them with eyes glued on her fascinated face, her lips half opened and her hands stroking his black spikes. He always thought that the world was fool of idiots but never excluded himself. He was a fool. He would do any foolish to have her by his side. He didn't care about anything but her, his girl, the one who knew more things about him than himself. He was so scare of losing her... and the threat was always there, on his blood, his legacy, his tittles. Noctis closed his eyes, feeling how his palms crawled up over her legs from her toes to her thighs. A total fool for her. Tifa whispered something he couldn't reach to hear but her black panties, designed with sensual shapes, made him lost his mind. His lips kissed on there, making her gasp as his hands caressed the back of her thighs, reaching for her butt and softly squeezing it a little. He brushed his nose and lips on there, hearing her breathing heavily. The boy looked up one time again to stare at her all enchanted "Tifa..." his fingers took her panties and made them go down patiently, seeing how she reactioned to the touches of his fingertips, almost half a minute observating her until the small cloth fell down between her toes. Noctis growled and soflty kissed her entrance, making her bent and yell of pleasure "Noct..." she called, still feeling how his lips cupped the piece of flesh with urge, how he sucked and licked, loving every single detail of what she was and did. The girl swallowed down when he separated and crawled up, taking off his shirt and throwing it away, dark blue eyes glued to her hazel ones "Tell me you love me" he whispered, sweet caress on her cheek before she sighed and smooched his hand "That can't contain everything I feel for you. It's not enough" she hummed, so sweet and beautiful that made his heart ache "Mine" he said, embracing her to then fell down over the bed, his knee pressing betweem her thighs, making her close her eyes and pant while he marked her neck and collar bone "I can take that from you in this way..." he touched her sides and left a trade of saliva from her throat to her breasts. Hell of feelings for her... he understood that a simple word couldn't explain all of that. Any caress, kiss even glance was more powerful. That was why she couldn't stop caressing his face, his charming face "Oh, Tiff" he almost yelled, cupping one of her nipples and down there, massaging her entrance with his palm, the wet juices already there to please him. The girl let a soft scream trespass her lips as her legs rubbed against his own ones, as her body arched towards him and his hands, which could make her forget her name and where she was. Just Noctis. Just that name, just that boy on her thoughs, mind, body, organism. Her dream and pleasure, her joy and life, her hope and courage. Noctis Lucis Caelum, the man who loved her with every single part of him. His bones, muscles and heart were hers. She could do anything she wanted with him, he was hers' in every sense and he wanted it in that way, wanted Tifa to own and claim him. Her man, her lover, her only one.

The ravenette yelled of hearing her moanings, so harmonic for his ears. There wouldn't be foreplay, no more. The heir took away his pants and made her crawl back over the bed until her back collided against the wooden marc of it. There he kissed her tenderly while his hands made her legs spread for him so he could place in between them. His mouth demanded her attention but Tifa was trembling, embracing him from his shoulder blades as her chest moved up and down fast, the necklace with the blue heart over it. She never took it off. It was part of her since the moment Noctis gave it to her. A small symbol of their love, a gem that said she was his' and that he was hers'. Her palms, pressing softly his muscles, let the fingers and its nails to stabb into them when he thrusted into her lovingly. The young boy breathed out over her pink lips, eyes closed and lowed head, every cell of him focused on the way he was penetrating her, the most pleasant feeling of the world. He had to swallow down, he had to take a grip on the wood to introduce it all into her as she panted and wrapped her legs around his waist, keeping him close to her "Baby" he whispered, looking up to she her blushed face. That sweet with a little savage expression. Tifa opened her lips and caressed the hair on his neck before he started moving backwards and forwards, never letting out more than a half of his member, always wanting to be under the embrace of her entrance, so warm and tight. The brunette whined and took his lips to kiss them tenderly, deeply, the bed moving under their own motion. Her toes laced over his butt and pulled forwards, sweat running down their bodies already, her wild hair over her shoulders, falling down like a waterfall over her delicate skin. Noctis growled quietly and taking a stronger a grip on the marc, started moving in the way that made her go all crazy. The move his waist could do, the one which pleased the girl the most. It was not just backwards and forwards, it was also up and down, like a wave. The ocean meeting the sand of the beach, sending it's soft waves towards it, leaving the soap when they collided. That was the way he was taking her, making her moan his name and look at him as if he was her oxygen. He smiled with love and smooched the tip of her nose, that slow pace making her number and number. Tifa embraced him tight and hid her face on the curve of his neck, breathing over it and sometimes kissing his skin. Noctis let a pleased yell came out from his lips as he kept on that slow yet sure pace, pounding her until the limit, feeling her nails scratching his back like she only could, how her entrance begged for his member, which completed it, fitting in it like a puzzle. "Noctis... ah, Noct..." she sweared sweetly as he felt it coming. The prince embraced the glaive and made her share one last but passionately and hot kiss before he came into her, the white seed spreading into her and filling her as she moaned into his kiss. The boy separated from her lips and smiled, breathing heavily, leaving his member still into her, staring at how she kept on moaning. The fact that she was multiorgasmic drove him crazy. It was a pleasure to see her so red and breathless under him, sweating more than when she went out running. He was better than any exercise "Beautiful" he smooched her cheek and took her down with him so they both layed over the bed, hugging each other.