You are an icon, a god amongst men –
Brace yourself, bite down, and get up again
You will heal; there won't be scars on your skin
So get up, son, for they need you to win

They say it's over, they claim that you've won
You don't believe when they say that you're done
They look at the outcome; you look at the cost
That way every win makes you feel like you've lost

The first war is over – another commences
You join it before you can come to your senses
Because you are brave, and because you are strong
And because you know what's right and what's wrong

You carry a shield – a shield means protection
The way that you use it is close to perfection
A shield can be weaponized, though, if you choose it
Protection or weapon – depends how you use it

You win (but you lose) and you never back down
You never let up, and you're always around
You are a symbol, a weapon, a pawn
All that you've had, though, you've lost, and it's gone

Friends turning enemies; friends you must fight
It's not so clear anymore, what is right
Once it was easy, but not anymore
Right and wrong isn't as clear as before

You're fighting again, for you fight all the time
Get up, you can do it, son, you're in your prime
You're stronger and faster than all other men
You fight, you get beat down and get up again

There's a war raging – there's always a war
You manage to end one – it's followed by more
You fight, and you win, and you're starting anew
You've lost everyone, everything that was you

You fall, you get up; and you lose when you win
You try not to think of the things that has been
You are an icon, a god amongst men –
Brace yourself, bite down, and get up again