8 years later

Chloe Price took a long drag from her cigarette and watched the waves roll in on the shores of Vacuo. She thought of her dad, he had been a huntsman, she thought of how he loved sunny days on the beach. That had been back in the day when her mum had run the local diner and her dad had gone off on the odd mission, that was before he had left one day and never come home, that was before Chloe's mum had stated dating an ex-atlas military asshole, before her mum was putting in cripplingly long shifts so that Chloe could train as a huntress. Chloe didn't want to think any more so she stubbed out her cigarette, dropping it, crushing it under her heel, and began to wander back towards her house to forget all this shit and replace it with blaring music.

Atlas was a kingdom of glamour and riches, many of its citizens expected everything to be done for them without the slightest thought of the people who made them rich. There where though a few in Atlas who believed in equality and truly making the world a better place, one of these people was Rachel Amber her father was a government official and her mother spent her life cooking, cleaning and acting virtually as her husbands slave. Rachel did not want to end up like her mother and therefore chose to train as a huntress, surprisingly her farther had not objected and had in fact funded her training so now she was packing to head to beacon to complete her final training and actually become a huntress. she sat next to her case rooting through a box looking for everything she would need whilst she was away, finally she was ready and she began to walk down stairs to be driven to the airport and begin her journey to vale and beacon.