chapter 7: Scrooge

December 1st, the beginning of the Christmas season, team MRCK had very mixed views on Christmas Max was just exited about the idea of her first Christmas with her team, Rachel though she was sertenly in the Christmas spirit wasn't as openly exited as Max, Kate saw it as a time for friends and family and making others happy and Chloe saw it as a time where others got what her family could never afford and she stated this loud and clear to everyone in her team at every opportunity she got. of cause, Max had taken it upon herself to change this and therefore she called her other team mates together one day in early December when Chloe was out "so guys, you all know how much Chloe hates Christmas" there where muttered agreements from her other two team mates "well i have a plan to change that".

"how?" asked Rachel "she's spent the last week non-stop moaning about how much she hates it"

"yes, but this year will be different, because were her team mates and its our job to help her actually have a good Christmas, shes not going back to Vacuo for Christmas so me and Kate desided to stay here too, after all we would be just be lugging all our stuff down to the city for two weeks then having to bring it all back"

"i'm staying here too" said Rachel "so that'll mean were all here"

"exactly, and no one on my team who are staying here will be moaping for the whole of Christmas"

"well then, whats the plan?"

Chloe was wandering the cold streets of Vale, so far she had seen way to much of all the Christmas bullshit, she needed to clear her head so she headed down to the docks and sat looking out to sea watching the slate gray waves lapping against the peers and the small tour and fishing boats bobbing in the water. after another half hour with her thoughts Chloe decided to head back to Beacon.

Chloe walked in to the room to see that her teammates where absent, this wasn't odd for Rachel who spent allot of time in the library the same was true of Kate but Max was almost always in there room if she wasn't at a lesson or had something planed, Chloe checked Max's scheduled to find that she didn't have anything planed, Chloe quickly brushed off the fact that Max wasn't there she was probably at the library or something. Chloe walked over to her bed and just crashed on it, she didn't even realize she had been tired until she lost consciousness.

"someones had a rough day"

"let her sleep, she clearly needs the rest"

"fine, I'm gonna go on the Xbox"

"sure, I'm going to the library"

"see you later then"


Chloe slowly woke to see Max playing on Rachel's Xbox and Kate sitting on her bed reading, Chloe slipped her legs off the bed and stood "i see your finally awake" said Max.

"yeah" Chloe yawned "wheres Rach at?"

"library" max replied.

"typical nerd"

"so, you gonna go to the Christmas dinner on Saturday?"

"i guess, not like theres anywhere else i can eat"

"come on you can at least have a bit of fun right?"

"I'm just not a big fan of the 'festive season', Ok"

"fine, fine, I won't ask about it again"

"I'm gonna go find Rachel, see you later"


Chloe walked in to the library to see Rachel was sitting over at a desk reading a book of some description "hey Rach, what ya readin"

"Chloe? Things must be pretty bad if you've been forced to visit the library"

"you make me sound like some kind of thug whose just good for killing things"

"well, now you mention it"

"very funny"

"anyway, in answer to your question I'm reading Titanicus"


"oh, its a book set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe about a war on the planet of Orestes"

"isn't that that super nerdy sci-fi franchise"

"yeah, its very dark and gruesome"

"tell me more"

"OK, now where do i start"


and so the Christmas arc begun, as always reviews would be appreciated and I'll see you in the next chapter. :D