AN: this is a 'rewrite' of another story i made,hope you like this one!(the story will begin in 1st person but will be on 3rd)

I bobbed my head to 'Backstage' from neffex while i saw the neon cartels pass trough the window of the bus, i flicked my wrist and a holopad formed, it was 7:25 AM i was good until school began, i flicked my wrist again as another song played and waited until my stop came, before that a lady asked me to pick my bag from the other seat "sure" i said as i did "thank you" she replied, now a remix of 'Blue' by eiffel 65 was playing, man i like this song, then my stop came and i got up to leave but before of that the lady from earlier rubbed my butt, i looked at her confused, she just gave me a lusty smile, i hurried to get off the bus so that i wouldn't be late to school and so i began walking while humming 'five more hours' from Deorro and Chris Brown then i noticed a girl from my class her name was Sara i hurried and greeted her "hey! good morning","Morning" she said tired "what happened?" i asked "stayed all night for the speaking exam" she replied with closed eyes "Oooh...right" i finally remembered the English exam, i wasnt that worried though i was relatively good at english, at least from what people have told me "Did you study?" Sara asked me already knowing the answer "Nope" i said while i checked time 7:45 AM not bad, after that we just made small talk and we arrived class, as always i was one of the firsts ones on class, then the rest of class came, greeting each other and finally the teacher came "Good morning class" she said "Good morning Ms Álvarez" all of us replied then the class began and for the most time she explained diferent types of marketing structures, we took notes and the bell rang "So, thats all for now class remember to prepare your exposicions for tomorrow" she said while we prepared for a break i took a bag of 'Chili Doritos' and a can of orange soda i went to exit school when i saw a man in a black hoodie he was twitching unfortunately our school only had one main entrance and the other was for staff i kept walking when a guy from another class yelled at him to get away... only to get his head blasted by a shotgun shell,his brain splatered on the students behind him,some of them were also wounded by the shot, the man laughed like a maniac while he kept shooting panicking students, i was about to run when i saw the man har pinned Sara and was,licking her? "fuck,that's creepy and fuck me for beign and idiot" i thought while i ran towards the man at full sprint shaking the can of soda, i tackled him to the ground before beating him with the can and opening on his face so he could drop the gun, however, it didn't go like that and he punched me on the face and kicked my stomach as he stood up he grabbed the shotgun and pointed it my face but i kicked his knee making him misfire but not by far, he blasted off left arm "AAARRGH!" i yelled from the inmense pain i felt, luckily the Adrenaline kicked in and i lunged at him with my whole body, pinning him again to the ground and i began beating him again but this time i was losing strenght quickly and finally the man overpowered me and kicked my "fucking kid" he said reaching for his shotgun,this time he didn't aim and just fire and hit my chest,it was fatal... my vision blurred and i could see how the police officers kill the man and check on me... "hey,kid..." i could hear them "stay with me!" a male officer said with his face close to me "fuck,where's the ambulance!?" he shouted as he aplied a compressed first aid pack, i could still breath but i was sleepy "fuck..." i whispered, the man kept talking to me but i couldn't hear him, i felt him slap me,but it was no use... "am i gonna die? fuck,of course im gonna die" i tought to myself, now it was a huge effort to stay awake... Then everything went black.

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