I woke up in a dark place, and by that i mean, pitch black couldn't see anything... or so i thought... behind me something lit up i turned to see what it was, and was certainly surprised, a flame as tall a four floor building was in front of me and somehow it seemed, alive... then i heard a voice coming from the fire, it was almost like a growl from an animal, i got closer, i could hear it better, it was male 'yeah... as if demons existed' i said in my head, just then the fire got smaller and got a humanoid shape, the 'face' had basic treats like eyes and a mouth however it didn't have a nose and ears, instead it had two coming from the sides of the head going upwards, the rest of it wasn't as detailed just a muscular body engulfed in flames and the hands had claws instead of fingers, then it talked "you would be surprised to know what exists on the shadows" "what?" i asked confused "we'll see each other soon" it said before disapearing.

Then i heard another voice,also male but not as low as the other one "I don't think he'll wake up" it said to others "wait... he's moving!" said a female voice i began seeing light,it was really bright, way too bright and as soon as i saw it i shot up and tried to move, but i couldn't, i struggled trying to free myself but i was weak for some reason "Calm down" said the male voice, but i was too focused on my bindings "Calm down!" it said higher this time, but i didn't listen "CALM THE FUCK DOWN!" it yelled while he slapped my face, i finally looked at the extranger, he was very short and was looking almost like a rat, quite confusing... "What the... where am i and who the fuck are you?" i asked confused but instead of a response i got a flash on my eyes " he seems stable and healthy" the hybrid said "good work as always Twitch" said the female voice of earlier i turned to see the woman, she was in a military suit, it was deep blue and consisted of a tight skirt that reached below the knee and a white blouse along a blue jacket with condecorations on the left side and on top a blue berett she had light skin and red hair but had a serious face "take off the cuffs" she ordered to Twitch he complied and i rubbed my wrists? also i noticed i had my left arm back and the fact that i no longer had a hole on my chest and was alive also surprised me "Surprised you're alive?" the woman asked as if reading my thoughts "actually, yeah" i said while looking at my arm, it was a prothesis that reached most of my chest and back "well, you should be, it was hard bringing you back, Dante" the woman said i was surprised she knew my name,still i knew i shouldn't be especially by the fact that i was brought back to life after i died, "well, you like your new arm?" she asked interested "it feels surpringly natural" i said still admiring it while i moved my fingers and elbow, it was covered in metal plates and had some wires resembling muscles(similar to Jax's arms from MKX) "So what am i doing here?" i asked with a hint of why i was here, you see, there were rumors about a 'secret' organisation trying to start a conflict with our leader: The Great Cardinal Zacarías, but as you can guess by now that was impossible, most of the riots were brutally ceased by the 'Vindicators' " Vindicator are elite officers genetically modified to be perfect combat machines "And those who survived were publically executed and thats enough for now " "well, Dante you are now part of the "Lichtjäger" the woman said with a smile, fuck..., "I guess i can't say no right?" i said already knowing the answer "no" she replied with a smug smile, "ok... what do i have to do?" i asked tired "Oh, don't pout now, it's not so bad here, we revived you remember?"she said pouting "anyways since you are already awake we can begin with your 'awakening' " she said with a malefic tone then lights out again.

And again i was brought back to the world but this time in a more calm way, that being a slap on my face... "Well, hello there!" i heard from a young female voice. i managed to get my eyes open and was not very surprised to see a kid, probably 15 years old more or less, i pulled myself up with a groan "Where am l?" i asked "welcome to the basement good sir!" the girl said, now that i focused my eyes i finally saw her better, she was pretty short, meter and a half probably, she had a lithe build and had pale skin her hair was a bright pink and was tied in twin braids, with short bangs, pretty cute, she had a small, sharp nose and pink eyes "what are you lookin' at sir? Ooh... are you one of those men who like small girls?" she said with a giggle "nah, im trying to guess where am i" i repeated "Oh, but i already told you sir, you're in the basement!" the girl said again "well, what am i doing in the basement?" i asked "we're here for your awakening" she said "now mister i you would be so kind to stand up" she said, i complied "So, what do i have to do to 'awaken'?" i asked stretching my arms "Also, call me Dante" i added "well Dante the only thing you have to do is pour your blood on the center on the pentagram you're in right now" she said while she lit some black candles "can you give me a knife or something, do i have to say something so it works?" i asked puzzled "Oh, right! the knife, and no, just cut your hand and let the blood flow, you will know when its working" she said while she passed me a ritual knife, it was a black curved blade, similar to the beak of a crow, the handle was made of silver and had engravings "here goes nothing" i said after i cut my normal hand, the blood inmediatly began flowing and splashed the floor.

I noticed the girl began chanting words of an unknown language and for some odd reason the flames on the candles began growing and turned black, the pentagram also began glowing the flames grew even more before converging with the blood I spilled and finally they formed some kind of portal, then something shot from it and hit me in the chest i felt as if my body was on fire, i even felt how my fake arm was burning "FUCK! WHAT IS THIS!?" i yelled "Oh! this is incredible! keep clenching your fist!" the girl said amazed "THIS HURTS TOO MUCH!" i said tired "fuck... i can't keep this up... much... longer..." i said panting, my legs felt weak, and my vision was blurry i began stumbling, then i felt a surge of energy on my chest it was as if a nuke had exploded inside me "RAAARRRGH" i roared, in my eyes i saw flashes of millions of people dying and... i liked it... i could sense the despair... the sufering... the fear... "Yes..." a voice said in my head "feast on their despair!" it was a deep tone, but it was very familiar to Dante, it was the voice of the being he encountered on his dream "NO!" Dante yelled "Im not falling to your cheap tricks!" he responded "Oh! a feisty one! but you will fall!" the demon said (i mean we all know he is a demon) "You think some fantasies will make me give up? hah" Dante taunted "FUCK!" he said as he felt a searing pain between his prothesis and his flesh then he saw how his replacements morphed from their grey geometrical form to a black monstrosity with deformed spikes and it was trying to merge with flesh, he was right i was getting weaker by the second...

"Should we stop this ma'am?" the girl with pink hair said "No, he can take it" the woman in the blue dress retorted "But, ma'am, no one has really survived him!" the girl said preocupied "I said he can take it, so Keep Going" the woman retorted while she looked trough a reinforced wall, her last words barely a whisper, but filled with anger "y-yes, ma'am" the girl said with her heaf looking down, and resumed chanting.

Meanwhile Dante had been transported to his subconcious, he was again in front of a wall of fire, however this time the demon was taking a human shape, that being a man with a black raven's head, he wore a black suit with a red tie "You are more resilient than i thought, i have to praise that" he spoke with a low voice "However, your time is up and i have souls to feast on, but as a token of gratitude i will consume your soul slowly, after all, not always you found someone brave enough to confront me" the demon said before rushing to Dante and burying his hand on his chest he moved said hand as if trying to find something, and finally grining when he pulled out a small flame from Dante's chest.

"Oh! Now this is something you don't find everyday!" the demon said with joy "Your certanily is great, maybe i'll save it for later" He laughed, Dante was on the floor like a lifeless puppet "Is this how i die, again?" He thought, however before he could rest he heard a voice, he knew that voice, he hated that voice "Weakling!" it said "Im not!" Dante replied"You are, you didn't last a day!" it taunted "That's not true!" He replied "Prove it!" the voice said "Just watch me" Dante replied angrily.

Meanwhile, on the outside Dante's body was standing still, his arm had stopped morphing and was covered in a black substance hiding the prosthetic limb "Ma'am do you think he will be okay?" the little girl asked worried "We can't do anything alse but wait, its on him to survive" the woman said while looking at the body.

Inside Dante's mind, he had woken up and was now trying to stand, "Ooh, now this is interesting" The demon said with Dante's soul still on his hand "I have never seen a human stand without its soul, tell me your name, human" The demon said amused "Dante, Dante García" Dante panted, he was now on one knee "I will remember you Dante, but don't you think its time for you to rest?" "Im sorry but i can't rest yet, I have something to demonstrate" Dante said "May i know what it is?" The demon asked "No, now give me my soul back, asshole" Dante demanded finally standing, the demon's face soured "You dare insult me?!" the demon shouted and in the blink of an eye he had gut punched Dante, making him fall to his knees "You are scum that should worship me" he spitted on Dante and pressed his foot on Dante's head before kicking him "IM NOT WEAK!" Dante yelled before standing, the demon was caught off guard when he felt intense heat on his hand, Dante's soul was growing bigger, he tried to crush the flame on his palm but was shocked when he realized he couldn't do so, meanwhile Dante was again standing "WHAT ARE YOU!?" the demon demanded, backing off Dante, he saw something different on the human, his irises were glowing red, for the first time on his life, Andras was scared, "You win, you win!" Andras said scared, "get your soul back", he tossed Dante's soul to the 'human', Dante picked it before putting it back on his chest, he then felt a familiar heat, it was good to be back.

- on the outside -

"FUCK YEAH! IM NOT DEAD BITCHES!" Dante yelled excited anly to find himself nude, covered in goo and with his prosthetic replaced, he looked around and found two dumbstruck women, the girl from earlier and the redhead from when he first woke up "Any of you have something to cover myself?" he asked "Not to bother you, but i can help with that" Dantre heard the voice from Andras inside his head "Really?, that's quite useful" he admitted, he soon found himself in black jeans, work boots and in a black T-shirt with a red crow printed on the front "Quite the taky outfit no?" Andras commented "Hey, you shut your mouth, man" Dante said "Anyways, what do we do with these?" he said to himself "Maybe we could consume their souls?" Andras sugested excited, "The small one has a powerful one, i could use that, the red bitch though, she seems to be scum" he continued "Damn, you demons sure are prideful, that makes sense though, she IS a bitch" Dante agreed, with his 'friend', that was, however, until they heard someone "W-Who are you?" the pink haired girl asked nervous "I mean, you don't know, we have known eachother for 5 minu-" Dante couldnt finish his sentence before he was hit with a fireball "GET AWAY FROM ME!" the girl said, before launching another fireball, this time however Dante dodged the proyectile "Hey, im the one who sould say that, you put a demon in me!" he exclaimed "Rude" "I don't have time for your bullshit right now Andras!" Dante said dogding another spell, "Nora! Stop!" The woman finally said, wiping her hair from her face, of course she had to do that "But, ma'am, don't you see him! hes corrupted!" the girl said fearfully "If he was corrupted we would already be dead, that means he has dominated Andras" she explained "Yeah, so stop trying to burn me!" Dante finally spoke, the girl put her hands down in a defeated manner "You may want to make all of your... accesories fade" the older woman said, gesturing at Dante's face, he was confused, until he saw his reflection, he had definitely changed, his body now at a 1,70 meter height, his build more defined, but that paled in comparison with his face and back, his eyes now Golden and with slits, similar to a reptile, he had black horns protuding from his now Red hair, the horns, however, were shining black, his skin had also changed to a darker tone, from wheat to a light bronze, on his back he had black, feathered wings, his left arm was now a mixture between bone and his older prosthesis, the shoulder was 'human' but was covered in dark, silver plates and protected by an outer single plate, it contiued in a similar style along his arm, covered like a knight's armor, his elbow, however, was more like a bone, and had a single spike to cover it the outer part was more 'natural' in a sense, it was another piece of armor, but it wasn't scaled, it was hollow with rows of spikes as protection and small holes that glowed red, it was weld to the hand in a simmilar fashion, it had a outer plate on the exterior with three slits that glowed red, and the fingers ended in sharp talons.

"Why the hell didn't you tell me this?" Dante asked andras "I didn't see it neccesary" the demon replied "And how im supposed to make... this go away?" Dante motioned to himself "You just have to will it to go away" Andras replied, Dante closed his eyes and imagined his new 'additions' go away, and so they did, his skin lightened in tone, his eyes were still yellow but had a normal shape, his horns disspaeared and so did his wings, his hair changed to a darker shade of red, similar to a maroon color, his left stayed the same however "Better now?" he asked the women "Y-yeah, please come with me, we have to present you now" the redhead said, motioning for him to come, and he complied "Hey, not to bother, but i need to know your names" He said "Oh, yes, were are my manners, you can call me Crimson" the older woman said "And the girl over there, you can call her Pandora" she said to the pinkette, now come we have to present you to the rest.

"This is really fucked up" Dante muttered "How fun this will be then" Andras chuckled.

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