"So, who are the ones im gonna work with?" Dante asked "Well, you will meet them soon, ah we're here" Crimson said, the three were in front of a rather large metal door with various locks but before crimson could open the door all of them heard a roar coming from the door followed by the door itself flying towards the newcomer, Dante formed a shield from his left arm and blocked the impact, and proptly made a pistol, aiming directly at the room, pitch black save for the light coming from the corridor they were in.

"Not again!" they heard a voice coming from the room "YOU DUMBASS DON'T YOU KNOW WE HAVE A NEW ONE COMING TODAY?!" another voice chastised the other, Crimson only fixed her hair as if nothing happened and after putting a code an her pad she iluminated the room, it was surprisingly spacious, both voices groaned and said "Crimson, why!? you know thats not good for the eyes!" "Hush, you were the ones who exploded the door! now get over here and present yourselves!" the woman chastised like a mother to their children, from the corner of the doors two small figures appeared, on Dante recognised, the other was unknown "Ah, shit, the rat!" he said

"Hey, i saved your ass, if it wasnt for me, you'd be dead" Twitch said "Calm down doc" Crimson said "Twitch here is our field medic, he may be a bit agressive but he does a great job, as for you young lady... present yourself" crimson now looked at a kid, not even a teen,probably 8/9 years old, she had black, long hair and pale skin and was dressed in a XVIII Black dress "Hey, just wanted to know, is this team made only from kids?" Dante asked, Crimson laughed "No, there are more members but these are the ones who will show you the ropes, now cmon, say your name" she said "Hey kid, my name is Dante, and it seems we'll be teammates from now on" he offered his hand, she shook it and Dante was surprised with the strengh she already had "My name is Alice, nice to meet you, also would you mind stop calling me kid?" she said in a ghostly voice "Sure, can i know what are you? i dont believe you're a normal human" he said "For your information i believ i am what you call a spectre" she said "so i was right, you're a ghost" he said "I am a spectre, nothing similar with a ghost" she said as her eyes began to glow "Ghost" he teased her, in response she let out a screech and shoved dante against a wall with a hand on his neck she began to strangle him, he just smiled and began transforming "Do you think we can win against her?" Dante asked Andras "If she's a spectre we don't have to worry" he said, with his left arm Dante took hold of Alice's arm and procceded to crush it, she flinched and her hold weakened, he used this oportunity to kick her and formed two blades for each arm, but was restrained when crimson yelled "STOP. RIGHT. NOW!" Dante retracted his blades and Pandora just shot a death glare at Dante, who just shrugged "Damn, you have strenght lady Spectre" he said cracking his neck "I didn't spect you to stay alive" she said, now getting her arm treated by Twitch, Crimson whispered to Dante's ear "If i see you touch her again you're dead meat, are we clear?" she looked into Dante's eyes, as if looking directly at Andras "Yes, ma'am" he said serious "You better be" she said "Now come here, we have to present you to the rest!" she said cheerfully as if nothing happened, Dante slowed down and asked Pandora "What's wrong with Crimson, why is she so protective with her?" and Pandora responded "You could say she's her daughter" "How, Crimson is human, the other is not" he said "No time to explain, we're here" she pointed at another door

"Dante, with me" Crimson nodded forward, both opened the door and walked in, they were in some sort of theatre, they walked and got to the center, what Dante saw was quite unusual, but he stayed silent "Hello everyone, as you were already informed, today we have a newcomer, and here he is, he will now present himself and then you all will have 5 minutes to ask him all the questions you want, then we will proccede with the briefing" Crimson said and left the stage, Dante cracked his neck "Well, i was always bad with presentations but here we go: my name is Dante García, and this" from his left arm he made a ball of smoke "This is Andras, he's a demon" the smoke took the shape of a face "It is good to meet my future meals" he cackled "Shut the fuck up Andras" Dante said "So, any of you got any questions?" he finished and looked, there was only silence, but then he saw a hand stand up "Then, from what you said you are a demon, how can we trust you?" she said in a mechanical "Well, i am not exactly a demon, i TAMED a demon, that means im in control, and i can assure you im not letting he free anytime soon" Dante replied "Thank you" she said "Anymore questions?" he asked, but saw no hands and didnt hear anyone else, it was getting quite awkward when Crimson apeared again

"Seems like you are finished, ok, now you go and sit over there" she pointed at the farthest row, and he complied "Now that the presentations are out of the way we can now focus on our upcoming mission, as most of you know, thid will be our first 'big' operation, in 2 weeks they will do a public execution with a noble's son present, His name is Damien Gath" a picture of a young man appeared on screen, scrawny build, average height and pale skin with blonde hair "he is the son of one of the most influential men in this city, Magnus Gath Sr. most of you know him for being the CEO of Neomedes" an aura of hatred formed around the room, which Dante was able to feel when Andras began getting impatient, he directed his eyes and saw another photo, this time was an old man, very old, about 90 years or so, but there was a difference, most of his face had some type of implant "I know most of you hate this man but we need to focus on our current objective, Damien will be attending the execution in a balcony, with very tight security, if we are able to secure Damien we will try to stop said execution and free the victim, another photo appeared, another man, he had very pale skin, his 'clothes' were only rags and he was bleeding in various places, he had various bruises

"That man, is the victim, his name is Dominic Santos, he is guilty because he tried to steal from a laboratory in Neomedes" then a blueprint appeared, it had a circular shape with multiple buildings surrounding a plaza with a stage set up in front of a tall building, there were various roads and alleys luckily "Damien will be in a balcony in front of the stage, we will be deploying three units.

One will consist of Blitz, Raider and Spectre, you will be the ones securing Damien, your unit codename is: Claw"

"the second unit will consist of:Orion, Javelin and Sage, you will be sweeping all the security to let Claw advance and if possible escort Santos, unit codename is: Dagger"

"The third unit will be hidden with the masses and you will be the ones to provide a distraction in case Claw needs help in retreating, if the operation goes smoothly you will be the ones to secure Santos, this is for: 09, Orpheus and our newcomer" various complains were heard when Crimson said the last word "WHY, CRIMSON?!" a particularly angry voice said "Orpheus, we're not done yet" she said coldly "Dante, your codename for now is Kin, the unit codename is: Tooth."

"Dismissed, except you Dante, im not done with you yet" And so he did

"Look, as you may know we can't just put you on the field without testing you first, that's why you're going with me to the arena" Crimson said, leaving along with Dante, and soon enought they found themselves in front of another door, this one had a more normal size and had a sign sayin: locker room. Crimson opened the door and let Dante in, the room was not so surprisingly big at this point, but it was quite spacious and had various lockers in rows, it also had showers "Your locker is in the last row to the left, also, catch these" the woman threw a set of keys "The small one is for your locker, the other one for your room" she said "Now, get changed" she exclaimed.

Dante vanished his clothes and opened his locker, in it was a set of shampoo, soap, a towel and razors, under that set was a skin tight black suit with sneakers, all had a logo composed of an arrow surrounded by wings "Guess there is no going back huh" Dante mused "We caould always make a run for it" Andras said "Nah, who knows, we may be able to fit in" he said as he put on the uniform, Dante then felt his shirt strained "Yo, Crimson, the shirt is a bit too small" he said "Oh, dear don't worry" she said "Anyways, now that you're changed lets begin your test"

After opening another door, Dante found himself in a Colisseum style arena, it was circular and had various other doors, Crimson meanwhile, was on top, in a cabin where she had a perfect view of the arena, on the stands were some of the people Dante saw in the briefing room

"Hey, can we begin? im getting sleepy here!" Dante boasted "Okay smartass, we'll start easy" she said, and in the zone appeared 20 concrete pillars "You have 20 seconds to destroy as many as possible" she said with a smug face "I only need 10 seconds!" he taunted

"Sure, big man!" she said "Hey, andras, can we do this?" he asked "Do not worry, this is too easy" the demon responded

"3", Dante craked his neck

"2" he formed gauntlets on his hands

"1" he began to move his feet

"GO!" As soon as he heard the G Dante lauched himself at the pillars, and when his left hit the first pillar a shockwave ocurred and various sounds of cracking happened, a countdown appeared on top of the zone and began ticking down from 10, Dante didn't stop and from his right arm he formed a sledgehammer and with it he hit the ground, making even more cracks on various pillars, he then used his wings, which ripped through the shirt, and took flight, he noted that only 5 seconds were, and that there were only 10 pillars left, he then heated his left and aimed at the center of the formation and dived to the ground, landing with his left and forming a small sandstorm, as well as obliterating whatever there was near him, he looked at the clock and noticed he had 2 seconds, he looked around but there was nothing except the crater he was in "That's it?" he looked directly at Crimson, now with a gawking face, she quicly recomposed "Of course not, let him in!" she said.

And Dante saw a door began to open, and how it was sent flying, and from it a tall black wolf appeared, it had golden eyes and was looking directly at Dante, he revealed two sets of claws and red veins began glowing "He's angry" Dante mused "He's quite strong if i have to say" Andras said, he barely had tie to react when the wolf pounced on him "Ok, how do we do this?" he mused looking directly at the wolf "Just hit him" Andras responded "Fair enough" Dante mused, he formed his guantlets again and began heating the metal "Im surprised my right arm isnt burned at this point" Dante said "its just one of my virtues, as well as simply willing your weapons" Andras explained.

"IM COMING FOR YOU!" Dante roared and sprinted at the wolf, who jumped directly at him, unsurprisingly Dante jumped at the last moment, dodging the wolf's claws and hitting him right in the head, the impact did not took out the wolf however, but it did stun him and a slight burn "Fuck...YOU WANT MORE!?" Dante taunted "I think a know how to do this"

"what are you thinking" Andras asked interested

"You know how to make cords?" Dante suggested

"Hmm... interesting choice, Dante" Andras said, and so he did, in his left he formed a black rope, and Dante began sprinting again, the wolf followed him but instead of pouncing he crashed head first against Dante, and bit Dante on his left, he pinned him to the ground and kept crushing his arm, for a moment Crimson thought about stopping the test, but decided against it when she saw a flashing light go off, Dante overheated his left to the point where it was white, and used the window to mount the wolf, putting the rope around his neck, as if it was a bull, and, of course, the wolf began trashing around "Hey, Andras you know how to tame a giant wolf?" Dante said, while riding the wolf "I believe i do, but i need control of your right arm" The demon said, "Sure" he consented, and he then felt a heat raiating from his right side, he noticed his right had changed and was similar to his left but was pure black and fully metallic, he noticed a spike protuding from his wrist "That, my young host, is a Black Nail, it bounds the soul of the one who is hit with it to my host" Andras explained, without second thought Dante stabbed the wolf on his neck, it went limp instantly, and so did Dante.

- Unknown space -

"Not again" Dante said, getting up, he was, naked, when he heard a howl, ne noticed the wolf was with him, looking into his eyes, but then something unexcepected happened, it talked

"I see you're my new master" it said in a deep voice, while it transformed to a humanoid shape, it had digitigrade legs and was covered in black fur, he still had a tail, as well as his muzzle, his eyes were a piercing gold and he bared his fangs "Not bad, you seem strong enough" It mused, analizing Dante "Im surprised you didn't kill me, why?" it asked.

"You see, i dont like doing unecessary killing, also, i thought you would be useful in the future" Dante said, sitting "Where are we?" he asked

"We are in what i like to call 'the ether', normally here i test the ones who try to tame me, but you already proved smarter than most of the rest" the wolf explined, also sitting, both were looking into the pleasant sight of the horizon, it was a dark place, but it had a line dividing the land and the sky, which was a dark red "Hey, can i know your name?" Dante asked

"I do not have one, most of the time, my masters give me one" the wolf explained

"I think i'll call you Úlfur, what do you think?" Dante said

"I think is good enough, as long as you think is good, master" úlfur said

"Hey, you know you can just drop the 'master' thing right? I dont felt comfortable with that" Dante said

"Then, what may i call you?"

"Call me Dante, nice to meet you Úlfur" Dante offered his hand

"I agree Dante" his companion said, shaking his hand

- Test arena -

"Well, that was quite the experience" Dante said, getting back on his feet "How did it go?" Andras asked "Nothing to serious, oh, he's waking up" Dante felt Úlfur stir and felt how he regained his balance "Congratulations!" he heard coming from Crimson "I must say, im impressed, no one until now was able to tame him" she said, referring to Úlfur, who reduced to a more normal size "Yeah, he's cool, so is that all?" Dante asked "Oh dear, no, but im glad you tamed him we can advance to a more advanced training, look behind you" she said with a smug face

"Greetings" "urgh..."

Dante inmediately recognised the face of Alice, who was accompanied by a man, he had a lithe complexion and was clad in light armor and robes, he had a staff with him, and was masked with a plain black full face mask with no particular features except two red points as if it was a screen

"This is a team excercise, you will be fighting both of them, alongside the wolf "You ready for this buddy?" Dante asked "Never better, Dante" Úlfur said as he grew bigger and displayed his claws and fangs "Let's do this" Dante said, covering himself with light armor, similar to the plates of his left arm, except his face, which was left bare, he made a shield and a sword

"3" Dante mounted Úlfur

"2" "We need to go for the girl first" Dante said

"1" Úlfur let out a roar of excitement

"GO" Úlfur ran towards Alice and the other but was stopped by chains coming from the ground, and both saw the man's staff was planted on the ground and glowing, Dante dismounted and with his sword cut the chains, but was interrupted by a screech from Alice, which send him flying, luckily he left the chains weak enough for Úlfur to get free, and jumped directly at the man, which dodged the attack by teleporting behind him, and send out a blast of energy towards Úlfur's back "Try again" the man taunted, Úlfur growled

- Dante's side -

"Fuck, i hate that" he said, getting up, but couldn't do as he felt an incredibvle weight on his back, as well as a small boot "That's better, that's were you should be, scum" he heard Alice say, and he felt the force grow, he did not surrender, however and began rising, catching by surprise Alice "Is that all, ghost?" he taunted, but was quickly reminded he shouln't have done that, when he felt a very high pitched screech on his ears, followed by a set of blades piercing his right arm, he let out a groan, but kept trying to get up, he then began smiling and laughing "Why are you laughing?!" Alice said she got no verbal response but a physical as she was sent flying, by a now half angered Dante, he morphed his armor and lightened even more, now just a chest piece, armor for his right, legs and formed a coat, he canged the shield and sword for two revolvers "Let's dance, little lady" he said, vanishing into dust and appearing behind her, shooting at point blank, making her cry, he then vanished again, this time giving a kick to her stomach, and hitting her face with one revolver, finally drawing blood and not givng her a chance, he throwed her to the ground, empyting both chambers into her chest, leaving a big hole with magled flesh and broken bones, he got up and began reloading but was interrupted when Úlfur came flying at him followed by more chains rooting them, both focused on the man, which pointed his staff direcly at Alice's chest and began healing and reconstructing her injuries "Quite impressive, must say, but not enough to defeat me" the man said at them, offering a hand at Alice, now incredibly angry, she vanished and, with elongated nails, stabbed both Dante and Úlfur she then repeated the process, again and again, and again, all that while she laughed "Is that all you got?" she mocked Dante.

"Hey, Úlfur, you ready for the next phase?"

Dante asked just looking directly at his companion's eyes, turns out having multiple beigns inside your mind is very useful at plan making.

"Ready as ever" Both smirked, however, the man took notice but it was in vain as Alice was relishing in tearing apart Dante and the dog, it was to expect that she was takenby surprise when she went to stab them again but found herself unable to

"Is that all you got?" she heard come from one voice, it was however, above her, but all she saw was a boot come directly at her face, leaving her dizzy, not for much when she felt her chest get crushed by giant teeth, then pinned to the ground, getting the rest of her body used like a toy by a now angered Úlfur, she felt how each of her bones was crushed and her muscles ruptured, soon there was blood, which only made Úlfur more aggressive

- Dante's POV -

"Well, now that that's out of the way, how about a one on one?" Dante said craking his knuckles, the man turned directly at him "I have to confess, what you did right now was quite impressive, but you still have a long way to go" he taunted, pointing his staff at Dante, he fired a ray of light, ut Dante deflected it and dashed towards the man "Hey, so can i know your name?"Dante said uppercutting the man, he sent him flying towards the ruins of the first test Dante jumped planning to strike the man from above, but saw nothing, instead, he felt how a ray of light hit him, taking him to the ground, then he felt chains restrain him, and saw the man floating above, Dante smiled "This is more like it!" he roared, breaking the chains as if they never were there

"ANDRAS, PHASE TWO!" Dante exclaimed, then he felt a surge of power and transformed, he had now black eyes with red irises, flaming red hair, along armor similar to the shpae of a dragon, his horns appeared, and black leathery wings formed on his back, he jumped without giving the man time to react and picked him up by his mask, diving to the ground, Dante began smashing him repeatedly against the ground, craeting mulptiple cracks on his mask, he was interrupted however by a gust of air directed at him, he looked up and saw something unexpected, it was Alice for sure, but around her was an aura of ghostly wind, and her dress was ragged from various places, her skin had turned almost translucid, her hair was white as well as most of her features, he looked around and saw an unconsicous Úlfur laying on the ground, this angered him, but he kept his calm "Finally let loose huh?"Dante said but had no time to laugh as he was hit by razor sharp winds dazing him and giving enough time to Alice to keep hitting him.

- inside Dante's mind -

"Okay, how do we do this?" Dante asked to both forms standing in front of him "I am sorry i have falied you" Úlfurr said kneeling "Nah, don't worry about it, we're not done yet" Dante said

"I think i know a solution" Andras said, both looked at the demon "Do you know the saying: never fight fire with fire?" he suggested "I like that thinking, Andras" Dante let loose a devilish grin.

- meanwhile -

"AHAHAHHA! HOW DOES IT FEEL NOW HUH?" Alice shouted like a maniac, while constantly cutting Dante, but was taken by surprise when she felt a wind hit her chest, and even more surprised when she saw Dante was nowhere to be seen, then she was hit again adn finally saw Dante hovering in front of her "It feels like a breeze, had worse storms fromwhere I come" he said, he opened his wings, now had transformed into a more mechanical design, still resembled those of ravens, but had turbines on the center and the feathers were sharp, his armor had changed as well, now resembling a flight suithis face was covered by a helmet, his flight suit had small pieces of armor on the chest, back right arm and legs "I like to call this form: Dread wing, sounds good, now, you ready to lose?" he said, Alice sreeched and began firing gusts of wind, Dante dodged them swiftly and anulated them with different currents of wind, he kept doing this for some time until he saw Alice get tired, and felt the force of her hits was weaker each time, then he began accelerating the turbines, as well as heating his left arm, he launched himself towards Alice, and with his legs took her to the ground "Good night" he said before releasing all the heat of his left with a flap of his wings, creating a small storm, and leaving Alice knocked out, he then turned.

"Just you and me..." Dante said "I believe we are indeed" The man said, facing Dante, he got into a fighting stance, his staff pointing the ground behind him with one arm, the other near his chest, meanwhile Dante changed his armor again, to his classic armor, this time with a longsword and a pistol, this time he had a metal plated vest with outer plates covering his arms and shins, and protections on his knees and elbows along a helmet covering his entire head with a black visor at eye level, Dante took position, his sword, resting on his right shoulder and his pistol aiming down.

A moment passed before Dante charged at the man, he swinged but missed, the man retaliated with a direct hit from his staff at Dante's chest, Dante staggered but got in a shot on the other's leg, the man swung his staff but Dante deflected the attack and got another shot in, this time on the chest, he changed his sword and made a hook and changed his pistol for a shotgun, he threw his hook but the man catched it and pulled Dante to the ground, getting another hit on Dante's chest, but found himself not being able to move and saw black tendrils crawling up his legs, he tried to free himself using his light rays but that only prolonged the inevitable "Surprised?" Dante asked getting up, the man saw those tendrils emanate from Dante's leg "How?" the man said "To be honest, i dont know, im still learning" Dante said solemnly.

"Now, will you finally tell me your name?" Dante said "You haven't won yet" the man said before creating a light explode, burning Dante, he quickly recovered and chained Dante hitting him with rays multiple times, destroying most of his armor and breaking his helmet, he saw a flash of red realising it was his own blood, he then felt himself fall to the ground, he saw a giant paw land in front of him, followed by him being flailed around, he then saw Dante get up and walk towards him, Dante was injured in various places but he was healing at a quick pace, when he was a meter away, he took of his broken helmet and looked at the man "Are you sure i havent won? the girl is unconscious and i could order Ùlfur to break your bones right now" to emphasize Ùlfur augmented the force of his bite, the man flinched "Now, tell me your name mister..." Dante tried to finish the sentence but was cut off by a female face "Call me Theta".

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