The spirit wizard

A Bleach and Black Clover cross over challenge

Ichigo is somehow sent/transported to the Black Clover world( author's choice on how) and as a result is slightly de-aged(age is also the choice of the author) but must be the same as age Asta and Yuno physically in the story even though he will either retain his memories or regain them after receiving his grimoire. Must grow up alongside Asta and Yuno in the orphanage in their home village. His magic will involve his own abilities from his heritage as a natural hybrid of Shinigami, Quincy, Hollow, Full bringer, and the powers he gained in the hellverse movie (meaning the golden bone armor and the subsequent powers). His Grimoire will allow him to access/use/wield all of the abilities of each group including the unique or individual talents of others of that race (including zanpakutos, resurrection of the Espada, and the full brings of other full bringers) but will only start out with basic abilities of each race and his own zanpakuto Zangetsu and will have to train and earn the others as he progresses and grows stronger or has a strong enough need for that particular power/ability. His magic will be called soul/spirit magic as that is the main focus/central theme of his magic (seeing as his dad was a spirit possessing an artificial body). The cover of his Grimoire will depict the main symbols of all of his power groups/heritage with an example being his combat pass and the five pointed Quincy cross. Due to him being sent to this world his physical body and his spirit body/Shinigami form will have fused so that he doesn't need to leave/exit his body to use his powers/abilities but will gain the ability to take a spiritual/astral form where he can be intangible and or invisible at will. Pairing is up to author but harem is preferential for the added humor/comedic effect and drama due to Ichigo's non-perverse/prudish nature. Must mostly follow cannon storyline of the Black Clover series but the author is encouraged to be creative and free with their imagination while writing this story.