The Scoots: Kenny Talking To The Girls.

As Wendy was talking to her friends about their upcoming Halloween event, Kenny suddenly
goes to their table to sit with them and he says while being nice to them.

"Hey Guys! So I was thinking, Maybe I should trick or treat with you guys this year!"

While looking confused, Wendy then says to Kenny.

"You want to trick or treat with us, why?"

He then tells them.

"Oh, You know, Just trying to be gender neutral! Ha, Ha,"

Suddenly, Bebe said while looking grief stricken.

"Uh, Kenny dear. I don't know how to tell you this but..."

Wendy then interrupt's her and says to Kenny.

"You see Kenny, Me and the rest of the girls are planning on to use the new e-scooters this year."

Bebe then tells him.

"Yeah, And since your poor and all. You need to have a phone to keep in contact with us
and since you can't afford one. We just can't take the risk. Sorry cutie."

Wendy then says.

"Trust me Kenny It's for the best, If it wasn't for this awesome plan we would definitely would love for you
to go trick or treating with us. I mean you are cuter then the rest of the other boys in this school.
But we just can't take the risk, You understand don't you?"

At first Kenny then sighs. And says to the girls.

"Yeah, I understand.

Meanwhile, The other guys were arguing over finding out each other's special plan. And then Wendy yells out.

"Oh you jerks found out the girls were all trick or treating on e-scooters and you stole our Ideal!

The End.