"My generation, we were born into war."

A team F-35 Fighter Jets fired at a giant monster. And one of them crashed into the monster.

"Giant monsters attacked our world."

A Leatherback Kaiju roars and charges.

"We called them "Kaiju"."

An electric energy source lights up deep beneath the ocean between the Tectonic Plate boundary.

"They came through the breach. A gateway to another dimension, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean."

And then a portal opens.

3 Alien like creatures were seen.

"They were sent by an alien race on the other side... the Precursors."

Crimson Typhoon gets ready to deploy.

"We fought back... built in our own monsters."

Cherno Alpha was seen.

"Jaegers, giant robots. So big they needed 2 pilots to run them."

Gipsy Danger fight a Knifehead.

"My father was one of them."

Stacker Pentecost.

Stacker and Chuck piloted Striker Eureka and took defensive stance.

"He sacrificed himself to help save the world."

Stacker flips a switch, triggering the nuke to explode.

"I am not my father."

A young man, named Jake Pentecost was at a party with some other people.

"It's been 10 years since we won the war and closed the breach."

Buildings were being rebuilt.

"Most of the world has recovered... but few coastal cities never did. And the world is still picking up the pieces. But some of us live better in a broken world."

After the party at the next day, Jake was sleeping on a jet ski, and with a young woman lying over him. And the jet ski was in a pool, in an abandon mansion with a skeleton of a Beaver like Kaiju.

"And squatting in half a mansion... is better than paying for some crappy apartment."

Inside a building, Jake gives a guy a trophy and the guy gave Jake a box of Captain Crunch.

"Now in the relief zones you have to get creative, you have to hustle. Somebody else might eat your breakfast."

A man gives Jake 2 things of Oreo cookies as Jake gives a gadget.

"And your cookies."

Jake gives a guy some car keys, and the guy gave Jake a box full of hot sauce.

"And your dang hot sauce."

Jake walks off, as the 2 guys rushed into the car.

"You know out here we place a different value on things. The Pan Pacific Defense Corps usually looks the other way... as long as you don't go poking around where you don't belong."

Jake used a flame torch to cut open a fence. And he and a few other men enter an abandon yard with Jaeger parts.

"Say like a, decommissioned Jaeger scrape yard."




"Big risks mean big rewards... and nothing pays more than stolen Jaegertech."

Jake and his team moves towards the partly remains of an old Jaeger.

"Plenty of nutcases out here trying to make their own Jaegers. But they need the parts to do it. So if you can steal what no one else can steal... you can live like a king."

Jake and his group moved through the old Jaeger as Jake follows a device. And soon got to a hatch.

"Are you sure it's in here?" Asked a man.

"Power cords are stripped before they get decommissioned." Jake said working on to open the hatch. "But sometimes they miss the tertiary plasma capacitors. And that's a big score. This one is still holding the charge."

And then the man brought a pistol.

"You better hope so." He said.

"Ok. Just calm down." Jake said with a smile. "Just not get excited."

"I'm just playing the odds here."Said the man. "You cheated Barada and while you escaped another Chau in Hong Kong."

"That was a misunderstanding." Jake said.

"And stole from me, my own backyard." The man added.

"Now I'm stealing for you. Cycle of life. You good?"

"You deliver... Yeah. We good."

"Okay." Jake turned to the hatch door.

And soon, the pipes of the hatch slid and the hatch rolls open.

"Let's get rich." Said Jake.

The 3 other men got excited.

They begin to enter the hatch of the Jaeger, and as Jake approaches to get the charge. The excitement dies as the spot were the capacitor is suppose to be was missing. And a few sparks lit as if it just vanished.

Jake held up his device.

"Where is it?" The lead man asked.

"Hey man, uh... Just a little situation." Jake said. "It's says it's here." He gestured to his tracker and the spot of the missing capacitor. "It is supposed to be right there. Well, you know what, let me just figure this out."

Then suddenly the man punches Jake in the face hard.

"Somebody please kill this guy for me." He said.

Jake then fixes his tracker, and then it shows that the target is moving.

"No, no, no, it's here." Jake holding the other 2 men. "You wait, wait. Someone else is in here. Someone else has the capacitor. Now, let's go. Come on!"

He then rushes off.

"Jake! Jake! Wait!" The man yelled.

Jake went through a doorway, but then pulls down a lever. And the door closes.

"Son of a." The man said.

The door closed.

He then turns to the other 2 men. "Go, go, go!"

Jake moves through a tunnel following his tracker.

And he moves through some wires and bins. But then, he runs into one of the man, and Jake quickly knocks his gun out of his hand. And then punches him, and then pulls up on the wires and kicks him in the chest knocking him back.

Then a gunshot hits near Jake and he begins to run off.

Jake then slid down a section and ran, and then he got to a hatch but it was locked. And he tries to find a latch to open it.

But then there was whistling behind him as the team appeared.

The man laughed. "Jake, Jake, Jake. Nice try." He then brought out his gun.

Then suddenly Jake pressed his foot on a latch, and then 2 trapdoors opened under the 3 men as they fell into a lower room.

Jake looks down at them.

"Yeah." Jake said.

"Jake!" Said the man.

"We're good." Jake said.

The trapdoors closed as the men fired their guns. And Jake runs off.

"Jake, you son of a..."

Jake moves through the tunnel following his device.

But as he got to another turn, he found himself at a dead end. and almost fell over and his flashlight fell to the ground. But then a hooded figure ran by.

"Hey. Get back here with that." Jake called.

The hooded figure ran to a motorcycle.

Then, Jake noticed a crane with some cable hanging down. He then backs up, and then made a jump for it. And hangs on to the cable, but then he suddenly jolts down. And then the cable snaps loose as Jake fell to the ground. He hits a container which broke his fall, and he hold his arm in pain.

The hooded figure starts up the bike, and Jake saw the figure driving off. Jake then heard a siren as he hid behind the container as 2 police car drove pass him.

And they chased the figure from the scrapyard and chase after it.

Jake brought out his tracker. And it still has a lock on the capacitor.

And heads out.

Meanwhile, in the land of Equestria.

In her castle, Twilight some pictures in a picture gallery from the Book of Adventures. The section she was looking at was Pacific Rim.

Pacific Rim was one epic colossal fight story. And is Rainbow's favorite when they did it.

Twilight did find the Kaiju interested to read about as the book have some information of them. She's also glad that there aren't any Kaijus in her world.

Soon, Spike and the others came in as Twilight lowers the book.

"Hey guys." Twilight said.

"Hey Twilight, what were you looking at?" Rainbow asked.

"Oh, just some things from our Pacific Rim adventure." Twilight said.

Rainbow laughed a bit. "That was really my personal favorite."

"You've bragged about it for 3 weeks after we did it." Spike reminded.

"It was awesome." Rainbow said.

"Yeah, still, might be nice to go back there." Starlight said.

"That sure would be great." Twilight said putting the books up.

As she did, then a piece of folded paper slipped out from one of them.

"Huh?" Twilight seeing it.

"What is that?" Applejack asked.

"I don't know." Twilight opens the sheet.

She unfolds it, and opens it as it was showing a picture of a Kaiju.

"Is that... A Kaiju?" Rarity asked.

"Looks like it." Starlight said.

"Uh... Is it me, or is the picture flashing?" Fluttershy asked.

The Kaiju picture was indeed flashing, and they were all confused.

"Uh, that's strange." Twilight said.

And then, the sheet of paper suddenly sucked them into it.

Author's Note:

Kaiju Knifehead, Leatherback, Otachi, Raiju, Scunner and Slattern will be 6 of the old enemies that will appear in the Book of Adventures version of the 2017 Mlp film.

But they'll actually be the size of either Elephants or a T. Rex instead of Jaeger size.

And Pacific Rim is a selected chapter for Book of Adventures.

It will be Chap. 87